Most Liked and Disliked Johnnys + Nikkei’s Top 30 Soaring Johnnys Ranking

Rankings and more rankings! This time, we look into Shukan Josei’s “Liked and Disliked Johnnys” ranking which they conduct every year. With over 10,000 responses, the results can be found below.

In addition, we have the Top 30 Soaring Johnnys Ranking, part of Nikkei’s “Talent Power Ranking” report. This charts Johnnys talents that made a huge improvement from their past rank due to increase in popularity. Leading the pack is Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei.

Was there any in the list that surprised you? Do you agree with the fave and disliked list?

Nikkei’s Top 30 Soaring Johnnys Ranking

You can view the rest of the top 30 here


josei1 josei2

  1. Kamenashi Kazuya – 1157 votes (#5)
  2. Yamashita Tomohisa – 908 votes (#2)
  3. Ohno Satoshi – 574 votes (#3)
  4. Masuda Takahisa – 557 votes (#16)
  5. Nakai Masahiro – 522 votes (#9)
  6. Tegoshi Yuya – 474 votes (#17)
  7. Aiba Masaki – 447 votes (#8)
  8. Sakurai Sho – 417 votes (#1)
  9. Ninomiya Kazunari – 406 votes (#6)
  10. Kimura Takuya – 357 votes (#7)
  11. Matsumoto Jun – 341 votes (#4)
  12. Domoto Koichi – 333 votes (#15)
  13. Nakajima Yuto – 331 votes (–)
  14. Tamamori Yuta – 237 votes (#11)
  15. Takizawa Hideaki – 235 votes (#19)

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  1. None – 2096 votes (#2)
  2. Kimura Takuya- 1964 votes (#1)
  3. Koyama Keiichiro – 1292 votes (#29)
  4. Inoo Kei – 572 votes (#10)
  5. Masahiko Kondo – 485 votes (#4)
  6. Matsumoto Jun – 459 votse (#6)
  7. Tegoshi Yuya – 438 votes (#3)
  8. Yokoo Wataru – 373 votes (#27)
  9. Katori Shingo – 363 votes (#24)
  10. Nakai Masahiro – 357 votes (#5)
  11. Sakurai Sho – 303 votes (#8)
  12. Yamada Ryosuke – 299 votes (#23)
  13. Kikuchi Fuma – 215 votes (#9)
  14. Fujigaya Taisuke – 184 votes (#13)
  15. Kamenashi Kazuya – 168 votes (#11)

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  • Comments

    • aishiteryuu

      Inoo’s soaring, flying.

    • angel223_

      I love it!!!! Kame #1…😍

      But Im surprised he is only #15 in dislike, oh well this survey inside JP not in intl. lol

    • liu489

      The liked and disliked ranking from shukan bushun survey. Maybe if you interest you add. The result a bit different here.

      • yuuki213

        i find this one more realistic…

        • PigeonPop

          It has Masahiko Kondo 3rd on the dislike list, which I definitely feel is a more accurate representation of the GP.

      • Guest

        Lol Kimutaku and Koyama still tops bushun hated list as well. what happen to koyama?anyone know why? What a different in the liked list. Nakai #1 and Kame only #15. Which list more realistic between the two?

        • liu489

          I’m not sure. maybe they have different system?

        • Goob

          Koyama has a girlfriend. Fans being idiots throws hate on various sns platforms attacking Koyama for getting caught. They wanted Koyama to quit. His responded by saying he would never quit NEWS

          Something like that. I don’t remember details

          • Guest

            who koyama rumored girlfriend?bad girl?Why I didn’t know this.. It was always dating scandal. Johnnys fans need to grown up.

            • bluey

              some underground(?) idol named Ota Nozomi. the rumor had been around since february, I think? the pictures of the two in hawaii got leaked and you can guess the rest.

              I also found the name just about an hour ago. got curious myself.

          • Himi Tsu

            Eeeh and there I didn’t know XD Now I’ll start to hate him (.. Obviously kidding ^^)

          • Kyrie

            Seriously? So they find out Koyama has a gf and their solution is to have him quit his group and then have a NEWS literally be like KAT-TUN 2.0? And we all know how that ended…

            • Goob

              I don’t understand their logic myself. The pictures was tame too. They didn’t go hard on Tegoshi when he was all over various girls…

              • I need to see the pic of Tego with the various girls lol.

          • 22Nation

            Koyama has a girlfriend? I’m so happy for him.

            Those bitter fans can suck it!

            • imaguest

              The girl was flaunting it to people around her saying stuff like “I’m dating N group’s K” and saying she will definitely marry him. Apparently they started dating in 2014, and some fans were angry that Koyama kept quiet about it (which I feel is usually the reason why fans are angry rather than being angry at the fact of having a gf itself).

        • erica

          Nakai has 190 votes and Kamenashi almost 10x more (1100). So I think Kamenashi’s one is more relevant

      • Ren

        I like this rank better. I don’t think kamenashi #1 :P
        Nakai <3

        • Goob


        • deal

          y’all so bitter

    • chanchan

      rise inoo kei rise

    • tooo
      • Reileen

        what does the numbers mean in the right most part?

        • tooo

          I have no idea. I was hoping someone who can read Japanese to translate the kanji.

          • Reileen

            I got it, user just multiplied the numbers from the 2 columns to get the numbers in the right most column

    • rshina

      inoo is in top for soaring ranking and 4th in dislike ranking, but 17th in like ranking? that’s bad, I guess
      his like ranking is down too

      • Reileen

        Nikkei’s soaring chart >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shukan Josei lol

    • tooo

      credits to anon meme. tq for sharing.

    • Nadiaaa

      Kameeee… i love him. Congratz dear kame chan !

    • goob

      Sho’s favorability dropping didn’t go unnoticed (1800 comments and climbing)

      • Asha

        The surprise over Ohno’s ranking amuses me to no end.

    • yacchaitai

      rip arashi xept aiba

      • chlowerrr

        Why? Can you tell me what happened in arashi? Why was Sho and Matsujun and top disliked?

        • Treee

          Sho is everywhere so people are sick of him. Also he has a girlfriend.
          Matsujun has dated an av actress with gross urine kink (rumor but has actual confirmation from the girl herself). Netizens also believe he’s two timing Inoue Mao whom they are allegedly in serious relationship.
          Nino popularity also took a hit because he has a girlfriend.
          Ohno popularity gained after sekamuzu drama. Aiba is generally loved by all.

    • lolz

      Maybe Jun should have done the same as Kame, Jin, Yamapi, KimuTaku and alike. Claim the frontman position and not give up on it, no matter who – drastically said – dies behind him. He could have remained the #1 if he ignored the others’ needs. Now, as a person he showed a good side by giving the others spot-light when he was the one who made the group even popular. Nice and kind move maybe. But when it’s about numbers, power and popularity… not.

      • grannyJ

        Matsu jun had a scandal still to an av actress, at least he isnt hated much like Koyama had.

        • lolz

          Just that his scandal is ridiculously tame compared to his bandmates’ and most of the frontmen of other groups. But who knows… he has a white-vest image. Might have affected him momentarily.

          • light

            Jun’s scandal is just speculations since we don’t even know if him and Mao are together, but how are Sho and Nino normally dating worse?

            • lolz

              Ninomiya “powerhouse” Kazunari! I mean, he is called powerhouse *lol* He had tons of rumours. Sho’s dating rumour isn’t worse, but his anger-tantrum-ones are. I’m talking about rumours in general.

              • goob

                And both having a decrease in popularity too. Jun has been the least liked Arashi member since 2014, three years in a row. Nino was the least liked member in 2013.

                • lolz

                  Hm. I’ve wondered about that too. You are right, it’s always Nino and Jun who are at the bottom of surveys (in general, no matter which one) There was only one (the one about which Johnny is the most beautiful one) in which Jun was the only one from Arashi who ranked. I’ve also noticed that their fans are the less aggressive and vocal ones (whereas the others’ fans can be very aggressive) Maybe the others mobilize their fangirls better.

                  I don’t understand the trend at the moment. But if I remember correctly it were Jun and Nino who were more popular first. Maybe it’s simply a change of hype. Let’s wait two more years – it might be completely different then. Aiba and Ohno are recently facing their biggest hype, whereas Sho’s is already declining a bit (let’s not forget how hated Sho still was four years ago) As long as the gaps between the members aren’t too huge, it’s not really worrysome… ? :-)

                  • goob

                    But if I remember correctly it were Jun and Nino who were more popular first.
                    Nope. Sho has always been the most popular one before jun blew up in Gokusen & Hanadan. Nino hovers around the middle and lower ranks.

                    let’s not forget how hated Sho still was four years ago
           He’s the most popular one. Here’s the graph from 4 years ago

                    Nah. Not worried about their popularity and ranking changes. They are still top dawgs and changes in hype is great.

                    • lolz

                      No no, I didn’t mean that Sho wasn’t popular. I know he was popular like crazy, but at the same time he had a legion of haters. He is one of my fav members but I do feel that his popularity decreases a bit now.

                      (I didn’t know that he was popular in their early age though. I joined fandom around 2007 ^^)

                      • goob

                        Early days, Keio student, with piercings and dyed hair Sho was pretty amazing in 2003 onwards. Probably why people don’t really care about his umbrella scandal because its freaking Sho.

                    • Reileen

                      I LOLed so much at the heart shape around Akanishi Jin’s name.
                      Did not realize he went sooo low 31% in interest! 2013? was this the year he left JE?
                      ironic that when you compare KAT-TUN in 2013 and 2017 chart, they are in so much better position as a group and individuals currently, went up in both name recognition and interest. maybe it’s abt time to call a comeback

              • light

                That’s old though, the results are usually linked to most recent events. And Jun was pretty short tempered too in the past lol

                • lolz

                  You have a point :D
                  In general I was only speculating a bit.
                  But as long as the gaps in popularity aren’t huge (and tbh they aren’t that huge. They are all pretty much on the same level with slight differences) I’m not worried for them. The results will probably be entirely different in 2-3 years. Ohno and Aiba are at their peak atm. It can only go downwards from here on, as it naturally always does (unless you are KimuTaku apparently. But even for him it went downwards) In three years someone else might face a hype, or none of them (which is also an option) I have the feeling that for example Sho’s popularity is going down already while he was at the top last year. (as I said: I’m just speculating)

                  • light

                    I also think that Sho’s popularity is going down a bit even if it’s still difficult to say how much. Aiba is on a roll these last two years =)

      • light

        I doubt he would have made it work by himself. Hanadan was the biggest push but it wasn’t about him being nice about it, the others were already involved in other projects at the time, they weren’t coming out of nowhere.

        • lolz

          Of course Hanadan was a push. But everyone in the front had this push. The only ones who maybe did it by himself were KimuTaku and Nakai. Jin & co claimed a lot of the spotlight for themselves afterwards. If Jun had gone the Jin-route after his push, the others wouldn’t have faced a chance. (I mean, look at Yamada!)

          • lolz

            PS: Not saying that this is what he should have done. Because as a group Arashi benefits from the (almost) equal popularity of all members. No matter how we see it, the gaps in their popularity aren’t that huge.

            • goob

              “Maybe Jun should have done the same as Kame, Jin, Yamapi, KimuTaku and alike.”
              So you’re backtracking

              • lolz

                might be the language barrier, but I don’t understand your comment.

                • goob

                  “Maybe Jun should have done the same as Kame, Jin, Yamapi, KimuTaku and alike.”
                  “Not saying that this is what he should have done.”

                  meaning I’m assuming you’re taking back your words or your prior opinion.
                  but after another reading, maybe you just meant Jun is a swell guy for sacrificing his popularity for the sake of others. Somehow I think J himself would disagree because that would discredit the others effort & talents.

                  I’m with @disqus_LFHzdH6P9p:disqus though. While he had his push, Arashi wouldn’t be such a huge success if the others weren’t also pulling their weight all in the same years span – 2006-2007. Zero, Iwo jima, ShimuraZoo, and the start of Ohno exhibition were happening one after another.

                  • lolz

                    Maybe I didn’t articulate myself properly :D I think – theoretically – Jun could have remained the most relevant one if he really hardcore claimed the spotlight because he was the start of it (if we look at other groups with really huge gaps in popularity we can see that it’s not always about the effort the other members put into the group. Sometimes they just don’t face a chance.). I don’t think he sacrificed hismelf though. He probably just knew that Arashi would have faced no chance in the long run with only one popular member. (just as you said)
                    I don’t thikn he should have claimed the front position all for himself (even if I say he could have ^^). The really relevant groups in JE are the ones with divided spotlight imo.

                    By now, and I know many won’t agree with me, I would like to see Arashi or their managment letting other members center their singles though. Since 2-3 years it’s mostly Ohno, and while he has a beautiful voice, I personally am getting tired of him as the center. And it’s working against exactly what I liked about Arashi all the time.

                    • goob

                      “By now, and I know many won’t agree with me, I would like to see Arashi or their managment letting other members center their singles though. Since 2-3 years it’s mostly Ohno, and while he has a beautiful voice, I personally am getting tired of him as the center. And it’s working against exactly what I liked about Arashi all the time.”

                      LOL. Arashi has the fairest singing line distribution out of all Johnny’s group. Their producer only let Ohno sing the hard parts because the others aren’t as skilled vocally. Ohno himself strongly disagreed when an interviewer refer to him as the leading vocals. In fact he don’t want to be seen as a lead. The line distribution can be calculated and he is correct that its pretty fair. Fyi, Ohno is my least favorite member and even I wouldn’t want to hear the others struggling to hit the required notes as “lead”

                      • lolz

                        Then maybe they should vary their sound a bit? The last singles all pretty much sound very similar to me. (though I did like their last one)

          • light

            I meant that Hanadan success was a push for Arashi, i doubt they could have known it was going to be so big in advance even if it was a popular manga.

            Jin isn’t exactly the best example on how to handle a career though…

            • lolz

              Haha, maybe, but while in Kat-tun his popularity was crazy. :D

      • Guest

        I don’t think they “claimed the frontman position”. Its up to J&A who they want to market as the centers.

        • lolz

          Yeah, JE chooses one, but what the individual does out of it is up to them. Look at Yamada or the three front Kisumai guys – none of them gave away a bit of spotlight. On the other hand we have Kanjani’s Ryo, who gave a sh*t. He and Subaru were supposed to be the absolute frontmen (Yoko’s and Hina’s task was supposed to be clapping and cheering. Like… wtf) Both of them said no (if we can believe what they and the band said in backstage material)
          Having equally popular members is always better in the long run, I think. So… for Arashi it’s better that way.

      • HUH?

        Jin never claimed a frontman position. He was pushed into it and sucked at being an idol group front boy. That’s part of the reason he left it all behind him, fleeting popularity be damned!

      • Rising Sun

        Maybe Jun being selfless is the reason why Arashi is the top group for the past 8 years? What do you expect him to do? Hogging the camera all the time? He is already the most show-off member during their live performances, he is still the member who get the most acting gigs, he is still the most kakkoi member, he is still the best looking member, and he is still the member who involved the most for their concert preparation.

        Arashi being the way they are is the reason why they stay at the top. All the members liking each other — all the members give each other a room to shine — and all the members do not have this selfish attitude of wanting to show off all by themselves. Without all of these, their dynamic would not exist and they will not be who they are today.

        The difference in term of popularity is just so little and the poll is only cater for 10k of population. Bear in mind that Arashi CD sales are more than >400k.

        Jun is probably the reason Arashi is popular and known to the public but when fans get to know the group, they realized that other member are more interesting personality wise. None can deny that Jun the most unfunny member of Arashi….

        I know you backtrack your statement later but I just have to say this. Pardon the rants.

    • lovi_disq

      it always amazed me that Yamapi managed to stay at his high spot even after gone through many shit.

      • liuuu

        he’s good looking lol

        • Nif

          …and have so many good senpais who stepped aside now and promot him when they are “old men” from the Japanese fangirls point of view?

          I don’t like his haircut. Too flashy and too Korean.

          • mirin

            A lot of the senpai pretty much talk up whoever is being pushed as the next big thing though. I’ve never been sure if Johnnys outright tells them which kouhai to promote or if they just pick up on it themselves. Pi himself has done his fair share of talking up kouhai he works with (especially Shori lol).

            Also, just leaving it here that the faction divide has meant that Pi basically didn’t exist to the ‘Julie-faction’ for the last few years. Chinen/Yamada/Keito are the only ones who mentioned him much (and I reckon they got away with it because it was just random bits in mags).

          • Treee

            Wtf too flashy korean haircut? That’s a basic short hairdo and koreans don’t own that style. Other senpai like Arashi, K8, and V6 members have had this cut too.

          • sheng

            I don’t like his haircut in the drama. Don’t know if that’s the current one or not. But I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED his hairstyle in 9-5 and Algernon. So handsome!!!

          • Rising Sun

            I need to know who are the senpais who promote him. SMAP? TOKIO?

      • Guest1

        Actually no, he was a lot more popular in his younger years and before he quit NEWS.

        • mirin

          I doubt you would have found him so high on rankings like this back then though – they were pretty much dominated by Johnnys older than him.

      • mirin

        I guess that’s why he’s still a Johnnys (and why they’re letting him be associated with Kame). He still has fans left and a decent amount of name recognition / currency as a star. :x I suppose they’d rather hang on to him until he’s no use to anyone else than let him go to a competitor.

        • Rising Sun

          I dont know why people think this way. He has always been one of Johnny’s faves — the old man will never let him go to a competitor. He is one of the few JE idols who consistently headlining dramas in the prestigious fuji tv getsu 9 and with his double win in Nikkei best actor last year, it shows that he’s still a fav among young and middle age women.

          He’s not going anywhere nor the agency gonna let him leave too. And his popularity has always been one of the highest among other JE talents and he is basically non-exist in the hated list too. He is probably the last person JE gonna let go after Arashi.

    • kukufied

      Ehh… What did massu do to have a surge in popularity?

      • Himi Tsu

        I have absolutely no idea, as they always make fun of his non-popularity (outside of fans of the group) on TV.

      • Reileen

        NEWS had a good run last yr, they had 24hr TV and members were promoted individually (Koyama and Massu and again Tegoshi rising up)
        also, their latest DVD and album sales were the highest as 4nin NEWS

    • Himi Tsu

      (But I totally don’t understand how he arrived there :P)

    • Risa

      How come Yokoo is so high up the hate ranking? Seems so random.

      • guest

        photo with his girlfriend leaked out

        • Risa

          Really? *LOL* Fans are so pathetic sometimes!

        • Nif

          Yoko is in a relationship? Yay! Did not know about it.
          The hate ranking might be for his big mouth – and that’s exactly why I like him so much for so long, but Nino is THE KING.

          • guest

            idk if we’re talking about the same guy, but just to be sure, it’s Kisumai’s Yokoo, not Kanjani’s Yoko

    • Kameneko223

      Wow Kamenashi Kazuya number 1! Keep it up!

    • Reileen

      Inoo Kei flying high lol
      He went from 20+ to around 55 in name recognition in the span of one year
      now he’s neck to neck with Chinen Yuri behind Yamada, who would’ve thought

    • goingtojpn

      Wow Kame!! **claps** too bad their dorama isn’t going all that well :(
      Inoo at #1 :D he is so “not idol” it makes me laugh a little bit (no offense to his fans)
      Who is Wataru???
      Koyama is such a gentle soul it must hurt him so much to see his fans being so bitchy ^_^

      • rshina

        isn’t he kisumai member?

    • Summersplash

      All credits goes to Shimura Doubuetsuen for Inoo’s rising and Aiba’s stabilized position

      Aiba’s the only one who is scandal free this past years, and I hope it stays that way. Like it or not, the fact that 4 out of 5 Arashi were exposed in a relationship will have some affect in their popularity.

      • Goob

        As a fan I don’t mind them getting unpopular because of having a relationship. The revelations were pretty cute too (except the pissing thing. Eew). Some Japanese fans are petty as heck. They don’t need those entitled fans.

    • eplizo

      Inoo and Kame killing it lol.

    • Taima-kun

      is there even a NONE option on the liked johnny’s ranking or it just didn’t make it on the top 30?

    • Nika Jer

      What did Inoo Kei do to deserve so much push and promotion? lol I mean
      he’s quite a bad singer, not a good dancer and lack of charisma. There
      are lot more talented guys in HSJ! JE, c’mon!

      • rshina

        maybe JE just gives him a chance? when he was in college, he didn’t get any after all
        he is quite fun to watch in mezamashi and shimura doubutsuen, so I’m not complaining
        I do hope there’re more projects for yabu and hika though

        • Nika Jer

          It’s like swing from one extreme to another…
          Takaki, Okamoto and Yabu don’t have anything. In which aspect they are worse? Better, yes.

          OK, Takaki just got radio… And this is the 10th anniversary.
          And if we look at the quantity of programs, even popular Chinen and Yamada don’t have that much lol Maybe because they already are.

          Well, for me this whole situation incomprehensible.

          • rshina

            well, I do think the same with you when Inoo suddenly got a lot of job, so I understand you very much :D
            but if my opinion about college is right, it could explain Yabu and Okamoto lack of job. aren’t they in a college right now? even Okamoto rarely do anything in Itadaki (please do correct me if I’m wrong, I kinda forget about this thing)
            the only thing I can’t make out is Takaki and Hikaru lack of job. both of them do have their own program (radio for both and school kakumei & hirunandesu for hikaru), but nothing else. this is the one thing I can’t understand

            • Nika Jer

              Okamoto last month had local shooting for Itadaki.

              But yea, they should give Takaki not a radio and put him in some program.

              • Treee

                Takaki has zero charisma. I only learned his name after you keep on mentioning him. He’s so forgettable compared to the rest jump members

                Not a fan of hsj but from what little i’ve seen from them, Hikaru should be pushed more as an MC, actor, comic relief etc. Okamoto is crappy in dancing or singing department but surprisingly entertaining in varieties. Not sure what Yabu can do but he’s easier to recognize than Takaki.

                • Nika Jer

                  Takaki is forgettable just because he doesn’t have any field where he can perform his abilities. This is a main problem. As for me I think he has a really good voice.

                  • Treee

                    Just saw this on my tl and I must say, he has a great voice. Maybe better than Yamada.
                    They should give him a good solo & more singing lines.

                    What he lacks is presence. I just wikied him and he was one of the lead in gokusen3?! Apart from being utterly forgettable, seems like he can’t act too. His outdated Johnny’s styling with the same old hair isn’t helping. He needs a makeover. I think he would be more memorable with ldh-poi styling.

                    • rshina

                      maybe that’s the reason for his lack of job? he had been given a chance with gokusen, and different with inoo just didn’t become big.
                      I think Yabu voice is good, but (for me,at least) he has better voice technique (is it a right word?) than Yamada. you can see him being praised by their senpai when JUMP come to their program.
                      in general, Yabu and Okamoto need to be pushed more. but if my opinion about them being in college is true, maybe we need to wait until they’re graduating

                    • sheng

                      You are so funny, and you are so right!!!! I’m not a fan of HSJ’s music, but I’m a fan of watching them. I watch Itadaki weekly, and there are just certain members that I am drawn to. Takaki isn’t one of them. He’s drowning amongst the other members. I favs would probably be Nakajima, Chinen, Yaotome, Yamada. Takaki’s a little bland…

                      • Treee

                        Tbh Yabu is blander but weirdly, i can remember he’s there.

                • Monique Septia

                  takaki has zero charisma…… ok i need to get out from here before saying bad stuffs.

                  ps: his voice is one of the best in jump
                  ps: his acting too
                  ps: he doesnt get to showcase his talent
                  ps: what zero charisma u are talking abt

                  • Treee


                    • an

                      well gokusen 3 is his 2nd drama and yes his acting is very lacking on it. but if you watch his drama after it, you can see that his acting skill was improved A LOT (esp in bakaleya koukou).

                      he actually very all rounded: one of best dancer, singer and actor in hsj but sadly je didnt try to push him so people never pay attention on him. also yamada even think that takaki is the most hardworking member and his gag leaves the most impact to itadaki.

                      fyi other hsj members always said that takaki is very kind, very honest and they love his pure reaction. dont let his cool guy character fool you lmao he more like little kid off camera. plus he always think of other members and never mock/diss other members even for entertainment purpose.

                      i hope this can change your opinon about him even if just a little! ^^

                      • Treee

                        I watched alot of itadaki. His character doesn’t leave much impression.
                        Not interested to watch bakaleya at all. Just reading the summary makes me want to vomit.
                        Not impressed by his dancing either.

                        Sorry but unless hsj management gave him a good solo song or more prominent singing lines, he will remain irrelevant to my interest.

      • Hola

        Well, he’s been working too hard lately and also had the opportunity to show how talented, adorable and fun he actually is. That’s what the results show. About his dancing and singing skills, maybe we’re not talking about the same Inoo Kei as the one I know can dance and sing pretty good. It’s a pity that you can’t see it. Also, with Peach Girl’s live action at around the corner, his popularity may increase even more. But I agree all HSJ’s member have a lot of talent to show and I hope they all will have their chance too; we fans will always be here to support them. But Inoo Kei totally deserves this after all these years.

        • Nika Jer

          Sorry, I can only disagree with you ^^)
          After so many years with HSJ I can dictinct who can sing or dance and who can not. And his hard-working doesn’t help much. If you say that he puts an effort in dancing, than his abilities very restricted.
          e.g. I can see great effort from Okamoto, he really works hard to improve.

          But Inoo is simply overrated.

        • Treee

          Inoo is the worst singer and dancer in hsj. He’s cute on Shimura Doubutsuen though.

          • rshina

            and mezamashi too
            he is really good in those 2