Japan Twitter Trends || August 2014

We are going to start compiling a list of Japan’s top twitter trends for each month! The lists will include the most popular words, hashtags, and celebrities mentioned on Twitter for the month!

Up first is August 2014!

[Most Popular Words]

10. Satoru-kun (urban legend)

9. Koshien (Japan’s national high school baseball tournament held here)

8. Mie (prefecture playing in the high school baseball tournament)

7. Turn-around (baseball game turn around)

6. Volleyball

5. Haikyu (anime about high school volleyball)

4. Oikawa (character in ‘Haikyu’)

3. Fireworks

2. Eva (anime ‘Evangelion’)

1. Earthquake


[Most Popular Hashtags]

10. #NonStop

9. #sabagebu (anime ‘Survival Game Club’)

8. #aldnoahzero (anime ‘Aldnoah.Zero’)

7. #nozakikun (anime ‘Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

6. #ladygo (Radio Program ‘A&G NEXT GENERATION Lady Go!!’)

5. #HanakoToAnne (long drama ‘Hanako to Anne’)

4. #pripara (anime ‘Prism Paradise’)

3. #nitiasa (Sunday morning anime on TV Asahi)

2. #agqr (Bunka Broadcasting Digital Radio ‘Cho! A&G’)

1. #precure (anime ‘Pretty Cure’)


[Most Popular Celebrities]

20. Golden Bomber

19. EXO

18. Momoko Tsugunaga (Berryz Koubou)

17. Johnny’s West

16. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48)



13. miwa

12. SMAP

11. Momoka Ariyasu (Momoiro Clover Z)

10. Tomohisa Yamashita

9. Taisuke Fujigaya (Kis-My-Ft2)

8. Yuta Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft2)


6. Momoiro Clover Z

5. Rena Nounen


3. Kanjani8

2. AKB48

1. Kis-My-Ft2


(via: Twipple)

  • Comments

    • Guest

      Momochi’s impact! The saving grace of H!P

    • What

      Why are there so many johnny’s :/

      • Fan girls love to spazz? XD

        • Diana’s MovieReviews

          yes, we do… ahahaha XD

    • Krung

      That flag pic is extremely offensive, please change it.

    • Babi Hong

      i didnt know pretty cure was that popular o.O

      • Back when I used to do these in 2011-2012, it was always on the trends then too…it’s crazy D:

      • Joe Gibken

        It’s one of those very long running franchise next to the super hero time block. It has to be popular to still have continuation to this day.

    • l3012
    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      wow… happy to see kis-my-ft2 on the top! :))

    • ♠ Shimazaki Haruka ♠

      Paruru the only member who rank individually between all 48/46 members. :P
      Amazing! Her popularity is really growing a lot, and it’ll keep growing more & more!


      • l3012

        I always liked Paruru for being so…sincere? I don’t know, she also seems way more lively in Team A than in B <3

        Wonder if she'll keep the ranking next year or increase it.

        • ♠ Shimazaki Haruka ♠

          I sure hope Paruru will rank even better next year. and I’ll vote for her XD

          Yes I love how she’s sincere, and I also love her in team A better than in team B (but I loved the previous team B too). People have been bashing Paruru since forever but (not even being biased) when I watch PVs of Kokoro no Placard, Labrador Retriever (basically the latest PVs) she shines so much, she has the cutest moments. She’s doing well for Tv Shows & acting too (she improved a lot compared to her Maji days). I love her because you can never expect what she’s going to do/say, or her reactions to different things XD and when she suddenly does something sweet or cute, it becomes so much better since she doesn’t do it all the time, it’s more precious in a way :P

          • l3012

            Will be tough to defeat WMatsui (I’m personally afraid of Jurina fans’ voting next year) but it would be wonderful to see her keep her current position, she looked so happy!

            I liked Paruchan since Team 4 (was my favorite member actually), it’s great people are giving her a chance and not over labeling her as ‘salty’ ‘useless’ and stuff alike; her smiles and playfulness are so natural, that’s why she stands out so much (and as you say, since she isn’t forcing herself to do it constantly, it’s more awesome).

            She’s also getting a lot of female suporters, right?

            • ♠ Shimazaki Haruka ♠

              Yes! and I’m one of the female fans haha and I know other female fans of Paruru. She definitely gets support from girls as well, it’s great :)

              • l3012

                I’m a female fan too! Makes me happy to see she’s doing better -my oshimen is Tomu, but I like Paru a lot-

    • eplizo

      Wow. Kis-My-Ft2 slaying. Kings.

    • Sayaneegix

      Why was Paruru so famous on Twitter this month? Oo Her sass is finally taking over EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE? Did I miss something?

    • hytz

      no Arashi? wow

      • blast!


    • yanderenightmares

      Yay haikyu and Rena nounen.

    • U Chan

      Paruru!!! Im so happy for her, positive news like this really makes me happy <3

    • U Chan

      I’m so happy for paruru, news like this really makes me happy and i know that it’s not only me, her fans all over the world are probably so happy as well. Hell! Get that success paruru! I’m so voting for her in the upcoming senbatsu election! :)