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It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: Now that the holidays are here, where are your favorite Japanese Christmas songs?

    • yamakita

      I like this:

    • hasawa
      • light

        I think it’s from battle royale, Masanobu Ando?

    • So apparently AKB48 and Kenshi Yonezu’s YouTube videos have been unblocked in the US, can anyone’s confirm this?
      And to who do owe the honour?

      • Akimoto sensei of course, he does everything there. :p

      • Kanjo Maru

        Meanwhile Nogizaka’s videos have been unblocked everywhere BUT the US.

      • eplizo

        Kenshi Yonezu’s have been unblocked for a while now I think. idk about AKB.

        • nero laika

          2 months according to recent comments

    • PigeonPop

      Sazae-san is the latest in line to join Kiki and Heidi in an ostentatious parallel world based on modern-day Japan; like the others, parallel-Sazae is now a generically idealized high school student living the seishun dream.

      Yet another (unnecessary) high-budget doujin project courtesy of Cup Noodle’s HUNGRY DAYS CM series. I can’t wait for the whole project to end.

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai
    • AoZora

      Any movie/drama recommendations…. I wanted melodrama or suspense thriller having a tight script… Please avoid recommending high school related dramas.

      • Khooni

        The likeable Anushka <33

        Miho Nakayama's 'Love Letter'
        It's a movie from the mid 90s. Kind of a cult classic, I suppose. Watched it on TV yesterday. It's pretty melodramatic (in a good way). Didn't realize Miho was playing doppelgangers halfway through the movie. She was brilliant in it.

        It's getting a Chinese remake now.

        • lol I’m like you. I only realise it half way though. I was like, its the same girl, right? I keep rewinding and forwarding between the scenes since I know its different people, but why they look so similar?!! (lol)

          They could at least make the hair different. But everything is the same. They even have the same fashion style. :P

        • AoZora

          Will watch it.. Thanks:)

      • Ichigo

        Strawberry Nights by Yuko Takeuchi & Nishijima Hidetoshi. I’m still waiting for some good soul to share the movie sequel to it (NOT THE SP DRAMA)
        I think you might have watched Maou but that’s good too.

        • AoZora

          Will check strawberry nights.. Yeah, maou was good :)

      • Be With You!

        The only melodrama Jmovie that make me cry like a baby. :)

        • AoZora

          Will check that.. Thanks :)

        • AoZora

          I finished watching it.. I liked that little boy… None of the child actors in Japan have disappointed me… Maybe because they conduct a lot of auditions before choosing them where as the lead actors are sometimes cast because of their agency,,

          I liked the movie…. Little unbelievable but still a good one… I didn’t understand the timing calculation..Takeuchi Yuko looks so pretty…

          I think it was a little resemblance to Hidamari No Kanojo,wherein the girl is able to stay only for a short while….

          • lol the timing calculation is a bit tricky but I understood it after I carefully calculate the timing myself. ^^’

            Oh Hidamari no Kanojo also has the same theme? Oh its interesting!. Be With You comes out in 2004 so its nice to see similar movie that have the same theme was made years later.

            About the boy, he also acted in Be With You drama version starring Narimiya Hiroki and Mimura. Narimiya always acted in crazy roles but he played a really passive person in that drama — I really like his portrayal there (my fave of his :D).

            • AoZora

              My fav Narimiya drama is Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (2010). I liked his performance in Yamaneko too…

      • Mela

        Ikari, Snow white murder case

        • AoZora

          Thanks.. Will bookmark them:)

    • yamakita

      Arama is always covering some random awards, but it hasn’t talked about this one!!

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      Foreign children Kansai-Ben!!

      This made my day.

    • Ialy

      So, what happended to MIsono after all that “Won’t record again if I can’t sell 10000 copies” fiasco?