Namie Amuro, Arashi, Shiina Ringo, Daichi Miura, and More Perform on the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen

On December 31, the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen aired. The White Team (the men’s team) won. Several popular acts performed, including Namie Amuro, Arashi, Shiina Ringo, and Daichi Miura. Check out the full show after the jump!

Part 1

Hey! Say! JUMP – Come On a My House

Little Glee Monster – Suki da. ~Yume wo Utaou ver.~

Yamauchi Keisuke – Ai ga Shinjirarenai nara ~Kikoshitachi no Buto Kai~

E-girls – Love ☆ Queen

SHISHAMO – Ashita mo ~Kohaku 2017 ver.~

Miyama Hiroshi – Otoko no Ryugi ~Kendama Sekai Kiroku e no Michi~

AI x Naomi Watanabe – Kira Kira

Takehara Pistol – Yo, Soko no Wakai no

Oka Midori – Sado no Yu Fue

Sexy Zone – Gyutto

Ichikawa Yukino – Jinsei Ichiro

Fukada Kohei – Osho

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – HAPPY ~Kohaku Special Version~

Tendo Yoshimi – Dotonbori Ninjo


Mai Kuraki – Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~

TWICE – TT -Japanese ver.-

Daichi Miura – Daichi Miura Kohaku Special

Mizumori Kaori – Hayatomo no Seto

WANIMA – Tomo ni

Shimazu Aya – The Rose

Hiromi Go – 2oku 4sen Man no Hitomi ~GO! GO! Babururi Mix~

Keyakizaka46 – Fukyouwaon

Kanjani8 – Naguri Gaki BEAT

Masaharu Fukuyama – Tomeo Gakuen

Sakamoto Fuyumi – Otoko no Hi Matsuri

Nishino Kana – Pa



Part 2

Itsuki Hiroshi – Yozora

Nogizaka46 – Influencer

Seiko Matsuda – Atarashii Ashita

Ken Hirai – Nonfiction

Shiina Ringo to Tortoise Matsumoto – Menukidori

Perfume – TOKYO GIRL

X JAPAN – ENDLESS RAIN 2017 Kohaku Special

AKB48 – Shichosha ga Eranda Yume no Kohaku Special Medley

Elephant Kashimashi – Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni

Matsu Takako – Ashita wa Doko Kara

Hoshino Gen – Family Song

Superfly – Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo

Arashi – Arashi x Kohaku Special Medley

Takahashi Mariko – for you…

Hikawa Kiyoshi – Kiyoshi no Zundoko Bushi

Namie Amuro – Hero

Kuwata Keisuke – Wakai Hiroba

Sayuri Ishikawa – Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki

Yuzu – Eikou no Kakehashi

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    • james

      Can somebody explain to me what’s wrong with this? Trending on YouTube Japan now.

      • mrduykhiem

        one keyaki member collapsed at the end of their performance you can see it at the end of video.

      • Kiang Sheryl

        1. center girl almost going into hyperventilation with her shivering and totally out of breath behaviour
        2. at the ending post, you can literally see a girl fainting beside the guy and a girl catching her, or at least attempting to.
        3. after this performance i think 3-4 girls went into hyperventilation or smth

        • maestrotaku

          yes, the ironic thing is ARAMA has closed the mouth on it…what happen guys? is forbidden talk on overwork and labor abuse in japan?

          • Uchu

            Isn’t it still holiday. People here are volunteers.
            There’s a submit page so maybe you can write in your report on it?

          • It was New Year’s Eve everywhere. We have lives outside of this site. If y’all want to talk about it, feel free to. Nobody is silencing anyone.

            • surfboardt

              While I agree with the statement, let’s be honest, do you really have a life outside of this site?

              • lightwavesurfer48

                but this site doesn’t quite alive too even in regular time of the year imo. No offense okay?

                • CyDo

                  do you pay them to be ‘alive’ (i think u meant active/ lively) ? 😂

                  i’m sure they are alive lol.. unless u are believing arama to be managed by ghosts.. #joking 😂

                  • lightwavesurfer48

                    What I meant is they’re kinda ‘dead’ for a news site. Even the reviews are a bit bland

                    • CyDo

                      well, most of them volunteer to keep us updated lol 😅 so we can’t complain. but i’m glad that the news portal isn’t filled with 48 group’s news. I know an underrated blog which regularly uploads news that might not be broadcasted elsewhere (not mine, but it’s a very comprehensive site). PM me if interested

                      • lightwavesurfer48

                        Yes. I’m not trying to undermine everyone’s hardworking, but I just wish arama will post smth interesting.

          • Reileen

            Everyone’s still celebrating NY
            Anyway, I managed to post it now that it’s Jan 1 evening from where I am

            • yamakita

              Please do an article or highlight of the new taiga!!! I’m so excited that Suzuki is the lead!!!

              • Anonymous

                Why don’t you do it

                • yamakita

                  Cuz I don’t know it that’s why I’m asking? Would you do it?

    • yamakita

      I fast-forwarded at least half of the performances, now I’m almost near the end. I’m not sure why white team won this time when it should’ve won last year. I felt both teams were somewhat even. I hope this was not a make-up vote for last year cuz then Aiba got robbed!!

      Half-time show with Blouson Chiemi was the highlight for me. I think it’s time they retire Naomi’s lip-syncing act. Hirai Ken’s return was pretty awesome. And I must say, that Arimura girl got much better at hosting.

      Oh that #14 guy who messed up the attempt at the world record, I wonder if he left the building alive!! That was quite disappointing since everyone else got it. Maybe they should have had an extra person or two as backup or did it have to be continuous?

      • yamakita

        Oh they got rid of the scoring scheme with which the judges’ votes overwrite everyone else’s. Aiba got robbed!!!

        Also, I wonder how many of the first-timers will return next year. Prolly no twice for Twice. Honestly, except for Oka Midori (not a big fan; just that she is there to make enka appealing) all the first-timers don’t look like they would get invited back.

        • light

          Yeah, Nino said during a concert mc that the voting system was the first thing they were going to change. Last year was a mess.

          • Bobson Dugnutt

            Last year’s voting made no sense. I always root for the red team but even I was miffed at that.

        • I can see Daichi coming back more than anyone.

          • yamakita

            Honestly, some of the old-timers can use some replacing, too. No offense, but who are excited about the likes of Matsuda Seiko and Go Hiromi? Some are kept for sentimental reasons, but it seems they are better used for retrospectives. I wonder if NHK would ever be so daring as to allow audience input or even professional input like a nominating process. Probably not. 🤷‍♀️

            • The show has to appeal to all ages though. And Seiko can stay, but Hiromi can go.

      • CyDo

        Naomi’s performance (?) was fun thou ?

      • Naomi’s lip syncing is always relevant. Don’t, boo.

        • yamakita

          I didn’t boo, but she did it half-assed.

          • Are you kidding? She did good!

          • CyDo

            her performance is among the highlight that night lol 😂😂😂😂 to me, at least.

    • AoiMe

      I’m just happy Nino got the win, he’s an underrated mc

    • light

      Nino was so at ease mc-ing, he did really well =) Arimura too improved a lot from last year. I liked Uchimura but I would have liked to see the other two more.

      • CyDo

        hmm I would say they should stop giving the hosting jobs only to the asadora actress….
        there are lots of better actress/hosts/entertainers to host…

        even Ayase’s is much more interesting than Arimura’s hosting 😅

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          Yeah, they need to change it up. It’s been an asadora actress (or taiga drama in Ayase’s case) and a Johnny for what feels like forever.

          • yamakita

            I think they did change it up slightly having Uchimura as the main host and the other two as co-hosts. Who else would NHK have as hosts? I certainly don’t want an entire mansai crew.

      • yamakita

        Does Nino wear makeup for the camera? I don’t get why he always looks so washed up and sickly. Can’t they afford a decent makeup artist?

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          They should do something about his teeth and gums too.

          • light

            I think he’s already being doing something about it since his gums looks lighter than before. It’s a bit weird though, sometimes they are darker and sometimes lighter (in videos, not pics).

            • yamakita

              Sometimes he chain-smokes; sometimes he doesn’t.

        • Dude is always inside his home playing games. I think he looks terrible and should get out more. Maybe exercise for his health cause he’s not lookin’ like the eternal 17 year old everyone says he is.

          • light

            I don’t see almost anyone saying that seriously, it’s mostly a joke for when he looks particularly youthful lol
            I agree he should exercise more, i’m happy to see him dancing more these last years =)

            • People say it so often I can’t help but think THEY think it’s true. lol

              • light

                I mean, there are cases where some people like Arashi’s american choreographer for Paradox tought he was a teen, but he also didn’t know how he looked when he actually was 17 XD
                He does look younger than his age to me, but not that young (thank god) lol I love his mature look in Last Recipe =)

                • True, for anyone who hasn’t been following his career forever, he’d look young. But idk dude, he’s been looking real haggard to me. I mean, all of Arashi (except for Aiba) suddenly got really old lookin’ in 2017 and by old lookin’ I mean they are starting to look their age or older whereas they would usually look younger. Aiba is the only one that is working out regularly/taking care of himself and it shows. I want the other members to get some rest, eat healthier, exercise, hold off on the alcohol a bit, something! (Sorry about my essay lol)

                  • light

                    I also think they are looking more their age these days, but i’d also add Aiba (though i appreciate his arms very much XD). More than older, they often look so tired, especially Sho. He really needs the rest.

                    • yamakita

                      For Japanese men! People in their 30s look a lot younger now than those of the past generations–advance in skincare? But a lot of Japanese men don’t age well and seem to go out of their way to look bad… I’m thinking Arashi is filling the spot SMAP left.

                    • Yeah, they look really tired in the eyes. Hope they’re getting some rest for the New Year holiday.

          • yamakita

            That is just a back-handed way of saying he’s very short :D~

        • light

          He often doesn’t, i don’t know if he did for Kohaku.

          • yamakita

            That would explain why his skin looks the best, without a lot of acne scares. Aiba’s skin looks pretty good too, but he is probably genetically superior, lol.

    • Namie made me cry. ;_;

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I liked Ucchan as the host. I prefer a comedian over an announcer in that role since the announcer is dry and cedes attention to the other two bland hosts.

      I am so over Hiromi Go rotating the same couple of songs year after year.

      • yamakita

        Agreed about Go! He is way passed the pun of 55. Time to let him go, pun intended.

        I also agree that this year’s host setup worked much better. The announcer woman was the one who did most of the screwing up, ironically. Who was that bald character in all of the sketches? I didn’t get the joke.

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          lol love the pun. Yeah, you would think the announcer would be the best at reading the teleprompter.

          Apparently that is a character from Uchimura’s sketch show LIFE! on NHK. He plays a made up NHK top executive. I actually found it funny, especially compared to his alien character that came out during X Japan’s talk. I don’t really remember the content from last night, but I remember him saying that Sexy Zone’s name is bad and they should go by Safety Zone when they come on Kouhaku.

          • yamakita

            Thx for the explanation!! All the sketches are much funnier now I know who is supposed to be. The Sexy Zone was funny. Him coming out as an alien was funny. Also when he said he didn’t need a parachute.

            Overall, this year’s running jokes worked much better than last year’s shin Godzilla ones. I also really liked the opening. I want to go to that Fuyumi shokudo and that bar!!!

            • Bobson Dugnutt

              I totally forgot about Shin Godzilla. That was weird and would suck all the energy out when they cut away to it. The Star Wars one a few years back was weird too, though BB8 was cute.

              I liked that they were trying something new with the opening. It was really pretty.

      • maguro part deux

        Go always does the same crap, but those high school girls dressed up as bubble-era OLs were fantastic.

        • Bobson Dugnutt

          I loved them, but I’d rather they perform with Oginome Yoko again rather than Go.

          • Taki

            Indeed, man, I would have like it if Oginome Yoko performed on Kouhaku. Her 30 year old-something song should be one of the surprises this year in terms of popularity. So I wonder why she’s not invited (or why she’s not here. I dont know how the singers are selected so if anyone can shed light on this…)

    • Step Rivera

      I loved Namie’s performance!❤️ It was elegant, classy, and beautiful.☺️ Simply elegant from the Queen of J-Pop.💕 Living Legend. Her performance made me cry, especially towards the end. I’m so glad I saw her last performance on Kohaku.

    • donboydeluxe

      I got up at 2am to watch Kohaku live, it was pretty entertaining, enjoyed most of the performers except for Shishamo, guess I’m just to old to enjoy awful singing.