Yuya Tegoshi’s LINE information/conversations have been leaked

NEWS and Tegomass member Yuya Tegoshi is the latest victim of contents from his personal social media getting leaked to the public.

Early this morning LINE conversations from Yuya’s personal account were shared on twitter, instantly getting hundreds of RTs. Around the same time the QR code of his personal account was additionally leaked making it so anyone could add him or look up his profile, Yuya was forced to swiftly delete his account in response.

Luckily for Yuya, the contents of the leaked information weren’t scandalous or incriminating. One leaked image shows him heading to go play golf via helicopter, while another shows his excitement over his picture being shown in a national Spanish newspaper, and one with himself at the salon getting a new hairstyle. Typical stuff you would share on social media. However, what does have fans a little worried is that Yuya criticized his agency Johnny & Associates.

In one of the leaked LINE conversations Yuya expressed frustration over the rules regarding concert tickets. With the way the current system is, talents are allowed to have 40 tickets each to hand out to friends, family, or whoever they wish. Yuya doesn’t understand why such a small limit is in place and was frustrated that he wouldn’t let all his friends come see him perform. It’s also worth noting that the post was originally written back in 2015. It’s still currently unknown who leaked the contents, but some tabloids theorize that it was possibly someone bitter who he had been previously seeing romantically.

This isn’t Yuya’s first headache involving LINE. A picture of himself and AKB48 member Yuki Kashiwagi was apparently leaked from the popular instant messaging service. Johnnys & Associates has not released an official statement regarding the matter. A gallery of some of the leaked images can be seen below

(via NAVER.jp)

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    • Taima-kun

      the contents of the leaked information weren’t scandalous or incriminating

      i’m disappointed

      • Welp


      • rshina

        I’m with you

      • norul no-rule

        same here

      • Himi Tsu

        Same, even more when reading Tegoshi. I’m sure there must be so many juicy informations in his Line :P But then we have a whatever complain and some pictures about golf we don’t really care about …

        I’m going back watching my juicy and nosebleeding pictures of Massu in the swimming pool. THAT is interesting !

        • HoneyGirl

          Can u give me that link regarding massu…

          • Himi Tsu

            It’s leaks from a soon-to-be-released magazine. Seems like they asked him during 2 years until he finally said yes. And THANK YOU MASSU XD

            I’m not doing advertising or anything, and I would love to post the pics directly on this post but I’m at work. So the easiest and most discreet way to show them to you is sharing my post on LJ : http://himitsu-17.livejournal.com/21700.html

            Enjoy ! *-*

            • HoneyGirl


            • IJC

              Oh my stars! He’s finally embracing all he can be. Makes me think if the backstage footage showing him randomly doing pull-ups or sit-ups. 💕

      • Lawyer No

        Me too. I would have expected to see nudes, but no.

    • Otagei dansu

      Oh! So idols do get frustrated on their own ticketing system too! He’s right though, it’s hard to get tickets to watch them…

    • Summersplash

      Why does it always have to be Tegoshi?? LOL

      • Lee

        It was Koyama a couple of months ago.

    • a

      he’s 30 years old and duckfacing in private photos too. ew.

      • Himi Tsu

        That’s Tegoshi… Probably the same “bitchy” boy IRL ~

      • He ain’t 30 yet.

        • Context

          6 months to 30, what’s the difference? Even he said in his J-web recently he’s pretty much 30 and is considering his life now

          • I only say this because our birthday is the same day and you making closer to 30 when you say that so stop. 😫

      • lol

        this is bordering on bitch eating crackers lmao

        • Context

          If you’re a grown ass person duckfacing…not really lol

      • yacchaitai

        i don’t remember seeing age limits for duckfacing

    • iora89

      his rant regarding the concert tickets is legit though. there should be a law against people who leaks private info.

    • byebicycle

      at first i was like, good for him for complaining about the difficulty in getting tickets, but then i read his actual posts, and… idk, i’m not fluent so maybe i’m misreading it, but he seems to be dissatisfied with the fact that he only gets 40 tickets to hand out (to friends, family, etc) and he doesn’t understand why??? lmao. here i thought he was talking about how difficult it was for his fans 👀👀 idk how many tickets artists usually get for themselves, but 40 doesn’t seem like a number to complain about? plus, the other three members also get 40, so that’s 160 tickets not going to fans. 👀

      • You’re correct! Got someone else to skim through his post and it’s about the 40 ticket limit

        • HoneyGirl

          If more and more tickets are allocated to the members,I was wondering how many will be left for fans… I feel sorry for those fans :(

          40 tickets per person is more than sufficient:P

          • That was one of the main reasons why I was so confused at first. I thought “there’s no way he thinks 40 isn’t enough, right???” hah

          • lel

            40×8 (largest group i can think of) = 320 tickets out of idk, a 12-14k arena in most cases. whatever the limit was before it’s still really not that many tbh.

            • HoneyGirl

              Maybe true..I don’t have those many friends.. So I felt 40 is good enough…

              Anyways fans always keep complaining of tickets being sold out:P

            • Himi Tsu

              Hey Say JUMP are 9 ;) Even more ~
              But they maybe have less than 40 each..

        • byebicycle

          oh good! nice to have confirmation my japanese isn’t completely shit, haha.

        • princess

          Is tego being investigated having something to do with gold heist because of his LINE post? He posted pictures of him and the robbers on his LINE I think.

          • fds

            no he’s not. this picture happened years ago.

      • norul no-rule

        hmmm…i was wondering if it’s 40 ticket per place or 40 ticket for the whole tour?

        • byebicycle

          i figure it’s for the whole tour? per place would be overkill. welp if it *is* 40 per place and tegoshi still thinks that’s not enough, lol.

      • iGleaux

        Yeah to me that is a stupid thing to whine about. Your friends and family aren’t paying to see you and it’s already hard enough for paying fans to get concert tickets so why should JE let you invite an ass load of people who aren’t even paying?

    • What

      At least it wasn’t anything bad lol

    • lurker

      Can someone translate his posts? I can’t read kanji so I cannot understand his posts. ;;A;; anyone?

      • Hermione48fan

        I can only understand the spanish article because that is my language, I can´t translate all to english but they are saying “Two japanese stars at Camp Nou” . Yuya Tegoshi,singer and tv presenter/mc follows Inui´s steps, the most expensive from Eibar”. They are talking that the player is the most expensive from that team.That is all I can read well, the letters aren´t clear enough to read. If someone has a clear copy of that newspaper article would be good!.

        • lurker

          Thank you for the translation!!!

      • byebicycle

        really rough translation of the first post. someone pls correct me if i made any mistakes

        “to those who i invited to news’ concerts, as well as those who said they wanted to come,
        i’m truly sorry, but starting with this tour, the agency has created a nonsensical rule that says we only get 40 tickets per person, so i can’t have you all come and watch.
        i truly wanted from the heart to have the friends i’m close with and i’m indebted to, come watch me at work, but they didn’t consider how i felt. i, too, think this rule makes no sense.
        and so, i’ll contact and notify everyone individually. i’ll ask my manager at the agency to also call and apologise, since you were looking forward to it, and had those feelings betrayed.

        to all of you who were looking forward to it and wanted to come support tegoshi yuuya, i’m truly sorry for this.

        please look after me in private. since 2014 has betrayed me in several ways… 2015 will be the year of my revenge and my self-progress, and i’ll do my best to reach my goal of becoming someone that’s even more loved!!

        i’m really sorry…”

        second post is pretty much him repeating he thinks the rule is dumb and saying sorry again.

        • lurker

          Thank you for the translation!!!!

    • shirogane

      I’m not familiar with line, but those seems like FB post than conversation? So anyone on his friend list could’ve leak them right?

    • I thought i was gonna get some tea, lmao. Okay, but this is fine too.

    • Babi Hong

      40 tickets is really generous o_O do other companies or record labels even provide that much?

    • サビーネ

      Explanation of the 40 tickets complaint:

      Tegoshi wrote an apology post on LINE, because he promised a lot people to get them tickets to the show, but then he found out that he can only hand out 40 tickets for the whole tour. In business world it is very common to hand out tickets as a present to people who are important to your business or who you respect. He isn’t complaining that he has only 40 tickets for his friends, but for his business contact. In that relation, I am actually very suprised that JE limited the seats and I understnad Tegoshi’s complain about it.

      • melonice

        If they were such important business contacts Johnnys itself would be providing the tickets, not using the ones for Tegoshi’s personal use.

        40 is more than enough

        • Himi Tsu

          I think Tegoshi’s “business contact” are not the same as “Johnny’s” business contact ;)

        • bailey darbii

          he’s the main act, i would want as many as i want.

          • iGleaux

            Those people aren’t paying and this is business not charity.

    • eplizo

      40 tickets is a TON lol. How many friends does he have?

    • Dalooshe

      Ummmm…… I recommend creating a whatsapp group with its end to end encryption and significantly narrowing down your suspect list

      • Himi Tsu

        The HUGE problem with WhatsApp is that all the people invited to the group will access the other members’ phone number. I highly think that celebrities won’t be pleased to see their phone number shared like that…

        Even more, it’s post from his “wall”, which normally all contacts can access. Whatsapp does not have such functionality (which would not narrow the suspect list, as you said, but would serve the same purpose). BTW Line groups exist, which would create the same narrowing. It’s probably just that he didn’t want to create such groups, but just post something on his wall.

        • Dalooshe

          Thanks for the technical breakdown of these softwares – I was just poking fun at all those Line leaks but I agree it’s a big flaw when you can see other member’s numbers in whatsapp’s case and in general it sucks that there will always be bitter, jealous and petty people around any one of us.

    • BTOB’s drunk sister

      I came here to see spilt tea and drama, but instead all we got was Tegoshi taking a bad-angled selfie in a helicopter.
      I am disappointed.

      • siti samirah mohd nor

        omg your profile pic..lol

    • Hermione48fan

      I´m his fan so I was like “OH NO THIS IS GOING TO BE SCANDALOUS FOR SURE” haha not even his fans trust him hahaha. I´m relieved lol.

    • guest

      Damn, 40 tickets? I remember Arashi saying they can’t get even one, lol.

    • ProllyWild

      Regarding the tickets thing, 40 is at times enough and at times not enough.

      40 tickets (even per show) means every nonessential business friend and acquaintances. This means artist friends. particularly ones who may not be super famous or relevant enough to get an invite from label or management. This includes people like maybe owners of bars or restaurants he may frequent. This also includes.

      40 tickets also means friends and family. Numbers with family alone can go up when family want to come, and they want to bring friends too. Suddenly you end up with s situation where 5 members of his family may want to come, but they all want a +1 or more.

      Also note that it’s very rare that guests come alone. Almost always guests come with at least one other person and the reality that most shows sell out before many new fans or non-fan club members can even get their hands in means it’s often absolutely impossible for family and acquaintances of artists to get tickets.

      40 is often times, just not enough to make everyone happy and that must be frustrating.

      • nothingsover

        This is very true. For someone like Tegoshi who seems to have a lot of friends both in the industry and outside it, 40 actually might be less than ideal. I mean, if I brought just my closest group of friends somewhere, I’d need at least 6 tickets. If they all had significant others, that would hit 12. And then if I had business connections or important acquaintances, the number can hit 30 pretty quickly. 40 IS a lot, but I can also see why an artist might find that to be not enough.

        • Reileen

          I can see how 40 isn’t enough for Tegoshi. If he invites his entire soccer team, he’s left with only a few slots already lol
          Curious as to how many friends he used to invite

    • yamakita

      I think Mr. Johnny did it.

    • monica_monami

      i dont see what is so controversial. i thought it would be juicy stuffs coming out but nah. he looks like normal people. :) on the contrary, it made me think that he is a nice person, apologizing for giving his friends hope but couldn’t keep it.