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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: So I was talking to someone, and they said that Nogizaka46 will overtake AKB48 within their next three singles. Thoughts?

      • gus

        Nogi has that appeal to the youth demographic, something AKB and other 48 groups don’t have

      • kana

        I think it’ll be Keyakizaka46 who might overtake AKB48, not Nogizaka46. Their latest single already sold almost 600K copies overall and it’s only their 4th, and I heard they’re becoming quite popular in Japan so I expect their sales to climb up while I think Nogizaka46 sales might plateau soon (since some of their most popular members are ‘older’ and might graduate soon) and for a group that’s 5+ years old, they have yet to have a song that’s popular with the general public.

        • kana

          *I meant Keyakizaka46 sold almost 600K for their 3rd single, Sorry.

        • kamben is here

          Keyakizaka, yep!
          Hirate Yurina? seems refreshing to me, it feels like watching indies Akb stuff when I watch her. The group gives me the ‘fresh’ feeling overall.

      • Kanjo Maru

        Nogizaka’s new single has a lot of good stuff in it. The A-side isn’t my favourite type but it’s interesting in that it’s refreshingly upbeat and has a killer dance routine. The three released B-sides are all strong songs. And the newly recruited 3rd generation members are wildly popular with fans (and selling handshake tickets like hotcakes).

        Even with 5 members absent from events (one former member included) there are some expecting Influencer will overtake Shoot Sign. The next AKB song will, of course, be invincible thanks to election tickets, though.

        • guest

          The next AKB song will, of course, be invincible thanks to election tickets

          is that the same single that has the song with Nogi and Keyaki members?

          • Maknae

            No, the SakamichiAKB song is in this single, Shoot Sign. There are no details about the summer single yet.

          • Kanjo Maru

            No, that’s the current single. It’ll probably only add an extra 30-45k sales.

        • guest

          Unpopular opinion, but I find Influencer quite lacking. I commend them for trying something new, but my main problem is that they sound and look so lifeless but the song is upbeat so it kind of takes away the heart of the song. I appreciate the killer choreography, but without emotion, and if they don’t sync, it just looks like hand flailing to me. Inochi wa Utsukushii was dance heavy too but it wasn’t too technical and it was enjoyable to watch. I think it’d been better if they were given something challenging but more their range of capabilities so they could give justice to the song. Keyaki’s choreo is quite difficult too, but they have sharp dancers and can still convey emotion well.

          I’m looking forward more to Nogi’s B-sides and the 3rd Gen song is quite beautiful.

          • i just want Nogi to bring back the Harukanaru Bhutan sound. ><

      • lolipopo

        The day when Nogizaka reaches a Million sales without depending on sister groups handshake sales is the day when Nogizaka overtakes AKB.

    • Koushiba

      I’ve been bored with my music lately, anyone have suggestions? Im open to anything.

      • guest

        Corey Feldman

      • Wednesday Campanella

      • kamben is here

        Golden Bomber, if you are willing to go past Memeshikute XD

        Try their ‘imitation album’ and their early singles first. Their music genre is hyper giga hybrid-something, I think it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally love their style so damn much ;)

      • if you are a girl:
        women appreciation music:

        bitch music:


      • uhh

        How about Aimer?

      • RiriRaRin

        JJ Lin . Try Twilight.

    • Gino

      Is there new writers on board? A lot more “harder” stuff has been mentioned lately. Endon? Necronomidol? Really? I’m not complaining I’m just surprised to see it here. More stuff like that would be nice.

      • Endon was indeed kinda surprising to see here, but actually it is interesting to see Arama going a bit random once in a while.

    • HyperMoot .

      Amenoto. Anyone knows and likes them?

    • Guest

      Enjoying Nintendo Switch anyone?

      • Thomas

        Not getting mine until in a week or two but I still need to finish Majora’s Mask 3D anyways. What games is everyone getting? I ordered Breath of The Wild and planning to get Fast RMX.

        • Guest

          Currently I’m just buying the multiplayer games – Snipperclips, Metal Slug 3, 1-2 Switch, Bomberman.

          • No9

            I really wanted one for bomberman, overcooked and tetris/puyo puyo but it seems like such a waste to buy a 500 dollar machine for those.

    • Thomas

      What platforms does everyone use to sell their J-pop CDs? I have over 50 that I want to get rid of and I’m not really a big fan of Amazon and eBay when it comes to selling stuff because a lot of scammers operate on those sites. Thanks for your suggestions! 🙌🏻

      • HyperMoot .

        I’ve tried iOffer on several occasions, it’s ok:, maybe Music Magpie would be good:

        • Thomas

          Thanks! I’ll have a look

      • maybe? It is a hit or miss though, but as some idiots there are selling Japanese releases for ridiculous prices, with proper pricing you actually have a chance to sell your stuff.

        • Thomas

          Thank you so much for the link :)! I’m planning to sell them for fair prices anyways~

    • Ryusenkai

      This has been another pretty darn good music week for me (though I’m still waiting for ASKA’s album from last week to show up somewhere). HY’s new album was pleasant, if nothing necessarily special, but the real gem for me this week is the new dresscodes’ album. “Heibon” isn’t at all what I expected, in perhaps the best way. Sonically interesting, the instrumentation is great (and varied: ), and there’s a pretty decent mix of sounds (and vocal melodies) as well. So long as you can stand Ryohei Shima’s vocals, I’d highly recommend it.

      • HyperMoot .

        “I’m still waiting for ASKA’s album” just listened to excerpts so far but it does sound good. Fukuoka and Too many people really got me hooked.

        • Ryusenkai

          I’ve been trying to avoid most of the previews since the majority of the reviews I read suggested I’d be a bit surprised if I didn’t. Getting harder to hold out the longer it doesn’t show up though. xD

    • Pidi

      PELICAN FANCLUB announced their first full album which will be released in May, i’m so excited!

    • hasawa

      Who else remembers YOSHIKA?
      Her album “Timeless” was quite a gem

    • mikan somehow Ikuta Toma isn’t on poster of Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa.
      i wonder why lol

      • kamben is here

        I don’t actively follow johnnys talents these days so I don’t know the real reason why he’s not on the poster, but this kind of thing is not weird when it comes to johnnys.

        For example if you look at the websites for dramas with johnnys talents back then, like Papa to Musume (Shige), Gokusen, etc, their faces were either blurred or replaced with other ‘things’, like a soccer ball, etc LOL

        The agency is so strict and all.

        • mikan

          my bad! i’m completely forgot he’s a johnny!

          • kamben is here

            Though someone up there said that the policy has changed now, so there could be other reasons as to why he’s not on the poster :)

        • Risa

          But the photo ban was years ago. The agency changed its stance and allows promo photographs for films and television now. You are true about those old dramas but the policy has changed.

          • kamben is here

            Which is why I clearly stated that I don’t actively follow johnnys talents these days thus I had no idea about the change of the policy.

            You should have explained to the OP about your knowledge of why Toma is not on the poster instead of telling me how true or untrue I was about those old dramas. :)

          • guest

            I think it was lifted for the official websites only? Johnny’s are still cropped out from pics from promo events and stuff.
            Idk what other movies are out rn except for this one and Haruchika, but Haruchika has 2 versions of the poster afaik, and random pages have the one without the Johnny on it. So I’m guessing there’s another poster, hanging on the wall in the movie theatre, with Toma on it?

            And f there’s not, maybe Japan has some weird problem with his role…

          • trufax

            wow that’s crazy that they didn’t allow it before

      • eplizo

        That’s ridiculous. He’s like the focal point of the whole film lol.

    • Dave

      Anyone watching Terrace House on Netflix?

      • vragile

        Yep, are you up to date to the current episode?

        • Dave

          I just finished the season in Tokyo! I’m trying to get into the Hawaii one but I’m not as interested this time around

          • Thomas

            Trust me it gets better over time! I was pretty indifferent about it at first but now I like all of them

          • vragile

            I totally get that, it took me a while to finally gather the energy to watch the Hawaii season. The overall consensus is that the Tokyo season is better, but you should give it a try.
            Also I love checking up on the members on instagram, and the Tokyo members and Hawaii members interact and meet up with each other. It’s awesome

            • Dave

              I’ve looked up the Tokyo cast on Instagram before and it really makes me question the legitimacy of the show. I just question if Uchi and Minori ever dated or same with Misaki and Yuki cause there’s very little interaction of them together on each Instagram, but then Arman and Martha post each other all the time. Idk I still loved the series I just don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. I’ll probably get around to watching the Hawaii one at some point!

              • vragile

                > Honestly I think Uchi and Minori did date, but they broke up. Their relationship was rocky towards the end anyways. Also once they left the house, they aren’t able to conveniently be together all the time so would put a strain on their relationship.
                > Misaki and Yuki I’m not so sure. I thought they relationship was questionable from the beginning… But I didn’t care for them much lol
                > I believe Arman and Martha are definitely dating, I was rooting for them from day one. They’re all over each other’s instagram.

                Well to reinforce some of your faith and trust in the show. There is a couple that is still together till today from an earlier Terrace House season.
                Seina and Daiki, I think it’s been like 2 years now
                They met on Terrace House and are still going strong :)

                • Dave

                  I guess I feel the same way about those relationships, except I really liked Misaki and Yuki too :( Sad to think it wasn’t real, but hey that’s showbiz… That couple’s impressive though! Glad to know some of it’s definitely real

    • Mjeena

      I was listening to Ayu’s songs all night yesterday and I just wanna say that I love her so much, always will!

    • Miyanmu

      Does anyone know what the hell happened to Nana Kitade?

      • After a few successful tracks, her solo career started to stumble and she was probably dropped by Sony in 2009… They announced that she stopped all activities, but actually she did not, she just went indie and formed a duo called Loveless… they released an EP, did an unsuccessful European tour (where I was in charge of their gig in Hungary) and they gave up shortly afterwards… She went on to form another band, The Teenage Kissers, which was together for a few years, had some releases and wasn’t that bad actually (but was not very good either), but they went on a hiatus last year and Kitada is back as a solo act, still indie, with two new singles out and an album announced for this year. So, she went full underground and I don’t really think that she will be back to the mainstream, but she seems to have a very loyal fanbase at home, so, that’s OK for her I guess.

    • HyperMoot .

      it’s been like that for months, 51000, 52000 take or leave a few hundreds. Stagnation! On top of gossip and entertainment, isn’t it about time you introduced other entertaining stuff: politics? cooking? fashion? soccer? origami perhaps.

      • Ash

        That implies that there’s actually more than 52K people interested in weeb stuff

      • Ash

        I mean we could go all Tokyo Girl’s Update and claim Fantome has sold a million copies and post an article everytime an idol has a gravure photobook… that might get us a few likes.

        • HyperMoot .

        • HyperMoot .

          isn’t it ‘tokyogirls update’ and ‘Fantôme’? PISA 2017 will be a disaster but Pizza is still an option. “post an article everytime an idol has a gravure photobook” ha, this is more like it, it will sure bring a huge wave of clicks, more than the latest who slept with who, you’d get the usual bunch of Amerikkkan idiots and their countless net polluting pals

        • Jo

          Oh I would love to see the gravure photobook info!

    • Dave

      I’ve looked up the Tokyo cast on Instagram before and it really makes me question the legitimacy of the show. I just question if Uchi and Minori ever dated or same with Misaki and Yuki cause there’s very little interaction of them together on each Instagram, but then Arman and Martha post each other all the time. Idk I still loved the series I just don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. I’ll probably get around to watching the Hawaii one at some point