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It’s Friday (somewhere!) so it’s Open Post time. Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like. Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: Some have said that the new Namie and Utada songs are examples of phoning it in. Who else do you think is currently phoning it in?

      • Ash

        Shiina Ringo lolol

      • FoucaultAnderson

        “Some” you mean you and other messy pop stans

      • hasawa

        Kana Nishino obviously
        Plus a bunch of j-rock bands that popped up in the mid 00s and haven’t been relevant since years… UVERworld and Asian Kung-fu Generation ahead (seeing them lowering themselves to rehash old ass songs in lazy remix/re-recorded compilations made me cry a bit tbh)

    • Matcha

      What is wrong with Rola this time around?

      • PigeonPop

        She just tweeted about how she was betrayed recently, with GC users responding with their usual replies of “attention seeker” and whatnot. It’s not really Rola being wrong as it is GC no longer liking her ever since she’s gotten more coverage from tabloids regarding who she dates. The I-want-to-work-in-Hollywood mindset ultimately resulted in backlash (they were supportive at first, ironically) and her current circle of friends (Jin Akanishi, Kiko etc.) isn’t helping either.

        • hasawa

          “The I-want-to-work-in-Hollywood mindset ultimately resulted in backlash”
          I really feel like having the ambition to establish yourself outside of Japan is really poorly looked upon in Japan. Ayu got the same problem when she married her 1st gaijin husband and later left for the US.
          I think one of the main reason Rola is so popular in Japan is because she’s a big fish in a small pond. J-Entertainment industry is actually very small.
          Her own figure really scream ‘international’ and denote from the usual japanese traditional beauty standards. Not sure she’ll ever make it big in the West tho cause there is already thousands of ‘Rola’ out there since we are demographically more diverse. She’ll be far much common/ordinary as soon as she step outside Japan. But kuddos to her for trying to step outside her confort & success zone.

          • PigeonPop

            I do think the general public is a lot more understanding, as seen in the positive reception of documentaries that follow the lives of Japanese expats like Sekai Naze Soko ni. Places like 2ch and GC operate differently though as one would expect; the overall impression I’m getting is that most users there only “support” those with international ambition when it turns out to be successful. Ken Watanabe prior to the cheating scandal is the definitive Exhibit A of this; the same applies to models like Ai Tominaga, Tao (Okamoto), Chiharu, and Daisuke Ueda.

          • Miyanmu

            Honestly, she looks like a typical Middle Eastern women with overly bleached hair and skin to me. Nothing special, West has a lot of those!

            • role

              And yet she’s not Middle Eastern. She can even pass as a latina. That’s what makes Rola intriguing imo. Sure West has lots of those but not a Japanese influencer like her.

              • Babitheking

                She’s half Bengali (Bangladesh), so ofcourse she looks very Middle Eastern, also she did lighten her skin a lot from it’s natural state!

                • rolls eyes

                  Bangladesh is part of South East Asia.
                  Middle Eastern are those in the Arabic countries

        • Miyanmu

          Dude, Kiko is chilling in LA, her real friends are noncelebrity people and Role is just business to her, nothing more!

    • Sakura Harano

      I’m so happy for FAKY and their physical debut mini album. During their showcase performance on June 14th, Anna and Lil’Fang got pretty emotional talking about FAKY’s hiatus and cried when performing “The One” (which was their last single as a 5 member group).

      • rshina

        I really glad about FAKY debut.
        What happen to the other 3 member now?

        • Sakura Harano

          It was two members that left back in 2014. Diane is currently still in Japan and is in a rock/metal band called TELECiDE. Tina is currently studying Music Engineering at the University of Miami. Akina is the member that replaced them.

    • nothingsover

      Can someone recommend me some music like either Sakanaction OR Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi?

    • Taima-kun

      excited and a bit sad that it’s already the final episode for this season of SnK
      they better announce season 3 and hopefully it won’t take another 4 years

      • Dalooshe

        They said it’ll resume in 2018!!!

    • HyperMoot .

      treated myself twice with the first concert from Shiina’s latest DVD/Bray (椎名林檎と彼奴等がゆく百鬼夜行2015). On top of the sound and image quality I’m once again stunned by her stage presence, the paraphernalia of costumes and the er acting? Glad to hear a concert version of Life Supreme 至上の人生 which is one of my fave tracks

    • HyperMoot .

      Leo Ieiri’s concert at the Budokan out on July 26

    • FoucaultAnderson

      Finally Twice’s Japanese debut is among us!

      • rshina

        why they use signal? TT is more likeable

        • MomoHirai

          They are using TT too.

      • Lolo

        This is awful, just like any of their songs

        • MomoHirai

          Wow edgy.

          • Lolo

            I’m not being edgy at all, i’m being honest, Twice are known to rely on aegyo and hooking choreos, this song is bad, and so their music in general, as someone who don’t listen to cute songs to me their music sounds like the type of kids songs i hear on cartoons, and no thanks my tastes in music are more mature, if you like it fine, there are people with questionable tastes in music so no big deal

            • MomoHirai

              Lmao ok dude.

              • Lolo

                I’m not a dude.

      • Miyanmu

        The fuck, even on Japanese news board I can’t escape from these untalented kpop pricks!

        • MomoHirai


        • hhhh

          yeah, Arashi are everywhere :(

      • monica_monami

        it sounded bad in japanese than korean. Maybe because i understood the language.

    • HyperMoot .

      question, request or suggestion. There’s a decent amount of posts related to drama and series but not that much about films. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a weekly or say monthly post dedicated to movies. A focus on some director, genre or just some post that would allow readers to share what they’ve watched recently. Just an idea cause the Open Post is fine for that anyway
      here’s my recommendation for this week

      • yamakita

        Wow, thanks for the tip. This looks very interesting, and that lead actor is always very good.

        • HyperMoot .

          agree, Tadanobu Asano is really a top-notch performer, very capable and very versatile, from the arthouse film to the blockbuster, he can do anything

    • Brett

      Has anyone else noticed a sharp increase in the amount of trolls in the comment section? I’m scared and I wonder if there is anything to be done about it.

      • Guest

        A negative opinion is not trolling…

      • hasawa

        Well, i do too. I don’t comment that much anymore but their presence definitively refrain myself from participing any more, esp in some of the latest messy “debates” in the comment sections (upvoting is enough for me at this point lol)
        Since some of them bitch non stop about this website and cater to bring uncessary drama at any given opportunity (which is different than having a “negative opinion” at this point) yet have no intention of leaving, the best answer is to just ignore them….

    • AkaneHaga

      I wonder who’s the winner SS AKB? or anyone know streaming ch for Fuji TV

    • HyperMoot .

      Even in the tiny world of post-rock, Anoice from Ricco Label ain’t no big name. On top of releasing records and giving concerts (Japan, Korea, Russia) they write music for various companies’ CMs. It surely gives them the much needed financial extras they need to keep going.

      Here’s one for Toshiba, produced by Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata is on the piano for this very Debussy piece

    • u all let luna flop

      after hearing the gossip of what happened in akb elections i want to get into the groups but i’m kind of overwhelmed by the amount of groups and members. does anyone have any tips on getting into them?