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    • Question of the week: So I was elsewhere when I saw this comment: I love how they stick with their roots and haven’t gotten too Westernized, I think a large majority of Japanese Music Fans appreciate that, and when Singers like Kumi make Western Sounding Songs they revolt.

      Posting across various sites, I can say this is true. It’s one part of why LDH gets so much hate, along with KPop, which LDH is often compared to (contrary to popular belief, I’m not the only one who says this).

      But why is this? A few years ago, people wouldn’t had felt this way. It would’ve been encouraged even. Is it just the fandom growing up and moving on? It is a dislike of today’s more popular Western music, which is heavily influenced by urban music and EDM? Is it because it lacks authenticity? What is it?

      Bonus: My favorite Western song of the year so far had its video released this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh2uNrIgGf4

      • Jo

        New the xx album put me to sleep :(

        • That’s funny because a lot of people said this album was more joyful.

          • Jo

            I heard a lot of praises too but there are less distinct between tracks and I just lost my patience. Maybe I just need time to get used to them though their first 2 albums got me hooked straightaway.

      • What

        Isn’t this why people listen to Japanese music in the first place? To get away from Western music.. I mean Japanese music obviously draws on Western music in the first place but there’s always that touch which can differentiate itself from Western music, which I think is a very good thing!

        Honestly, I feel mainstream Western music has been going down in quality (imo!) and I wouldn’t want any other country to replicate that lol

        • HyperMoot .

          “Isn’t this why people listen to Japanese music in the first place? To get away from Western music.. ” Spot on! And it’s not just language related, I’m not sure what exactly makes JMusic so Japanese to my ears but more often than not there’s some color, some approach that makes it distinct from Western music.

          • There’s something about the melody…

            • Kanjo Maru

              Karaoke culture in effect.

            • Pidi

              Western songs use melody as well, ok maybe the more mainstream ones don’t cause they focus on having a hooking catchy part but not every signle pop song do that, it’s not western music fault if people are too lazy to look past the mainstream catchy pop-ish music.
              As well as just because Jpop music tend to focus more on melodies doesn’t mean there aren’t those songs who focus on having hooking catchy parts as well.
              I legit saw some J-rock/indie fans say they prefer japanese rock/indie cause it focuses more on melody yet literally rock/indie of every country has a melody.
              I don’t know why but this seems like a superiority complex to me some Jpop fans have, they always praise Japanese music for using melodies and generalize the western music scene as music that “only focuses on having hooking catchy parts” when it’s not true at all, i don’t know why but when Jpop fans says such things they remind me of Kpop fans who shit on Jpop generalizing the music scene as something that revolve around idols, AKB48 and co. when in reality it’s way different.
              Or maybe i’m thinking too much?? Lol

              • I didn’t say they didn’t have a melody, I said that there is more focus on it.

        • Pidi

          I think you’re generalizing a bit too much or maybe you’re right (only about the first statement) but i haven’t interacted with enough Jpop fans who have directly expressed to switch to Jpop music cause they want to “get away” from western music, still, i think this kind of mentality is very close minded, other than the language there isn’t that much of a difference, the only real difference i can specifically hear with Japanese pop music in general, is with some japanese mainstream pop artists and J-idols that do have a sound of their own, especially idols, but other than idols and those few other artists as someone who listen to both i don’t hear any differences, japanese Rock music and it’s sub genres as well as Indie, Jazz etc. are literally the same in every country.
          As i said above i do listen to any kind of music of every country as long as it fall under my umbrella of favorite genres and yeah other than the language every genre sound the same (ofc) regardless of the country, really the Chinese rock scene for examole can be just as good, even tho i’m personally not really into it but there are some math rock bands like Chinese football that are just as good as American football, just to make an example.
          I disagree with your last statement about western music going down in quality, no well you said mainstream, but even that we can argue about it cause maybe you just focus too much on the Pop and EDM scene, western music has way more and better to offer than Japanese music, obviously, maybe you just don’t search enough or you got used to Japanese music so anything outside of that doesn’t appeal to you (might be the mere exposure effect).
          The japanese music scene have great artists and bands that are up on par with western acts but that can be said for many other countries.
          So my main point, and kinda answering Ronald question as well, people who dislike western trends influences are mainly used to Japanese music so much (and are prpbably the same people who don’t listen much about anything other than Jpop) that anything quote different or more “western” doesn’t appeal to them and i think this has something to do with the mere exposure effect.

      • Jo

        The reason I love Japanese music is how the music is influenced by western music and still has its own colours.

        For example, downy music has elements of mogwai, but they are not just a band sounds like mogwai, they are simply a very good post-rock band, on their own. Ykiki Beat is clearly adapting that British synth pop genre, Glim Spanky music sounds like Japanese Oasis with female vocals. The Novembers, Tokyo Shoegazer and some of Boris stuffs are so My bloody valentine-influenced. Chara used to sound like a Bjork influence too.

        I don’t think J-music is struggled with ‘copying’ the west. There are plenty of bands and artists stick to what they want to do without following any poisonous trends. There are also idol groups that add some trending elements to their music but not as overwhelming ( I didn’t dislike dubsteps in some MomoZ tracks back in 2010-2012, and Perfume is still doing alright ). And then you have a lot of pop artists just go with what’s hot in the western world ( say LDH adapting EDM or Koda Kumi) but then that’s why they are called pop artists, they go with whatever trendy to appeal to the mass, and end up sounding generic and boring.

        I don’t see any problems with J-music sounding westernised. They didn’t invent any popular genres, most of them clearly follow some western genres. It’s more about whether they can make good music or not :)

        • It’s more about certain acts not adding their on twist at all and just copying and pasting what is happening in the West. And it’s not as if those acts are doing what is really trendy in Japan.

          • Jo

            Then we should just talk about certain act rather than saying it’s a Jpop thing as a whole. The thing is I’m not so sure what exactly is trendy in Japan. EDM? Not really. Albums with high sales are not particularly EDM music.

            • But it was said in the question… “singer like Koda Kumi.” And it’s seen here all the time with LDH acts, Namie, Perfume…

              The trend would be more of a throwback sound from the 70s.

              • Ash

                How long do people expect “singers like Koda Kumi”, Ayumi and other diva like acts to be around? The interest in major superstars seems to be waning daily.

                • Forever apparently. Japan is always about nostalgia so they’re always popping up on some show. The same doesn’t happen in the West.

          • The main reason why I don’t understand all this drama is because all these acts that are criticized for being “too Western” are just adding to the diversity of the JPop scene. I mean… it is not like KPop, when really pretty much all the acts sound and look the same. In JPop there are so many things to choose from and everyone can find something to their liking, so what’s the big deal about there being a couple of acts that represent this specific “too Western” sound? And as for LDH… they (finally!) offer an alternative for Johnny’s boybands and idol girlgroups and honestly, I fail to see anything wrong with that.

            Not to mention that, if you go back to the roots, nearly all the JPop acts (or Japanese music in general) are using Western influences. I mean, those who are “adding their on twist” simply base their
            music on older Western music styles, that arrived to Japan exactly the
            same way EDM and all the rest is getting around nowadays. Even enka… sure, most enka songs use Japanese traditional influences, but there are still many that’s based more on all the Western music that arrived to Japan in the ’60s.

            So, as Jo said, at the end of the day, really the only thing that matters is what they do with all these influences: can they make good music using on them or not.

            • But is adding in crap that nobody wants really enriching?

              • Nobody = Ronald?

                I mean, come on man… we all know you hate LDH and Namie and Nakata and so on and on and on, but are you serious when you are trying put it like all of Japan hates them as well? Because, as you probably know it as well, that is just not the case.

                • This has nothing to do with me. It’s about what other people are saying. Read the comments on these acts and you’ll see it yourself.

                  • Uhm

                    Most people understand that.
                    It’s just that, some people think that Nobody = Ronald because we all know who your favourite artists are AND you tend to LOOK DOWN on the other artists who you don’t have any interest in.
                    People (on the internet and everywhere else!) will respect you (and your taste) more if you try to respect them 9and their tastes). Just my two cents.

                  • Yeah. Nobody likes them. Sure. Everyone just complains about them, they do bad on the charts, they play at tiny venues and they are not popular at all.

                    Come on man, yeah, you don’t like them, we know that, but do not try to bend reality, because it will just make you look real bad and desperate. Or do you really believe that what you like = what everyone else likes?

              • No9

                Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with Case here. “crap that nobody wants” is super biased. For instance, I’ve liked some Sandaime songs or even newer perfume/nakata work (like flash or nanimono) and I’m glad that there are options like that in J-Pop. Do I like all of it? No, but judging by the fact that they still sell a good amount it shows that there interest is there even if you think it’s trash. Not everything has to be Oomori Seiko or Soutaiseriron and that’s okay (though god bless Japan for them).

                • I’d cringe if everything was like Seiko.

      • K

        The sad part about LDH is they think they’re hard, cool, current, it comes off as too tryhard. It’s been that way since EXILE started rebranding with Takahiro.

      • there are two kinds of people, the ones who listen to music that is trending, and the ones who always look for new things, like discovering, enjoy detailed works.
        what is trending is usually generic shit because the most of the people don’t need more and this is the cheapest to produce. and no country is an exception.

        as for jpop fans, maybe the ones who listened to jpop in the 2000’s only because it was trendy at that time, they’ve disappeared by now. they are consuming elsewhere now. the grownups who stayed are the ones who are into finding the gems. obviously they prefer Iwasa Misaki’s nice new&old exotic enka melodies on her Misaki Meguri album over ugly westernized women works like Koda Kumi’s.

      • fact

        lmao, lecca’s last album sounds trendier then KK’s

      • iGleaux

        I don’t care. Most of the Japanese stuff I listen to sounds western with their own little spin. I listen to music because it’s what I like. I also don’t seem to hold the same opinions about western music that I tend to see with Jpop fans.

    • Mr.Taxi™

      Okay everyone, let all drag Koda Kumi’s new albums!

      • I listened to the upbeat and struggled to get through it. I may listen to the other one eventually.

        • Dave

          I listened to the upbeat one first and wasn’t about it either, but the other album actually was better in my opinion

          • Mr.Taxi™

            Tbh On my way and 喜びのかけら should have been promotional singles instead of the other two

            • Dave

              That’s also confusing to me when there’s clearly better songs on the album that aren’t promoted

        • yacchaitai

          Is it that bad? Kuu fans are calling it the album of the century, like they always do.

          • They can’t be trusted.

        • It’s a really weird one… there are several tracks that are like… almost good. But then they just fall apart and go from proper party bangers to mid-tempo boredom. It’s like, they had some good ideas for club music, but they didn’t know what to make with them and squeezed them into some leftover pop songs. Total disappointment.

      • Ialy Alves

        That yass Butch slay parte from w face made me cringe really hard. Like she was trying to sound edgy but got just stupid teenager

    • nervi taralin

      Anyone here love utaites?

      • Sou

        I don’t know if I listen to enough utaites to be called an “utaite fan”, though sasanomaly and nano are two of my favorite singers that never disappoint me! :D

        • nervi taralin

          Ah, i think it is hard to know and listen to all of them since there are so many utaites to begin with xD, My fav is mafumafu, but i like utaite Sou too , the same name with you ♥

          • Sou

            How coincidentally! I didn’t know Sou, but last night I was on REOL’s YouTube channel getting a video link to recommend her album to a friend and he appeared on the “suggested channels” banner on the right, and then I listened to some of his songs as I was super curious! I liked most of his songs :P
            Now that I remember, I also used to listen to a lot of neko96 and sasakure.uk like 4 years ago. Shinkai no Little Cry still has a place in my heart! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6rGiiAPOCo

            • nervi taralin

              You have to listen to Sou kokoronashi , the boy cried so heartfully in that song my heart hurts everytime T_T , i’m bringing this utaite topic now because i rarely see their news here, but in August this year mafumafu and soraru unit called after the rain will hold a performance in Nippon Budokan for 2 days straight😆 i’m really hoping those two can bring more people to know what utaite are

              • Sou

                I’ll try to stay tuned to utaites so I can post more and more about them! I’ve already posted news for both nano and sasanomaly, though not as much as I’d like to!
                And I hadn’t heard that song and I’m loving it! So powerful! <3

      • zephyr

        I used to really like them back in 2010-2011! Clear, Soraru, Shounen T and Ren were my faves. I still listen to their old stuff from time to time (Kimi no Taion, Aimai Elegy and Senaka Awase no Boku to Kimi are my jams). Haven’t followed them much these days though :( Is utattemita still a thing on Nikoniko?

        • nervi taralin

          Of course, many utaite still active releasing uttatemita songs :D

          And gosh soraru, he’s so different now his voice is so god er good but god also fine actually hehe

          Like i’ve said it to admin sou, soraru and his unit with mafumafu, after the rain will hold a concert in Nippon Budokan this year while still having utaite status, and also they both still cover their face to public

          • zephyr

            Damn, Nippon Budokan? Nice to hear he’s doing well! I need to catch up with their newer stuff some time soon.

    • HyperMoot .

      きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku)They’re currently on tour. Anyone knows and likes them?

      • Ash

        Initially, they were (SO) great, but they pretty much died, the nail in the coffin being that cat album.

        • HyperMoot .

          “Anyone knows ==> AND<== (font size: 512) likes them?"

      • Summerlights

        Their Long Goodbye EP is a masterpiece. I like their newer stuff too but I think the general consensus is that it doesn’t live up to their older stuff.

        • HyperMoot .

          “Their Long Goodbye EP is a masterpiece” totally agree

          “I like their newer stuff too” me too :)

          “but I think the general consensus is that it doesn’t live up to their older stuff” maybe but they’re a band that released their first demos circa 2011 and their first official EPs were out like 4 or 5 years ago, therefore there’s room and time ahead for new gems. I think Ai no Yukue was a very pleasant album

    • hasawa

      Why do i keep seeing this Aloha House article on the “trending posts” list while this article is 4 months old and didn’t get any new comment since a month?

    • Sou

      I’ve used Winamp as my PC music player since I can remember, and while it still doesn’t feel dated for me, it has dawned on me the fact that something newer must have been released! What PC music player do you use? Also, anyone is using a good mobile music player? I ended up hating all of them and just use Spotify now haha

      • HyperMoot .

        I used to check and test about any piece of audio and media software some time ago but eventually gave up. I can’t think of anything better than Winamp which I still use. You might try and test portable apps (quick ‘install’, easy uninstall as you just have to delete the folder, very few keys on the register)



      • Thomas

        I mainly use iTunes & Spotify for Western music. Winamp kept crashing on my PC, Windows Media Player messes with ID3 Tags and the new Windows 10 player is awful in every way

      • yacchaitai

        I’ve been using foobar2000 for years. Plays all audio files I have, lightweight, and easy to customize.

      • deepdark

        I’ve been using MusicBee for a few years now. It’s got kind of a steep learning curve and can be a little overwhelming at first, but it does basically everything you could ever need to do with your music and is ludicrously customizable.

      • Summerlights

        On my desktop I’ve used iTunes since forever. It feels kind of bloated but it has the best organization and layout that suits my needs. foobar2000 is good to keep around too, it can do a lot of useful stuff like converting FLACs etc.

        For mobile if you’re on android I recommend PlayerPro. It’s like $5 to get the full version but it’s a great app. If you use it in conjunction with iSyncr (another $5) you can sync iTunes playlists seamlessly over wifi and it also transfers play counts.

      • kamben is here

        I’m an IT person so one of my favourite things to do is trying new apps/software. I have used many media players over the years, and these are what I mainly use nowadays:

        MediaMonkey: to rip my CDs to FLAC and to tag the audio files

        Songbirds: to tag the audio files

        KMPlayer and VLC

        On android:

        MX Player Pro

        And as I have been using sony phones for years, Walkman/Music is great too ;)

    • Packi
      • guest

        He kinda looks like Lady Gaga

      • hhhh

        This man seems offensive to all five senses.

    • Matcha

      Gackt is at it again with selfies with his man’s menopausal disorder.

    • HyperMoot .

      “Halo at Yojouhan” Ryusenkai posted about them a few months ago (http://aramajapan.com/news/music/newrelease/halo-at-yojohan-ascend-to-the-heavens-in-pv-for-morse/66239/), got myself a copy of their first album, gradually growing on me.

    • club_banger


    • zephyr
    • Fei

      what happened to the arama awards?