J.J. Abrams and Paramount tackle “Your Name” for a Hollywood live action adaptation

Get ready commenters! We have news of another live action adaptation, and this time it’s by Hollywood!!

Makoto Shinkai‘s massively successful anime film Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) will be adapted into a live action film by Paramount Pictures and J. J. AbramsBad Robot Productions.  Toho Co., Ltd., the original producers of the animated film, will be working with the two companies to develop the live action film along with handling the distribution in Japan.

Eric Heisserer (screenwriter for Arrival) will be in charge of penning the screenplay for the adaptation.  Furthermore, producers for this project includes J.J. Abrams, Lindsey Weber, and Genki Kawamura.

Kawamura was a producer in the original 2016 anime film and had this to say about the Hollywood adaptation:

Just like in the film it feels like a dream, Mr. Abrams and his team have captivated audiences in their masterful reinvention of known properties. And Mitsuha and Taki have found a perfect narrator, Mr. Heisserer, to tell their sci-fi infused love story, which gave the film such drive. The meetings so far have been creatively stimulating with fantastic ideas that no doubt will make for a great movie. I am greatly honored to work with these incredible creators in bringing to audiences the Hollywood live-action version of ‘Your Name.’

Creator, writer, and director Shinkai also chimed in with his excitement for the upcoming development for his anime film:

Your Name is a film created with the innate imaginations of a Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium.  When such a work is imbued with Hollywood filmmaking, we may see new possibilities that we had been completely unaware of. I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation.

(via Hollywood Reporter and Variety)

You know the drill.  Go at it in the comments.  

Your Name had great success and a major impact in Japan, but how do you think the film will be received in the U.S?  Are you happy about the news?  Dream casting?  Future controversies?

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    • Azura Of Ylisse

      No. Just no.
      I’m beyond fed up of these Hollywood “adaptations”.
      I have no words to express my exasperation.

      • Historia Lenz

        my sentiments, exactly…

    • yacchaitai
      • don’t look back, my babe.

        LMAO I LOVE THIS. me too

    • nothingsover

      This is it. We’ve reached peak NO.
      There are so many things wrong with this. But most importantly: the art and animation were BY FAR the best aspects of the film. This is the worst live action adaptation idea thus far.

    • No!
      This adaptation is very unecessary.

    • sarah

      Y’all say no.. I say .. I wanna see where this goes. J.J Abrams I trust more than these other people who’ve tried and failed.

      Be sick or sad or mad, but i’m not giving up on hollywood yet. That doesn’t mean i’m not going ” uuhh … again.” inside. I’m in the ” Let’s see how it goes.” Better well known director gives me a more try and see feel. For them to want to hop on this means he must have really loved it. Besides Japan does live actions and plays all the time. At this point I expected them to do the live action waaay before hollywood. So .. this is a big surprise.

    • Michie

      I just remembered all of the distinctively Japanese scenes in the anime, like the Shinto shrine and rituals.
      I just hope they don’t make Mitsuha some country bumpkin.
      And what about this scene?!

      • lol this is the best! XD She tried watashi, watakushi, boku and finally got it right with ore. English language doesnt have the various variation of ‘I’ so they cant play around with that. I wonder how Hollywood gonna tackle this part.

        I’m afraid the whole adaptation will ended up being pretentious instead of highlighting the original charm of the anime.

        • hasawa

          …or maybe they’ll get away with simply not including that scene …

          • My thought exactly. They also gonna find other things to explain why they can switch bodies and meet for a momentarily in the ‘eternity realm’ since they can’t use the Japanese religion/belief to explain those events.

        • Awilda

          I think the live adaptation is going to be kinda horrid because the art,the Japanese folklore and culture specifics is what made the whole charm of the movie. A live adaptation Japanese or Western would firstly ruin the art and beautiful animation aspect that made this appealing to people and the Western version would just ruin the plot and the story which was beautiful because is relied on aspect of Japanese Folklore that even Japanese people find unique.

      • eplizo

        It’s an EXTREMELY Japanese film. This is literally like the one Japanese film you just CAN’T take out of context. It doesn’t even fucking make sense…..

        • hasawa

          Meh, they’re probably gonna stick to the body switch main plot (which is, let’s face it, not a typical Japanese thing) and shrug off everything else~ Or maybe they’ll pick a nice set and go with it. Japan is not the only place in the world with pretty scenery and architecture… It’s just as Westerners it comes off as more exotic and captivating (as a French Parisian I hardly get the type foreigners have with Paris until I see how beautifully pictured my city is in foreign movies).

          • eplizo

            Well, obviously that’s one of the things they’re going to do, but that is exactly part of why it makes no sense to me lol. Hell, the cultural aspect is just ONE facet of issue tbh. It’s not about Japan having beautiful scenery, and it has nothing to do with it being “exotic” to foreigners. The scenery wouldn’t even be near as visually impactful if it was a live-action adaptation done in Japan itself lol. The film was visually gorgeous cause of the ART not really because it was based on a real life location. On top of it being a film with so many Japanese concepts embedded into the story of the film, taking an anime film who’s charmed relied so heavy on the art and expecting to resonate is so aimless. Hollywood is really so fucking dry on ideas to try this.

            • hasawa

              “The scenery wouldn’t even be near as visually impactful if it was a live-action adaptation done in Japan itself lol”
              And yet people don’t get THAT mad for Japanese live adaptation of gorgeously animated anime… lol
              But yeah, Your Name art being unanimously praised, doing a live adaptation that in no way will manage to catch the scenery of the original work is pretty fucked up. And I second you about Hollywood being desperate for new idea to be so thirsty into picking random animes for live adaptations. They never did it that hard before.

          • zam(仮)

            It is a body switch with a 3 years time slip. Basically a body switch through time and space, no one have ever done a story like that as far as I can recall.

            • hasawa

              Yeah really feel like ppl take this overhyped anime too seriously and are deep down just mad White people appropriate their godsent anime culture, bc “Japanese do it better” obviously lol

      • hasawa

        Adaptations don’t have to include EACH scene of the original movie though…

        • zam(仮)

          I am not concerned about the scenes. What I am afraid of is that they are going to butcher the ideology behind it. The idea of the threads of life connecting people, that from Shinto.

          • hasawa

            Hollywood has never been known for its subtleness so there’s nothing new about it

          • HyperMoot .

            you shouldn’t worry about that, live action and tons of special FX and you’ll go on such a Cruise that you won’t even remember Your Name. What will be left of the Shinto spirit will be more like head, shoulders, shin and toes.

          • Khooni

            We , the people of ‘Mrica, aren’t known for straining our brains cells while watching our mainstream blockbuster movies. In hindsight, it’d be much better if they completely left out the ‘ideology’ part and stuck to titties, hormones and the cool comet-nucleus-split-strike. It’d not exactly be an ‘adaptation’ by the dictionary definition, but at least it’d not flop because the audiences thought it was too ‘deep’ or ‘made no sense’.

            If I may recall, the original Japanese one had people scratching their heads over the plot too. It wasn’t exactly faultless.

            • HyperMoot .

              wonder what I like most? the titties or the comet-nucleus-split-strike? loool

            • eternal_sky

              I agree with this but Christopher Nolan’s movies are still doing well despite they have use their brains so there’s still hope. :P

              • Khooni

                Well, inception has been reduced to a pop culture joke now. React to a reaction : react-ception. Get filmed while filming your vlog by another vlogger : vlog-ception etc et. etc

                Interstellar didn’t do well domestically. Kids are whining on trailers of both movies how they didn’t ‘get it’.

                I’m not saying we dont like smart movies. It’s just that such movies appeal to a very different kind of crowd. If the adaptation of My Name has to be successful, it can’t take the same approach as the original. Sadly, this is a film that will have to be ‘western’washed to earn good money. Nobody is gonna bother looking up Japanese customs to understand what this film is trying to say esp when many natives themselves have had a hard time understanding the movie’s message.

                • eternal_sky

                  I actually totally agree with you. And correction, Nolan’s movies are doing really well internationally, so it actually explained those big profits that he earned for all his movies.

                  That’s the reason why I kind of stopped watching Hollywood movies in general. And Trump being the president really explain a lot about the country in general.

        • Michie

          Yeah, I realize that they would probably omit this scene so I was kind of just joking with the video. But I was also pointing out that there are intricacies in the Japanese language that isn’t in English. Some of the few comedy elements in the anime was from the misuse of feminine/masculine language. So I was just trying to show that a lot of the smaller details that gave the original film charm will be lost in translation.

    • REMISU

      Why do they do this…

      • HyperMoot .

        because they can afford it

      • yamakita

        Because they like to take a big dump on something that’s actually good.

    • Khooni

      dafuq o.o
      daduq O.o
      dafuq 0.o
      dafuq O.O

      So what’s the story gonna be like? The romance of a Bible belt country girl with a New York City boy as they both bond over boobs and the beautiful scenery of their respective locales?

      • Rictor9

        That sounds so bad… the good kind of bad.

        • Khooni

          Also: add zombies, vampires and a superhero

          Voila! Perfect ‘Mrican adaptation

    • Unlike many people, I actually dont mind adaptation in general. If its good, I will be entertained and if its bad, then it further highlighted how great is the original. So its not a lost in my opinion.

      I mean, I have a few Hollywood adaptations that I actually enjoy like The Lake House (Kmovie; Il Mare) or Possessed (Kmovie; Addicted — however Possessed ruined the brilliant ending of Addicted tho :P). Or Maou was much much much better than the original The Devil and Fated to Love You Korean version is just soo good compared to the original Taiwanese version.

      So in general, I dont really mind adaptations since sometimes gems might come out from it as well. Lets see how they gonna tackle this anime and hopefully they will cast interesting actors to play the title roles.

      • fun

        I love Maou but the original was great.

        • Really? I find the original extremely boring lol. I also think that it missed many symbolism that the Japanese version has. The Japanese version is fast-paced and tight storywise while I find the original version slow and uninteresting. I tried so much to like it tho. OTL

          • fun

            The detective in the Korean original was amazing and there was romance between librarian/lawyer. You’re right about the Japanese version having a tighter/ fast paced storyline. Ohno’s acting in the climax scene was better too but I hate how the guy was walking for miles.

            • I need you to explain why you said the detective is amazing. I unfortunately has irrational dislike towards Uhm Tae Woong — I blamed it on the drama he acted with Park Boyoung (Equator Man). He has to act blind and he did really badly like he keeps roll his eyes — me and my sister are so frustrated since nobody has the decency to tell him that THAT IS NOT HOW YOU ACT BLIND LOL.

              There’s a bit of romance in Maou :P and I love the girl who acted as Shiori. The backhug she gave Ohno is so cute! Apparently it is possible to walk for miles even when you are stabbed esp for a guy like Narusa who still have unfinished business that he needs to settle. He probably die due to blood lost (which takes time) and not because his internal organ are stabbed.

    • don’t look back, my babe.

      as soon as i read the title, i thought to myself, well, fuck.

    • RKK

      starring Scarlet Johanson

      • HyperMoot .

        ahaha Lucy in the stye with morons

      • Khooni

        She’s too old. The numero uno Asian-American actress of our generation, Emma Stone would be a better fit

        • AoZora

          Is Emma Stone an asian? I mean i never knew…

          • Khooni

            No no. That was sarcasm. Emma Stone once played a character that had Chinese roots in the movie Aloha, which is based in Hawaii. Hawaii is an island state that has Americans of mostly East Asian origin. It’s a glaring example of whitewashing where a white actor got an acting job that was supposed to go to somebody of Asian ancestry. She was in denial initially but has owned up to the miscasting now:


            • AoZora

              ohk. That’s what i was thinking.. When i read about her,there was no mention of Asian ancestor.. :)

    • eplizo


      • HyperMoot .

        don’t be so bitter, just think it could have been worse. Like some adaptation with heavy content on social issues and class struggle by some French director or even worse by Ken Loach. Taki (Tom in the new version) a young trader switches bodies with Mitsuha (Rosalie) who works as a mid-wife in a derelict clinic hit hard by decades of post Thatcherism (a clever trick to prevent the Cannes Jury from suffering severe headaches trying to grasp Shinto)

        • eternal_sky


    • Taima-kun

      i’m probably in the minority who actually agrees to a hollywood adaptation out of spite because the anime film bored me to death

    • HyperMoot .
      • fun

        Tell me your feelings moot.

    • hasawa

      Wow, Hollywood really became THAT lazy…

    • fun

      Meh. Not impressed by J.J Abrams and I haven’t watched Kimi no Na Wa. On paper it sounded like a typical gender switch but hear a lot like it for the scenery and Japanese-ness.

      Eric Heisserer (screenwriter for Arrival) will be in charge of penning the screenplay
      For those who has watched Arrival, do you think he can do good with this adaptation?

      I’m excited for Leonardo DiCaprio’s AKIRA if Taika Waititi directing. They are negotiating

      • zam(仮)

        It is far from typical. Try body switching and throw in a bit of time slip to go with it.

        • eternal_sky

          I agree. The story is far from typical.

      • Khooni

        Whoa!!! Arrival is my favorite movie of this effin decade. Now, I actually have some major hopes for this adaptation. All they need now are 2 very strong actors as the leads.

    • Ash

      Sounds good can’t wait.

    • Ntouch

      I’m not against this at all cause it ain’t my money that is invested into this. It may turn out to be trash but I appreciate variety lol.

    • HyperMoot .

      any hopes and suggestions for the cast? could be an opportunity for some good laughs.

    • Dalooshe

      Could they have live adapted Spirited Away? No. Same should be applied to this movie.

    • PigeonPop

      Genki Kawamura is an opportunistic social climber, so to see him hop onto this as producer is not too surprising.

    • james

      I think they goin to rename it as “Your Dick”

      • HyperMoot .

        muaarf! Best comment of the whole thread.

    • Deep River

      I’m here for it.

    • eternal_sky

      I dont mind adaptation but J.J Abrams only impressed me with Alias. If his version of ‘Your Name’ gonna ends up like Lost (too many mysteries and minimal explainations), then I have to say goodbye to it.

    • SlyMoonFox
    • WorldGN18

      meh, why do they keep doing this!? They should at least try japanese movies that are less well japanese, I’m hoping they decide not to do this in the end

    • GIN SAN

      Fuck this shit

    • J

      Ugh. Can’t wait to find out which non-Asian actors will get picked for the roles. I bet it’s gonna be another hit… *rolls eyes*

    • yamakita

      Me after reading the headline: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    • elena

      hollywood!!!👏 stay👏 in👏 your 👏own 👏lane

    • Kimkoko

      I liek J.J Abrams but WHY ? WHY? WHY ?

    • Guest

      oh well, Your Name is totally overrated anyway

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