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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: I don’t post about KPop here, but I found this post about Shinee’s new Japanese album interesting from the standpoint of how the label is trying to make them more palatable to people who aren’t KPop fans:

      What are your thoughts on this?

      • hasawa

        “We want to make SHINee a hit. Like “Your Name” something that was believed wouldn’t seel can end up breaking into Hollywood with the power of mouth”.
        I don’t understand how they can compare the success of an already well etablished band to the unexpected GENUINE breakthrough of an outsider movie like “Your Name”. As far as i know, ppl can feel something as “try hard” or desperate for success (and mabe that’s why many japanese artists failed in their attempt to conquer the US market trying to fold into some foreign ‘hype’ mold)
        I can consider myself as their audience target as i’ve never been interested in Kpop (for many reasons) but this staff note defintively fails in trying to change my mind and rather strenghtens my view about Kpop of something manufactured and contrived. Also throwing out stuff like “we made edgy song” or “Cosmopolitan pop” makes me cringe as lol

      • Ahmad Ridwan

        the edgy song part is not edgy though, it’s just a duplicate of already exist electronic music

      • Thomas

        It’s really embarrassing how they beg fans to promote Shinee on social media… “bombard all your friends with your favorite k-pop bois pls our marketing budget got cut”

      • Kanjo Maru

        At no point do they seem to care about being a part of Jpop, but rather selling to more people. If they spoke about their Japanese music interests and influences I might be more interested. Probably not but at least there would be a chance.

      • hhhh

        don’t see how “Korean people singing Western melodies in Japanese” is supposed to be different from any other K-pop release in Japan

      • No9

        Hah! Attracting fans of Sakanaction or Suchmos… What a joke.

        • It was the first thing that caught me off guard.

      • trebletones

        Wow. This gave me flashbacks of that article way back in 2011 saying that Shinee will be Asia’s future top-selling boyband.

      • Huhh.. It is all really weird and does not at all sound like official PR material. But I really can’t see them having a big break coming up for them anymore. They had it in them a couple of years ago, but their latest efforts even made many former fans go meeeh and well… their Japanese releases are really like “Oh, like us please, see, we try so hard to make songs that we think will appeal to the Japanese audiences!”, while all they actually do is churning out one forgettable song after the other. Like that new one: the video is all fancy, but the song is just so damn weak.

    • K.

      Random, but anyone else wonder why Utada hasn’t said anything about the situation in America now? She used to voice her opinions on 9/11 and the American War on Terror and her opinions on the rise of patriotism during the Bush era in her blog, strange she hasn’t done so now.

      • hikki

        idk but she’s lived in london since her hiatus. she only ever talks about “london is like this, tokyo is like this” in her interviews because that’s the only foreign side the media wants to ask her about. she’s still doing activities out of there, i don’t think she feels much connection to US lately tbh.

        • hikki

          and speaking of bush and utada never forget when bush called her MISTER utada lmfao

        • Dalooshe

          I wonder if she said anything about brexit in this case..?

      • Hmm

        Good question. It’s a very hard thing to have a solid opinion on for an outsider Id say

      • she is making Trump memes anonymously instead.
        yet another rogue NASA employee… XD

    • HyperMoot .

      Leo Ieiri compilation, coming out on February 15th

    • HyperMoot .

      Chihiro Onitsuka, new album out on February 1rst, teaser:

      • thanks!
        it doesn’t sound too interesting, though. Victor Entertainment? oO; oh well, her older songs are still gems! *. *

        • HyperMoot .

          can’t say yet, it’s just a teaser but I have the feeling and the hope it’ll be a decent album with maybe the usual couple of gems she’s always provided even when she was really down :(.
          Also, maybe it’s a good thing a label such as VE put her on a contract, maybe she’s now ok with her personal life and therefore more reliable, just a thought.

    • HyperMoot .

      Abe Mao, new album “Babe” out on February 15:

    • HyperMoot .

      was out on December 21, 2016, Saya Asakura’s latest album, Nihon zuke

    • the last fan

      can ayu delete her embarrassing ass instagram

    • Reileen

      Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)

      • eplizo

        Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Macross Frontier is going to be 10 years old next year… Can’t believe how fast it has been. The songs are still timeless as ever. Now that Mamegu is finally back in the music scene, I hope Kanno will do a special project involved May’n and Mamegu (and maybe Maaya too) for Macross series!

      • Thomas

        Thank you for mentioning this! I really loved the show and the movies. A new Sheryl single would be amazing. It’s such a shame that Kanno wasn’t chosen as the Macross Delta composer and that Delta was more of a teenage kids show :/

        • Yesss, I’m down for a new Sheryl single! Or maybe a mini album like Cosmic Cuune would be great too, I just really miss a duet between Sheryl and Ranka ;_;. Indeed it’s a shame that most stuff from Delta are really mediocre… Even their Frontier covers couldn’t save their last album.

      • Summerlights

        Wow can’t believe it. The other day I was listening to some Macross F songs and was blown away at how fresh they still are. The variety of Sheryl and Ranka’s styles made for one of the best soundtracks ever. I’ve followed both Megumi and May’ns careers since the show but none of their solo stuff has ever been able to live up to their work from Frontier lol.

    • HyperMoot .

      until March, Kinoko Teikoku will perform live, there’s one show at Shibuya (Ebisu) on the 30th (January), will a contributor attend one of the gigs, any chance of a report?

    • Dalooshe

      Yasu needs to come back with an original album and melt my heart away.

    • hasawa


      This song reminds me the golden age of j-hipop SO HARD like please Jesus fix it and make it back!!

    • eplizo

      So, yea, I saw OOR live last Sunday, and it was worth standing for 5+ hours. They’re so, so great in concert. I really loved how affordable everything was too. The tickets were just $35 and merch was like $30 for a T-shirt, so I bought all the shirts lol. Definitely going to see them again when they come back in town. If you’re just a casual fan, I’d recommend going the next time they come to the US, cause it’s surprisingly cheap compared to other Asian acts who come here.

      • Jo


        • No9

          If it was anything like the Toronto show they most played songs from the last two albums. Songs I remember include: Cry Out, Mighty Long Fall, Decision, Taking Off, We Are, Bombs Away, Bedroom Warfare, and Hard to Love.

          I probably missed a lot of song’s from the newer album since I don’t like too many songs off of it.

          • Jo

            Aww damn I still hope they would play old songs too. But then again they probably just wanna sing more English songs for the western audiences.

            • No9

              It makes sense that they would play songs from the two albums they released in NA but it sure sucks. At least last year they played songs like 完全感覚Dreamer or Wherever you are since Ambitions wasn’t out at the time lol

    • Jessica
      • JSBLove

        Akanen! She’s one of my favs in Keyaki