Performers Announced for the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen

On December 31, NHK will air the 68th edition of its annual year end music special, Kohaku Uta Gassen. The show will air from 7:15 PM JST to 11:45 PM JST. As previously reported, the show will be hosted by Uchimura Teruyoshi, with Arimura Kasumi leading the Red Team and Ninomiya Kazunari leading the White Team.

NHK has now revealed who will be performing on the show. Check out the list below!

Red Team
AI (3)
E-girls (5)
Sayuri Ishikawa (40)
Ichikawa Yukino (2)
AKB48 (10)
Oka Midori (debut)
Mai Kuraki (4)
Keyakizaka46 (2)
Sakamoto Fuyumi (29)
Shiina Ringo (5)
SHISHAMO (debut)
Shimazu Aya (4)
Superfly (2)
Takahashi Mariko (5)
Tendo Yoshimi (22)
TWICE (debut)
Nishino Kana (8)
Nogizaka46 (3)
Perfume (10)
Matsu Takako (3)
Seiko Matsuda (21)
Mizumori Kaori (15)
Little Glee Monster (debut)

White Team
Arashi (9)
Itsuki Hiroshi (47)
Elephant Kashimashi (debut)
Kanjani8 (6)
Hiromi Go (30)
Sandaime J Soul Brothers (6)
Sexy Zone (5)
Takehara Pistol (debut)
Tortoise Matsumoto (debut)
TOKIO (24)
Hikawa Kiyoshi (18)
Ken Hirai (8)
Fukada Kohei (4)
Masaharu Fukuyama (10)
Hey! Say! JUMP (debut)
Hoshino Gen (3)
Daichi Miura (debut)
Miyama Hiroshi (3)
Yamauchi Keisuke (3)
Yuzu (8)
WANIMA (debut)


  • Comments

    • Ash

      This really never changes up, does it?

      • There is a lot of change this year.

    • Seeing as how Tortoise Matsumoto debuted, Ringo is confirmed to do “Menukidori.” *awaits Ash’s fit*

      And LOL, at Matsu Takako getting on to sing the Doughnuts Hole song Ringo wrote.

      • Ash

        I was expecting the mall song/doughnuts hole. What else has she got this year except Oishii Kistesu which seems to have flopped somewhat.

        • We’ll have both!

          • Ash

            keep it

    • Taima-kun

      will Nino do the TT pose?
      congratulations to those debuting acts, just sad that Namie won’t be there

    • sammy

      Strange that Tortoise would go without the rest of Ulfuls this year… Did he release some solo material this year?

        • Ash

          Worst song by talented people of 2017????

        • sammy

          LOL that’s one collab I would have never thought of.

    • Lany *~

      kpop? why

      • A need to bring in young people? Same with Little Glee Monster.

    • eplizo

      A mess. Can’t say I care too much tho, like every year, I’m probably only going to watch the highlight performances of Daichi, Shiina, HSJ, and a few others lol.

      • rshina

        hahaha, I’m the same. looks like I’ll watch for HSJ, Daichi and Keyakizaka

      • WD79

        HSJ is considered not-mess? Lol.

        • lol

          Stop being bitter

    • anons

      they didn’t cut back on JE groups at all….

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        Of course not 😎

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        right now they’re almost ruining the show

      • Lol

        They need the ratings lol

      • mfban

        Actually, V6 and Kinki Kids are cut, only HSJ is added -> One slot less than last year. They didn’t cut the one that should be cut though…

    • MomoHirai

      Good Job Twice!

    • DAICHIIIIIII!!!! What should he sing?

      • EXCITE EXCITE~~~ of course lol

        • I say (RE)PLAY!

        • TRASH

          • isn’t “Excite” topped #1 in Oricon Weekly Single Charts? I thought he will perform it because of that.

            • Yes, but the song is his worst single ever.

              • EXCITE is for Kamen Rider fans and there are many of them. But I hope he sings something else. “Cry&Fight” would be fine too. (RE)PLAY can be most impressive if he brings those world class dancers like he did in his MV.

      • lwavesurfer

        They put out Utada, Radwimps, and Yellow Monkey for that?
        The audacity…

        • All three probably said no and only appeared last year for special reasons.

          • lwavesurfer

            Yep. I guess they know that Kohaku is not fun anymore.

      • BlessThisMess
        • But why would they be on? Their buzz was last year, not this year.

          • BlessThisMess

            true but i can still be sad since they were considered no? it would’ve been so fun! idk something about this lineup in general annoys me. but perfume’s there, so i’m cool.

    • AkaneHaga

      no horse???
      I NEED HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lwavesurfer

      I’m looking forward to Twice (especially Sana) interaction with E-girls, but overall, the lineup is pretty meh

      • Why do people think that there will be interactions? I’m also lost on the fascination with interactions.

        • lwavesurfer

          Sana was an ex trainee of LDH. She was acquainted with Kaede, if I’m not mistaken.

          • But what does that have to do with them actually being on stage at the same time at any point in time?

            • MomoHirai

              Instagram group photos backstage etc. Stuff like that can be considered interactions.

            • lwavesurfer

              It’s a fandom thing, I guess. I always like interaction between idols. And I think it’s nice to see Sana interacting with her old acquaintance.

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      What is TWICE doing on this list?
      What a travesty.
      Gorioshi at its worst.

      It’s sad that Queen Namie (or Utada Hikaru, for that matter) aren’t taking part but I’m sure she’d prefer to spend that time with her son, which is sweet.

      Not sure how I feel about either team, to be honest.

      • samaheux_1013

        TWICE is really popular among middle schoolers.

        • MomoHirai

          No actually its High Schoolers and Young Adults :)

      • Mela

        I love Twice but I think it’s too early for them to attend Kohaku. But I shouldn’t care since I don’t have any plan to watch it..except for Keyaki and Arashi maybe. Too sad many bigger names don’t get invited.

        • maybe bigger names got invited but didn’t want to attend
          looking forward to the gg’s and also twice ^^

    • Alex Lu

      Never heard of this show until learning Twice is attending. Wow biggest show in Japan. Go Twice! Hope a lot more Japanese fall for Asia’s girl group and that bring happiness to Japanese families like they have for all onces around the world.

      • Is this a real comment, or a parody?

        • Alex Lu

          I am sincere. Was there offense made?

      • lwavesurfer

        I hope you say this unironically because this is just sad

        • Alex Lu

          I’m just an international Twice fan excited about them having the opportunity to shine in Japan. I know very little of Japan entertainment industry. So if you would be so kind and explain why it should be sad?

          • lwavesurfer

            Japan music industry is not as huge as Kpop and I won’t blame you if you don’t know. But you’re here, in a Japanese news site, and you are not even looking up what Kohaku is and don’t how “significant” (I put that in quotation marks) this show in Japan. I believe you are not familiar with Japan music industry, but looking up at the topic before writing a comment is also important to avoid people (including myself) from ridiculing you.

            For startersōhaku_Uta_Gassen

            • The Japanese music industry is much bigger than the Korean music industry.

              • lwavesurfer

                I mean in terms of exposure and access to international public.

                • Different thing than what you said.

                  • lwavesurfer

                    I was wrong. Happy ronald?

            • Lol

              Loool japan is bigger than kpop musuc industry..
              Before you suggest someone do research 1st how bout you do the same?? xD

              • lwavesurfer

                read my comment after ronald’s reply, fool.

            • Alex Lu

              I still don’t know what the issue is as you have not explain anything other than providing the link and saying significant. I already knew this was Japan’s biggest music show performed at the end of the year with annual 40% plus viewer rating. I was excited because Japan is such an important market and Twice has opportunity to showcase and reach a broader Japanese audience. The wiki does not add anything new of significance for me. You obviously found something you disagree with as well as from some other responders and yet all I get is cryptic responses asking if I’m joking around but reponses providing no substance.

        • GUEST

          Why are you guys offended of what he said, let him say what he wants… weebs

          • lwavesurfer

            ah you have to resort to calling me weebs.

          • Another person who does not know the meaning of weeb….

      • AkaneHaga

        this person need to read

      • King Hide


    • Michie

      Hey! Say! JUMP is finally getting their Kohaku debut. bless

    • suezu

      a bit sad no V6 and KK but still many je on lists x_x
      there are plenty great singers and bands out there.
      and kpop on kohaku……………..

      • WD79

        KK already confirmed their countdown concert in Osaka after all.

    • 453646

      I like SZ but they do not belong here and they should’ve traded them with someone else.

    • Princess Stefany 🍓

      How do I get tickets?

    • Sitti Hariyati Saleh

      this show is mess

    • SsunShine

      No Amuro Namie :(

      And I hope my men Arashi gets to be the ootori again! 💙❤️💚💛💜

      Although I think Twice is a bit too early on going Kouhaku, can’t deny their Platinum single and album record. And also the trend of TT. Plus I get to see them on the same event with Arashi. Life complete!

    • rshina

      looking to the performers lists, who do you think will win?

      • She’s a younger enka singer.

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        Who’s the judges?

    • yamakita

      Barely any enka left…

    • I’m Roxxxy Andrews

      Are sexy zone even popular in Japan? I know at least hsj is popular amongst high school/middle school girls. Who is sexy zone’s target audience anyways? 5 year olds?

      • neko

        Im 29 and I like them… so I happy they weren’t cut it out

      • Kinder

        Lol. First of all, i want to say thank you, because you really made my day. (actually, no). Next. 5 year olds? Seriously? If that’s a joke, can i ask you to tell me another joke? A funny one, if possible. Basically, their target audience is the same as HSJ’s. And yes, this kids are quite popular in Japan (surprise!).

    • WD79

      Lol so much for rumours of Kanjani8 and Keyakizaka46 being dropped from Kouhaku…

    • WD79

      Anyway, FNS has announced the first wave of artists too. Just FYI.

    • Kylie


    • gus

      So who has the anime slot this year?

      • lwavesurfer

        Wouldn’t be nice if Maaya Sakamoto could perform.

        • Step Rivera

          I loved her song More Than Words that was used for Code Geass Akito the Exiled End.

      • SWY

        Kuraki Mai

      • King Hide

        probably sekai no owari with rain?

      • sammy

        I don’t think there’s a hardcore otaku-slanted anime spot this year, what with the Kemono Friends-Tatsuki fiasco and Love Live already having done their thing. There may be time for family anime songs if Hikawa Kiyoshi does his Dragon Ball Super theme or Kuraki Mai does her Conan stuff, but it looks like NHK canned it for this year.

        • King Hide

          i actually predicted Daoko x Yonezu Kenshi would attend or atleast yonezu kenshi alone but well..

      • IRI

        is that LGM sing opening for Boruto Anime?

    • kebanyakan makan micin cin

      I’m sexy zone fan, I know JE try so hard to not let them flop so they keep them on KUG (yeah SZ isnt belong to) but their lastest song is such a bop too :3

      and also I’m kpop fan, not twice hater/fan but I don’t like twice on KUG. They let kpop perform over ‘the real best’ japanese groups lol I still dont get why kpop keep active in japan like releasing japanese albums/singles, They are better active in korea since they are ‘KPOP’ group no?. I find it gross listening my fave kpop group’s (and other kpop groups) japanese song their pronouncations are meh.. like tsu become cheu lol

      • neko

        I am a fan to , I know they don’t belong there , but theire new song is pretty good so I happy for them.

        • Mela

          I’m a casual fan and I pretty much agree with you.I just hope they could sing well. Tbh I’m still not impressed by their live performance in Japan music show.

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        Lol their z sounds are hard to listen to as well

    • HevRev

      No Kinki Kids, I wonder if it’s because Tsyoushi is still unwell or because they’re hosting Johnny’s Countdown?

    • BlessThisMess

      this is so frustrating… no namie and WHAT are these debuts next to miura??? daichi worked his ass off for years to get here but whatever who cares about that, i’ll just go ahead and self ban from OH right now so i don’t have to witness the disrespect in action.

      • Mela

        This..I feel bad for him but feel even worse for other big names who never get invited.
        E-girls is getting stale and I don’t think they’re still as impactful as before. They should invite Flower instead.

      • What

        Honestly I have the same feelings about Daichi…. Talk about being unfair

    • Kanjo Maru

      Wow Shishamo is a nice surprise

    • dev_null0

      There is an article on Oricon where at the end the producer of the Kohaku explains why Twice was picked:
      TLDR; they charted number one in their debut and that they are popular with the younger generation.

    • neko

      Im happy for sexy zone !

    • Rika

      Honestly… I think the list is okay (not perfect, but not bad). Not a huge fan of HSJ (would have preferred Kinki Kids over them) but still okay. I think it’s good that they cut down one JE group though.
      I don’t mind the idol groups in the list, but I wished there was more Enka.

      (Though the perfect list doesn’t exist anyways.)

      • KinKi only appear last year for their 20th anniversary. They have their usual countdown con at the same day and time like usual.

        • mfban

          Kinki debuted in 1997 and HSJ debuted in 2007. Kinki appeared in Kouhaku last year to celebrate their 20th anniversary and HSJ appear this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Awkward and confusing all the way, huh.

          • guest

            J&A made KinKi celebrate last year so they won’t overshadow their favourite HSJ this year. They think HSJ can be the next Arashi, lmao, but they fail to see how different Arashi’s case and the public reaction to the group was.

            • mfban

              LOL don’t be so mean to the youngsters. HSJ were taken care of pretty well in their first year, but then were dropped for many years, not until they started to be included more since 2013. I don’t see how they are regarded as “favorite” compared to the 5-time Kouhaku SZ or even Kisumai before Iijima left. But if you really want to be bitter, sure, J&A would obviously prefer the rising HSJ over the matured and stagnant KK. That’s how this world works.

          • rshina

            Sexy Zone have been in Kouhaku even before their 10th years anniversary. that’s far more awkward

            • mfban

              What I meant is KK debuted exactly 10 years before HSJ, but their celebration something is one year different. That is what I found awkward and confusing.

            • g

              10th anniversary has nothing to do with it. TOKIO appeared on Kouhaku 3 months after their debut.

          • Is this reply intended for me?

    • pondloso

      I love Ken Hirai Shiina Ringo and SHISHAMO so much but i really hope ratting this year will be a mess
      so nhk will stop thinking like fuji tv.

      • What do you mean?

        • pondloso

          well fuji try so hard for ratting with a lot of cringe drama that lead by some teen age idol who is popular in that time but in the end it just back fire mass viewer are looking for drama that have a fit lead role now day people just stay away from all of fuji drama no matter how good they drama becuse of they still feel bad about over pushing teen idol.

    • Zakiyya Amajida

      No Keyaki? and they put Twice there………

      • Huong Tran

        …it’s right there

        Keyakizaka46 (2)

    • Totokoko

      I was surprised Daoko x Kenshi wasn’t up there but then I realized Daoko has a tour during that time.
      That and the fact that if Kenshi said no there was no way Daoko would show up.

    • Dalooshe

      One day KOHH will be on Kohaku and I shall be tuning in only for that <333

      • Kyrie

        I would cry tears of joy, no joke. KOHH is my dude, he has surpass my love of KREVA, which is no easy feat! Im happy as hell for Daichi, I use to be a HUGE fan of his a couple of years ago (it has died down a bit now). Its wild how far he has come and even though the Kouhaku isnt as elite as it use to be, I can still cannot contain my excitement!

        • Dalooshe

          If it’s something they aim to achieve one day then I’ll simply be here to support that so your excitement is understandable ;)

    • No Namie….I sad. ;_;

    • Guest

      No Hijokaidan :(

    • Shinra-Electric

      Elekashi! finally the fighting men get their due!

      • GG

        More like Elakashit

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      Is Little Glee Monster relevant/popular?

    • fate Ogino

      AAA also out? Heard it’s ratings were not good? Lollol…

    • Navin

      I love that WANIMA is getting a shot! They’ve rekindled my love for cheery happy Jrock, so they deserve all the love.

    • Liokt

      Worst line-up in years…

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