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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: What do you think of Japanese acts crowdfunding? I thought of this because of BOMI recently doing this:

      • Ryusei

        Kpop acts are doing the same thing and i think on one hand it’s sad if you have to resort to this and ask your fans to finance your career but on the other hand nobody is forcing anyone to donate so everyone can do as they please. But bottom line i think it makes the crowdfunding act look kinda pathetic and miserable..

        • TruthSpeaker

          I agree with your statement “crowdfunding act look kinda pathetic and miserable..”. Yup,it shows helplessness of the band or artists in raising finance through a proper producer.

          • Beruda1495

            “crowdfunding act look kinda pathetic and miserable..” this is the type of negative thinking that separates the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the world from the rest of us. If they had access to crowdfunding you better believe they would’ve taken advantage of that and anything else that would’ve helped them reach their goals.

        • ” But bottom line i think it makes the crowdfunding act look kinda pathetic and miserable..”

          I’m going to agree with this. When it happens in Kpop it’s usually the lower tiered groups and everyone respond something like “Poor them” or “I knew it was bad, but not this bad”. There is a stigma, but it’s one that I think isn’t bad. It’s just business as usual.

          • yamakita

            Slave-driving record companies would love to hear sentiments like this. I think any time you allow people to decide what sells, instead of being spoon-fed by corporations who think what you should like, is a good thing.

            • In saying “it’s business as usual”, I’m not saying that the public hasn’t chosen what they like. Most of the idols that have gone this route hadn’t really produce anything of quality to warrant the public paying attention to them to begin with; and thus nature has taken it’s course.

              I’m all for independence, but I still want quality; not some subpar run of the mill release. If you want my money you have to prove you’re worth it whether or not a company is behind you.

          • Manju

            “the crowdfunding act look kinda pathetic and miserable..”
            Just because they are taping on available & willing resources? Is it really sad though? What about non-idol acts who “resorted” to this? I just feel this pov sounded high handed as if these people are beggers. Its practical and a lot easier not to go through the hassle of red tapes for the sake of funding their projects.

            • Read the response above please.

              • Manju

                I meant it for Ryusei.. But ok, what about the non-idols who had to resort to crowdfunding?

                • It’s the same. Show me that you’re worth my money.

                  Do most offer the release as a reward as well? ‘Cause that’s one thing that would irk me a bit, if I had to pay for them to work and then turn around and pay for the output as well.

      • PigeonPop

        I don’t mind especially if the end result is successful or out of loop with “what sells” and would have required the crowdfunding for it to be realized. I’ve liked what it’s done at least to anime–there’s been major success stories like Little Witch Academia and shows like Mayoiga that may be objectively subpar, but nevertheless memorable in its lulzworthy trainwreck-ness. Both types are important in injecting some diversity to the scene.

      • HyperMoot .

        well, maybe one day the situation in Japan will be similar to what you see in many European countries like The Netherlands, the UK, Spain or France. Not just newcomers but also big acts rely on this: fast, simple way to collect money and launch a project without all the red tape, intermediaries and endless negotiations, just a thought.

      • yamakita

        I think it’s great. Whatever works.

      • Just Tim

        In addition to showing that customers do not want to be spoonfed, as mentioned in responses before mine, this is one of the most direct ways of showing support.

      • Well, as record sales are going down and with the streaming services that are getting popular instead being pretty much useless for smaller acts, it can be a great way to funding independent artists.

      • there are always people with shit load of money who are willing to risk it and spend on crowdfunding. so it makes sense.

        also, when money goes directly from the fans to the artists that’s always a good thing. it may help the artists becoming more independent and creating less generic music IF they have talent…

    • Jon

      Was listening to SPEED today and thinking how sad it is they didn’t regroup for their 20th anniversary. Damn you Eri… :/

      • Chris

        OMG I kinda want to listen to White Love again..

    • Ash

      Should I write more articles like the LOVERIN TAMBURIN one? (OCCASIONALLY OBVIOUSLY). Most people got the joke, and the ones that didn’t were entertaining too.

    • honami

      why did music station cut morning musume out of the weekly ranking? they should have showed the entire ranking (morning musume is at #1) but they only showed up to #2…

      • Jj

        because morning Musume’s sales went from 100,000s to 60,000.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      has there ever been a music station episode with out a johnnys or 48 act

    • hasawa

      About Yuri!!! on Ice >> i just can’t believe that the kiss between Yuri and Viktor got ‘censured’ because of reasons while it has been EXPLICITELY stated how a skater (Christophe Giacometti) actually got orgasms during his skating performance, like what kind of double standards??! lmao!!
      Anyway, I love this anime so much tbh

      • light

        it’s been years since i last watched anime but there was so much talking that i checked it out and ended up watching all eps in one go lol
        Really, Giacometti was so embarrassing to watch lmao I’ve seen the non censored kiss, it was such a cute scene =)

        • hasawa

          I too didn’t watch anime since an eternity ago as well, but i’ve been really curious about the plot (ice skating was quite an unconventional sport to deal with) and the endearing chara design
          Sorry if i wasn’t clear but actually the kiss scene wasn’t really ‘censored’, it’s just that Viktor’s arm hided their lips touching ensuing a whole controversy about if they really kissed or not, with ppl arguing how they couldn’t really show a gay kiss as this anime was aired on TV etc etc
          I’ve never seen an anime being that big, it’s trending every week on tumblr!

          • light

            No i know there was the arm covering the kiss but I saw on Twitter a version with no covering =) ahahah i’ve also seen non japanese skaters mentioning the anime lol

          • kamben is here

            And Golden Bomber actually did real gay kiss on CDTV…so I don’t think there was a real problem with the gay act XD

      • I’m actually thinking of watching this because it involves figure skating. I don’t watch anime.

      • Manju

        Loving it! The incest tho.. Did Sala and her brother kissed at the kiss&cry?

    • Guest

      What happened to Jasmine?

      • honey girl

        My queen is a full time twitter/IG model now. Yall will respek it.

        • She still performs live once in a while though.

    • Chris

      Does anyone know where I can watch or buy “Kisarazu Cats Eye World Series”. I saw the Drama and the Nihon Series. But I can’t seem to fins the world series.

      • Manju

        Try dramanice

        • Chris

          I did but the three on there are only the first 45 and 50 seconds long. :( Thank you anyway.