Tabloids attempt to link Becky’s infidelity to her half British heritage

It’s been well over year since Becky’s infamous scandal with singer Enon Kawatani, but it seems like select parts of the media are still hung up on what happened.

Becky recently did an exclusive interview with the newspaper “The Asahi Shimbun“, it is one of Japan’s five national newspapers. In the column she talked about the special relationship she shared with her father. Becky revealed that her father originally came to Japan to learn Karate, but fell in love with the country and decided to make it his home. He currently runs a school specializing in teaching English conversations.

She also let readers into a look on her father’s personality, saying that he’s a classic country gentleman who always “puts ladies first”, so naturally growing up and still to this day he tends to dote on her. Becky shared many memories of her father doing great things for her like picking out her shoes and putting them by the door  on days when she overslept, or drawing a bath for her when she came home late.

Becky’s father taught her to live by the philosophy that you only live life once, so you should decide yourself how you want to live it. Becky stood by that philosophy throughout her many years in the entertainment industry, going into auditions with the mindset “It’s my life”.

When tabloids got wind of the “free” environment she was brought up in, many tried to link it to her scandal with Enon Kawatani. In particular gossip website Asa-Jo referenced a study reported by the English newspaper “The Times & Sunday Times” that stated over one million Britons registered for an app that specializes in planning extra-marital affairs. They further went on to say it’s not just normal people who seem to have this problem, but celebrities and even the Royal Family too. The infidelity that occurred during the marriage of Prince Charles & Princess Diana, and Prince Andrew & Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson achieved worldwide attention.

Whatever the case may be, the apparent issue of infidelity in Japan’s Entertainment scene was not touched upon.

(via Asa-Jo)

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    • yacchaitai

      wow maybe enon is british

      • Kusen Goto

        He does look like a distant cousin to Benedict Cumberbatch

        • surfboardt

          Nessie already suffered enough from being compared to that martian, he doesn’t need to be connected to Enon too.

    • REMISU

      That is ridiculous..

    • Midna

      Lmao what.

    • マイケル・タンザー

      That’s bullshit!

    • Shinra-Electric

      Yeah, let’s just leave out the Japanese guy who was fucking becky behind his wife’s back. That wont do at all to highlight the Japanese angle of the story! What a shit rag to suggest her upbringing was to blame.

      • Bothered Brit spotted!

      • Matcha

        Because Japanese woman hate sex, ofcouse Japanese men will chose an Eurasian girl with better sex drive!

    • Shinra-Electric

      As we all know in matters of infidelity…

      Both Side Are To Blame! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • light

      Lmao so what’s the excuse for Enon?

    • this unnie is weird

      Because Japanese people are not capable of cheating lmao yeah right

    • Dalooshe

      My mind just broke from such deep and genius study. Brexit must be karma for all the extramaritial affairs that took place all over the world once upon a time.

      • surfboardt

        Considering the number of Ashley Madsison registrations linked to Ottowa, does that mean Canada is next?

        • Dalooshe

          Nope, since they share the same queen the blame must go back to Britain in this case!

    • Craaaazy

      Shit on that hafu i guess.

    • sarah

      Wow.. a sexist japanese article blaming the female for the affair. Yeah, cause the married guy who led her on and was way worse than she was had a better time with the media. Unlike this girl who has been morally scrutinized and now they are blaming half of who she is on it.

      Just wow.

    • Jug’Crispy

      Gurl, don’t let anyone trash your heritage like they’re so perfect. We’re not Japan worshiping today.

      Our food is the greatest, we’re the only humans on this planet with manners and act properly, only we have all four seasons, etc~
      You’re not the only ones and not all Japanese are the same person.
      It’s a great country with amazing people and awesome stuff and culture, but don’t put down others just to lift yourselves up.

    • Babi Hong

      wow..leve it to the tabloids to turn an interview about her dad (who seems like a wonderful man) into this :/

    • What

      Did people forget it was Enon who had a wife…

    • yamakita

      This is fake news, right?

    • …..but….Enon was the one that was married?

    • mi|kshake

      I don’t know what to say apart from “LOL”. Do they not have “Love Hotels” in Japan for people who want to carry on their affair?

    • kreepy

      should send complain to Asahi Shimbun on bias and devious reporting.

      • Asahi did nothing wrong.
        Maybe you should read the article again.

    • Taima-kun

      look who’s talking lol

    • Kokoro Ai
    • phoe-enix


    • Ash

      Japanese media sound as desperate as Arama! are for gossip articles

    • PigeonPop

      Terrible article and another display of idiocy towards Becky.

      That said, Asa-Jo’s has the Royal Family part correct. The Japanese Imperial line is several notches above the Brits when it comes to personal conduct–a “scandal” by the former consists of Princess Masako and Aiko not showing up for public service due to sickness, or dating photos “leaked” of Princess Mako/Kako in casual clothing that are neither lewd nor offensive. The British Royal family are a bunch of spoiled delinquents in comparison.

    • BTOB’s drunk sister

      I never knew the saying ‘it takes two to tango’ didn’t apply if you were British. Asa-jo teaching me new life lessons everyday.

    • blondein_tokyo

      Pot, kettle, black. There are definite cultural differences in how people see marriage and sexual fidelity, and far be it from me to get judgmental – it’s a personal thing, and up to the individual.

      But if the Japanese media is attempting to say that British culture has a predilection for infidelity, then may I point to the existence of love hotels, hostess clubs, image clubs, JK business, and soaplands?

      It’s not as though Japan doesn’t have its own particular culture of infidelity.

    • relmy

      This is amazing and hilarious. Would anyone like to join my British Whores club? Becky will be sent a special invite.

    • Zungya

      Japanese woman need to stfu, and deal with their insecurities once and for all! Asian woman seem to constantly have such high levels of insecurities with any woman who is Caucasian or half!

      • Mjeena

        I mean, just read GirlsChannel. The jealousy is clearly there in every second article!

      • Sounds like you’re projecting to me.
        A lot of white girl angst about Asians all over these comments… and getting upset because of a tabloid lol

      • iGleaux

        I notice you and your ilk trolling here and Netizenbuzz with this. I want to ask who hurt you but the answer is pretty obvious.

    • Matcha

      It ain’t half white girls fault that your men don’t want you full japanese woman anymore!

    • Mjeena

      Let’s face it, she’s half white, which means she’s probably can satisfy that Japanese guy better in bed!

    • Bell

      I’m no fan of Becky, but she wasn’t the one who was unfaithful. Sure, she was having an affair with a married man, but he’s the one guilty of infidelity. Maybe we can say she was a home wrecker, but it looks like Enon was succeeding at that even without her.

    • Fatima

      both are to blame not only becky seriously this enon guy if im not mistaken just recently came back to music, but what about becky? she lost everything! and for what? for a stupid guy who is worth nothing, why just why, becky why did you had to go and cheat and ruin your career, im sad and disappointed on becky because i cared about her, i truly couldn’t care less about enon guy. While he’s out there acting like nothing happen becky is juist getting everything and taking the blame for everything. Im so mad at how they just treat becky as if she was the only one at fault, they are both to blame!

    • shoten

      you got to hand to the japs they have a bloody good point about the app and the royal family the best part is its the truth.

    • Nikki ok

      I like how everytime white people aren’t worshipped by asians or any other race they go berserk, they completely forget their fetish for asians or any other race, it makes me laugh

      • Rei

        This white person is a WOMAN, gotta protect this gender at all cost!!1

        • Nikki ok

          lol this is not about your women hate here

    • iGleaux

      Why are people in the comments shitting on Japanese women????? Y’all are sad.

    • monica_monami

      O_o ha?! but i thought having affair is pretty normal in japan though…<.<

    • LiteraryGirl

      Cheating has nothing to do with with heritage, race or nationality, it has to do with the individuals. Infidelity happened because these two are shitty and selfish people who were dumb enough to succumb to their feelings without thinking about the consequences.

    • WorldGN18

      Honestly I just came here to have a good laugh

    • john wayne

      goes to show how racists some japanese still are….