Japan’s top Youtuber Hajime Syacho caught in cheating scandal

Hajime Syacho is the number one Youtube channel and personality in Japan.  For Japanese Youtube accounts he has the most subscribers with his total on the verge of surpassing 5 million, and has achieved over 3.5 billion views for all the videos on his channel. His content consists of typical Youtube fodder such as doing various “challenges”, trying different foods/aps/games, and so on.

The drama started when it was revealed that Hajime used to date fellow Youtube star and competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita. Like Hajime, Yuka is one of the biggest names in the Japanese Youtube scene with over 2.8 million subscribers. Hajime and Yuka dated for roughly half a year before breaking things off in February 2017. Another Youtuber called Mizunyan was holding a Twitcast (live streaming service for Twitter and Facebook) when Yuka called in, confirming the allegations that Hajime is a playboy who has been involved with multiple women. She was in tears as she tried to explain the entire situation.

News of the incident spread like wildfire prompting Hajime to upload a video (unmonetized) apologizing for the entire situation. In just one day the video has received over 6 million views. Hajime admitted that he was cheating and that someone slept over at his house, but was a bit wishy-washy in-regards to the allegations of multiple women being involved. Many people have been critical of Hajime due to his huge following consisting mainly of children and teenagers, which brought on other criticisms such as his fanclub “Hajime Mino”. The fanclub has an admission fee of 1,080 yen and an annual fee of 3,888 yen. Some critics feel that the pressure to join his fanclub is a big exploitation of his young fanbase.

Hajime’s first video since the apology is of him unboxing a large amount of fake plants, he then proceeds to decorate his car with all the fake plants. The video has already garnered 1.7 million views, 74k likes and 32k dislikes. His apology video can be seen below.

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    • Mookie

      “Hajime’s first video since the apology is of him unboxing a large amount of fake plants, he then proceeds to decorate his car with all the fake plants.” ….I screamed. Imagine being paid large amounts of money to do stupid stuff like this.

    • pondloso

      How scary he can even make money from apologizing video.
      Social really make people does mindless thing(and I’m also make more money for him by watch it haha)

      • Ryusei

        It’s unmonetized he doesnt make any video off his apology video otherwise it would seem really unsincere

    • REMISU

      Omg I watched a bit of the video & I didn’t know who the girl was, but from the videos they posted years ago, I figured they were dating.

      Also, he states that cheated because his former girlfriend and his girlfriend he had after that overlapped, and that he had told his former girlfriend he wanted to break up but they never formalized an official breakup bc of busy schedules. Doesn’t state anything about there being multiple girls.

      Also the girl who slept over was apparently “just a friend”

      Well, this is all what he said & I didn’t hear Yuka’s statement.

      When were they dating?

    • eplizo

      Messy. I’m convinced it might blow over soon enough though. If Japan treats their youtube stars anything like western ones, he’ll still have a huge following even after doing the nastiest shit lol.

    • nerissa gibbens

      Its sad that he is involved in a scandal like this.i liked watching some of his videos.but i dont understand why a youtuber would have a fanclub?especially the one you need to pay money for.. It seems unnecessary.

      • Kanjo Maru

        I know what you mean but it’s actually quite common. It’s basically like his version of a patreon account.

      • Andrelol3

        All Youtubers in the west have this. As Kanjo said, it just has a different name, it’s called “Patreon”.

        These people are super rich, and then more people give them even more money. What a world.

      • bloodimilk

        It’s actually common and almost required by his company UUUM. There’s actually a lot of controversy regarding his company that many other Japanese youtubers (including Hajime himself) dislikes.

      • Kristin C

        Yeah it’s very normal around korea and japan to pay an ‘entry’ to a fan club. Even the sailor moon app has most things only accessible to club members.

    • sarajgh

      I feel bad for yuka, she’s getting so much hate rn

      • hizurisama

        holy shit, she’s getting so much dislikes in her recent videos.

        • sarajgh

          Seriously, I just checked and the last video before her apology video has 24k likes and 16k dislikes. That’s way too much. I feel like I’m missing something, are people mad she exposed him? Idek. I remember reading a comment a couple of months ago when she was still getting some dislikes (but nothing like now ofc) and somebody said that some Japanese people don’t like her bc they feel she’s fake and acts too cute? But I don’t understand why she’s taking the brunt of it all now

          • Meilany Elizabeth

            can’t someone make a mistake ? i mean excuse me it’s her private life and i know she is the one who bring it but to hate her just for that is kinda forgetting all effort she makes for the videos only because of this and even she already put apology video and hajime too already put viedo of apology. what else do they need !? >< i just want cheerful yuka to back the one that is happy with food . :(

          • Jurippe

            I thought there was pressure in Japanese society for women to act cute in general. It feels like a double standard.

          • micho

            guess what? if you look on hajime’ video, he stopped activity since making the apology video. he did follow the video daily with his pre-scheduled videos, but he has been silent since then… I really wonder what happened, since before this scandal, hajime was known as one of the purest youtuber. I still don’t believe this is happening….

    • replaybb718

      Poor Yuka-chan. Looks like she was trying to clear the air on some lies that Hajime was telling his other gf during the Twitcast. It’s not like she planned to expose him, and nothing wrong with exposing this cheater. There are multiple victims.

    • dev_null0

      Yuka’s apology video is up now (with eng subs):
      (Though I don’t think it is right that she has to apologize)

      • Carey Grant

        She does not deserve this. The people attacking her are the wrong and so is her ex.

      • Meilany Elizabeth

        she looks like she is about to cry anytime on the video :( i just hope i can still see her in her channel more…

      • Jihyunpi

        Poor girl.. I don’t think she should apologize.., even the guy has made it clear that those things are true., poor yuka :(

    • Popcorn

      I had to laugh at first because both are way too overdressed and so incredibly formal when all of it is just because of their relationship. It’s like they’re about to get fired while having to feed 5 children and paying the mortgage because they didn’t sell enough vacuum cleaners and their boss is making them bow and kneel before him due to great dishonor. But I guess that’s Japanese culture for you. I like both actually and I’ve been watching their videos for over a year or two now and I never really thought Hajime is a playboy kind of guy because he’s just so weird heh. Anyway I think people are blowing this “scandal” way out of proportions but then again Japanese fans are brutal beasts that would sacrifice blood for the blood god just to see their favorite Youtuber be happy. Moving on.

      • WalnutProphecy

        It’s just sort of jarring for ‘comedic’ youtubers I guess. But if it’s like a Japanese pop idol – remember that AKB48 incident some years ago – it would be more fitting with the formal style.

      • Meilany Elizabeth

        rite ? eveyone …like this kind of drama you can see literaly everywhere why make a big deal out of it ?

    • maguro part deux

      Competitive eater, lol.

    • shirogane

      Wait… Didn’t another one of Hajime’s girlfriend exposed him first? He dated her from October 2016 to February 2016. They broke up when on Feb 14, he made an excuse that he was filming but in fact had a model slept over in his place.
      After all these Konoshita came out about dating him and thats how ppl found out he was two timing.

    • edmon Song

      Poor Yuka, Hajime S was the one who cheated on Yuka and why on hell that Yuka must apologize to public? That’s very fuck up.

    • Finally, some Japanese youtuber dirt. At least that I know of. smh. ew dude.

    • phoe-enix

      Him and Yuka-chan were a couple??
      Poor Yuka…

      • Ginjiro

        I think some of them are his fan girls and then their favorite idol got taken away by a girl.

        • phoe-enix

          I figured as much after skimming the comments… So nasty, they’re alright with him two (three?) timing his then-girlfriend…

          • Meilany Elizabeth

            :( poor yuka… i hope they got tired and stop eventualy…

            • phoe-enix

              maybe in a few months? Seriously though, only in Japan in this kind of situation the female party gets the burnt of the hate. Well, most of the time…

              • Meilany Elizabeth

                yeah :(((

    • DoSHachiko

      I feel bad that Yuka’s getting all the hate while Hajime is getting away free.

      It’s A LOT different compared to MEGWIN and his recent divorce with his wife, Amanda (where he literally cheated on her and BEGIRAGONS had to be sold off to someone else), and his shit wasn’t tolerated one bit.

      • mikamika

        I’d guess b/c Japan has different moral values for couples that are “only” dating and married ones…

    • mikamika

      This just confirmed that I’m officially too old to understand Youtubers’ fame and success.

      • Jug’Crispy

        Or maybe you’re smart enough to understand how stupid it is sometimes.
        And there are so many Youtubers who don’t get the credit and acclaim they deserve, with little subscribers, so that sucks too.

      • Mayura

        Don’t worry. I don’t understand it either. But I guess everything boils down to business at the end of the day. Just look at Michelle Phan.

    • whatever

      His fans went to Yuka’s channel by the way, spreading hate there. She released an apology video too. I’m feeling so pissed.

    • ProllyWild

      Celebrity is a bitch.. even got you tubers huh?

    • Ren

      Most Japanese Youtuber fans are Teenagers that is probably why they reacted like crazy -_- I mean it wasn’t really fine play of her to talk about this on the internet even though they promised not to talk about it but I also don’t think it’s fair that she is receiving all the hate. I guess Hajme simply has more “I will support him no matter what” fans.
      Their videos are like watching a press conference of a Japanese talent that cheated on his/her wife/husband or something like that.
      I mean after all they are still normal people but on the other hand a lot of young girls and boys take them as their idol taking into account that a lot of elementary school students said they wanted to become Youtuber.
      As for the fanclub, not only Hajime but also the Charisma Brothers got one, so it may become a thing for the Uuum youtubers to do that. Still think it’s weird because youtube was supposed to be a free service … also don’t think that they don’t make enough money seeing they can afford expensive apartments and stuff … after all I guess youtube is still about making money when you join an agency…
      Okay rant over xD

    • zo

      not biased on anyone’s side but in Hajime’s apology video he stated that the friend who slept over at his house had no sexual relations with him and that she was a close friend and she needed a place to stay since it was so late in the night. However Hajime also did admit he was still dating a previous girl when he started dating Yuka because “they were both so busy and couldn’t officially break up”

    • Grooby

      It’ll be hard to see Hajime in the same light. He always seemed so kind..

      The funny thing is he had made a mock “apology” video before this because his fans noticed a girl’s name on his phone in one of his videos. He criticized his fans saying “Just because there’s some girls name on my phone, that makes them my girlfriend? Then that would make everyone my girlfriend!” lmao.. Never realized the fans were onto something until Yuka exposed him :’)

    • lies

      Japanese youtubers are all trash, especially Hajime

      • Shahe Ansar

        Get out of here you racist trash.

    • Sakura

      sad that yuka is getting so much hate….its not only hajime’s fangirls that are hating on her, some guys are too. There are a handful of videos and comments saying how yuka was disgusting for outing hajime like that, and since hajime is a male it doesn’t matter if he cheats or not. It really disgusts me that people can think that way.

    • bloodimilk

      I do agree that sometimes, timing is bad and things happen. Regarding his latest formal apology video, Hajime cleared up three things:
      1. He did in fact date Yuka in the past
      2. He did NOT sleep with another woman in his house
      3. There in fact WAS a slight overlap where he ended up dating another woman and Yuka at the same time.
      However, he also did explain how things came out wrong in the light of the public and admitted to wrongdoings. He said that he should not have let his female friend stay overnight. Hajime admitted that if he was Yuka, he would also suspect him sleeping with another girl. I would like to add though, in Japan, it is very basic common courtesy to have your friend stay overnight at your home when it is very late and especially when that person is female. Japan is a very hospitable country. There are times where friends walk each other home out of courtesy despite living in opposite directions. However, Hajime understands that there may be some misunderstanding with this.
      Hajime also explained the slight overlap in dating periods. Before dating Yuka, he did try to break up with his past girlfriend. however, due to issues with being busy and differing values, the two never reached a mutual understanding. Because of this, Hajime ended up dating the two (at first) in overlapping periods of time. He understands that he should have made things clear before dating Yuka and sincerely apologized for inconveniencing everyone.
      In all, I appreciate Hajime being able to clear things up and apologizing. Based on his situation, it seems just that there were major misunderstandings in his relationship. I personally don’t think he deserves the hate he’s getting.