Ohno Satoshi is living together with former actress “A”

On Friday, September 4, just after 10:30 pm, Ohno Satoshi was spotted coming out of a spa by Japanese tabloid FRIDAY.

His group Arashi has hosted the “NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” for the last 5 years and sold over 30 million CDs.

For someone as busy as him, the leader of the group who is also active as an actor and artist, it might seem like his spa visit was but for stress relief.

However, when he came out of the establishment, a woman was holding on to him tightly. She is described as a slim beauty of about 170 cm. Her identity has been revealed to be former actress “A” (24) and Ohno’s current lover.

One of her acquaintances says, “A has acted in big projects like the Fuji TV drama “Life” and the movie “Real Onigokko 5″ but was not able to live off just her acting career. She worked part-time at a bar in Nishiazabu where she got along well with Ohno, who was a visitor to said bar. They have been dating for about a year. Because she likes painting as well, she has said things like ‘Our hobbies match!’ to brag about their relationship.”

The two of them enjoyed the sauna for about one and a half hours and then came out of the spa together, got into a taxi in a haste and drove to Ohno’s residence non-stop.

“The two of them moved in together as soon as they started dating. Currently, A has put her entertainment activities on hold and is working in their household, supporting Ohno who is very busy. The other day, she said that she was preparing bread for him a day before because he has to get up at 7 am” (same acquaintance)

With this and TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun (41) getting married a few days ago, the Johnny & Associates tradition that “idols have to be single” is slowly dying.

Several days after their sauna date, the two have been spotted by Friday again. This time, they were seen visiting a high-class Yakiniku restaurant. Friday landed a direct hit on Ohno when he came out:

Friday reporter: “This is Friday. It seems like you are getting along very well with A.”
Ohno: “Huh? What?!”

The full dialog can be found in this week’s issue of FRIDAY.

Here are the paparazzi pictures that have been taken of them (click to enlarge):

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(via Yahoo News)

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    • trebletones

      I’m just so happy for him. Out of the five, I think Ohno’s the one who people least expect to be in a relationship with a girl…so this was a pleasant surprise. I’ve read that the girl bakes bread for him every morning. ♥︎

    • fortunely

      It’s about time that cray fans accept the fact that their idols do not owe their personal lives to them.

      • udarie

        Yeah. Its mental to be that obsessive over an idol.
        Thank goodness general fans reactions are pretty positive so far.

      • udarie

        Btw, what do you guys think about this fan speculation? Johnny’s litmus test?:
        “2) If the news article is true, this former actress Natsume Suzu DID NOT pass the Johnnie’s Girlfriend Litmus Test. This may be harsh, but maybe JE doing a background check on these girls is not a bad thing. Tokio’s Taichi-kun dated his TBS staff fiance for 9 years & they lived together for 4 years and nobody knows who she is or what she looks like. And do you see V6′s Inohara sempai’s actress wife publicly post their family life pics? SMAP’s Mrs. Kimura also fiercely protects her daughters’ privacy. These women who are still married to their Johnnies all passed the Litmus test.
        This girl was in the business, she should understand how important Privacy is for everyone, especially someone like Ohno. Why the hell would she post off shot pics of Ohno’s apartment on her Instagram??
        The article stated that JE reported their findings back to Ohno and Ohno himself agreed to END the relationship. And this tabloid story comes out now.
        3) Timing of Natsume’s Instagram postings – she furiously posted various hints (purple sofa, the wooden floors, location of where Ohno lives) within the last month. WHY???
        I will wait for the official news but my heart already aches for Ohno if he really got scammed or he fell in love with someone who only wanted to be with him because he’s Arashi.”

        Ohno kind of cried in Miyagi greetings today while saying Arashi (&fans) are most important to him. Bugger. Poor chap.

        • kielbasa

          Sounds butthurt.

        • kunyit

          looks like fanfic story

          • udarie

            I think she got it from a Men’s Lab article. The title was 大野智が夏目鈴との同棲愛フライデー報道を否定 その真意とは!?if you want to google it out. I hope Ohno didn’t martyred himself by ending the relationship and indirectly causing harm to the girl. Looking at some fans reaction, they were out for blood.

          • kunyit

            it was expected there will be some cray fans out there..hope the news he ended the relationship isnt true and he just let the news go down..and he probably just keep silent like the other johnnys who got pictured papped

        • mugiwara

          I’m not sure if Kudou Shizuka actually passed the litmus test… I mean, it was a shotgun wedding after all which didn’t leave them with much of a choice. Though yes, post-wedding she does seem to at least be smart enough not to do stupid things like reveal any family life details and so forth. Likewise, Seto Asaka (V6’s Inocchi’s wife) also apparently had (has?) her blog posts vetted by J&A, and although she regularly blogs about her kids, no real details are given and Inocchi is never even remotely mentioned. She has however been cornered during TV shows, such as by Tamori asking whether their son looks like Inocchi XD

          But so far, those that weren’t shotgun marriages mostly (if not all) seem to involve very long relationships before they tied the knot. Fans are always more accepting, in fact extremely happy, when such relationships end up in marriage. Inocchi (10 years), and TOKIO’s Gussan (8 years) and Taichi (9 years) are prime examples. Of course, not all long relationships end in marriage… Morita Go-Ueto Aya and Nagase Tomoya-Hamasaki Ayumi come to mind.

          • udarie

            So Johnny’s litmus test is a thing? Wth. Ideally, they should marry whomever they want to marry. Realistically I can understand its bad for business. This is the first time I hear about this litmus test and I’ve been following J&a for over a decade lol.

            Kudou Shizuka is a popular (but fading) idol back then and she didn’t have much scandals prior to Kimutaku shotgun.

            • mugiwara

              Actually I have no idea if it’s really a thing, and I doubt J&A will ever come out and say so either way XD But as you said, it can be bad for business so I wouldn’t put it past J&A to have some say in who their boys date and marry. There have been a number of articles with mentions of J&A “interfering” in relationships, such as making Morita Go break up with AV actress Miyuki Alice, or not being too approving of Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi, or making Ikuta Toma too busy to attend summer festivals and meet that married woman he was pictured holding hands with (forgot her name)… I think there was one Arashi relationship they didn’t approve of either but I can’t really remember off my cuff. I happened to be reading some girlschannel thread on Okada-Aoi yesterday, so the V6 examples are fresh in my mind.

              Also, I’m sorry, I phrased it badly ^^; What I meant was that Shizuka never got a “chance” to “undergo” any litmus test (if there is one at all), as the marriage was a shotgun and they didn’t have a choice, not that she didn’t pass. Sorry for the poor phrasing.

              Anyway, I agree with you that ideally, they should have the freedom to marry whoever they want to. I’m just happy whenever any of them get married. When I hear stories of Kimutaku, Inocchi, Gussan etc being good husbands/papas, it makes me happy. On the other hand I can’t exactly say that knowing that Okada likely had a relationship with a married woman gave me a good feeling. So yeah, it definitely affects business. Some fans are more rabid than others and have more extreme reactions to such things, though.

        • Guest

          What’s the johny’s litmus test? This is the first time i’ve heard about this!

    • Ryusei

      can’t have been very big roles. I tried to look through the cast of the movie and the drama and didn’t find any that were in both

    • Maylin

      Fans on Twitter found out her name and her instagram its crazy! She blocked everything after receiving negative comments.
      her name is : Natsume Suzu (stage name). I must say i’m happy for him and she’s suuuper cute looking! Almost looks similar to Tsubasa Honda <3 Good for you oh-chan! :D

    • uhnny

      Ahh finally~ you deserve to be with someone you truly love Riida!!! I’m so happy for him. Stay in love~ and it’s cute that they have things in common. I hope Sho-kun gets FRIDAY(ed) next! :))

      • Dayinta

        ikr! i hope sho-kun too~! XD

    • Yes, please! ♡ I hope she’s the one for him ’cause I really want him to get married and be happy. Bb deserves happiness.

      • Omoniyati Yati

        yeahh, ohno needs to get married asap and be happy with his wife outside his work life!

    • Kazu223

      “idols have to be single” …He is turning 35 in 2 months…This rule shouldn’t be applied to idols who are 35 and above….They are old enough to have a family. Arashi are getting old, fans should learn to accept that their idols will marry someone someday…

      • udarie

        “Contrary to popular belief, most fans are pretty welcoming to their fav Johnny’s who’s beyond 30s getting married/ in a committed relationship”. A lot of fans reactions are pretty positive.

        Too bad a lot of cray cray fans are in the loud majority. The mental ones even likes to attack the partner directly through sns accounts. They should get their heads checked.

    • guest

      Seriously if the description of the Girl is true I am happy as hell for him, cause it’s so good to have some one supporting him like that. My only wish is for those selfish fangirls to grow already! He deserves to be happy! It’s a shame to have that awesome man alone!

      Also I don’t see anything bad with her age, if she’s 24 she shoud be mature enough. I only can laugh at the fact she’s younger than me xD

      It seems some “fans” already attacked the supposed girl on her Instagram. T_T

      I hope the fans behave on the upcoming concerts~.~
      I don’t want Ohno to feel bad for this.

    • OhNana

      honestly, I won’t be surprised if they get married sooner rather than later. :D
      congrats to Ohno who found someone who’ll bake bread for him every morning! (^_^)

      • OhNana

        cause he loves bread (aside from fish). and yea. I would be looking forward to other member’s getting FRIDAY-ed as one commenter pointed out. hahaha! XD

    • w

      twitter did the same thing they did to morita go’s rumor and found out it was natsume suzu. there was evidence all over her insta and twitter and they tried to blast her until she locked them both. oop.

    • guest

      “With this and TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun (41)
      getting married a few days ago, Johnny’s Entertainment’s tradition that
      “idols have to be single” is slowly dying.”

      Johnny’s idols have been getting married and getting Fridayed since the beginning of times.
      *It’s Johnny and Associates not Johnny’s Entertainment

      • Johnny’s idols have indeed been doing this for ages but the source mentioned this because this is two of them doing it in such a short timespan.

        Thanks for the info! Johnny’s Entertainment is one of their labels, right? Somehow I always mix that up. I corrected it in the article now :)

        • guest

          I guess they just wanted to namedrop Taichi lol

          Yep. JE is the first J&A label with groups like KinKi Kids and NEWS. Other groups like Arashi and TOKIO are under the other label J-Storm.

        • Udarie

          Did the aticle stated they reported Ohno rendezvous and he agreed to break up the relationship? Just wondering which tabloid the fans are getting their source from lol.

          • It’s from FRIDAY and as far as I know the only thing he said was “no comment”

            • udarie

              FRIDAY might’ve gotten the scoop months ago and only posted it now because Miyagi concert. It seems they are no longer together now.

              Man.. I couldn’t find where the broken up relationship source came from.

            • udarie

              *they reported Ohno rendevou to Johnny and he agreed to end the relationship.

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        Yeah, Johnny’s can have relationships officially when they’re 30 anyway. As for marriage, it’s matter of who Johnny’s gives permission to next… I imagine it will still be a long time until the next one gets permission.

      • Amy

        No, It’s johnny’s Enetrtainment OR/AND Johnny & Associates :)

    • FishingLeader

      The age difference is a little large… but still I’m very happy for him! =D Hope JE fans won’t get too crazy over this =/

    • me

      oh my…kudos to the lady who could make ohno forgetting about fish, fish & fish! LOL
      i really hope this is true, and can’t wait for the wedding news since ohno said that he’s eager to marry on AWS the making!…congratz riidaa <333

    • Nya

      Ohno deserves so much love…. if it’s all true I am so happy for him! You’ve found your girl man! & I hope everything goes well for the two of them!♥

      There was some tensions when the fans found her Instagram account… But now I seeing people being more positive and even trending #智が嵐でいてくれればそれでいい on twitter. I really hope most of the fans will support him as he deserves after all he has done for Arashi.

    • a

      ever since taichi got married people are so thirsty for marriage announcements. they really asked if he was going to marry him lol.

    • kunyit

      whats with idols have to be single…Johnnys can date though they only do it on low level :P
      congrats oh-chan..finally there is some news about arashi scandal again hoho..
      waiting for sho kun got friday-ed :D

    • Friday reporter: “This is Friday. It seems like you are getting along very well with A.”
      Ohno: “Huh? What?!”

      HAHAHA. Classic Ohno.
      I’m seriously happy for him though. He deserves a chance at companionship, just like everyone else.

    • light

      Ohno is so…Ohno in those pics lol
      It’s been ages since i’ve seen a Ohno dating rumor. She likes painting,fishing and she makes him bread in the morning,if true they are the perfect match XD

      Hope nobody gives him shit tomorrow at Miyagi,some “fans” can be real jerks.

      • kunyit

        hope not…it make me remember how fans could be jerk the last time nino dating rumor blew up…hope tomorrow concert will be smooth like usual…

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        yeah, picking his nose XD

    • guest

      I’m sooo happy for our Riida!! Finally he found someone who he loves!! >< Congratulations Riida and I want to see a wedding announcement soon!! ;) jk but really Omedetou! I wish you two everlasting happiness~~ -Your fan-

    • Good for both of them. That’s what I like to see!

    • Lady Sara

      I always wish in Riida birthday to kiss a girl & be happy LOL
      So I’m really happy he have a girlfriend ^^

    • Taima-kun

      FRIDAY doing an ambush interview while Ohno’s just like “what?”
      so typical of him lol
      looking forward to the full dialog

    • blehbleh

      So happy for my lovely Riida!!

    • Yendy Wimolsaeng

      When I read this, I was so happy! I didn’t even expect Ohno to be in a relationship. This is great. They are just like anybody else, they can be in a relationship and the rules about being single in Johnny’s is so overrated. I’m on full support for him!!!

    • eruki

      Eh?Is it ohno first big scandal? I see many fans being too overacted. He’s human too. Even he is not like yamapi and jin who involved with many girls before but he is stilll good looking idol and popular, its not normal if he never have girlfriend lol

      • Definitely not but is the first “bad” one in a long time (in 2013 was one about him dating one of the funky girls from shiyagare i think)
        The biggest one was in 2008 and involves a threesome and marihuana. Google under your ow risk lol

        • unexpected

          If I remember right, for the funky girl it was an April fool.

      • kunyit

        maybe it is the first scandal he got papped with a girl..but this biggest scandal was the 2008’s…he must apologized before tv show recording and drama’s shoot

    • hotaru hime

      hmm.. he reportedly denied the relationship and explained that they’re “just friends”. (Although many fans managed to put together various “evidence” of them being “close”.)

      Kis My is having their concert too, and Fujigaya was being asked about his relationship scandal too. In which he did not make any comments about it. No acknowledgement nor denies.. (There must be a reason why he wasn’t made to deny this scandal. Maybe the agency approved of this relationship~)

      Its either Ohno and A-san are really not what Friday made it seems, or Ohno just have to deny it so as not to affect his job/ Arashi. (or made to deny due to other reasons…)

      Either way, I felt happy for them when I heard the news. It is an idol’s job to shower “happiness” to fans, but sometimes I’m envious of the woman behind that idol, who is most likely the source of his happiness :)

    • yamakita

      I think the real news here is the height difference! Go, Ohno!

    • Rei

      Not here to judge whether fans are truly happy for him, like a good fan would, or bash the girl like crazy fans would. One thing for sure, is that I believe Inochhi and Taichi has their fair share of ‘crazy’ fans too. But they also never bashed the relationship. Why so many Ohno fans are outraged or crazy for that matter, is that the girl’s motives are highly suspected. For an ex-actress to get near to a famous personality, well, I could say that there is a 50-50 chance of a shot at true love, or fame. Whether for love, or for fame, we will only see it in like 6-10 months’ time, to see if she makes a comeback to the scene, and whether she is going to star in any new drama coming up. LOL, at least for now, MOST Arashi fans would already have known who she is, as compared to her forgettable performances in previous dramas.

    • Gisele

      Let the ojisan alone ffs

    • aina sazna

      Now…after all this stuff,,maybe they are already many of the artist that have married secretly i guest

    • Bronn

      Jesus, the poor dude is 36 and he’s still not allowed to have a relationship. He better donate his sperm now before he eventually get married and is not fertile anymore. Assuming he wants to have a kid that is.