Tetsushi Tanaka allegedly cheating on wife Yukie Nakama

In the latest issue of FRIDAY, the weekly gossip magazine alleges that actor Tetsushi Tanaka (51) has been having a little fun with another woman while his wife Yukie Nakama (37) has been filming a project overseas.

Tanaka and the alleged mistress, who is simply described by her career as a hairstylist, were spotted walking together and holding hands on a quiet street in a luxury residential neighborhood.

Tanaka married actress Yukie Nakama on September 18, 2014, after a six-year relationship. The two first got to know each other through working on 2003 FujiTV drama “Kao” and reunited on the set of 2007 TBS drama “Joshideka!” and started dating the following year. They were first romantically linked publicly in a NikkanSports report in 2009, but had denied being together in consideration to their fans. Instead, they continued dating in secret for 6 years before finally tying the knot. But it seems like those stealth dating skills have gotten a little rusty for Tanaka.

At the time of their marriage, when asked about what he likes about Nakama, Tanaka cited her simple character as the most appealing point to him and complimented her by saying she’s too good for him. Although it is often said that people in the same occupation find it difficult to be together, he is glad that she is a very supportive person and the fact that she’s also an actress so they mutually understand each other’s schedules and career responsibilities.

The couple is rumored to be having a baby on the way, and with a potential act of infidelity in their third year of marriage, there is definitely some drama to be had if this gossip turns out to be true. But pictures likes these rarely deceive.

(via Yahoo)

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    • yacchaitai

      is he british too

      • Bubi.

        No but he was just granted a british working visa

      • surfboardt

        I’ve been told that Canadians also count because they’re ultimately connected to the same queen and royal family? Is he possibly Canadian if he isn’t British?

    • Bubi.

      This better not fuel more Yukie Nakama Lesbian rumors again

    • re

      Tanaka Tetsushi is in oguri shun’s action drama “Crisis: Public Security Mobile Investigation” currently airing check out

    • OneTime

      Mistress was getting roasted online for “looking like a granny.” I mean he’s 51, I’d rather see a mistress that looks like a granny than a 20 year old model like Otsuka Ai’s husband’s mistress.

    • Bongerong

      So will this asshole be getting as much flack as Becky did???!
      Or maybe because he is not half white, he can do whatever he wants without judgement??!

    • K.

      If this is true and she is pregnant I am so sad for her. I love her and she deserves so much better.

    • bec2224

      #1 they are NOT holding hands he has a bag on her side, #2 this could be a relative, business associate or ANYONE. And #3, why do you always believe these magazines, they are the same ones that come out and say “so-and-so are getting married” and “3, 7, 10 years go by” and they aren’t even dating. I’m not believing this until she releases the “I’m so sorry for causing so much trouble but Tetsushi and I are divorcing, then I’ll believe it.

      • Bubi.

        The original posts from FRIDAY details more than just the picture, as someone followed them through the neighborhood. Just because they aren’t in the picture doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        At the same time, just because it’s said doesn’t mean any of it happened. The post is clearly labeled gossip. It uses ambiguous language like “allegedly”. You don’t have to believe it. It’s to speculate and discuss.

      • gen

        lol. Late at night alone with a woman? Especially given how opposite sex dynamics work in Japan, that is seen as sketch.

    • Orenji

      He’s right, she is too good for him. Douchebag.

    • hdffh

      maaaaan Tetsushi Tanaka is one ugly motherfucker

    • Shinra-Electric


      Why the fuck would you cheat on Sadako? Bitch gonna find a VHS in his mail soon.

    • Shinra-Electric
      • Harumi

        which movie is this from?

        • titithao

          Ringu 0 : Birthday

          • Harumi


    • nijiminto

      I absolutely love this actress, she’s great

    • Urara Kasugano


      • An

        ikr! she’s awesome

    • robbo4

      Fat, homely guy cheats on amazingly beautiful, and mega talented, national treasure? What’s wrong with this picture?