Top stars hit the runway for GirlsAward 2017 Spring / Summer

Many top stars hit the runway for the popular fashion and music show GirlsAward.

Usually abbreviated as “GA”, the GirlsAward is held semi-annual at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. In general it attracts well over 30,000 people making it one of the most popular and biggest fashion events in Japan. The very first GirlsAward took place in September 2009, and it became inaugurated the following year in 2010.

The fans were treated to performances from FAKY, Junnosuke Taguchi, EXO-CBX, CHANMINA, Nogizaka46, Sakamoto Shogo, JY (Jiyoung), and AAA’s Shinjiro Atae. Many of the performers also walked the runway showing off the latest trends for Spring / Summer season. Dozens upon dozens of Japanese models appeared at the show, most notably exclusive models from the popular magazines non-no and men’s non-no. Guest celebrity models were also a big continued trend from past shows, the audience went crazy when actress Satomi Ishihara stepped out in a chic deep blue dress. Masaki Suda received a similar reception as he donned white overalls down the runway.

Comedian Ryota Yamasato, Manatsu Akimoto (Nogizaka46), and FUJI TV announcer Yoko Ozawa served as hosts for the show.

A gallery of some of our favorite looks from GirlsAward 2017 Spring / Summer can be seen below!

(all photos via MODEL PRESS)

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    • yacchaitai

      ayaka miyoshi looks so good

    • Nikki ok

      all of them look mediocre at best and that “fashion”…ok

      • hasawa

        Bruh, i would never have imagined that one day j-fashion would be even more boring and dull than Western fashion…
        What a downgrade…

        • yacchaitai

          all the currently pushed trends are hideous, not the first time so i hope something interesting will appear soon.

        • starlightshimmers

          Everyone kept complaining how weird Japan was and how it should look more Westernised. Now Japan decides to dress like people in the West, and suddenly everyone is upset.

    • Summer48

      You guys spelled Nogizaka46 wrong and the other group is not Nogizaka46, it’s Keyakizaka46.

    • What

      Why did they dress Suda Masaki like that…

    • faifantc

      Sakaguchi Kentaro is <3 <3 <3 such a beautiful person.

    • eplizo

      Kentaro killing it

    • Lock

      Mai Shiraishi killin’ it

    • H

      I don’t think I like a single outfit. Some gorgeous people, though.

    • hasawa

      Dafuq is Lottie Moss doing there? Still milking off her 15min of fame??

    • Jo

      They look very basic.

    • Mjeena

      Well Kiko is not there, so this sucks!

      • Jug’Crispy

        I don’t blame her.

    • hizurisama

      I honestly expected something better than… this.

    • goingtojpn

      “Satomi Ishihara stepped out in a chic deep blue dress” lol what ,that dress is awful.

    • PigeonPop

      The genre and intended audience is of course completely different, but I’m always glad to see the likes of Tao and Daisuke Ueda completely ignore this type of show.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      Tokyo girls > girls award why does everything look straight out of a nonno catalogue…

    • Karen Khoo

      Anne Nakamura is so pretty <3

    • Daehyunnie is King of Selfies

      OMG EXO CBX WAS THERE /heart eyes/

    • Zoe

      Kojima Haruna is in the thumbnail but not in the images?

      • WorldGN18

        Only reason I came here was for her so I’m disappointed