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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: It’s not so much a question, but post videos of Japanese celebrities speaking English. Not in a funny way, but in a competent way:

      • Jo

      • Taima-kun

      • surfboardt

        Takamina definitely knows her audience.

        • but the op said:
          “Not in a funny way, but in a competent way”

          • surfboardt

            oop, didn’t catch that part.

            • it’s hard to find materials that feature perfect English from the Japanese, i know. xD
              i recommend watching Nogieigo* if you are interested in fresh English idol conversations. intense stuff. xD
              * 乃木坂46えいご with Nogizaka46

          • yacchaitai
            • ohlol the Queen! xD
              i wouldn’t have thought that i would see this again.

        • yamakita

          She needs to stop messing with her face. She looks more freakish each time.

      • eplizo

        I’ve been meaning to ask, cause i can’t find a video anywhere. Have you seen Shiina Ringo actually speak English? Her English accent always sounds so nice in songs, but I’ve never seen her actually speak it lol.

        • I can’t say that I have. Maybe Ash has one? He has a vial of her blood somewhere…

      • kamben is here
      • kamben is here

        Ninomiya Kazunari speaking English (Letters From Iwo Jima). He was pretty good.

        • kamben is here

          By the way Mizushima Hiro (grew up in New Zealand) & Kutsuna Shiori (lived in Australia for a few years) can speak English fluently ;)

        • light

          Lmao this is always funny, his lost look in the beginning when he realized the translator wasn’t going to do his job XD and they kept asking the same questions lol

          I think he was pretty good, especially for someone who said he didn’t really study english and just used the words he knew =)

      • yamakita

        Now she looks completely different…

      • yamakita

        And I’m glad no one has posted a video of Dean Fujioka speaking English. Adored him until I realized he’s just milking off the two English words that he knows.

      • goingtojpn

        I saw a short clip in twitter of Yuzuru trying to talk in English… so cute! i think the video was kind of old since I am not sure if he has improved or not…

    • Niko

      We have our first big scandal of 2017!

      Maggy (24) cheats on her ORANGE RANGE boyfriend Yamato (32) with punk rock icon Ken Yokoyama (47) who is married with two children. The two met after Ken Yokoyama, who RARELY makes TV appearances, made two appearances on Buzzrhythm because he admitted he’s a huge fan of Maggy.

      • ローラだよ☆

        Maggy late AF on this trend! She should’ve known 2016 was the year of celebrity affairs and cheating.

        January: Becky and Enon.
        February: Politician Miyazaki Kensuke and some politician, comedian Katsura Bunshi VI and an enka singer.
        March: Kome Kome Club’s Ishii Tatuya and a hotel worker, Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi (Ok, yes, the deed was done in 2011 but they came back into the news confirming the cheating happened and wasn’t a lie), disabled sports writer Otowake Hirotada and five women, comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura and a non-celebrity.
        June: Funky Kato and the wife of comedian Hidetsugu Shibata.
        August: Husband of Ogura Yuko and Umakoshi Sachiko.
        September: Kabuki actor Nakamura Hashinosuke and a local entertainer.
        December: The husband of Yasuda Misako (who is pregnant) and a non celebrity, announcers Kato Taihei and Tanaka Moe.

        • Fairy

          Amuro Namie and a married producer

        • yamakita

          Lots of cluster f*ck.

      • Mameshiba

        What!!! Maggy cheated on Yamato!? Poor Yamato I was a fan of ORANGE RANGE

    • AAA

      so AAA chiaki’s husband is some businessman which led her fans to think it was the CEO of VANQUISH. her fans attacked him telling him to die, he’s the worst, etc. dude was so freaked out he had to start a blog just to say he’s not associated with her. her fans then proceeded to attack him more and ask why he didn’t say earlier….lol. he’s said he got over 1,000 DMs from fans telling him he deserved to die.

      apparently she married this guy

      • kamben is here

        Urgh annoying fans -.-“

      • onionhurtsmyeyes

        lol the case of fans being stupid

    • Mr.Taxi™

      Where are the arama japan awards results?

    • Vin

      A question for the music contributors and also J-music connoisseurs. I discovered that I really love deep house genre and I was wondering if there any good deep house artists in Japan and if the contributors will be able to write articles to introduce some deep house music to readers?

      Talking about deep house, it’s a music I feel that I can listen to at night without feeling too hyped up like the usual house/club music. Another genre that gives me a similar vibe albeit more relaxing is the acid jazz sub genre that the J-music scene has created in the 80s and 90s. Perhaps another article talking about this sub genre and artists introduction is possible in the future?

      • If you don’t know them already, check out Yukihiro Fukutomi and Calm first, they are probably the most prominent deep house producers in Japan. They are not always clearly deep house though, but most of their stuff remains at least close to that… their blend of house always have a jazzy, soulful feel.
        Or maybe Mondo Grosso? It is Shinichiro Osawa, but while he releases club bangers under his own name, he uses the Mondo Grosso alias for more jazzy house / future jazz kinda stuff.
        Also, if you want something even more chill, check out Kaito (aka. Hiroshi Watanabe), he is usually somewhere halfway between ambient and house.

        But if you really look techno / house stuff for the night time, check out some minimal and dub techno acts as well… especially Akiko Kiyama, Shinsuke Matsumoto and Iori. Here is an excellent mix from the latter:

        • Vin

          Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll explore more from there. =) Talking about jazzy soul, I’m also very into city pop, Japanese own subgenre of pop music from the 80s.

          • Then check this out:
            It is a mix from XTAL (who also released a really excellent house album last year… one of my top faves from 2016) exploring Japanese disco, soul and city pop from the 70s/80s… and if you like it, check his “Made In Jaoan Classics” mix series on soundcloud, which is quite similar to this one.

    • gus

      New OOR album is so bad, it makes 35xxxv sounds like Niche Syndrome.

      • Jo

        My heart is not ready for another disappointment. I haven’t dared to listen to it yet….

        • eplizo

          It’s not too bad, but yea it’s obviously closer to 35 than their older work lol. I would advise listening to the Japanese version first if you must, and then listening to Hard To Love off the English version cause it’s a gem.

        • gus

          As a 22 y.o male college student, I feel like I’m no longer their demographic when I listen to the album. It’s like they want more of the high-school fangirls.

          I like 35xxxv BTW

          • HyperMoot .

            I’m over 30 and I think it’s a pretty decent album. The only thing that has bothered me so far is that it’s over produced but I will give it several full listens before I make up my mind. I like tracks such as Hard to love, We are and Taking Off

          • Jo

            oh no 35xxxv left no good impression on me… Of all their releases after that album, I didn’t like a single track. As a 30 years old, I guess I’m definitely not part of their fandom anymore.

            • gus

              Not even the pit starter mighty long fall?

              • Jo

                I didn’t like Mighty Long Fall at all. If I have to pick, Cry Out was probably the most tolerant track from that album.

            • OhNana

              Try listening to the Japanese version and see how it goes. We Are is a gem in both versions (but moreover in the Japanese version). Listen is also a good one on the jap ver. while Hard to Love is a real heart-warmer for the int. ver. I Was King is also ok (as I like the violin sound). I also like the acoustic version of Bombs Away. So yeah, try checking it at least.

    • eplizo

      The Japanese version of One Ok Rock’s Ambitions is actually better overall than 35 imo. The highlights of 35 are EONS better though, but I can listen to Ambitions straight through without feeling like I’m dying…. at least with the Japanese version. As for the International version, I know why they didn’t want to release American Girls, it’s a fucking disaster lmao. I really love Hard To Love though! It’s a super touching and probably one of their most touching ballads. I wish they included it on the Japanese album and got rid of features. I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

      • OhNana

        LOL! American Girls is trash! Like one of those pop-punk garbage of a song from wanna-be mainstream generic pop-punk american band. I wonder why they thought of making that song in the first place. (sorry for the harsh words but that’s really what I thought when I first listened to it and I didn’t give it a second chance)

        On another note, I kinda thought that this album is more pop-ish than 35XXXV. I can’t really decide which one is better tho they are both good. Not great, but just really good enough (I’m comparing both the japanese versions of the album btw). But Ambitions is more consistent if you ask me.

    • melkira magno

      Hi. I’m new here… I hope we can be friends