Perfume Tops Nikkei Entertainment’s Girl Group Ranking for the Fifth Year in a Row

Nikkei Entertainment has released its “Talent Power Ranking” list for 2017. We now have the list for the top girl groups. Perfume tops the list for the fifth year in a row. They are followed by Momoiro Clover Z, also for the fifth year in a row. AKB48 is #3, for the fourth year in a row. Find out the rest of the top 15 after the jump!

1. Perfume: 31.8 (Last year: #1 with 29.2)

2. Momoiro Clover Z: 21.8 (Last year: #2 with 17.6)

3. AKB48: 18.9 (Last year: #3 with 16.7)

4. E-girls: 18.4 (Last year: #4 with 16.6)

5. Nogizaka46: 16.9 (Last year: #5 with 13.6)

6. Keyakizaka46: 14.0 (Last year: n/a)

7. Flower: 12.0 (Last year: #8 with 8.4)

8. NMB48: 10.8 (Last year: #6 with 10.0)

9. HKT48: 10.6 (Last year: #7 with 9.0)

10. SKE48: 9.0 (Last year: #9 with 8.4)

11. Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku: 8.1 (Last year: #17 with 3.8)

12. Morning Musume. ’17: 6.8 (Last year: #12 with 5.6)

13. °C-ute: 5.9 (Last year: #14 with 4.3)

14. 5.9 (Last year: #13 with 4.5)

15. NGT48: 4.8 (Last year: n/a)


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    • yacchaitai

      15. NGT48: 4.8 💀💀💀

      • They should’ve just aborted the project.

    • Trash

      Perfume still slaying like always.

      AKB = Sashihara and some. Won’t be long till they finally drop off.

      Keyakizaka are really something. The hype is real.

    • What

      Wooo E-girls rising with the public!!

    • jc

      Perfume still on top 17 years into their career

    • Just Tim

      Well-earned by Perfume.

      They worked their entire lives for this.

      • Ben

        Yup because the other idols just sit around in their home and get free paycheck for not working

        • Perfume

          I’m pretty sure Perfume had it much more difficult than most idols. From actually learning how to sing (even though their songs don’t show it) to learning difficult choreographies, performing in small events… and only after some years they were able to perform on bigger avenues all by themselves.

          • Ben

            YOu do know every idol has to start from somewhere, right? even the 48 groups have not so popular members who have never been chosen as senbatsu despite them working hard?

          • Kanjo Maru

            Learning how to sing, learning difficult choreographies, performing in small events at first.

            Sounds like pretty much every idol group to me.

    • Ben

      lmao…. NMB = the sister group with the least popular members is higher than SKE and HKT? I’d like to know they got to this conclusion… based on what? certainly not sales.

      • surfboardt

        Actually, if you look at the digital/Recochoku yearly charts, it’s somewhat expected tbh. They’re the only 48G outside of the flagship and 46 groups to appear in the top 100 overall artist sales. Initially, I thought it was due to 365 Nichi Kamihikouki, but it’s been a consistent pattern over the years.

      • Kanjo Maru

        This is just survey responses. There isn’t a huge gap in sales anymore. And the senbatsu election isn’t a very accurate gauge of public opinion. The kouhaku one was, though, and NMB did very well there.

    • H

      Morning Musume should seriously revamp their concept. Their new era peak was in 2014. The public isn’t paying attention to them either.

      • Ben

        Yup.. they’ve been doing this EDM shit for like 10-15 singles straight.

      • tru

        the sad part is they’ve been doing the same shit since 2012. no MM era has lasted that long MOVE ON ALREADY!

      • WorldGN18

        I love them but I agree, though I don’t think it has to do too much with the music, I may be biased but for me it has to do with Sayu… They need to find a way promote the girls charisma more

    • zillon

      I love the 48 groups but…. damn save some spots for other girl groups. Anyways so happy to see flower doing well ಥ⌣ಥ

    • Oxox

      Wait… A couple of days ago a saw a different ranking for female idol groups that had completely different numbers that was also a Nikkei power ranking? What is the difference between this and that? Are there multiple power rankings?

      • I saw something similar too, but it was fanmade. I didn’t post that because I wanted the real deal.

    • dj_spellchecka

      weird that almost everyone on this list improved their numbers compared to last year…not at all sure how the math works

    • light

      Wow Perfume, you go girls!

      What are Momoclo doing right now anyway? Been a while since i’ve heard of them.

    • Oxox

      Okay, after looking at the scatter plot and comparing it to this… How is this ranking calculated?
      Does the scatter plot mean anything at all? Why are some groups that are much higher on the scatter plot than some of the ones ranked is not featured here?

      • It’s not about being higher on the scatter plot only, it’s about being higher and more to the right. If you’re higher and more to left, it just means you have some fans who care a lot about you, but the public has no idea who you are.

        • Oxox

          Some were higher AND further to the right.

          Do they provide some more detailed information on how this list is calculated and what data points they use?

          • starlightshimmers

            I believe they include commercial marketability (?). Perfume is at the top partly because they have a lot of commercial endorsements.

            For example, for their album last year, Perfume had endorsement from Mercedes-Benz, a film tie-in (Chihayafuru), a chocolate endorsement (Chocola BB), a beer endorsement (Sapporo), and a department store endorsement (ISETAN). For their new single they have a toothpaste endorsement (Ora 2) and a drama tie-in (Tokyo Tarareba Girl).

            Without a doubt Perfume is way ahead of any other girl group when it comes to commercial marketability, they’re literally the Beyoncé of Japan.

            • Oxox

              If that is indeed true, that is a stupid thing to count.
              Would explain why for example BABYMETAL are not on the list despite getting a better recognition and interest rating on the scatter plot than many of the ranked groups, they don’t do any commercials at all.

              • starlightshimmers

                Not stupid. The Japanese music industry is tied to commercial endorsements. I’m not as much of an expert as Ronald but I’ve been a J-pop fan since I was 8 years old and been following it since, the standard routine for a successful J-pop single and/or album is to get commercial endorsements.

                For example, Utada Hikaru’s most iconic single by far is Sanctuary and that was tied-in with Kingdom of Hearts, while Koda Kumi’s first successful single was Real Emotion and that was tied-in with Final Fantasy. Namie Amuro’s resurgence in popularity and sales is often attributed to her single NEW LOOK which was had the endorsement of Vidal Sassoon (a hair product).

                Perfume’s first successful and most iconic single is Polyrhythm, which had the tie-in/endorsement of the Japan national recycling program.

            • That’s not counted. It’s just the two things listed.

              • Oxox

                Then why is BABYMETAL not on the list?

              • starlightshimmers

                Well they should count it cause you can’t be a top group if you’re not getting endorsements, this is Japan we’re talking about, a successful single is often tied to an endorsement. Unless Japan magically changed overnight.

    • WorldGN18

      So Fairies disappeared from this ranking, not surprising, Keyakizaka was to be expected, I don’t really like 48/46 groups but they surprised me, lad to see Momusu and C-ute in there