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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: Is Arashi’s new single a flop?

      • yacchaitai

        naw man

      • Kanjo Maru

        Sales-wise it seems like the trend as usual if you leave out I seek / Daylight. If they don’t get one of them again this year they likely won’t see a yearly top 10.

        • darma

          Not sure, but I think none of their singles last year went on yearly top 10. What I remember was them topping total sales and album ranking.

          • Kanjo Maru

            No, all three singles made it last year.

      • correcaminos

        I don’t think so. It only sold 25k less than the previous single.
        I think the drop was due to the lack of airtime before release. They usually release the singles after the dorama has finished it’s run while this time they released it with only one episode out.

        • darma

          Ah. That’s a logical deduction.

      • H

        No but I feel like their peak is over.

        • darma

          Their peak has been over a couple of years now but no one is taking over.

          • H

            That’s exactly it. Their sales might decline but with no one surpassing them…they’ll stay on top.

            • darma

              As a fan, I really don’t mind others taking over their throne. Its only natural to be over their peak. I’m just praying for a gradual decline, not people dropping them en masse because of stupid reasons. They still produce quality music & entertainment.

      • honey girl

        They are over, finished, fin! But at least they didnt get desperate enough and release 11 million versions of their singles just for them to end up in the daily trash collection.

        • rshina

          why am I laughing so much reading this comment?
          I do agree with you though.

      • Otagei dansu

        Hmm, can’t say it is but it does need a few repeats in order to get used to the song.
        It seems catchy for a detective drama. But I still can’t get over Fukkatsu Love though… *sigh*

      • Ash

        Guess my article ruined them

      • light

        It’s low for them, but I wonder if the announcement of the (pretty expensive) concert dvd before the single release had something to do with it. A pity anyway, cause it’s way better than the last one…

      • soyulim

        I blame you, Matsumoto Jun! :< Stop messing aroung with those hoes!

        • Nikki ok

          please, he’s not even the most popular and every one of them except aiba had recent dating scandals, so blame all of them or actually listen to the song and find out that it’s mediocre

    • Thomas

      That header brings back memories… (And I have yet to find out who in the world made this YouTube channel)

    • yacchaitai

      the header omg 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • surfboardt

      … Jesus, LJ flashbacks much.

    • FoucaultAnderson

      So what does everyone think about the current media rage in Japan surrounding a Korean girl group called Twice? Do you think they’ll be huge and maybe even topple groups like AKB etc?
      Apparently they are all the rage in Korean high schools: – this says 80% of Korean high school students already know about Twice.

      And they’ve been featured in multiple tv shows and have lots of fans in Japan. People in the comments already believe that they are the next SNSD and may take over Japan soon.

      Article: 80% of Japanese female students “already know about Twice ahead of their debut”

      Source: TV Report via Nate

      1. [+485, -33] Japanese girls seem to really like Korean idols. Hope Twice does well in Japan too, fighting!!!

      2. [+384, -29] Twice already has jjang popularity in Japan ^&^

      3. [+320, -38] Twice’s true charm lies in the chemistry between the members ㅋㅋㅋ apparently it’s rare to find a student in Japan who doesn’t know about Twice already ㅋ

      4. [+26, -4] All they have left waiting for them is hitting daebak

      5. [+24, -12] Feels like Twice has already hit SNSD’s peak or even surpassed it

      6. [+22, -5] Twice fighting

      7. [+19, -3] They’ve already had a showcase there before and the Japanese do watch Korean varieties so I’m sure a lot of people are already aware of them ㅋㅋㅋ I remember drinking at a pub in Japan and talking to a girl and she said she liked Twice and showed me the TT dance ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      8. [+19, -9] I visited Japan once and Hallyu there is no joke. I saw high school kids on the subway wearing BTS badges on their bags ㅋㅋ when I spoke in Korean, they waved at me ㅋㅋ I think Hallyu is only something that can be felt when you’re overseas. The women love it when you speak in Korean.

      9. [+14, -6] Twice is probably at SNSD’s level now

      10. [+11, -2] I don’t care much for idols but hearing Korean idols like BTS and Twice be recognized overseas makes me feel proud

      • woops

        mediaplay as usual

      • No9

        Hmm I don’t know if they’ll be that pop[ular. Their sales have been okay but nothing amazing. Also, this is completely biased but I don’t really like their new singles as much as I liked Cheer Up and Ooh Ahh.

      • What

        The comment section is a MESS lol but to answer your question:
        Majority of Kpop fans in Japan are teens, so why is this article surprised that they have teenage fans?? A lot of Kpop groups gain fans before they start promoting in Japan, so it’s not really a surprise. They can become really popular among Kpop fans, but to compare them to AKB? No.. AKB’s sales may be declining (not an AKB fan so someone correct me if im wrong) and they might not be the “top group” anymore but they have brand awareness in Japan. Also, the GP is shifting away from their OWN idols, why would the GP shift towards a Kpop idol group?

        Also, I saw how they got that bit of coverage on Music Station while Gene was there and im like 99% sure that was regular bought promotion by their company (as with all their other promotional stunts), so I wouldn’t expect Twice to be on Music Station any time soon

        • FoucaultAnderson

          Is it called gori-oshi? When you get a massive company push? I wondered whether the hype behind Twice was just paid for mediaplay and company stunts or something organic. But I guess it’s the former. Perhaps that’s what Kpop needs to do these days in order to get ahead now that Japan is moving away from idols in general.

          It’s funny but EXO, Big Bang, IKON and all those groups seem to just be milking Kpop fans in Japan but why do they try to make it seem like they’re really relevant among the general public? Why are their fans so obsessed with the idea of them ‘taking over’ Japan? Is it a pride thing? Or does it have practical purposes?

          • Because a lot of KPop fans don’t live in reality. Hell, they think that their faves are more relevant in Korea than they really are. When you expand that notion to Japan, a country they have no idea about, things get even weirder.

          • What

            Yeah when you get a massive push by your company it’s called gori-oshi. No doubt that Twice has fans in Japan, and they do seem to be popular among Japanese Kpop fans but I’ve seen most fans blow their popularity out of proportion. Claiming Twice will be “the queens of Japan” or some shit like that.. Also, their current promotion tactics aren’t that different from other Kpop groups, for example when Exo were debuting in Japan and they got to perform in Tokyo Dome, their fans over hyped them too. Exo were also on Mezamashi, had their big ass billboards in Shibuya etc like Twice, but up to this day they are still irrelevant to the GP.

            Also, I’ve always seen that Kpop fans love to brag about every little achievement no matter how irrelevant it is. No doubt that Kpop groups make a ton of money in Japan with physical sales + touring, so I feel like Kpop fans want to brag that their favs are making money. Also, they want to boast that “my favs are Kings/Queens of the world” thats why this “taking over” concept is so important to them.

      • K-Pop

        Even here people talk about TWICE. It’s irritating, they do not deserves their success at all. Unlike AKB48 and similar idol groups that even the fans acknowledge their lack of everything related to an “artist”, TWICE fans (and K-Pop fans in general) just don’t see them like what they are – idols that are all about visuals and lack a lot in many ways. Even the digital charts don’t matter anymore when actually talented singers/artists can’t achieve the same success. That said, just because they have some popular songs, Koreans actually acknowledge good music but rarely get any attention by international “media”.

      • rshina

        twice is at SNSD level?

      • Ryusei

        I hope not, twice has no talented vocal members I dont see any of them doing anything solo and if then it’ll be hella mediocre

      • soyulim

        Oh please fuck with these Korean strippers! Twice can’t even hold a note at live performances!

        I read the NB comments, and I must say – you koreans are fucking delusional if you think k-pop is popular in Japan! 90% of Japanese despise anything Korea related so keep living in your lala land of dreams!

        • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

          Funny thing is lately the new groups debuting wouldn’t fall far off from the JIDOL generic brand. School Girl outfits, lack of sexy concepts in general. It seems like all the restrictions on what is allowed has basically turned KPOP into a shitty JIDOL rival with none of the exploitative sales tactics.

          • hhhh

            what’s up with all the CAPITAL LETTERS?

        • hhhh

          “90% of Japanese despise anything Korea related” – What is it with people who don’t like K-pop choosing to side and sympathise with extreme right-wing maniacs to justify their preferences in mass-produced pop music?

      • Totokoko

        They fail to mention that they only asked 100 school girls in Shibuya lul.
        The mediaplay is wild. Twice fans seem to believe it though, so I guess its working for them atleast.

      • Nikki ok

        kpop is over, not only in japan but everywhere else too, I mean everyone looks the same and the songs sound the same, so of course it gets boring

      • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

        God, do we need a Koreaboo on Arama? Hell is this one of Michel Do’s Sockpuppets?

    • FoucaultAnderson

      Also I have a question: how do you think the Olympics in 2018 in Korea and then in 2020 in Japan might affect Kpop ventures in Japan? I imagine the two countries will be highly competitive and even more contentious then they already are during that 2 year span. China has already completely blocked Korean groups as well, unlike Japan which has only added a few restrictions here and there.

      • Why would things be more competitive?

    • Mr.Taxi™

      The header is a mess.

    • Ryusenkai

      Finally finished P5! My life is my own once again. x.x Totally worth the playing though; thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish.

      On the music side of things, been listening to a lot of Kobukuro and Spitz albums lately, coupled with a few newer tracks of the light and summery persuasion (and the new INDEEA EP – that’s very good). For a few examples of those:

      • No9

        I’ve been playing Spitz non-stop as well. @.@ Btw, what are some recommendations for kobukuro? My friends keep telling me to listen to them but don’t know where to start.

        • Ryusenkai

          It’s a question honestly, since I’m not super familiar with their really early material. That said though, it depends on whether you’re looking for songs or albums. If the former, their two single collections would probably be the best place to begin. Once you find the songs you like best on those, you could then move on to those albums.

          If it’s albums you’re looking for right out of the gate though, I’d recommend “NAMELESS WORLD” and their most recent album, “TIMELESS WORLD”. “One Song From Two Hearts” is also quite good, though their most famous record is probably “5296”, since it has “Tsubomi” (the song that won them the JRA Grand Prix) on it.

          I know that’s a lot of info, and a lot of possible places to go, but I have trouble nailing down what the best entry point would be for them. Hope that this helps!

    • 122am

      Hi all readers, I’ve just finished watching Juhan Shuttai and I really like it. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend more J dramas to me? I’m open to any genre, but I want to feel really good after finishing the drama. Thank you in advance :)

      • darma

        The latest is NigeHaji. It’s a hit romcom starring Hoshino Gen and Gakki.

        My other feel good recommendations are Nodame no Cantible, Long Vacation, My Boss My Hero, Legal High and Haikei Chichiuesama.

        • 122am

          Thank you! I watched NigeHaji and really liked it too. It didn’t have too many ups and downs and was just very stable in its plot. Long Vacation is a personal top favourite of mine, Legal High was a good one. I’ll definitely check out My Boos My Hero, Haikei Chichiuesama and Nodame no Cantible which I’ve not seen yet.

      • sam

        kekkon dekinai otoko(The Man Who Can’t Get Married) a rom-com staring abe hiroshi

        Rich Man, Poor Woman -rom com

        5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (2015) – rom com staring ishihara ,yamashita

        ouroboros – (action suspense)

        bitter blood – (action comedy )

        priceless – staring kimura takuya a feelgood drama

        hanzawa naoki – business thriller

        Great Teacher Onizuka – manga adaptation

        tonbi – emotional drama about a father, son

        Suzuki Sensei (2011) – mature ,drama, school

        Nagareboshi (2010) – drama romance

        border – supernatural suspense

        kazoku game – about a dysfunctional family

        I’m Home (2015) -staring kimura takuya Family, Manga, Mystery

        queens classroom – Drama, School

        beautiful rain – father with Alzheimer and his small daughter ashida mana

        Doctor X series – medical drama

        Boku no Yabai Tsuma – suspense

        switch girl – hilarious comedy

        yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo – hilarious comedy

        mr nietzsche at the convenience store -hilarious comedy

        Don Quixote (2011) hilarious comedy

        • 122am

          Yes! Kekkon dekinai otoko was so unexpectedly good, I watched it twice. Among your list, I have seen Rich Man Poor Woman, 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made, Priceless, Hanzawa, GTO, I’m Home, Doctor X… which are all great! I find almost all Yamapi dramas and Shun Oguri dramas very entertaining. I’ll definitely check out the others which look very good too. Have you watched Orange Days or Slow Dance? Though they are not feel good, but I was entertained watching these two drama and managed to finish all eps. Thank you.

    • What

      Has anyone noticed Japanese companies are getting to Musicplayon now and deleting music videos :/

      • Yes!

      • HyperMoot .

        yes, annoying

      • Gomen NASAi

        The sanctuary has been exposed for a while now…I’m so pissed off.

    • hmmm

      i found this interesting post about the rivalries during the female soloist boom on an idol forum i lurk on…arama should hire this person to write that long awaited female soloist post…lol

      • めぐみ☆


      • That post is nice, but the Arama post is about the present day, not the past.

        • zephyr

          Okay…? But what about those Oricon flashbacks you’ve been posting? Aren’t those about the past too?

          • That has nothing to do with anything…

            • HyperMoot .

              love that sentence! Yours or Billy Preston’s?

        • 🐙

          What about “female singer of jpop lore” that Hasawa wrote?
          That HO article was thoughtfully written than arama’s imo.

          • They’re not connected.

      • honey girl

        OMG This was some good effing tea. Had to bookmark it for future reread. I knew about the Hikki/Mai rivalry but not in such detail. That whole “scandal” was just to try drag Hikki into drama bc the Queen wasn’t a problematic teen like all of those who came before her. I want to point out that For You/Time Limit was affected by the scandal but moreso bc of the lack of promotion imo. The pvs were literally tour cuts & had no ties or anything. Also, I do want to say that there’s no denying that Mai’s debut concept bite off Utada style completely but I think Mai ventured out to her own person. Her music is still good, still has a sweet, pure personality, and never let the industry corrupt ha! Never change sis!

        The Distance/A BEST battle will always be J-music’s most talked about moment. Those first day sales were absolute BEAST! That’s why I honestly laugh at how much of a fluke that whole Adele breaking their record thing. I think she sold 900k first day (I think physically & digitally) while those 2 pulled off 1.6 million. I think the only reason they didn’t pull off more was bc of shipping issues/availability. While a battle between those two will never happen again, I do wonder would a repeat help Ayu’s sales and image.

        • K

          What? Addicted to You sold a million first week with 0 promo (she literally did a clip for CDTV introducing Automatic) and Wait and See had 0 promo and sold 800,000 first week. She went on 5 music shows for For You/Time Limit and did tons of magazine promo and a secret live to promote it.

          • honey girl

            ATY had the Sony campaign, music award performances, and the usual bundle of magazine appearances. The campaign was what pushed the single to sell a mil in the first place. That and the fact they spewed the whole post-hiatus (to finish high school). Wait & See had fewer promotions but more than FY/TL.

            • K

              Eh agree to disagree. Addicted to You came out post-First Love hitting the 7mil mark and it had SO much hype that it naturally sold a mil in a week not just because the tie up. Wait & See had zero promo and no tie up….like a TV guide interview that reused the single promo pics. People thought the scandal with Kurakki PLUS people thought she was showing off and being rude on the Utaban talk segment promoting For You/Time Limit because she was talking about how she topped the “highest paid celebrities list” even though it was brought up by Ishibashi Takaaki (talking about money is a no no in Japanese society and they were shook a 17 year old was openly talking about how she spends her riches without her parents being involved). There was a lot of negative press for both “scandals.”

              • honey girl

                Well again I dont have that deep of knowledge of the Hikki/Mai rivalry so what you are saying holds some weight (more than mines). I also kinda went off the fact that right after it’s release, CYKAS had huge sales (Ik mainly bc of the tie-in). Plus I read that she didnt do any promo for the For You/Time Limit as she was touring. That and I didnt see any TV performances come about for that single.

      • Totokoko

        What a good read.

      • aisasami

        Really good post. I hope to see more from this guy!

        I knew about Ami and Morning Musume, a bit of Kahala and Amuro, and Hikki vs Ayu. But not Ayu vs. Ami and Hikki vs. Kuraki.

        I wonder how he complied the info?

        • Hm

          I’ve seen him around the forum and he seems to be an old school J-pop fan.

        • PigeonPop

          2ch and tabloids covered it nonstop. Unlike today though, a lot of content during the 90s~early 2000s went untranslated or simply not known to those unable to read Japanese. Stuff like what I posted above (Mai’s jimusho stationing ultra-right wing activists to demand an apology) was huge when it happened, and it still gets hundreds of comments on 2ch, matome blogs and the like.

          Unlike back then though, very few people actively defend Mai (or more accurately, her jimusho’s decisions) now.

      • PigeonPop

        Hikki vs. Mai was so forced, and unlike Hikki vs. Ayu, really only took place for a year (2000) before the latter’s sales plummeted, as the hello-online post touched upon.

        And by forced, I don’t just mean the superficial similarities either–Mai’s jimusho went the extra mile to try and present her like she was some sort of equal to Utada (i.e., trying to showcase her as a bilingual kikokushijo fluent in English and well-versed in American music trends). Weird coincidence too in how Love, Day After Tomorrow was released exactly one year after Automatic. When the Hey x3 fiasco happened, the jimusho responded by stationing ultra right-wing activists around Fuji TV and Yoshimoto (Downtown’s jimusho) to demand an apology.

        I try to not bad-mouth soloists and their team, but Mai’s management was beyond awful. They are also pretty incompetent and inconsistent with the profile settings (aka bilingual kikokushijo) they cooked up for Mai as well, as seen in this advert here.

    • guest

      Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou 2017 just got announced. This year Sexy Zone will join Arashi.

      Kyocera Dome – 06.17-18
      Tokyo Dome – 07.08-09

    • ayupan

      Ayu posted this at midnight the other day on twitter and it had even her haters sweating a bit. She basically says something to the effect that if she does or doesn’t people will still “point their fingers at her”, and says that’s her own fault, not other people’s fault. But she will not give up in the future either. It’s out of character for her to post something like this in a tweet. It got upwards of 13,000+ likes, which is uncommon for her twitter nowadays.

      Girlschannel users suspected it’s in response to the influx of anti-Ayu topics that have been coming out one after another post-Music Station that get between 7000-1500 comments. It’s not hard to believe when comedian Watanabe Naomi constantly endorses Girlschannel and recently a male television announcer said on television last week he always checks the site.

      Hours after the tweet a Girlschannel topic came out called “Let’s seriously consider the future of Hamasaki Ayumi” and the OP asked ex-fans and current fans of Ayu to think about things she can do to improve. Seems like they were conscious about the possibility of Ayu actually reading what they were saying. About half the responses were serious in tone and said things like: lose weight and focus on vocal training or stop using SNS, stop dressing half her age, stop appearing on television, go back to the simplicity of her pre-A BEST concerts, a few commenters said she should dye her hair black to start a new era/focus on dinner shows and livehouse concerts/focus on the music.

      • The real question is if she saw our April Fools’ post a few weeks ago.

        • HyperMoot .

          the odds are the same as Taro Aso being a rabid reader of the Japan Times

      • yamakita

        Then they circle her and tell her to kill herself. It’s Project Ayumi. Today she’s in; tomorrow she’s out.

      • surfboardt

        While I agree with most of their advice, the losing weight part is sad tbh. Ayu looks like she’s at a healthy weight, the last thing we need is her developing body issues.

        • ayupan

          She’s more body positive than ever. I think she’s blocking the haters when it comes to the weight. She actually said just a couple of years ago when she was a little more curvier that she prefers how she looks now to when she was in her 20s.

      • -A- BULLSHIT

        honestly as someone who’s been a fan for over 10 years i don’t give a shit about the weight or the SNS. i thought MADE IN JAPAN was her big chance to make a comeback since it got positive reviews but she fucked it up with her usual shenanigans. if you look at the fan taken pics from her 2016-2017 countdown in the background you see way more gross old geezers than any other solo singer of her generation. the same kind of creepy dudes you see at idol concerts. it’s sad.

        she should stop doing shit like this (from the 2016-2017 countdown)

        and this

        and stuff like this

      • Ryusei

        Lose weight??? Did they look at her instagram lately? She works out a lot and is skinny

        • www

          look at her in candid videos or even music station not her photoshopped instagram lol. she’s gained some weight and looks curvy like she did in 2013. but she works out so it looks good.

          • Ryusei

            Eh.. i think she looks fine, telling her to lose weight is kinda questionable IMO it wouldnt change her perception.. a fashion change and voice lessons are those that make sense to me. During the time she had voice lessons and posted about them on twitter her voice was so much better but then it went downhill again I wish she’d get back together with that voice teacher

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      I’ve been sucked into the j-rap side of youtube and found a lot of gems this being 1…

    • HyperMoot .

      no direct connection to JMusic but as Ryusenkai mentioned him in the INDEAA post recently, immersed myself into some old magical tunes from Vini Reilly aka The Durutti Column, totally underrated guitarist

    • HyperMoot .

      been pretty cold in my current area these days, brought nostalgia of some fond moments around Xmas time, Oda-san and Hikki please offer yet another awesome duet some day

      tashika na koto:

    • rshina

      just wandering, but is anybody watching any drama this season? any recommendations?

      • Nikki ok

        well the most hyped is probably yamapi and kame drama unmei no hito desu, other dramas with interesting plots are “reverse” and “crisis”, probably going to check these three out

    • Ayumi, is that you? xD

    • HyperMoot .

      so many Tokyo Jihen videos resurfacing these days, gotta love that version of Sounan

    • Kanjo Maru

      So how was Fukyouwaon anyway?
      I missed getting to see your reaction.

    • PigeonPop

      I’m curious to read any responses from Arama readers regarding Masahiro Imamura’s numerous gaffes, recent resignation, and his fashion faux pas in wearing an Evangelion necktie during official conferences. People actually connected to the franchise (e.g., Sadamoto, Megumi Ogata) have been overwhelmingly negative/cynical in his decision.

    • HyperMoot .

      new to me, interesting (