Matsuko Deluxe Tops Nikkei Entertainment’s “Talent Power Ranking” for the Second Year in a Row

This year’s edition of Nikkei Entertainment’s annual “Talent Power Ranking” is currently appearing online. The main list, the overall top 30, is now available. For the second consecutive year, Matsuko Deluxe topped the list. Aragaki Yui is #2 this year, rising from last year’s #26. Ayase Haruka is #3 for the third year in a row. Find out the rest of the top 30 after the jump!

1. Matsuko Deluxe: 51.3 (Last year: #1 with 48.2)

2. Aragaki Yui: 51.1 (Last year: #26 with 38.8)

3. Ayase Haruka: 47.2 (Last year: #3 with 46.2)

4. Arashi: 45.9 (Last year: #2 with 46.3)

5. Nakai Masahiro: 45.7 (Last year: #8 with 41.8)

6. Tamori: 43.5 (Last year: #5 with 42.7)

7. Abe Hiroshi: 43.2 (Last year: #7 with 42.9)

8. Ishihara Satomi: 42.8 (Last year: #27 with 38.5)

9. Oizumi Yo: 42.7 (Last year: #12 with 40.7)

10. Hakata Daikichi: 42.7 (Last year: #32 with 38.1)

11. Aiba Masaki: 42.5 (Last year: #22 with 39.3)

11. Ohno Satoshi: 42.5 (Last year: #15 with 40.3)

11. Sakurai Sho: 42.5 (Last year: #7 with 41.9)

14. Kei Nishikori: 42.3 (Last year: #11 with 40.8)

15. Hakata Hanamaru Daikichi: 42.2 (Last year: #16 with 40.2)

16. TOKIO: 41.6 (Last year: #10 with 41.0)

17. Hoshino Gen: 41.6 (Last year: #466 with x)

18. Kitagawa Keiko: 41.5 (Last year: #13 with 40.5)

19. Fukada Kyoko: 41.1 (Last year: #44 with 36.2)

20. Ichiro: 40.9 (Last year: #14 with 40.3)

20. Cream Stew: 40.9 (Last year: #36 with 37.6)

22. Uchimura Teruyoshi:.40.8  (Last year: #18 with 39.8)

23. Ninomiya Kazunari: 40.7 (Last year: #9 with 41.2)

24. Rola: 40.2 (Last year: #45 with x)

25. Akashiya Sanma: 40.0 (Last year: #21 with 39.4)

26. Arimura Kasumi: 39.6 (Last year: #20 with 39.6)

27. Otani Shohei: 39.4 (Last year: #179 with x)

27. Downtown: 39.4 (Last year: #17 with 40.0)

29. Abe Sadao: 39.3 (Last year: #55 with 35.4)

29. Kitano Takeshi: 39.3 (Last year: #34 with 37.8)

29. Southern All Stars: 39.4 (Last year: #46 with 36.2)


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    • Hoshino Gen, the true breakout!

    • woot

      17. Hoshino Gen: 41.6 (Last year: #466 with x)

      Is Nino the biggest drop within the top 30?
      23. Ninomiya Kazunari: 40.7 (Last year: #9 with 41.2)
      ouch. I wonder why..

      • light

        I wonder, maybe because he didn’t really have anything aside from his usual show this last year?

      • REMISU

        Probably bc last year was a big year for Nino with his achievements for haha to kuraseba.

    • Himi Tsu

      That’s funny how Aiba, Ohno and Sho got same score and rank !
      Too bad for Nino’s drop, but o__o am I blind or Jun is nowhere to be seen ?

      TBH I’m really surprised with Ohno’s rank, as I don’t think he’s really doing much work outside of Arashi recently. (Or am I wrong? His movie isn’t released yet, his not regular on at TVShow, … )

      • Jun isn’t in the top 30. He wasn’t last year either.

      • woot

        The survey period probably included Ohno drama with Haru. Can’t even remember the drama’s title despite watching the whole thing lol.

        • Himi Tsu

          Ohhh you’re right ! I think it was Sekai Koi Muzukashii with some words in-between XD Watched it too, but I don’t think it was really great (not talking about Koike Eiko, who was really impressive awesome)

          • woot

            That drama was not my cup of tea, especially Ohno performance in some of the critical scenes (i love him though. & find Haru adorable). Twitter excitement over HaruXOhno is more than maotsujun it seems.

            • Himi Tsu

              Really ? o-o I found no chemistry between them at all. Especially because of Haru’s acting, which I found stone-like. Ohno had really cute moments, but it clearly wasn’t his best performance.

              • woot

                I don’t mind Haru. She’s playing the character. I just think the drama could be better if they fleshed her out more. Love Koike Eiko but they wasted precious time on her arc with Ohno’s character.

                • Himi Tsu

                  That’s true, Haru’s character as written in the script was probably the problem :(

          • Lol

            The drama was well received in jpn and ohnoxharu is popular there

            • Himi Tsu

              I see o.o

            • woot

              yup but 99.9 did better. deservingly, thank goodness.

    • woot
      • woot

        Where’s Hoshino Gen?

        • They probably counted him as an actor, strangely. He’s been a musician longer though. It’s really weird when they consider TOKIO a musical act when they’re really irrelevant in the music world and most of their fame stems from TV.

          • woot

            If you’re planning on posting this article, please ignore idiot nikkei and include him. Hoping for a sassy note to go along with it. Tq in advance.

            • I was actually working on this, LOL.

              • woot


              • woot

                Taking back my heartmark. That was a disappointing note. Wrong group of musicians to bitch about question their placement.

                • TOKIO are musically irrelevant and that’s just a fact. Without TV, they wouldn’t be where they are.

                  • woot

                    They’ve been on tv since the beginning. It doesn’t erase the fact they are musicians. Ai Wanna Be With You was great, so zip it.

      • Himi Tsu

        WAHOO NEWS went up a lot ♥

      • Ben

        why is Sashihara rino there? She’s not really a singer. I mean I know she’s in a lot of variety. Shouldn’t she be more of a “talent” than singer for this ranking?

      • Step Rivera

        🎉YAY!! 🎉Amuro Namie is in the Top 10!🎊 👸🏻Queen!👸🏻

    • Reileen

      Matsuko Deluxe is fierce and Gakky dethroning Ayase lol
      Going to be interesting how Gakky will fare next time. Matsushima Nanako rose up to #3 one time also because of a hit drama but fell after. But I don’t think Gakky will go anywhere, she’ll have Code Blue 3 next season for starters

    • eplizo

      Gen’s RISE lmaoooo

    • Matsumiyalover

      Why is only Jun not on the list? lol

    • starlightshimmers

      Well if anything with Matsuko Deluxe at the top, I hope Japan becomes more open to the idea of LGBT people.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      ooo at gakky rising again (and over ayase)

    • Asha

      Lol. Ohno getting that no.11 spot with just a single drama and other Arashi activities.

      • light

        As much as I didn’t like it, the drama was actually popular and way more talked about than Jun’s one, that had better ratings.

        • Eri

          Dynamics within the audience, right?
          I didn’t like Sekaimuzu either (though I gave it a fair chance just like I do with most Arashi projects), whereas 99.9 was slaying in my opinion. I still don’t understand why Ohno ranks that high though. I get that his drama was talked about (or is it because his drama-persona mingled with his Arashi one and he pretty much carried it whereas 99.9 stood on its own and attracted people that aren’t even idol fans?), but he doesn’t do much else TV-wise unlike Aiba and Sho?

          (for me it’s particularly weird because I like Jun’s and Nino’s (the two atm not so popular members. I understand that they alreay had their hype, still…) recents projects of the last 2-3 years a lot more than their bandmates’ *lol* But it’s just be my personal taste…)

          • light

            I really don’t know the reason aside from his drama, Ohno also won again recently as best actor for Sekamuzu. I also liked 99.9 a lot so it was a bit disappointing.
            Nino didn’t have anything this year so the fall didn’t surprise me so much, but I still find surprising how much Jun has fallen in these rankings in the last years, not just this latest one.

            • Eri

              I understand the years 2014/15 as he didn’t have that many projects. But 2016 was a good year for him and he did well. I don’t get it. Arashi fandom in general turned into a extremely toxic place during the last 1-2 years.

        • Asha

          Usually dramas with high ratings gets the star of that series a high ranking in here since higher ratings means better general public recognition. Which is why I am amused by Ohno’s rank. Though it is kinda sad Jun’s rank is not that high. I think Ohno benefitted from his past side projects with artists, his exhibition and stuff.

    • Paddy Alfan

      Expecting Matsuko Limited next year

    • Lady Sara

      2. Aragaki Yui: 51.1 (Last year: #26 with 38.8)

      • Sabor_de_Soledad

        Love Gakky! She’s so cute. lol

    • jeejar

      can you guess the most boring thing in the world .. Nikkei Entertainment’s annual “Talent Power Ranking”

    • Sabor_de_Soledad

      So I don’t know anything about this ranking. How are the celebrities ranked? Based on CM deals? Income? Social media mentions??