SMAP Holds a Small, Informal Party on Their Last Day Together

Ever since it was reported that SMAP wouldn’t join the yearly Kouhaku Utagassen for their final performance together, many have speculated what was the idol group going to do instead on their final day? Now we have an answer!

Josei Seven and Yahoo News! has recently reported the former idol group’s last gathering was at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve. The small, private party had four out of the five members in attendance as somehow Kimura Takuya mysteriously didn’t show. Some of his former bandmates wonder if Kimura just merely forgot about the dinner party. But, the article thought maybe he wanted to spend the special night with his family. Nonetheless, former bandmate Mori Katsuyuki, who left the group in 1996, came as well, making the event more memorable.

According to the Yahoo! News article, the party started at 7 pm and lasted well into the late night as the members celebrated their twenty-five years together. They talked about various things throughout the night like their ups and downs, memories, and so on.

A customer who was in the same restaurant when the boy band came told Josei Seven:

“The second floor was reserved for private use. However, the first floor of the resturant was used for the general public. The customers who were sitting near the entrance were in shock when they saw them. Everyone was shaking when they came in one by one. We couldn’t believe it. I even said, “Isn’t that Nakai?” when I saw him entering.”

The article also goes on to report that SMAP ate the special toshikoshi udon and counted down towards the new year. The members stayed until 2 am when they bore masks, glasses, and caps when exiting the resturants and left in taxis.

Josei Seven will release an in depth report on January 19.


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    • honey girl

      I’m not even a fan like that but this got me a bit teary-eyed. I’m still not understanding why they are disbanding but at least they are ending it on a good note even if the leader (?) wasn’t there. No press, just then and their memories of their time as SMAP!

      • Kiang Sheryl

        the leader is Nakai-kun

        • honey girl

          Ah okay. Isnt Kimura Takuya the most popular one then? I usually see him mentioned more than anyone else in the group.

          • lol

            oh well its difficult to determine who is the most popular one..Nakai has lots of his own variety too

          • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

            Just cause they’re the most popular member doesn’t mean they’re the leader. Case in point: Ohno is the leader of Arashi, lol.

            • Summersplash

              Arashi isnt a good example of that. All the members take turn in being the most popular. In their case, I think composure fits better.

              • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

                really?? when was ohno ever the most popular member?? he’s more popular than he used to be, but that’s not saying much. i love him, but just, nah… sho and jun are the only one’s that have been #1 popular, imo. the others get more attention when they’re doing a drama or something, but that’s just pr. anyway, there are also plenty of other examples, like Tokio. Not sure what you mean by “composure”

    • Box

      yet smaptards still be like the jimusho is evil and made them disband even though they love each other and want to stay together 5 ever.
      a) why would they break the cash cow up
      b) kimura is overrated and probably stopped caring about smap aeons ago

      • Risa

        I agree with you partly. But I disagree with b). Up to early 2015 everything seemed alright between them. Then the rift happened. Also Kimura was the only one who wanted SMAP to continue (whatever the reasons are) Guess the whole management shuffle after Ijima left was the last straw.

      • Davin Presley

        The fact that every members (except Kimura oc) spent and celebrated new year together is enough proof that they respect each other and wanted to stay together. Only ignorants will deny the fact that Jimusho is evil.. Arashi is their cash cow ever since they got their big breakthrough. As of 2012, the annual earning of ARASHI members are between 20-28 million yen, most of their group incomes went to Jimusho. While SMAP is different, even Katori Shingo earn more than all Arashi members combined. If you read Mary’s interview last year where she attacked SMAP and their manager, you might realized that Mary hated them a lot.

        About Kimura, 31st December 2015, just a week before the first breakup rumour happened, He and Nakai visited SMAP Shop together and in September 2016, Katori Shingo and Kimura Takuya both went to Yamapi concert. The Japanese tabloids are like CNN, they sometimes stir shits up just to get people to buy them . OTP, but I assume you’re that type of person who actually believe Russian hacked the election.

        • mii

          why in the hell are you bringing american politics into a discussion about an idol group’s disbandment….lol

        • Trump supporter is everywhere lol

      • Jinni Bae

        Kimura himself talked on many occasions how teamwork is important and why he would never go solo,Kimura wanted to protect SMAP but something happened.

    • Risa

      Tbh I could have done without these news. Seems like they really broke up on bad terms. Otherwise Kimura would have shown up or they would have celebrated on another day (I had a feeling they couldn’t come to terms anymore after they released their official disbandment statements). As I fan I’m really salty about seeing one of my fav groups going down like this. Yes, they couldn’t sing or dance, but I saw them live in 2014 and they were so cool.

      I’m sure the rip between them happened afterwards.

      • Risa

        I am on both sides about Kimura. On one hand, every year since his kids have been born he’s been doing Kohaku and things like CDTV. It must be nice to share a real new years with his family. I have happy memories of making my new year shrine visit with my dad, that’s something his girls have sacrificed in a way. On the other, I can see where this meeting couldn’t happen any other time after December 31 (not sure why not earlier though) December 31 was the last day that SMAP were officially SMAP so I get the importance of that meeting. Glad Mori could make it, the guys have always said he remained SMAP as well.

      • Jinni Bae

        same for me, dealing with the disband was alrady hard enough ,whithout having to think that they hates each others

    • Not sure what to say. Just everything about this has been sad.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      man i am HEATED kimutaku wasn’t there!! That is going too far! especially with mori going. their breakup is all kimutaku’s fault, and honestly it’s appalling to me that he could choose Johnny’s over Iijima. yeah, Johnny’s let him get away with getting married and having a kid, but really it was because of his popularity, which was because of Iijima! and the way Mary publicity humiliated her, with SHUUKAN BUNSHUN of all magazines is abhorrent! yeah, staying with johnny’s is the easy thing to do legally and economically, but really, they should have all left together!

      • Mori

        Mori said the breakup was kimutaku’s fault? When did he said this? Sorry, this is the first time I heard of this.

        • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

          he didn’t. not sure where you’re getting that from my comment…

          • Mori

            Ahh sorry. I misread it.

      • Anonymous

        Only a retard would keep reading tabloids/gossip mags and believe everything written like it’s a fact. So easy to make Kimutaku a scapegoat and put all the blame on him.

        • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

          their own messages on their live broadcast indicated that too

          • Anonymous

            A lot of people observed many unusual points in that live broadcast, one of which is how all of them seemed to be reading from a cue card. How can you be so sure that those are their own words? Things might not be as they appeared. Never underestimate the dark side of the J-ent. At least Johnny’s Jimusho is pretty notorious about doing similar things to several of their own artists in the past. When they were no longer needed, just smashed them into pieces.

            • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

              fair point, but it’s still different from believing the tabloids alone imo.

            • Anonymous

              Junnosuke from Kattun wasn’t thrown away and smashed to pieces. He simply waited for his contract to expire. Ijima didn’t have a plan that worked to resume any of the members careers had they walked away with her and even Kimura could see this. Why shift all the blame to him when he has a family to support, and Ijima’s coup was a bad idea from a business point of view. Not only were they walking away from their he fans but the folks who supported them in their shows and the contracts they were in place. These are middle aged guys who are employees of a family business. They all knew better and they knew there were alternatives they should have considered before just initiating that coup. Johnny who selected them and got them started in the first place, tried to talk to them, Julie went to Kimura’s film location to talk to them, all the talks amounted to this point. To me this reflects more on whatever unresolved issues remained with various members of the group than anything having to do with Mary. They were their own downfall.

    • Ztf

      Morikuun!! ;-;

    • Anonymous

      “They talked about various things throughout the night like their ups and downs, memories, and so on.”

      Wasn’t it mentioned in the “news” that it’s a “small, private party”? ROFL

    • yamakita

      This just creates opportunities for reunions when the evil jimusho crumbles.