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    • Question of the week: You can have dinner with a Japanese celeb. Who do you pick?

      • FoucaultAnderson

        Takeru Satoh so he can carry me home drunk after

      • FrozenSoul

        Maru The Cat. 🐱 His sister, Hana may join, too. 🐈

        Not interested in any hooman celeb.

      • surfboardt

        Non-serious answer: Ken Hirai for lewd reasons. Nichome reasons. :^)

        Serious answer: I’d honestly think having dinner and a conversation with Namie Amuro would be interesting given her experience (e.g., shotgun wedding and divorce at a young age, being able to make a comeback in her career, balancing career and family/private life, etc).

      • yamakita

        With B!

      • Grooby

        Watanabe Naomi !!

        • oh my lort, this!! Naomi seems like very down to earth and fun to hang out with

      • yacchaitai
        • Lemon

          find out all those secrets

        • risingsun357


        • surfboardt

          Ayu, what are you ordering?
          … Wait, what?
          /looks at Ayu’s menu
          … Ayu, why are there a bunch of white guys on your menu?

        • light

          Mackenyu, he is super awkwad and kawaii in interviews and he the most young gorgeous jactor I have ever seen , I could stare into those eyes all day

      • The Dark Dudette

        Junichi Suwabe 😘

        • I want to be relevant :(

          Omg yaaaaaaaaas /O/

          • The Dark Dudette

            You getz itz! Yassss baby!

            • I want to be relevant :(

              (╭☞ ͠°▾ °)╭☞

      • Midna

        MatsuJun, cuz he would pay for it all.

      • Masaki Okada

      • risingsun357

        Yamapi. He will be super awkward and shy and i will lead the conversation.

      • AoZora

        Sato Takeru :)

      • angel223_

        Kame!! Lol
        I want to ask him some beauty routine tips, fashion/accesories/make up/eyebrows style. XD, his DIET how to lose and gain weight for week, business tips, ask some advice, coz his so level headed…
        Yeah and to see his dorky side when he get drunk. With lewd intention too (if Taira Kei is just an acting or real)..XDXDXDXD

      • kirin

        Sakurai Sho, I’m so in need of life advice rn :’)

      • rshina

        Takumi Saito. I prefer someone that can cook for me for dinner, and he seems good at it

      • Paffi

        Kiko. Let’s just say, I would have a lot to ask to her…

      • redjumpfan

        Yamada Ryosuke
        He can cook me a meal and he “seems to be the romantic” type although I want to meet him in his OFF mode, not his ON IDOL mode. As his fan, I’ll be ecstatic just to talk anything w/ him.
        (a secret dinner though because I’m scared of some idol fans)

      • HyperMoot .

        Taro Aso, to check if he’s real

    • FoucaultAnderson

      Twice high touch event in Japan

      Aren’t they really popular in Japan now?

      • MomoHirai

        No, Queens of the Niche. They are irrelevant.

      • rshina

        not being sarcastic or anything, but since Japanese people that I know doesn’t know about them (even that TT pose), I’d say not really…
        Maybe they’re popular for kpop and idol fans in Japan, but other than that, looks like nobody know them

      • Paffi

        I’m going to Japan tomorrow, my friends told me that the amout of kpop there is annoying to them!

      • WD79

        Honestly, that’s not really a lot. This is Japan after all, where folks actually do like to turn up or participate in stuff like this.

    • The Dark Dudette

      BBC Radio 4 aired a documentary called ‘No Babies in Japan’ earlier this year in February. Well researched, presented by a Japanese woman . So you can’t accuse it of bias. Do listen .

      You can download the mp3 podcast here:

      Click on download. Long press on your quality of choice (64 kbps/128 kbps). On the menu that appears , press/tap ‘download link’.

      • The Dark Dudette

        Some interesting quotes

        ‘The irony , ofc, is that while Japan’s birthrate is declining, its sex industry is thriving’

        ‘Unmarried (japanese) women have very high expectations for their future husband’s income. The majority of women want their future partners to have a high annual income and there are only a few who meet that criteria’

        ‘Is there a double standard in what both genders now seek from each other?’

        ‘Women over 25…they are like Xmas cakes…past their expiry date…that’s it for them’

        • yamakita

          It used to be 21 so I guess there’s been progress.

          • The Dark Dudette

            The man with the most depth in this podcast is , very amusingly, a porn director 🙎

            Amusing to hear both women and men being sexist to each other.

      • yamakita

        I think it’s irresponsible to encourage population growth, especially in the name of economic competitiveness. We can’t possibly believe the economic model of the 20th Century is the way to go for eternity, but I guess I’m in the minority.

        • The Dark Dudette

          When you breed animals in captivity, the animals reproduce fewer offsprings to mitigate the competition for the limited number of resources. Let’s look at how crowded Tokyo is. It is only natural that fewer people are having children. It’s just not feasible. The country is too tiny to provide for tens of millions of people. Methinks the population is not ‘reducing’, it’s simply ‘adjusting’.

        • Vivaldi

          Japan is fairly environmentally responsible. Fish overconsumption is its biggest problem, but otherwise they’ve been able to host over 100 million people on the islands without destroying them. Japan’s population is declining too fast and people live too long. The elderly rack up a lot of healthcare costs. Dementia-related disorders are becoming more common and mental healthcare is near non-existent.

          Japan needs more children and more workers. At this point working mothers is a matter of survival for Japan. Japanese women are among some of the healthiest and most well educated in the world, and all that is being wasted.

      • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

        The Japan is doomed narrative, BBC loves it.

        • The Dark Dudette

          BBC the Documentary does radio shows/podcasts on practically every country. You could check their archives. It’s hardly as biased as you may assume.

    • The Dark Dudette

      Sony has acquired Funimation. The countdown to the beginning of a new anime crisis in American has begun?

      • PigeonPop

        I’m certainly a little wary over how a monopoly is gradually being formed. Aniplex/A-1 Pictures has within a decade essentially conquered the late-night pie of the domestic anime industry, which is the sector most overaseas anime fans associate with the most when they think of anime (unless they also follow primetime shows like Detective Conan/Chibi Maruko/Sazae-san/Doraemon/Shin-chan etc.). With the success of Fate/Grand Order, Sony and friends now have more $$$ than ever to push things around in their favor with not much competition around to say otherwise.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Funimation swears that not much is going to change but there’s this panic in the anime fan community that prices are going to hit the roof and be as expensive as Aniplex DvDs.

          I saw this about a minute ago:

          I am not sure how this helps. I don’t understand business all that well. It’s not like major companies haven’t been trying to buy out Funi since they started making profits. And then there’s Amazon’s Anime Strike.

          All major companies are out tying to get a piece of that cake

      • The Dark Dudette

        Also, please do like this video if you can. My heart breaks to see how fast the down votes are rising. It came out this Monday.

        • yamakita

          Still a little progressive for the current time. It’s cute and heart-warming, but I really dislike the American animation art style.

          • The Dark Dudette

            It was made by a group of ‘students’ who are majoring in Animation, so it’s still pretty amazing esp in the current political scenario where the country is being run by Cheetolini. American animation has been disappointing of late.

            • I miss the classic disney, I loved the classic animations, current 3D graphics like frozen etc, while I like the plot, I’m not a fan of their super big eyes and sht :/

              • yamakita

                It’s like the American interpretation of anime…it’s just ugly looking.

                • Yeah, definitely unpleasant to look at :/

              • The Dark Dudette

                I am more of a DreamWorks person. They get a lot of crap for being too American for universal taste but I guess that’s what appeals to me heh.
                Frozen is so anime-ish? It served to remind people why anime only works in 2D

                Edit : The only Disney movies I loved were Mulan and Zootopia

                Inside Out is from Pixar, I think?

                • I haven’t watched Inside out, need to watch it, heard it’s good. Man, I lived for Mulan, can’t wait for the live action, hope they don’t fuck it up, would be nice to see young and fresh Chinese actress to be Mulan, Zhang Ziyi would suit, but she’s too old to be Mulan imo

                  • The Dark Dudette

                    Disney should’ve auditioned the most famous Asian American actresses to play the lead in Mulan – Scarlett Johansson , Emma Stone, Tilda Swinton. Throw Asian Actor Matt Damon as the male lead into the mix and voila . The perfect casting

                    • LOOLLL
                      that killed me, that would be so lit, can’t wait for the trainwreck

                      • The Dark Dudette

                        These actors are so proud of taking roles from Asians, they might as well be honorary American/Brit. Asians now.

                        The first draft of the Mulan live action did have a ‘white dude saves the girl and empire’ kinda story but Disney backtracked when it was leaked and they got instant backlash .

                      • OH I know that draft! that was such a clusterfuck idek why they would think that as a good idea

                      • The Dark Dudette

                        Disney loves happy endings. And if u want happy endings, you need white people.

                        That’s how Hollywood has always worked.

                        Asians are always unpopular geeks. Black people are always slaves . They can only suffer in movies.

                  • The Dark Dudette

                    Inside Out has a very novel concept. I cried a lot when they played the song ‘Joy Turns to Sadness’ in the movie 😖 I highly recommend it. You will get what I am talking about when you watch it :D

      • Lemon

        SONY stay slowly ruining all entertainment

        • The Dark Dudette

          Can’t argue with this. They sure have some great ratings for The Emoji Movie on Rotten Tomatoes

    • yamakita

      I’m disappointed with frederic’s new song…

    • Lemon

      i want to have a smoke break with kago ai

      • Lemon

        i meant to reply to the question of the week but…my sentiment still stands

    • Matcha
      • Paffi

        Omg, he is in Tallinn, that’s so close to me! ;O