Nikkei Entertainment “Talent Power Ranking” 2016 : Top Johnnys List

The results of the latest Nikkei Entertainment’s “Talent Power Ranking” and its several categories were already posted. The large scatter plots were reduced to Johnnys talents and their groups in the charts below, including the Top 15 Soaring Johnnys list.

For those curious, check out the charts below.

**Please take note that the charts below mostly deal with the Horizontal axis: Recognition or how well known a talent is. If you want to check, the Vertical Axis or Interest Level, all Johnnys groups are at beyond point 60 in the graph. Please also note that the charts are not in Nikkei publication but narrowed down to Johnnys groups and talents as summarized by twitter user shishini_j. Other Nikkei charts such as top 30 Musical acts and Celebrities including Johnnys were already previously posted.

***Sorry not all names are translated, but the colors and group charts should help better identify the names.

Johnny & Associates Groups

Graph below shows the different groups in terms of name recognition (familiarity) comparing year 2015 and 2016. Remarkable increases for V6 who celebrated their 20th anniversary last year and Hey! Say! JUMP who surpassed Kis-My-Ft2 slightly. Other groups are more or less in the same position as last year.

Johnny & Associates Individual Talents

Below is the chart for the different talents of Johnny & Associates (group indicated by color) in terms of name / face recognition. SMAP, TOKIO, Arashi members, and Masahiko Kondo are all at point 85 and above. Higashiyama Noriyuki, Kinki Kids, Tackey and Tsubasa, several V6 members, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Nishikido Ryo, Ikuta Toma, Tegoshi Yuya, Murakami Shingo follows after at point 70 – 84.

Several Johnnys Jr also made it to the charts (yellow).


Below are charts for each group and its group members in terms of name/ face recognition. There is an upward trend for familiarity for most individual members. Several common factors for groups below – most groups have that most popular member/s. In some instances too, these members have higher recognition than their group itself.


Experiencing remarkable increases are Kanjani8’s Murakami Shingo, NEWS’ Shigeaki Kato and Tegoshi Yuya, and KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi. The respective group’s most popular members (Nishikido Ryo, Tegoshi Yuya, Kamenashi Kazuya) remain ahead, similar with the previous years.


Kis-My-Ft2, Hey! Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone

There is also an upward trend in recognition for most individual members of the groups. Fujigaya Taisuke and Tamamori Yuta lead Kis-my-Ft2. Yamada Ryosuke maintains his lead in Hey! Say! JUMP while all other members managed to chart this time. Nakajima Kento increased and remains most popular for Sexy Zone.

Top 15 Soaring Johnnys Ranking

This is Nikkei’s chart of Johnnys talents that made a huge improvement from their past rank due to their increase popularity. Last year, Yamada Ryosuke topped the charts with 6.6 points.

soaring talent

(source here and here)

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    • Esha

      Thanks for the article. I wish Kamenashi Kazuya’s ranking gets better next year.

      • Meryem Ben Brahim

        me too <3

      • Mar

        Me too <3 (x 2)

      • kamemin223


    • light

      This is interesting,thanks for sharing =)
      Who is that junior with 16 points?He’s higher than some debuted people.

      • nothingsover

        Kyomoto Taiga, his father is an actor. He’s pretty popular as a junior, but even I didn’t realize he was more well-known than Jessie.

        • light

          Thanks for answering! I know nothing about juniors but after seeing a pic i think i’ve seen him once while performing with others, he looks cute=)

          • nothingsover

            Np! I don’t really know much about most Juniors these days but he’s been around for quite a while so I know him from Shounen Cub (watched it 5+ years back, I think).

        • melon

          Jesse is well known because of his dancing, singing and looks among Juniors fans but Taiga has been getting recognition from non fans after he played Rudolph in the musical Elisabeth
          it was a large scale production with only professional actors and he got good reviews for his performance so I think that’s helped him earned more and a different kind of fans. I wish Jesse and Masuda Ryo would follow a similar path because they have the potential to go further.

          • nothingsover

            He was Rudolph in Elisabeth??? I’m a musical fan but I didn’t even know that! Maybe because he was double cast with Furukawa Yuta, so I didn’t pay attention to him hahaha XDD

            • guest

              He’ll be in Elisabeth this year too.

            • melon

              Yep! He was in it in 2015. He’s supposed to work in Souvenir this year as well. If I remember correctly, Taiga said it was his first time receiving training for singing musical theater.

    • nothingsover

      Never realized how unknown HSJ members were. Also didn’t realize how popular Yaotome Hikaru is.

      • aqua88

        HSJ has always been about Yamada.
        I remember speaking to some Japanese about HSJ.
        If they know HSJ at all, the only member they know is Yamada. Sometimes, Chinen.
        Or, sometimes they don’t know HSJ, but they know Yamada.

        It’s good that the other members are getting more recognition now. I’ve mentioned this in several other articles, but HSJ is really getting more popular. Tickets to their concerts are really hard to come by now.

        • nothingsover

          Wow that’s so weird for me to think about. Because I got into Johnnys back in like 2004/5, and so I used to watch Shounen Club and whatever so I knew like Yabu, Yuto, etc. through that. Then when they debuted, I thought they were gonna be really popular (especially since it took Johnnys a few years after before they debuted any new groups). I guess they have a pretty strong fandom because they are Johnnys, and their sales are good, but that doesn’t mean they’re as popular all-around.

          • aqua88

            Yeah its the Johnnys name that has been carrying them thus far. Their sales have been hovering at 100k+ for years.
            Only the past 1-2 years that they really started making a name for themselves.

            Compare that to Kisumai, who started off with sales or about 300k or so. I think partly its because the members debuted really young.

            • nothingsover

              Well Kisumai also had a fanbase from before they debuted. Kisumai formed in 2005 (or earlier, depending on how you wanna call it) and didn’t debut til 2011. Before their debut, they were already having their own concerts and everyone had been waiting for them to debut. In contrast, HSJ debuted with a bunch of largely unrelated members.

              • aqua88

                It’s like how when Yamada and Daiki once appeared in a TV show, they quizzed the hosts/MC, asking them to name all HSJ members.
                They were like.. there’s Yamada, there’s Daiki (since he’s there), Chinen,….. then….Hikaru…. silence.
                Daiki also said this in the same show, saying whenever both him and Yamada are on the streets, people recognises Yamada and greets him. They sometimes start gushing about their love for HSJ, but not recognising Daiki next to Yamada. Then the MC was like.. I’m sure there are times people recognise you but not Yamada. Daiki and Yamada both were like.. no. that never happened before.

        • Leyla

          I really like HSJ, but most JE-groups that are really really at the top (and not only a momentarily hype) like SMAP, Arashi and TOKIO have members that are pretty equal in popularity. Of course some of them are paticularly popular, but they are all pretty close in therms of popularity.
          The extreme focus on Yamada will only hinder them, I think.

          • Reileen

            It will probably get better in the next yrs now that the grp is gaining steam. It’s like a JE strategy to have a popular member bait you into a grp and pull everyone up after. Like Matsujun did for Arashi. Kanjani8 was kinda patethic before w/ only Ryo on top then JE pushed the grp and the members, now everyone is pulled up and Hina is catching up (gasp!) To Ryo

            • aqua88

              I agree. Lately, the other HSJ members are gaining more solo work.
              I feel as though Yabu’s the saddest though. It’s like he barely gets any lines anymore.

            • Leyla

              But it takes too long… doesn’t it? I mean, by now HSJ=Yamada (don’t get me wrong I really like HSJ, but I still find it to be a one-man-show quite often). The other groups were a lot faster with pushing the other members too.

              I really hope the other Jump-members will get a huge push too.

        • Reileen

          That sounds abt accurate bec in Nikkei, Yamada has more recognition than HSJ lol. But the grouo getting more popular is also true, with sales doubling over

      • Mjjeje

        I was actually quite surprised that HSJ wasn’t that popular in Japan. Because to me personally they have more appeal as compare to other younger Johnny’s group. But that’s just me though.

        • light

          From an outsider pov since i’m not a HSJ fan, i think they are popular enough with Johnny’s fans. But between the fact that there are a lot of members and that they seemed to push Yamada alone for so long it’s no real surprise that the others aren’t well known and recognizable for the general public.

    • H

      Happy for Ken but I thought Go would rank too considering he’s being considered as a real actor now.

    • Leyla

      Who is the one with 84 points in white? I don’t recognize his name *fail*

      Happy for Arashi members, Ryo and Kame <3

      • oh

        Shounentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki

        • Leyla

          Oh dear, thanks!! It should have been obvious to me that it’s Higashi ^^

    • the groupie who

      eito members are strong but together the group is waaaaaaaaay stronger . Good job, Kanjani8! And congrats to Hina :) well deserved

    • omg

      Do they get a pay raise according to these rankings? LOL

    • jiiko

      The Soaring Johnny’s ranking makes sense, most if it isn’t surprising, but I haven’t seen much of Yaotome Hikaru anywhere. Is the increase just because of Hirunandesu?

      • M

        I thought it was odd too. Like, “What has he done that’s any different from last year?” Lol

      • Reileen

        I always thought 2nd most popular is Chinen no matter how other people rave about Yuto lol. But Hikaru it is! I don’t know what he has done different but never underestimate the power of being an MC

    • Mar

      Nakamaru!!! Congrats❤ I wish that Ueda charts higher next year.
      Maruda can do it.

    • eruki

      If I remember correct, yamapi was higher than kame on last years rank? Kame higher only 0.2 gap this year though but then looking at kame’s group chart, he also lower than last year. I understand with yamapi, its like he not appear on music shows and not release new musics for few years already but i think kame and kattun get appear on tv very often especialy on their 10th anniv.
      I just curious how they count the points?I saw some johnnys get high points but honestly I dont recognize their popularity.

      • lovi_disq

        My hope for yamapi more music release and music shows this year still not come true .it seems :(
        unlike toma, he rarely join and promo with any johnny’s shows too. idk why.

        • eruki

          I heard he currently work his movie with other popular china and taiwan stars now. I think he is pretty busy with filming overseas that why no music/drama this year. I also don’t undestand with J&A send him to china but i hope its worth. at least he’ll get have concert next few months.
          Yamapi was ex-iijima boy so yeah, he still not guest on julie groups show yet.

        • ztf

          IA and I can’t wait for him to be included

    • Stuff like this is always so interesting.

    • lufie

      should post most liked and most hated johnny’s too. Its also interesting list lol

      • Fdt

        That list has a very small pool of voters and aren’t as comprehensive as Nikkei’s. I think this survey was done 3 times a year and the publication was based on the total annually. I just don’t think this summary is accurate enough because it only count the recognition points not the interest points.

        • lufie

          Yes, agree with you that nikkei survey were bigger. but the shuukan josei also interesting for me to see the most recent and the opposite love and hate polls XD

    • Ftd

      I think the combined points from the axis (interest:recognition) is more accurate to determine actual popularity. People might recognize some Johnny’s but their interest in them is lower. I don’t think people care about what’s Goro doing compared to Aiba for instance.

    • ran

      Needs more Ueda!! There’s barely any increase for him in the last few years. I’m happy for Nakamaru, hope this trend continues for him. Kame needs to exceed his 2015 mark!

    • hotaru hime

      Hina omedetou!!!!!!!! +W+

      i can’t help but to notice matsushima sou (SZ)’s ranking hasn’t been improving as greatly as the rest. When I watched his Byakuya solo, i was so taken aback by how fast this guy has been growing in the shadows!

      this black horse really deserve more notices XD

      • K.Y.

        ikr? So needs more attention and exposure, he deserves it.

      • Guest

        I honestly know next to nothing about SZ but Sou definitely stood out to me most in the recent Vs Arashi. He’s adorable. Now I’m really curious to check out that solo lol

      • jiiko

        He’s very well-liked amongst Johnny’s fans but people who don’t follow Johnny’s activities have no way of seeing him. All of the others have been in dramas and movies and in variety shows and without that work for Matsushima he probably will never catch up to them. However, it seems like no matter how much work Kikuchi gets, he never really keeps people interested, so since Matsushima is by contrast really interesting, if he does start getting more work I won’t be surprised if he surpasses Kikuchi down the road, probably Marius too.

      • Nacchan

        He’s ranking is not improving because sou hardly have any solo work. J&A should stop treating him like he’s nothing, he’s improving so much I just hope that he’ll have a solo work to show it

    • K.Y.

      Glad to see Genki (and Jesse) in the list <3

    • kamemin223

      Kame’s popularity soar at 2012 and 2015. Hope he gains more in the upcoming years. Ganbatte kame!

    • tamu

      Sasuga Arashi Smap and Tokio…
      his movie looks like helping nino got higher recognition..

    • marichoko

      I hope Johnny’s West become more popular in the coming years.. I’m cheering for them ^^)❤

      • jiiko

        It’s likely they will. They have little recognition but high demand, meaning the people who *do* know of them like them and are interested in seeing more of them. All of the members have solo acting and variety jobs fairly regularly so it might be a slow gain, but they’re really doing things right by covering those bases.

    • Reileen

      Who is that red group (is that a grp) in between NEWS and Kanjani8?

      • jiiko


        • Reileen


    • Reileen

      So I looked over again at the charts and realized that
      Kame is the most popular from among the You&J groups. But Kame, Ryo, and Yamapi has always been popular from the get go
      Yamada the most popular even among Kisumai, SZ & HSJ
      The rise of Tegoshi Yuya, wow the dude has really brought himself up
      The most popular is usually the actors, then the MCs (Hina, Nakamaru, Koyama, Hikaru, Tegoshi)

    • Kiki

      I hope Maru and Tat-chan get more recognition during the hiatus. If they do well like Kame, maybe that will be a good sign for KAT-TUN if/when they reunite.

    • Reileen

      Can the Yamapi stans stop talking to themselves in this thread

      • disqus1122

        I see many HSJ fans here xD

        • Reileen

          Different IP IDs

          • taiyou

            comments with same IP but different accounts? Maybe 1 person? don’t mind 1 person. There is always fans like that on fandom. I also Pi stan.. and NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi. and I’m a nice girl lol

            • Reileen

              I don’t usually mind. It’s like this w/ the previous Yamapi posts and I don’t call it out but I saw it again and it’s gotten hilarious lol. But yeah no biggie

    • disqus1122

      Wow SMAP 👏👏

    • disqus1122

      SMAP and Arashi still top to this rank. Cool ~

    • taiyou

      nice to see tegoshi and Shigee increase at soaring rank. NEWS 4 really did good.

    • ztf

      How greats for V6, that’s amazing, also Yamapi is more popular than so many members of other groups, sugoiP

    • Encha277

      Could anyone tell me which color is which NEWS member? I’m curious, but can’t read Japanese and google translate didn’t help

      • Reileen

        Pink- Tegoshi
        Violet – Koyama
        Yellow – Massu
        Green – Shige

        • Encha277

          Thank you!

    • Daychan

      waiting for who will be the next SMAP and Arashi ~~~

    • lolita

      I knew Yamada before i knew that he part of idol group. thanks to DDS. i Thouht first tha he is an actor then i reallize recently that he is an idol group member