Nicole Fujita Faces Backlash for Worrying About Bully in Junior High Suicide Case

Talent and model Nicole Fujita has been met with criticism from online commenters following her comments on Sunday’s episode of TBS’ “SUNDAY JAPON“.

The program discussed a bullying problem that occurred in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture. They covered a specific story in which a junior high student committed suicide in November 2015 following acts of bullying from a fellow student. In the girl’s diary, found after her death, she reportedly gave the bully’s name and wrote: “I do not want to be bullied anymore.

Until now, the Toride City Board of Education denied the existence of bullying within the school district, claiming that the situation was “not that serious“. On the 30th of last month, they withdrew their stance and the education chairperson apologized directly to the parents of the student after an investigation prompted by the parents.

Instead of showing compassion for the student who took her own life, Nicole Fujita was more worried about the bully, considering their privacy and how it could affect them in the future.

They’ll have to deal with it for the rest of their lives,” Fujita commented. “I’m worried that people would go on the internet and find out who did it.

Director and critic Terry Ito preached that, apart from needing to atone for the act they committed, the bully’s rights should be protected and they should be allowed to live their lives without any issues because they didn’t actually kill them.

Model Mika Ahn criticized the original stance of the Board of Education. “By not admitting that there was a bullying problem, it didn’t allow for an opportunity for the bullies to learn from their actions.

Cosmetic surgeon and talent Ayako Nishikawa disputed the claims from everyone sympathetic towards the bully, which lead to an argument concerning accountability and the bully’s privacy.

Nicole went on to confess that she herself had been a victim of bullying while in school, which is when the digital pitchforks came out. “Then why are you not sympathetic towards the victim?

Comments compiled by Sirabee came for blood, demanding justice for the girl who took her own life:

  • I wish you would stop influencing people with your bad opinions on television.  You need to apologize to the children suffering from bullying.
  • The bullies are indirectly murderers and they’ll have to deal with that for the rest of their lives. Why worry about them?
  • You’ve been bullied, haven’t you? Why would you say that?
  • They revealed the name and picture of the girl who committed suicide, didn’t they? Then they should do it with the perpetrators as well. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
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    • Niko

      She was famously known for bullying while she was a Nicola (middle school girls magazine) model. So I’m not surprised she’s worrying about the bullies in this situation.

      • anna

        for some reason a lot of japanese magazine models are. kimura kaela and anna tsuchiya said they were fatshamed by other models while they were seventeen models in the early 2000s and so was fujii lena when she started in vivi. sasaki nozomi was also known as the biggest bully, apparently she used to beat up girls she thought were fat too.

    • Ash

      I would rather know about the bullies identities than the victim’s because there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to hide their names so these monsters can live a long fulfilling life. 😠

      • clockbird

        Yes, because releasing the name of a 15-year-old bully will totally make them grow into the best person ever – if they survive the revenge mob against them. Cool idea.

        • Hermione48fan

          Maybe not releasing their names (though I think they deserve it).BUT so what, then people will let them away just because they are minors?. Without punishment?.That is a good idea.

          • MomoHirai

            Well revealing them is the worst idea possible. You can’t publicly punish them or give them jail time so now what? Let their parents give him a punishment (No social media for 6 months or something like that)

            • HyperMoot .

              “No social media for 6 months” that’s indeed a terrible punishment for someone who led another to commit suicide. The poor lad won’t be able to have a good laugh with his peers on Twitter for a few months -how cruel- and when he’s back on the social media, another “hero” will have replaced him in the Hall of the Infamous.

              • MomoHirai

                I know its not enough but what else can you do? You can’t send him to prison nor can you publicly expose him. Suspend him for 2 weeks?

              • MomoHirai

                Possibly force him to do 6 months of community service and 3 months of a anti-bullying class?

                • HyperMoot .

                  slightly better, I’d add a couple of years of probation and strict surveillance (counselling, and so forth), bullies are predators in the making, they must be checked

                  • MomoHirai

                    Bullies aren’t usually predators in the making. This isn’t a sex offender. A lot of kids bully at a young age. At 14 they know better but they are still dumb kids.

                    In my opinion.

                    – 3-6 months of community service with 1-3 months of a anti-bullying class is enough. Probably a psychological/counseling session to see if there any mental issues with the bully.

                    Years upon years would waste money and resources to apprehend and rehabilitate more of the serious criminals.

                    • HyperMoot .

                      “… more of the serious criminals” who were once…guess what… bullies? End of the discussion as far as I’m concerned, with people that have such a lenient approach to a problem that is plaguing countless educational systems and ruining so many lives, no wonder the law is totally inefficient.

                      • MomoHirai

                        Rapist, Murders, Sex Traffickers, etc. Are more serious than bullies imo its okay if you put Rapist and Murders on the same pedestal as Bullies. All I am saying is that putting years and years of money and supervision over a bully is cost inefficient.

                        Im done though. If you think a majority bullies become serious criminals then you do you.

        • zodd

          Release the names of bullies when they turn 18.

    • H

      I understand why people are upset and I understand why she said what she did. If she was the victim of bullying, maybe she’s spent a lot of time trying to understand the perspectives of the people who bullied her. I think you can show compassion for both the victim and the bully.

      • wtf

        “show compassion for … the bully”

        the victim i get, but really? i’m not going to worry about some kid who pushed a kid far enough to commit SUICIDE.

    • wtf

      shows like these where the panel discusses news topics would be like the view if we’re comparing it to american programs and that’s still a bit off in comparison. my point being, why hire a model whose schtick is being a dumbass to comment on news topics….?

      • Kusen Goto

        So people write about how stupid they were on their show and generate buzz tbh

      • Kanjo Maru

        She acts airheaded in the way she speaks but as far as I’ve seen she doesn’t make genuinely stupid comments.

      • circe154

        Same reason the View does, to attract viewers.

    • Kusen Goto

      Normally, I would agree to leak the name but the bully is still a junior high student.

      • iGleaux

        A lot of these junior high kids do what they do knowing they’ll be protected though. They aren’t stupid. They know how to abuse a flawed system. That’s why you have these stories about kids killing people because they wanted to see what it would be like to kill someone.

        • HyperMoot .

          absolutely correct, and because of the total lack of proper response from the judicial system, what you get is community reaction through the social media and sometimes calls for mob retaliation. In some countries, when the crime rate gets too high (inefficient and/or corrupted police), people organize in militia, same

          • iGleaux

            It’s sad because it shouldn’t get to that.

      • Hermione48fan

        too bad the victim didn´t have time to get help because of them.

    • byebicycle

      fuck sympathizing with the bully, though i’m also nhf revealing their identity. i mean, do we really need to send an internet mob after a junior high school student? not that it would be okay if they were older or anything. idk it just doesn’t sit well with me. just let the people actually involved deal with it in private

      • yacchaitai

        if a group of people found that bully they’d probably make it their life mission to bully them until they kill themselves too

        • HyperMoot .

          and… that clown is what? a kindergarten brat or a 15-16 or 17 year old bloke who can have a computer, a bank account, a smartphone, soon a car and yet can’t be seen as responsible or his ignominious acts. You play a bad game, well, in this day and age, you have to face the consequences

          • yacchaitai

            so uhh you want another teenager to kill themselves or why are you replying this to me

            • HyperMoot .

              I don’t want anything, I’m just saying that this swine is old enough to face the consequences of his acts, if he’s not smart enough to realize that in today’s world the social media are bound to expose him and his despicable actions then he should migrate to a region where they still use windows 3×1

    • Kanjo Maru

      I was rather severely bullied non-stop for several years, a time which I only got through thanks to counselling. But I absolutely agree with her, with no reservations. How many of you can say you are the same person as when you were 12~15? They were kids. Yes, they did something absolutely awful that can’t be taken back and I agree they should be punished but I still would never want them exposed to the mob.

      • H

        I agree with everything except 13-15 is not considered “kid” when it comes to knowing about right and wrong when it comes to bullying, tf is wrong with you…

        • Kanjo Maru

          I didn’t say they shouldn’t be expected to know right from wrong, but that they’ve still got a lot of growing to do. We shouldn’t completely forgive their actions but they’re absolutely still young enough for me to believe that after they’re punished they should be eventually given a second chance.

          • circe154

            People who are this terrible as teenagers grow up to be even worse adults, especially when they face no consequences for their actions.

          • HyperMoot .

            You can’t teach, educate or correct bullies, either it’s in their genes or it comes from the parents and the poor education they gave -too lax or too strict, you find both profiles- but such people only become worse with age. Before they target a real person, they train on other living creatures which they sometimes torture to death just for pleasure, once they did it to an animal that expresses pain (a dog, a cat etc) they’re fit for their job and look for a target: a human being. The stupid ones get caught and at best become handy men for gangs, the clever ones become the bosses and sometimes serial killers.

        • yup

          this exactly. this was a huge case when it happened in 2015 and again just last month. according to her father, in her diary she said she was SCARED to go to school and always hid in the bathroom to the point she was late for class because the teachers had to find her. they took her notebook and wrote words like “trash”, “we hate you”, “annoying bitch”, “die.” they SCRATCHED the word “garbage” into her desk. her father even said she was worried something would happen to her one day, she didn’t sleep because of anxiety and looked constantly unwell because she didn’t sleep. this happened for over a year. at 13 to 15 you should be old enough to realize this is wrong, especially if the person is becoming physically unwell, but no, they continued until she took her own life.

          i’m not saying they should be locked up or their identities be released so they can be harassed but they don’t deserve any sympathy. none.

          • Bubi.

            Y I K E S

          • Hermione48fan

            They deserve huge punishment, yes, they didn´t kill them but they are responsible about her death too, if they don´t punish them and let them away because they are “minors” then who knows what worst things can happen later.
            Is also unfair for other minors who aren´t bullies when people try to justify their actions “they are minors,they shouldn´t be punished” .Because there are many minors who aren´t bullies and behave well. At that age, if they can torture someone freely, they can act and think in the best ways to torture that person, they can choose not to do it, but no they did it.
            Is unfair when schools and law protect these delinquents because they are minors.

      • HyperMoot .

        this kind of jerk has most certainly acquired the ability to harass and persecute lots of people on the net since he was 10 or 11, he got older and tried the real thing in real life, in a world where any bit of news becomes global in the wink of an eye, he should have thought twice. He surely belongs to the low-IQ variety, bound to become a handy man in some gang when they’re adults, the intelligent ones become the bosses or serial killers.

    • PigeonPop

      The thing with bullying in Japan is that there is a major lack of avoiding responsibility and skirting around the issue, particularly from teachers and the school district (as indicated in the article). The mob phenomenon of internet users being the ones doing the witch-hunt and cornering the bully + their family is obviously not a good thing, but the current system really does very little to punish their actions.

      • HyperMoot .

        you also have major lacks of avoiding responsibility in the US, the UK, Finland or France to name a few, but they’re of a different nature. It’s probably true that in Japan, the fear of losing face and reputation must be high among adults who are supposed to see and intervene

    • WTF

      Ugh. Some of these comments. It says on every source she sympathized with the bullies more and did not talk about the victim. She’s completely in the wrong. If she had added the comment about the identity issue AFTER it would be fine.

      And by junior high you should know that bullying to that point is wrong. These are not 5 years old kids!

    • *sigh*

    • Ara

      Good Dr. Nishikawa.

    • Dalooshe

      If Nicole has been bullied before, to emotionally feel something of any kind of pain on either side reminds us we’re human and should aim to do better than mobilizing mass hate on one person and instead continue to dig deeper for hidden signs of bullying. You become a bully when you corner someone else psychologically even if the person is pure evil and why stoop so low when efforts could and should be directed at finding healthier ways to tackle serious youth mental health issues. It’s such a sad loss when the victim is this young but the way I see this is that literally everything around the victim and the bully is dysfunctional on so many levels i.e familial, educational, societal, emotional etc which is most concerning imo…..

    • Matcha

      Is this girl really half white??? She look 110% asian!

      • hizurisama

        yeah she’s half white

        • Matcha

          asian genes are indeed very strong! Honestly I couldn’t even tell she’s half white if someone didn’t tell me that!

          • Midori

            Nah, she looks half white.

            • Erika sama

              I don’t see it, she looks like any typical full Japanese person out there.

    • kashiyuka

      Compassion only goes so much.
      I mean they pushed the other person to kill themselves wtf

    • hizurisama

      I can’t with this girl, she’s so air headed someone take her off tv jfc

    • Himi Tsu

      Bullying a bully is still bullying.. Revealing her name would make lot of people bullying her/him on Internet. Justice should work and bully should be punished, however it’s not the right of Internet to judge. So I totally agree that the bully’s name should not be revealed.

    • bailey darbii

      they all wanna protect a bully until they stab someone or become a serial killer

      they all wanna ignore the victim until they try to fight back or become a serial killer

      no education system does it right. stop trying to pick between the two and instead get to the root of the problem.

    • Erika sama


    • Ztf

      She derserves it, showing compasion to that extent for the bully was very dumb, it also made others at the pannel to agree with the model. There’re things that the bully needs and are theraphy and punishment. When someone push another human to die without consideration makes anyone with at least one cent of humanity/rationality to reflect in the future actions of the first one, but not into protecting.

    • WorldGN18

      I can understand the part about not revealing the bullies identities, but they need to be punished, no sympathy at all, and for me the teachers and those bullies parents need some sort of compromise too, the teachers knew what was going on they just decided to ignore them and say “is not that serious” the hell with that

    • Daebutt

      Is she saying that she sympathizes with the bullies for possibly being bullied because she had been bullied for bullying or something? Kind of a tongue twister there, but seriously her logic is so dumb as usual.

    • Chie

      doesnt it sounds related to koe no katachi… anyone?