[#SOS] Namie Amuro to retire next year

Popular singer Namie Amuro has shocked the world by announcing her plans to retire from the industry next year on September 16th, 2018.

In a letter to her fans, Namie wrote:

Dear all fans:

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

September 16 marked the 25th year since my debut.
I could not have gone 25 years without your support, for which I am
eternally grateful.

Thank you!

Today, I would like to write about something that I have carried on my
mind and have decided on the 25th anniversary of my debut.

I, Namie Amuro, would like to take this opportunity to inform all of my
fans of my decision to retire as of September 16, 2018.

I plan to make the last year of my music career meaningful by focusing
my full attention on creating a final album and performing at concerts.

Then, I will welcome the date of September 16, 2018 in the best way I can.

I hope this year will be filled with wonderful memories for me and the
fans together.

Together, let’s make this coming year the best one possible!

Namie Amuro

Amuro just recently successfully finished two concerts in her native Okinawa, celebrating her 25th anniversary in show business. Her new song titled Showtime will be used as the theme for the Fall TBS Drama series Kangoku no Ohimesama. Additionally, another song called Hope will be used as the opening for the anime series One Piece.

(via facebook)

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    • light

      Wow didn’t expect this at all…i didn’t follow her closely but this is sad, i liked to check her releases from time to time.
      Well, good luck with whatever she’s going to do next!

    • monica_monami

      This is sad.

    • Truly the end of an era. She will be dearly missed. I hope she’ll put out a really good album before she’s gone :(

      • Tori

        There are rumors she’ll be performing at Kohaku Uta Gassen as the ootori. I hope it’s true

    • Trinity


    • K

      Whoever commented here saying she would announce this 2 months ago, WTF.

      • mio

        it made sense considering she was less active besides her touring, plus i see her as the stoic type to know when to retire instead of going until her skills decrease.

      • Kuuuu

        It’s funny because the media was speculating she’d be making her overseas debut or her son would be debuting.

      • urnotperfect

        I CALLED IT

        • Kiki

          It wasn’t you I’m pretty sure. It was an anon but they said she’d do it at the Okinawa concert a few days ago.

    • Liz “Lizzy” Colton

      While I’m really sad that she’s retiring, I’m not exactly surprised by this announcement. I wonder if she’s going to be retiring completely or will step into a different role in the music industry. She may not be a performer, but perhaps she’ll become a producer or something. She’s such a hard worker. I can see her doing something like this. But, if she decides to live peacefully and away from the spotlight, the girl has more than deserved it. I’m going to miss her a lot.

    • Ntouch

      Namie had such an inspirational career. Many ups and downs but still manages to persevere through hard work and dedication. I’ve never thought she would make such in impact in my life and I am thankful indeed.

    • めぐみ☆


    • Just Tim

      Geez, let her “go home and be a family woman.”

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      WTF?!? NOOOOOOOOOO :/. Crap…I am so sad :/. Well she deserves it. She has been working so hard for so long. She deserves to rest. Maybe she will do something different like be a producer or something. Who knows? Thanks for the awesome music Name Amuro♡♡♡.

    • HyperMoot .
    • honey girl

      Namie, sweetie, we were joking when we called you old and should reiterate from the industry

      • urnotperfect

        Doubt she was listening to you

    • Thomas

      I’m just surprised that there was no world tour. She’s always wanted to go international and now she’s going to retire without a single european concert in her career (unless she’s gonna pull a last minute one) rip.

      • Nina

        I think she’s smart not to. Seemed like she was going to after Uncontrolled but saw how others crashed and burned and decided to keep her #1 career in Japan.

      • takufox

        She’s retiring next year, theres plenty of time for some overseas activities, maybe not a full blown tour though. Besides she has never really shown interest in going to other markets outside of Asia since like her first album. Back in her 20th anniversary she flat out said it she has no interest in going outside Asia.

      • While they could easily do a scaled down show, I think it’s just too much effort for something that probably wouldn’t be very profitable. If someone’s a big enough fan to go see her in their own country, the same person is likely to try to go to her show in Japan.

    • yacchaitai

      I’m kinda glad she’s hopping down before she burns herself out and gets a bad rep like some other solo artists.

    • Guest

      She is 40.

      No surprises there folks

      • takufox

        There are plenty of acts well in their 50s and beyond who still continue their careers. What’s your point?

    • Nina

      Even though I like her I’m not too too sad. She’s had 25 years career with 13 of them being a top level star (1995-1998, 2008-2018 when she retires). I’d rather her retire with a good rep than keep going, and this might make a gap in the female soloist industry again.

    • hmmm

      i have a feeling between SMAP and namie a lot of 90s stars who are still on top will be retiring/disbanding between now and 2020 leaving holes in the industry. the music station special from the other night should prove how many are still around.

    • I respect her decision but part of me wish she will announce semi-retirement instead of full retirement. Be like Utada, mia for 5 years and come back again when she feels like it. Lets say if she is bored and wish to sing again after her retirement (which is possible as usually singer keep their singing career until their last breath) some people will be sceptical.

      Wish her the best — she had a really amazing career and no one can deny that.

      • hasawa

        Girl has been in the industry for TWENTY FIVE YEARS (Utada had been in the industry since ‘only’ a decade before going hiatus) and literally spent ‘the best years of her life’ to entertain people… At this point I think it’s more than being “bored”.. I think it’s a safe bet she’s really want to retire to live her life for herself while she’s still have the time and energy for it~

        • Thats the thing. She has been in the industry for 25 years. Leaving it out of sudden will leave a huge gap in her life — she probably gonna miss it as she seemed to enjoy being a singer and performer. Semi-retirement will open the door for her to comeback whenever she can when she feels like it. It doesnt mean bad thing at all. It a safe route imo.

          • hasawa

            “Leaving it out of sudden will leave a huge gap in her life — she probably gonna miss it as she seemed to enjoy being a singer and performer. ”
            No offense but nobody here is entitled to know what Namie really wants and what she has in her mind. I really understand that a bunch of yall are utterly sad to see her leave but maybe you should get the fact that she has a Life and that maybe she wants to live it for herself and stop spending it to entertain the masses. I definitively think she enjoyed her career as well, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t cater the idea of having a more calm, ‘normal’ and resting life.

            • I think if you read my messages, there’s no parts where I indicate that she has no life, she cant live it for herself, I want her to entertain me forever, expecting her to sacrifice her life for me, nor she cant have a calm or normal life and not allowed to leave for good. I’m sure you mean everyone else in this post but just to let you know that I dont have any of those thoughts.

              I’m simply say that semi-retirement seemed like a better choice for her. As ‘IF’ she wished to come back, she doesnt have to face haters who will said; ‘I thought she has retired?’ or etc.. My message is simply out of concern. She will safe either way, whether she wants to be inactive forever or comeback when she suddenly missing performing. As simply as that.

    • :/
    • james

      It’s about time.

    • Miyanmu

      girl bie

    • eplizo

      Not surprising. People have been speculating it for a while now. It’s sad to see her go, but her music quality has long since down, so I guess it’s better for her to quit now that she’s still a bit popular.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      what :(

    • surfboardt

      Holy shit, this is an end to an era. On the one hand, I’m fairly certain she’s happy with the decision given how she’s a very private person. But, it’s undeniable that there will be a giant hole in the industry without her due to her influence and longevity career wise.

    • Michele

      Now I feel stupid for bitching about her latest singles. I knew this would come sooner than expected, but just not this soon.

    • AoiMe

      I cant be sad too much, not many female singer can say they had inspired a certain much copied look, went on top of the game, had shotgun marriage, divorced, and went back on top again as a single mother (with bold tattoo on her arm) in a country like Japan. I have faith when she’s ready to have a comeback, she’d be on top again. Long live Japan’s Queen of Hip Pop!

      • hasawa

        I never cared about Namie musically- wise but knowing her career history I built some kind of admiration for her longetivity and how she managed to climb back at the the top through her hard work. I love the way she kept her private life very lowkey and I’m admirative of her holding her status of mega popstar through 2 decades while being a divorced single mother in a very conservative country like Japan when it comes to that matters…
        I think you have quite an impact when you can give this kind of impression even to people not interested into your music. Bless her!

    • But….I wanna see her live……D:

    • AkaneHaga

      she deserve retire perf in olympic opening like gisele bundchen
      endure 3 years and you’ll be legend

    • Kumis
    • Vivaldi

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she still releases music in the future but doesn’t do as much promotion or touring.

    • SlyMoonFox

      Better leave a polished untouched empire behind instead of seeing it crumble before your eyes.

    • Yeul

      IT’S SO SAD I CAN’T BELIEVE IT ;;;;;;;;

    • shannie4888

      Just by reading this thread http://aramajapan.com/news/gossip/will-namie-amuro-be-forced-into-retirement/7315/, I see that Namie has really been through it.

      I hope she can move forward in her life and live peacefully. The entertainment industry is a toxic place filled with all kinds of bullshit.That contract that binded her for 25 years is foul.

    • lymli

      so the one who makes money retires and ayumi hamasaki will never

      • hasawa

        Yall be bitching about Ayu not retiring but we all be in shook when it’s gonna happen, let’s get real lol

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          Mte. Also what people do with their careers is none of our business. People have the right to live their lives and dreams the way they want to.

    • Step Rivera

      Namie Amuro was the sole reason why I got into J-Pop. She introduced me to J-Pop. The first two songs I have heard from her were DO ME MORE and HIDE & SEEK in 2010. I would never forget that day. I’ve been a fan of hers since 2010. Even though this news is sad and surprising, I wish her the very best and God Bless Her. She is incredibly young and I hope that she may perform for the 2020 Olympics and if she doesn’t that’s ok, it’s her choice in the end of the day. I am very honored and blessed to have known about her and became a huge fan of hers. I always looked forward to anything from her, whether it was a new album, single, CM or anything, I was always happy to see or hear it, because it was Namie Amuro and I knew she always gave it her all, always delivered, and always exceeded my expectations in my opinion. I hope that she releases new material every now and then, but in the end, it’s her choice. Even though I never got to see her in concert yet, I will try my best to see her next year, God Willing. She deserves this break after working so hard throughout her 25 years in the music industry. Yes there will be a hole in the music industry, but her legacy will withstand time and many girls look up to her. I heard in Japan, a lot of people are sad about these news, especially young girls who look up to her. She will be forever the QUEEN OF J-POP!

    • Historia Lenz

      SMAP and now her… T.T

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Why concretely retire though, and not just let things lie for awhile… ?

      • hasawa

        Homegirl been in the industry for TWENTY FIVE years… ’bout time she gets some rest and live the rest of her life up for herself~

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Reading about this makes me incredibly sad as Japan is about to lose one of its best artists.
      However, I’m concurrently happy with her decision.
      Being in the spotlight for as many years as she has is no cakewalk, made more difficult by the incredibly difficult situations she’s been in. She’s truly an inspiration to us all and she’s shown that if you work hard enough, you can certainly get through anything.
      I don’t think her waning sales will have had an impact on this decision. She’s selling more than enough and she’s still very relevant today. Just look at how many tie-ins she’s had lately. Watching her interviews from a few years ago, I knew she would retire soon as she seemed unsure about continuing.
      And why should she?
      She may as well relax for the rest of her life because she deserves it and so much more.
      She can’t keep going just for our selfishness.

      I reckon she’ll come back to the music industry as her son Haruto’s manager. But until then, I hope she gets the peace she so very much deserves.

      Thank you for everything Namie.
      You are my Hero. You made me feel Alive, like I could do Anything. You weren’t a Stranger, you insisted we Fight Together under the Tsuki (moon). You created Stardust in my Eyes and made me feel Beautiful, more than any Dr. could. Now I can truly B Who I Want 2 B. After listening to your songs, I had a Brighter Day, whether they were about a Love Story or simply Wild. You’re refreshing, like Mint; I’m Wishing on the Same Star as your other fans, hoping we meet someday, Just You and I. It’s every year’s Christmas Wish. As your Body Feels Exit, we must bid you adieu. Strike A Pose and Let Me Let You Go.
      I Hope and wish you all the best.


      • Riky Guardo

        Bravo!!! Your last paragraph HITS me hard…TT

        Well…wish her all the best too…she will be missed alot by us (fanboys mode on)

        • Azura Of Ylisse

          Thank you!! ^^
          I’m a fangirl too!
          Normally I wouldn’t write such a huge paragraph but it really is the end of an era and I will miss her a lot. It’s my personal homage to her as it includes my favourite songs of hers.

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    • Guest

      Surprisingly little comments given the size of the announcement.

      Or maybe I’m overestimating her actual popularity?

      • Michele

        Most of her fans don’t read Arama. She’s also not very liked by some of the writers.

      • starlightshimmers

        The owners of Arama hate her, instead they want us to listen to hipster Japanese music like we live in Starbucks.

        • hasawa

          Fair enough I think Arama has a well balanced outlook on Hikki ; opposite opinions about her latest work have been expressed here by different contributors and members. It’s just her over defensive crazy stans who thinks she’s the best
          Artiste of all time and literally lose their shit over any negative opinion that make any thread about her embarrassing to read… lol If you look well, it’s mostly the very same members drooling over her ass~ I think a fair share of ‘regular’ jmusic listener who are not specially fan of her don’t really care that much about her anymore..
          As for Namie I never got into her music so I couldn’t tell if she was covered decently here, but to say she’s “hated” seems to be a big overstatement ;)
          Although I’m a bit surprised by the low amount of comments too. I feem like Namie’s impact was bigger (Arama didn’t work a few moments after this new broke and I legit thought it was because of the high traffic it generated lol) The embarrassing Ayu appearance on that TV show got a hell lot more attention – I guess it’s funnier to drag poor Ayu’s ass… T_T

    • urnotperfect
      • urnotperfect

        me rn

    • Sad to see her leaving when her albums (and more importantly her tours) have been getting better and better. What sucks even more is that I could totally make it to see her in concert next year but getting tickets already seemed like a mission during her regular tours . . .

    • baymon

      LOL, she’s like the exact opposite of Ayumi Hamasaki. One could not stop even though almost deaf. The other retires too early.

      • ChaiChai

        It’s better for Namie to retire while she’s having an strong career and reputation. As much as I love Ayu but it’s painful to see her struggle. She had the chance to leave as an legend but instead she’s going down continuously…

    • Dalooshe

      I didn’t think I would start my morning to one of the most iconic artist in the Japanese music history step down!!! T_T Still what a classy elegant woman she is. I wish her and her family all the best for the sacrifices that probably came along this level of fame.

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    • omi

      Sad news, gonna miss her voice:(

    • Kemi Min

      I feel like my boyfriend dumped me or something. Namie is my childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Her music was with me in my best and worst days. Sometimes when I found clothing similar to hers I would buy it. I have all her CD’s. I feel like i must say goodbye to my best friend or sister that I never had. I know that she is alive and well and i wish her everything what is the best but I feel so heartbroken. But I understand…Is better to leave with a glory and no.1 spots. I love Namie very much she will be my idol forever.

    • starlightshimmers

      This is so sad. Namie Amuro is like the only decent J-pop female soloist right now.

      Utada went all adult contemporary (her songs now all sound like Starbucks background music) and Kana Nishino won’t stop singing ballads/Disney Channel songs.

    • mikkimousse

      I’ve been a fan of Amuro Namie since 1997 when I first saw her singing Sweet 19 Blues while my dad was watching a Japanese singing show. I knew from that moment that she was going to be the biggest super star in Japan and that I was automatically one of her biggest fan. I have watched her grow up on television from a shy, cute and humble singer to this mega ultra superstar Goddess who is still humble to this day. I have so much respect for this woman and it not just because she’s successful at what she does, but she persevered during her hardest times and STILL manages to slay everybody in the game. I am really devastated about her leaving the industry but at the same time happy for her as she deserves it. IDGAF You can fight me but she will forever be a legend and the QUEEN of JPOP.

    • Jasmine Maris

      Now the question is who will sing for 2020 Tokyo Olympics? I nominate AI and Utada Hikaru.

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    • Hirokun

      Why are people assuming she was going to perform at the Olympics? She has never been a good performer let alone a good vocalist.
      Even back in the 2015 when there was this poll about who Japanese people wanted to open the Tokyo Olympics, no one cared about her: https://ranking.goo.ne.jp/column/1183/ranking/46027/

    • HyperMoot .

      Aftershock thoughts: 1) still one year to go, on top of compilations (there’s that “Finally” triple Cd + Dvd early November) we might have one last album/extended EP and a few live dates with some special fireworks before the official end 2) She’s been in for 25 years, she surely needs and deserves to focus on her personal life, all the best to her.

      Namie’s never been a fave but I’ve always liked her and listened to her stuff more often than not, loved it when she sang ballads from time to time, was impressed by her stage presence and I’ve always found her immensely beautiful. Is she, was she a Queen of Jpop, no, this very concept of being THE Queen whether it’s for Namie, Hikki or Ayu is so outdated and irrelevant today. Unless you use it as a joke or as some affectionate element of fan appreciation, I find it ridiculous. I’m even considering it was a silly concept right from the start. I mean what is comparable, sales and impact yes but otherwise, Ayu, Namie and Hikki are so different. Ah to end up with the rant, I never understood why some even tried to place Koda Kumi in the race.

    • Lady Sara

      I’m going to miss her T_T

    • WorldGN18

      This is sad but I understand her decision, and like others have pointed out I prefer this to what Ayumi is doing, totally looking forward to Hope!! because Fight Together is my favorite OP song, my biggest concern is that I don’t see any other female soloist on the rising that can inherit the queen of Jpop tittle

    • Just Tim

      Shockingly enough, AVEX did not put Namie’s final album under their Export Banlist.

      I checked out “Finally” on CDJapan and I encourage you to see it for yourselves. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17607a365e5940f40bb10093222bad3bc86dc7ac2ba404f9107e4e899828ad1c.png

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