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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: In light of that Oricon rule post, if you could make a new Oricon rule, what would it be?

      • Risa

        I’m not sure how to phrase it, but I would stop counting the B-version and/or LE-version singles and albums. The goal is to ascertain the sales of the song/album, not the dedication of fans to buying every version or get extra contents (whether that’s the PV or handshake tickets). How would that be possible, I’m not sure but it’s been sickening to see the trend of artists falling into releasing two or three versions of a single or albums just to inflate sales. Even people like Hikawa Kiyoshi and Southern Allstars…yeah it’s going too far.

        • Xcv

          The fact is, most people no longer buys physical copies for the music, whether its LE or RE. Sales is sales and 2-3 copies really is a realistic practical approach to help the industry afloat (not inflate). To ascertain true popularity and general acceptance of the song/album is by looking at the longevity of the sales across different sales platform.

          Faulting every artist doing a norm by releasing minimal amount of extra editions (at most are 2LEs), is pretty simplistic way of looking at things.

          • Risa

            Of course sales are good if people are insistent on keeping the physical/material copy part of the industry “afloat” but not a realistic representation of actual sales or popularity of a song or group. However, it is disingenuous to claim these tactics are in place to keep an industry afloat when the issue is the changes in technology that result in different delivery of the media. In reality, all the extra editions, handshake tickets, concert tickets, etc. represent is greed and a blatant disrespect for fans and the charts. If they want to sell this stuffs, great, don’t tie it to sales numbers, sell it as collectibles and not to count on the charts. If it’s not about inflating sales then no problem with that method, right?

            • Xcv

              “However, it is disingenuous to claim these tactics are in place to keep an industry afloat when the issue is the changes in technology that result in different delivery of the media. ”
              And there you have it. The LEs mostly include PVs/making offs/concert footages and other visual representation of the artist music which is pretty relevant in today’s industry. It’s not wrong for them to sell and profitted from that part of their craft which is readily available. Its a win win win situation for the artists, fans and the industry as awhole. Most of the times fans would only buy if there are extra contents (case in point: me, and I never bought multiple copies). Having 1 or 2 extra LEs are very reasonable option and is not considered “inflated” but an evolved industry norm. Sales has further dwindled so everybody does it to entice sales.

              Only out of norm ( 3 or more ) extra editions are considered “inflated” sales tactic. Another way is for the charts to reflect numbers for every editions like soundscan did. From what I remember Johnny’s top heavy releases, the first week is all about the DVD LEs dominating while the REs sales was the lowest.

              • Risa

                I think we are talking at cross-purposes because I totally agree with you. I agree that these changes in content are a result of the changes in technology and that offering different contents can be nice for fans. However, my argument is that this method is a disingenuous way to ascertain the popularity of a single or group. If I buy all three copies of the new Hey Say Jump single because I want the extra songs on the RE, the additional extra song and DVD on LE1 and the other additional song and DVD on LE2 that may be a win for me as a fan because I’m getting the contents but it doesn’t fairly represent how popular Over the Top truly is since they count the sales of all three of those to one person. At that rate why would anyone complain about the 8 (or however many) versions of 46/48 groups? I think the only difference between the LE and RE are the handshake tickets and the covers but one could argue that any difference is enough.

                • Xcv

                  The fact is only a minority of fans will buy all of these multiple versions. A majority of fans will only choose one and that would be one of the LE and the old soundscan numbers have proved that. The difference to RE sales were vast. To completely discard LE sales data would be disingenuous. Artists shouldn’t be punished for their extra effort to sell their goods and that’s not greed.

                  “At that rate why would anyone complain about the 8 (or however many) versions of 46/48 groups?”
                  Because that’s a loophole that would not be counted as bulk-buy (ie H!P boxset) and having 7 filmsy extra versions is excessive. The thing is, 46/48 groups inflated numbers comes most from the handshake tickets cds and cheap theatre editions so the new rules didn’t affect them somehow. Like LDH, AKS also has their own stores that contributed to oricon sales data. There’s a possibility they’ve manipulated the system to cover up bulk buying.

        • But as I said under that Oricon post, not all B / LE / whatever editions are there to bump sales. There is absolutely no problem when there are just CD only and CD (with the same content) + DVD (or Blu-ray) editions. There you can simply choose which version you want, only the CD or extras as well, but you are not at all pushed to buy all versions. (It is more like books with paperback and hard cover editions.. you just choose whichever version suits your needs)
          The problem is with the releases that have some extra content in all of the editions (like different bonus tracks on each version of a single, that JE and vk bands love to do), have different editions for all members or comes with lottery tickets and whatnot. Those should be better filtered somehow.

          • Risa

            Agreed! When the options are RE and LE and the only difference in contents is DVD in one of those editions. What I have a problem with is when they release 2 or 3 versions and the contents are vastly different for each one. Example: the new Hey Say Jump single has three versions and aside from the A song being the same on all three, the additional contents are completely different. The RE has two songs not on either LE 1 or LE 2…so if fans want all four of these b-songs they have to buy all three versions.

            • Xcv

              but not all fans are swayed to buy all 3 versions right? Those who do are in minority. Even the extra songs in RE are easily obtain (illegally unfortunately) within the fandom.

      • Michele

        (Re)Introducing the digital chart for tracks (with streaming data too if they’re relevant).

        Counting only one copy and one version only per purchase when people bulk buy multiple copies.
        People would still have the chance to bulk buy, but at different time and stores. Hopefully this will discourage this kind of behavior in the long run.

        Not counting copies sold through events. Registered stores only.

      • Mi

        Don’t count CDs with the lottery/handshake event. :))))))

        • Xcv

          I can’t at akb wotas bragging about their sales with the new rules as if it affected them.

      • Kanjo Maru

        Not counting CDs which are sold as entry/lottery tickets for other artists’ events/merch.

        I don’t care about using CDs to sell events/lotteries. No different than buying for the booklet for me. Or just buying to support the artist/for a “collection”.

      • surfboardt

        I’ve actually been thinking about how multiple copies/split content can be addressed on charts given how SoundScan no longer counts individual editions. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if sales count uses a formula/form of averaging for total sales that factors either number of editions or amount of separated content between different versions (That would obviously get refined as experimentation continues).

        It would also be interesting if there’s a chart exclusively for single/album DVD/Blu-Rays (But also contribute towards the general single/album charts) as another way of getting a better picture of the use of multiple editions without severely punishing everyone for having DVD/Blu-Ray releases in general.

      • Chris

        Separate idol music sales as a different category.

    • HyperMoot .
    • HyperMoot .
      • Michele

        The first album was great. What came after that not so much.

        • HyperMoot .

          disagree, I much prefer 20, the third album, to any other release :)

    • HyperMoot .

      post rock/neo-classical event. Piano concert on March 18, at the Ryogoku Monten Hall, Sumida, Tokyo. Wataru Sato from Gecko and Yuki Murata from Anoice/Films


    • Mi

      As much as I dislike Perfume’s music now I have to admit their dance skills keep getting better and better.

    • Anyone been watching Winter 2016-2017 anime? What are your thoughts so far on this season? I’ve been watching Ao no Exorcist S2 (I’m glad they ignored what happened in the latter half of S1 lol), ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka (aka glorified cigarette ad, as someone has said), and Yowamushi Pedal S3. Was gonna watch elDLIVE too but I think I’ll wait until every episode comes out.

      • sam

        try onihei ,classic Edo period detective anime gintama new season with serious plot and awesome fight scenes, masamune kun no revenge and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid both are light and funny

      • Mameshiba

        Youjo Senki is not bad. I’m also watching Konosuba and Gintama. Kuzu no Houkai is an interesting one.

      • Dalooshe

        Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2 is a must, and I highly recommend watching the first season if you haven’t because this show is truly a gem!
        I’ve been watching ACCA as well and I am enjoying its pace alot. AnE2’s Rin is adorbs and it’s taken forever to come back so ofcourse I’m watching this show! Although i did drop Yougo senki- I simply didn’t see it appealing it so much >.>
        Onihei as suggested by sam is also nice! It’s very natural that it makes it easy to watch imo (ofcourse if you care about historical settings at all that is)
        Last but not least, Gintama is life- I feel the universe should just drop everything and embrace this genius of an anime!!

        • sam

          watch konosuba also its hilarious like gintama

      • sam

        and forgot to mention watch konosuba highly recommended currently season 2 is airing hilarious funny anime

    • what is Nakata Yasutaka doing with AKB48 oO?

    • Acccel

      I just realized that Hoshino Gen’s backup dancers are Elevenplay – a dance group that was on America’s Got Talent this past year but dropped out after the auditions. And that they have the exact same team as Perfume, MIKIKO (choreographer) and Manabe Daito (tech).

      • No9

        Oh isn’t America’s Got Talent only for Americans? Guess not lol

    • Dalooshe

      Been rewatching my favorite and one of Ayu’s best live show ever imo :’) So precious<33

    • PigeonPop

      A big congratulations to Mana Ashida who has recently been accepted to, and would now likely attend one of the top middle schools in Japan (there’s still debate on which MS it is though–people are debating over whether it’s Ouin or Jogakuin). It’s refreshing to see child actresses like her prepare a “Plan B” and have the ability+determination to pull it off.

      • rshina

        hope she’s doing great

      • pandaa2016

        That’s amazing! Its no wonder shes been mia.. I’m glad shes in Yamada Takayuki’s Cannes Film Festival, but I really miss seeing her act..I cant tell if the documentary is fake or not, but this would be such a challenging role for her to portray so I hope its real. There are talks about her retiring and I hope that’s not the case. She is such an exceptional actress

    • Ikarifseiei

      I think Billboard Japan Hot 100 way more relevant rather than oricon now. Because they compiled from Radio airplay, streaming, digital download, Cd lookup, and count of tweet beside physical copy because the sales of CD decline. The result is we know what’s trending song on Japan right now because they count many aspect. IMO, In the end chart ranking are just a tool to see who’s popular right now

      And the result we get Gen Hoshino “Koi” as a champion for 10 non consecutive weeks on Billboard Hot 100

    • Ryusenkai

      Been rather busy the past couple of weeks, which has meant less time to write but a lot more time to listen to music as I’m moving around doing things. In particular, found myself going back to Negoto’s new album “ETERNALBEAT” a lot; it’s surpassed my expectations a fair bit and comes across as far more cohesive than their last studio album (“VISION”).

      Any release that’s surprised the rest of you these last few weeks?

      • HyperMoot .

        I kind of like Eternal Beat, at least the music because Sachiko’s voice is right on my line of tolerance if you allow me to use that expression of yours ;)

        • Ryusenkai

          I actually had far more issues with Sachiko’s vocals on “VISION”, since they stretched to near shrieking at some points. Here, based on some of the interviews they’ve given about the album, she made an effort to try and stick to her lower register when she could. Musically, I really like how the album flows, yet still manages to have a fair bit of variety. Kind of comes across as an ambient release with equal parts rock and electronic involved.

          That said, I can totally get how her voice might still bother you. Something just clicks for me.

    • Packi
      • I saw this tacky mess.

    • hasawa
    • elsupertai

      What do you guys think of Avex Pictures restricting exports of all BD/DVDs/CDs outside of Japan? These are tragic news for fans of series like Yuri!!! on Ice or Osomatsu-san… Here’s the source: