Recochoku releases their Year-End Charts for 2016

Popular digital download platform Recochoku recently published their rankings for the year 2016 to their website; these charts cover the period starting from December 1st of 2015 through November 30th of this year and represent data collected from across Recochoku’s many services.

Atop the Overall Artists chart is Kana Nishino, whose continued strong performance was buoyed by the success of songs like “Torisetsu” and album lead track “Have A Nice Day”.  Meanwhile, the Digital Singles chart has been topped by Kenta Kiritani’s (as Taro Urashima) “Umi no Koe”, a song which has continued to chart throughout the year.  The Digital Albums chart was topped by singer/songwriter Hikaru Utada’s “Fantome”, one of the year’s most popular records.  Finally, the Top New Artist of the year is idol unit Keyakizaka46, whose debut song “Silent Majority” made a sizable impact back in April.

Read on below for the Top 25 of the Artist and Digital Singles charts, the Top 10 of the Digital Album chart, and the complete New Artists ranking.

-Recochoku 2016 Yearly Charts-

Top 25 Overall Artists:

  1. Kana Nishino
  2. AKB48
  3. back number
  4. Sandaime J Soul Brothers (from EXILE TRIBE)
  7. Namie Amuro
  8. Hikaru Utada
  9. Gen Hoshino
  10. Kenta Kiritani (Taro Urashima)
  11. SMAP
  12. Ketsumeishi
  13. AAA
  14. Kobukuro
  15. Ikimonogakari
  16. AI
  17. EXILE
  20. Miyuki Nakajima
  21. Superfly
  22. JUJU
  24. GReeeeN
  25. Flower

For #26-100, see here.

Top 25 Digital Singles:

  1. Kenta Kiritani (Taro Urashima) – Umi no Koe
  2. AKB48 – 365 Nichi no Kami Hikouki
  3. RADWIMPS – Zen Zen Zense (movie ver.)
  5. back number – Christmas Song
  6. Gen Hoshino – Koi
  7. Kana Nishino – Torisetsu
  8. Hikaru Utada – Hanataba wo Kimi ni
  9. ONE OK ROCK – Wherever you are
  10. Gen Hoshino – SUN
  11. Namie Amuro – Hero
  12. Kobukuro – Mirai
  13. Namie Amuro – Mint
  14. JY – Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto
  15. Sakura Fujiwara – Soup
  16. AI – Minna ga Minna Eiyuu (Full Version)
  17. Ketsumeishi – Tomo yo ~Kono Saki mo Zutto…
  18. Aoi Teshima – Ashita e no Tegami (Drama Version)
  19. Flower – Yasashisa de Afureru You ni
  20. Perfume – FLASH
  21. Motohiro Hata – Himawari no Yakusoku
  22. Miyuki Nakajima – Ito
  23. RADWIMPS – Nandemonaiya (movie ver.)
  24. back number – Heroine
  25. Sandaime J Soul Brothers (from EXILE TRIBE) – R.Y.U.S.E.I.

For #26-100, see here.

Top 10 Digital Albums:

  1. Hikaru Utada – Fantome
  2. RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa.
  3. Kana Nishino – Just LOVE
  5. back number – Chandelier
  6. Sandaime J Soul Brothers (from EXILE TRIBE) – THE JSB LEGACY
  7. Ikimonogakari – Cho Ikimonobakari ~Tennen Kinen Members’ BEST Selection~
  8. Gen Hoshino – YELLOW DANCER
  9. Various Artists – 2015-nen Yougaku Souzarai!  Party Anthem Hits!  2015 Best Edition
  10. Various Artists – HiGH & LOW ORIGINAL BEST ALBUM

For #11-100, see here.

Top 3 Best New Artists:

  1. Keyakizaka46
  2. Piko-Taro
  3. Satoshi Hayashibe


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    • surfboardt

      … Call Me Maybe is #73 on the singles chart. It’s been 4 years. Jesus, lol

      • gus

        Carly Rae Jepsen is kinda a big deal in Japan

        • surfboardt

          I know she’s kind of a big deal in Japan, but it’s still a hilarious statistic. Based on a quick skim, the only other artist with old songs/singles (aka not released within the past year or two) charting is SMAP. Not even Kana has an old release as old as Call Me Maybe on the chart.

          Edit: Only other one I found so far is JUJU.

          • Carly Rae Jepsen is old there is no way to put it call me maybe makes me wonder what Japanese people do and listen to. I am not trying to be rude it is just tooo shocking

          • Kai

            Remioromen’s March 9th is there too at #63, initially released back in 2005!

    • yacchaitai

      Queen Kanayan!!

    • Ryusei

      Yaaas kana 6 songs in the top 100 songs of the year
      Btw why does it say “half-year chart”?

      • Ryusenkai

        Ah – I grabbed the heading from that article while I was copying over the tags. Fixed now (thanks for the catch)!

    • Guest

      Ops, the country pop Kanayan slayed. Haters must be screaming in agony.