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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: I was talking to someone about Shiina Ringo recently, and how her and Utada are basically the only turn of the century female soloists that are still successful. The person I was speaking to said it was because they decided to grow up, and aren’t clinging to their youth like people like Ayu and Koda are. Agree or disagree?

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        Hikki never had a sexy or cute image, she never had to make a huge jump image wise when growing up

        • Look at the recent “mom pop” comments though.

          • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

            Can you give me some examples

            • Besides her music, I see several comments about how old, tired, and dull she looks now.

              • yamakita

                She works hard for her money.

                • Beruda1495

                  Everybody works hard for their money.

                  • yamakita

                    I’m sorry you missed my Donna Summer reference. Google it.

              • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

                yeah because she isnt 15 anymore? she still never had a cute or sexy image

              • Ialy

                I think she always looked dull. Hikki is not about her image or looks, she’s about music imo

      • eplizo

        Shiina and Hikki were always relatively mature in regards to both their image and sound, so “growing up” wasn’t a huge thing for them imo. All they had to do was gradually grow as artists rather than make some sort of dramatic image change. Actually, I feel like they’ve always been in a seprate league/space of their own. People only lumped them with acts like Ayu because of their level of success. In reality, unlike the other girls, they’re well-respected for their actual music and artistry which is one of the most universal keys to longevity imo.

        Also, in an attempt to approach this with more nuance(?), I won’t say it’s JUST clinging to youth that caused Ayu and Koda Kumi to be what they are today. In general, I really think it’s just poor career management. Amuro Namie has arguably been in the same sphere as the other two in regards to being the standard “pop diva”, but because she made smart career moves and managed her image well, she’s still as popular as ever. She can even make cutesy (almost childish) music videos and people will praise her for it lol. Given that, to me Ayu and Koda to me are just examples of exactly how to NOT to manage your career as a mainstream female act lol.

        • Ask Ash if Ringo’s had a dramatic image change or not, LOL.

      • AkaneHaga

        still waiting for yui comeback and see what she can do next

        • Flower Flower exists

          She is still around with Flower Flower which is IMO much more interesting than any of her solo work cause she can finally do what she wants to do. Although sony is still doing their best to sabotage her career by trying to close her biggest fansite on facebook and not giving the band any promotion. Solo Yui will never return and that‘s good she was unhappy with that career.
          Here are the lyrics to an unreleased song she performed during her secret live performances before flower flower officially existed. She was clearly not feeling what she was doing anymore

          • AkaneHaga

            thats Flower Flower not YUI

      • Missa

        I feel like this is true of artists in general that start in their teens/early 20s and make it longer than 10 years, honestly. It relates to their music as much as their image. The ones that don’t ‘grow up’ end up in that weird limbo where they’re 28 years old and releasing songs that sound juvenile when taken in context with their age. *pointed look at Nishino Kana*

        People only have patience with that for so long. Eventually it reaches the point where the artist is too old to appeal to their original market in order to pull in new fans, but is also no longer able to appeal to the original fans they captured early on, who have matured while the artist didn’t.

        The ones that have long-term success tend to be the ones that let their music and image grow up with them, at least in my experience.

      • Diego

        Utada has always been a mature artist with a strongly defined style. Most of her songs are ballads or mid-tempo and she doesn’t make upbeat rock/dance songs like Ayu or Koda so they shouldn’t be compared to her.

        The main problem with Ayu and Koda is that their bad image among the general public overshadows their music. Koda had that silly scandal about amniotic fluid and people started to lose interest in her ero kawaii image and music. Ayu started to become more of a diva, show her lush lifestyle, get married to american guys and divorce soon after so her image went downhill…

      • PigeonPop

        In addition to the answers posted by everyone else, I do feel the fanbase itself can be a bit of a deciding factor in the long run too. The road is rockier when the demographic is heavily skewed towards direct peers, if not an even younger crowd that are more concerned with chasing trends–proving oneself (which to me includes “growing up”) becomes a greater, almost perennial concern.

        I don’t think this was something that Shiina and Hikki really had to worry over–the fanbase portfolio was already diverse early on in their careers, and the creative reputation was well established by around studio album #3 (Kalk and Deep River, respectively).

    • eplizo

      Anyone else near death cause of finals season? I can’t fucking wait for this shit to be over with! 😭
      General ed courses are a fucking waste of time.

      • PigeonPop

        Is there a specific course (courses) in particular that’s giving you a headache? I’ve managed to escape most of general ed/foundations thanks to AP but I still had to take Critical Thinking and Communications–both were poorly handled and a bit of a joke in retrospect.

        • eplizo

          I’m taking Statistics literally just to fulfill my math requirement, and it’s hell cause I’m terrible with numbers. I mean I can do it if I study a ton and focus, but it feels like such a waste of time when I could be spending that effort studying for the fields I’m actually trying to professionalize in. I understand trying they’re trying to form “well-rounded” individuals, but I just don’t see where these statistical formulas are going to help me in the future smh. I still subscribe to the belief that gen ed courses are a scam. idc idc idc! I’m jealous of you getting to escape most of those gen ed classes lol.

          • yamakita

            What’s your major? I see statistics in every day life and I think it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of it. Then again, I do work as an analyst so I’m biased.

            Regardless, it will be over soon enough!

            • eplizo

              No, I mean there are the basic principles of statistics that definitely do help you look be more critical when you’re presented a set of data in general, so I agree it has a practical application in that sense. However beyond that, like with all these formulas and stuff, it’s meaningless to me. On top of my that, my professor is an ASS. She makes us literally have 6+ hours of homework for each assignment, but because she’s lazy, she randomly picks like 5-6 of the near 50+ problems we have to do. So, if you are to happen to fuck up on just ONE of those questions she picks, you get like 80 for the entire homework no matter how well you did on the other problems. It’s fucking ridiculous.

              Oh, and I’m a Japanese Studies major with a minor music atm. and I might tack on another minor in sociology or another art related field, but that’s unlikely at this point.

              • yamakita

       was how I got through college :) Some professors are pretty useless, I must say.

                I would go for sociology if you wanted another minor. I think that would be a good mix.

                School is a game. A lot of the times it’s not about what you learn; it’s about how to survive it. It helps build character… Hang in there!

                • PigeonPop

                  Ratemyprofessors was a godsend in picking my professors for GE. 📚 Completely useless when it came to the actual major though–lots of angry reviews from non-majors who took art history and its related disciplines (architecture/city planning, museum studies, exhibition design etc.) under the false assumption that it would be an easy, low-commitment elective.

                  I hope you don’t mind me asking, eplizo, but how tough is music as a minor?

                  • eplizo

                    It’s actually quite tough. For our curriculum, a strong foundation of tonal theory understanding (and overall musicianship skills) is required before you’re even allowed to take basic music history classes lol. Since I’ve had prior exposure to music theory, and I love studying complex things as long as they interest me, I haven’t had too much of an issue with the theory classes so far, but they’re pretty damn complex lol. The one I took this semester is legit one of those classes that you can’t afford to miss a single day of or else you end up struggling. I lugged my ass to that class even when I was super ill and could barely walk, cause I’d rather do that than play mental catch-up later on lmao.

                    • yamakita

                      Math helps with creativity… maybe that will help you like it a little more!!

                • eplizo

                  ratemyprofessor is life. Unfortunately though, I did actually check for her rating beforehand, but she hadn’t taught at our school before, so there were no ratings for me to see. 😭

                  That’s very true. I actually see a lot of it like a game. There’s so many classes that I’ve done well in simply because my past experiences have taught me how to navigate most academic settings with success.

      • Khooni

        Can’t relate. I like the exam season 👻

    • yamakita

      White Christmas in L.A. means raining ash. Best wishes to those who’ve lost tons and are still suffering. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.

      • Khooni

        Have you come across this piece of news yet?

        A couple went back to their mandatory evacuated house to retrieve the woman’s wedding dress because they wanted to pass it on to one of their children, despite the fact that the fire was heading their way. They did manage to rescue their big ass tv. She is pregnant with her third kid.


        A TV is totally worth risking the life of your unborn baby.

        • yamakita

          I’m not gonna judge what people do under duress, but I did like how all the officials laid down the guilt to dissuade people from trying to stay behind: You’re putting all the first responders’ lives in danger, putting everyone else in danger, etc. In their case, their own baby.

          I’m not sure it’s a good idea for the media to encourage this kind of behavior by giving them the limelight…

    • yamakita
    • AoZora

      Can anyone explain to me what are first world,second world and third world countries? Who classified them and on what parameters?

      • Khooni

        I’m pretty certain the internet has a much more elaborate and comprehensive explanation to your questions but….

        These terms came out in the Cold War Era. ‘The Third World’ was coined to refer to countries that didn’t support either the West/NATO countries or the Soviet Union/Communists. The ‘Non Alignment Movement’ (India is part of it) still exists but now the ‘third world’ = poor/backward countries with little education/facilities/press freedom yaddi yadda.

        Don’t be bothered by by them. In the States, the media likes to call the country ‘The Leader of the Free world’ but we know it’s anything but that. Third World almost sounds like an archaic term used by racists to feel superior to Eastern cultures even though we have a myriad of problems of our own. Hello to No Universal Healthcare.

        How r ya , lady?

        • AoZora

          I am fine:) How about you?

          I put this question on an impulse(should have checked web :p) after reading this article –

          Anyways,let the one racists have this delusion. My manager belongs to this category..:P

          • Khooni

            Your manager is a gora or what? Hehe

            My exams end soon. I’m okay? So far so good. Talking about the ‘third world’…. Universities in Delhi don’t attract the best behaved students, do they? Recently, a few students in the boys (men’s) hostel broke out into a brawl over food. Apparently, a Marwari (?) guy went on a rant and broke a few chairs and window panes after he found a piece of meat on his plate. Muslims were verbally attacked. Then a few white ones. They all fought like dogs. People eventually lost track of who was up against whom. Loads of racist insults were hurled including ‘third world cretins’.

            And we thought that a community where people from different parts of the world lived and studied together would promote tolerance and racial harmony.

            • AoZora

              yes,my manager is a european settled in US..she had the audacity to say “I hate Indians” right in front of my colleagues while interviewing her here in India… And she always has problems when her manager is an Indian..

              Intolerance and racism is at its peak in India and around the world…. to add fuel to fire,there are these top-notch politicians/bureaucrats/ monarchs who leave no stone unturned to make this world a more ferocious place…

              • Khooni

                So, she’s a gori like me not a gora :P Man, I recently dyed my hair black and it’s so much easier to fit in now. I should change my username.

                Sadly, that reaction isn’t uncommon. #NotAllAmericans are assholes (there are some nice ones too…:P) but I think our reputation had gone completely downhill lately. And… it was never stellar to begin with. Dear world, I am truly sorry. We never run out of things to be embarrassed about. I recently read this article about two American men baring their butts in front of a famous temple in Thailand 😥 Everytime I read something about tourists being disrespectful, I pray a lil in my head… not an American, not an American,… The French, the British…not an American..

          • Khooni

            That’s the sequel to Enthiran/Robot, right? I once read an article where Japanese netizens were praising it. I don’t buy the idea that Rajnikanth is popular in Japan, lol. I could believe that the first movie has some degree of popularity with 2ch users. Also, Aishwarya is a terrible actress. Gorgeous. But terrible.

            • AoZora

              yes,it’s a sequel to Robot.. I was eagerly waiting for its release.. I thought the release was stalled because of the Padmavati incident or something.. But,it looks like a different matter now…

              • Khooni

                I can’t believe these right-wing fanatics are asking for Deepika to be beheaded. Public figures. Politicians. Why do so many of these Entertainment sites have a moderation policy in the first place if they are choosing to approve comments instigating people to engage in communal riots?

                I wanna meet all those ‘cultural warriors’/Hinduvata fanatics who kept trying to yell at me that Hinduism was the greatest, most tolerant religion in the world.

                • AoZora

                  its more about inflated egos and craving for a bit of limelight… Their uproar has nothing to do with the movie…

        • hasawa

          Wealth is the only criteria Western civilization cares for.
          Third wolrd countries are countries deemed as underdeveloped and/or economically deficient, which is actually an objective statement. But what bothers me a bit about this statement is how wealth is erected as the ultimate standard of a sustainable country.
          What’s the point of living in a wealthy country filled with depression, frustration, insecurity and/or emotional dread? *kuf kuf* like basically almost all “developped countries” *kufkuf*
          I remember when I was in Tanzania, I lived with a modest faily from a rural area of Dar es Salaam and I’ve been atsounded by their level living conditions compared to the West which in some aspect could be considered as actually superior : nice house with huge ass garden with mango & palm trees, cows, backyard poultry, all of this implanted through a beautiful tropical set. All of this would be considered like a luxury here in the West. And yet, this family would still be considered as living in poor condition just because they didn’t make as much money as deemed ‘enough’ by Western standards or didn’t have running water..

          It would be very interesting if those “developed country” criterias would take into account people’s happiness, serenity or overall emotional fulfilness – I think we’d get a hella different repartition…

      • yamakita

        Funny you asked because I had to live without running hot water for 3 mornings in a row in a First World country, not to mention paying super-inflated rent for it, and this had nothing to do with the fact L.A. is on fire.

      • circe154

        Khooni’s right, it’s an old term from the Cold War.
        1st World: The US and its allies (Western Europe, Japan). Countries that are supposed to have a high standard of living and have full modern development.
        2nd World: Russia and the Soviet states. Decent standard of living but severely lacking in a lot of areas, not fully modern.
        3rd World: Unaffiliated. These countries are supposed to be poor and have a medieval standard of living.
        In reality development and standard of living could vary wildly depending on what country/part of the country, especially in the US. I spent most of my life in Appalachia and there were plenty of people living in trailers that were falling apart and had no water or electricity.

    • Khooni

      Did anybody do any reading this year? Any book that stood out in particular? Could be a classic you revisited / an international bestseller bandwagon you got on / an obscure gem you discovered?

      My favorite read this winter

      Consider reading this, even if terminal illness is a trope that you’re all too familiar with ( and tired of )


      • iGleaux

        I bought a book from the dollar tree and was surprised at how good it was. It was titled “the Abomination” murder mystery mixed with political and religious conspiracy theories. It’s set in Italy.

    • PigeonPop

      I usually steer clear of 2ch’s (now 5ch) idol boards so I didn’t know until recently that a certain subsection of its users call Morning Musume the “Love Machine Historical Society.” 🙏