Is 19-year old Mackenyu a father of a 5-year old?

Shocking news emerged for young actor Mackenyu, son of the acting/martial arts legend Sonny Chiba. “Friday” found out that the 19-year old ‘Chihayafuru’ star is hiding an illegitimate child. The girl is supposed to be 5 years old already, living with her mother in Los Angeles. That would mean Mackenyu was only 14 when the child was born.

Mackenyu is Los Angeles native, but started his professional activities in Japan in 2014. He’s fluent in English, knows karate, wrestling, can ride a horse and play a piano. Add his impeccable features and you’ll recieve almost a perfect package of prince grasping hearts of many young Japanese girls. His biggest hits to date are the ‘Chihayafuru‘ movies and stageplay version of ‘Hana yori Dango‘. Currently, Mackenyu can be seen in the ‘Aogeba Totoshi‘ drama, title boasting the second highest rating out of the Summer season after 2nd episode.

As to be expected, the fans were left in shock and uproar after the scoop appeared in the July 29th edition of the tabloid.

According to the article, mother of the child (refered to as Y-san) is a married Japanese woman and was friend of the family. She is in her late 30s/early 40s. “Friday” found out that the in 2013, Y-san was prosecuted for her sexual intercourse with a child below 14-years old. The trial was suspended, as Mackenyu denied the act was against his will.

Mackenyu hasn’t yet spoken about the report. His lawyer prepared a statement to the media informing that “there are false information (in the scoop)”. The actor has 4 feature films lined up for this year (“Nigakute Amai”, “Shoujo“, “Cheer☆Dan”, “Peach Girl“), but his future career might be in danger after the revelations.

What are your predictions, ARAMA? Should Mackenyu speak up to the media? How will these news influence his show-biz career?

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    • Aran

      Yamada Takayuki did it better

      But I was waiting for this messy drama!!!!

      • Himi Tsu

        What did Yamada Takayuki do?

        • factual

          had an illegitimate child with another woman when he was 17, it crushed his image as a pretty boy actor when it happened.

          • Esha

            17 is still fine. Though I wouldn’t encourage it either. At least he is few years past his puberty. 14 is unthinkable..

      • iGleaux

        Lol. He gave no fucks about that shotgun marriage mess either.

      • anonnn

        this isn’t about it being a “messy drama” someone got groomed by a predator..

        • M

          Tbh I don’t think they read the entire thing, just saw the “illegitimate child” part, since they referenced Yamada who had a child with a girl his age…

      • Fuyuko

        what the hell?!

        Yamada did it better? well, no shit sherlock. he wasn’t involved in a statutory rape. you’re waiting for a messy drama? wow, you wanted to read how a 14-year-old was abused? good lord!

    • Samira Sango Mahrach

      Oh my God! This leave me speechless.. Really?! This True?! He had a child when he was 14yo with a woman in his late 30s?!
      This is messy, really messy!

    • C

      The entire story is disturbing. If what is stated in this article is true, than Y-san crossed major boundaries and the lawsuit should not have been suspended. As an adult she had absolutely no business carrying on a sexual relationship with a boy barely out of his childhood years. This was statutory rape by all means.

      • sarah

        This bitch should be in jail on the sex offenders list. This isn’t a lawsuit situation this is a ” bitch should have went to jail.” situation. Statutory rape down plays what she did. he wasn’t 16 having sex with a 20 year old. This was a pedophile molesting a child.

        I’m still confused, but if this happened in the U.S i’m sure her ass can still be prosecuted.

      • circe154

        That last part doesn’t make sense to me. If he was 14, that’s statutory rape and it wouldn’t matter if it were consensual, she’d still be prosecuted in the US.

    • hyeri’s forehead


    • Momo1212

      That was rape!

    • me


    • 実花(MiKa)


    • hasawa

      Okay that woman is a plain PEDOPHILE. This whole affair is scandalous and DISGUSTING, it’s not just “disturbing” or “messy”. If the role were inversed and a late 30s/40 middle aged man made a 13 girl pregnant i pretty sure the words used would be less mild.
      I just can’t believe a married.grown.ass.woman ever came to have sex with a 14 y.o KID.. just HOW??? like, his body wasn’t even completely formed yet!!
      I don’t care that much about Mackenyu speaking up to the medias, someone have to expose this predator asap! And wtf with the prosecutions being suspended just because a KID said he was consent? Like where the hell were his parents?? did they thought it was okay for a middle aged woman to have sex and a child with their kid who could be her grandson??
      Seriously this story fucked me up big time – i wanted 2016 to have more juicy scandals but tbh i would definitively pass on this kind of disgusting shit *shudders*

      • Ryusei

        “be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it”
        – someone at some point, speaking the truth

      • Himi Tsu

        I don’t disagree with you. HOWEVER, it says she is now in her late 30s / early 40s, so it’ll be minus 5 years. Beside that, it does never say that she was married at the time of the facts. I do agree that it is just totally wrong, but the facts should be kept as they are said.

        • hasawa

          But the thing is that you pinpoint the least relevant details of this whole story imo
          An ADULT, would he/she be 20 or 35, married or not, should NOT have sex with a KID

          • Himi Tsu

            Yeah and I never said you were wrong about these relevants details or that I didn’t agree :) I just saw many times how changed facts could do bad and I couldn’t help it, I had to “pinpoint” them.

        • Esha

          But its mentioned that -The girl is supposed to be 5 years old already, living with her mother in Los Angeles. That means the woman is raising the kid there. Can it be possible that she got married to another person and raising his child over there? I dont think so…

    • Ryusei

      well dam, his career is probably over now although he’s technically a rape victim but the entertainment industry and public probably don’t care about that ://

      • hasawa

        tbh it would be quite unfair if a rape victim has his/her career compromised because you never choose to be a victim, however Mackenyu actually defended his molester saying he was consent and somewhat trivialize child molesting so yeah i think he’d deserve to get roasted

        • Malena

          HE WAS ABOUT 16!!! AT THE TIME OF THE TRIAL!!! HE WAS THE VICTIM!!! HE WAS GROOMED, PREYED UPON AND POSSIBLY FATHERED A CHILD BY HIS MOLESTER!!! Put yourself in his shoes! Are you seriously saying that a child of his age can fully understand that situation??? And are you seriously saying he, the FRIGGIN VICTIM deserves to be roasted for what has happened to him????? Shame on you. Shame on you!

          • hasawa

            girl chill, would ya?
            Saying that he deserve to be roasted because he defended his own molester doesn’t mean i think he deserved to be raped. Maybe ths word was a bit too harsh but i think the fact he defended a predator is quite appealing, but yeah he was definitively a bit too young to handle properly the situation
            That being said i’m waiting to see what he has to say about this now he’s a bit older ; if he still has the same position it would pretty embarassing…

            • looonah

              chill? um if there’s any issue to have reason to get worked up about it’s the rape of minors

              • hasawa

                “chill” more like “get your facts straights before accusing ppl of things they absolutely think the opposite”
                (jfc, did any of you even bother correctly reading my posts before coming at me? smh)

                • looonah

                  you said “yeah i think he’d deserve to get roasted.” sounds awfully victim blamey to me.

                  and funny that you tell others to chill while being defensive and saying I’m apparently “coming at you”.

                  • hasawa

                    Yeah by cropping an entire sentence and putting it out of context you can easily make it say whatever u want but hey if you like to play this kind of silly game you’re gonna play alone sorry
                    Being chill doesn’t mean not reacting or not showing some annoyance when ppl start bothering me by starting useless drama over some words (despite being on the same side), period.
                    Anyway, it’s not me who raped and abused a poor kid so stay focus and let’s go back to topic, bye

                    • looonah

                      useless drama over some words. riiight that’s one way of putting it. and minimizing the inflammatory nature of your statement.
                      yeah you also said this: “however Mackenyu actually defended his molester saying he was consent and somewhat trivialize child molesting”
                      that doesn’t make it sound *any* better or less victim blamey. it’s quite warped to put the onus on the victim of a rape, much less a pubescent 14 year old who was psychologically compromised and groomed by a grown woman in her 30s. and then frame it in such a way as to say he deserves to have his career ruined over it.
                      no one accused you of raping or abusing a kid? why are you trying to deflect? people are disagreeing with you about the statements you made, not accusing you of raping a person. what on earth?

                      okay then. bye. it quite clear at this point that it’s a waste of time trying to discuss this any further with you.

                      • hasawa


        • iGleaux

          Boys are told to suck it up and that it’s a good thing that they can “get and older woman” so I’m not surprised he would defend her, however he was a kid and doesn’t know much about life so no he doesn’t deserve to get roasted.

          • hasawa

            “Boys are told to suck it up and that it’s a good thing that they can “get and older woman”” i couldn’t agree more
            Boys victims of rape are unfortunately not took seriously and seriously wish his predator is envetually going to pays for what she did
            I indeed left out the fact he was still a kid during that trial as well thus his denfese may be as credible as his “consent”

        • Fuyuko

          No, he doesn’t deserve to be “roasted” even if he continues to defend her. at the end of the day, he was the minor, and she was the adult. she knew better! the kid might’ve fell in love, completely attracted. she’s still the one with the “authority” to put a stop to it.

          • hasawa

            It’s one thing to be a gulible child but if you still defend this kind of behaviour years after i definitively there’s something fucked up
            He’s still a victim of course but child who are abused and still defend their abuser now they’re adults become despite themselves an argument for child molesters apologists who’ll be like ‘see? children can appreciate sex and there’s no consequences for them once they’re adults and don’t see it as a bad experience ‘
            There’s absolutely no discussion about the fact that when you’re a child and get abused you’re a victim, but i’m just trying to look at the bigger picture: once you’re an adult you should be careful on the way you handle this kind of experience and should be able to take things with a better perspective (why not with psychological help?)

            • Fuyuko

              And where are you getting that he is still defending the accused? The article states that he claimed consent, but it never mentioned if he still continues to defend her. He hasn’t released any statement (that I’m aware of) regarding this issue.

              you’re claiming you’re looking at a bigger picture? I don’t think you are. It’s a subtle victim blaming act no matter how you’re painting it differently and you should earn major side-eye from many.

              • hasawa

                “IF” … “IF you still defend this kind of behaviour years after(…)”
                I also previously said how i was now waiting for what he has to say about this story now he’s a adult
                Jeez… i swear to god ppl are definitively too busy reaching and too eager to milk petty drama to read carefully, for real :-/

                • Fuyuko

                  nope. you’re the one so ready to castigate him when it’s just a hypothetical situation. you should be roasted instead, and now you’re trying to paint as if those calling you out are the ones who can’t read.

                  • hasawa

                    okay honey…
                    i gently tried to explain my point but you definitively don’t want to hear(read?) anything so yeah we’re pretty much done

                    • Fuyuko

                      yeah right

      • sarah

        If this does effect his career that’s some fucked up shit. He’s the victim and if they don’t understand and sympathize there no better than the abuser that made him feel like it was consent. What really is so tragic is him claiming it was consent. He is not doing himself a favor and he is being a horrible example for those children that have gone through the same or are now going through the same experience. He should say ” Even if I consented it was wrong. No adult should take advantage of a child I was naive and unaware of the consequences. Anyone going through similar do not let your abuser fool you into thinking it’s consent.” He is a public figure and he could use that to make aware how horrible this shit is, but he is not and that is honestly so sad and disappointing. But, i’m not him I can only hope he realizes his words and how they effect others.

        I just can’t believe his career would be over, over something that wasn’t his fault. He was a victim and if he were to lose his career that’s just knocking him down more.

    • light

      Disgusting woman….it’s sad that his career will be in danger when she’s the one at fault..

      • Esha

        Agree.. Nothing will happen to her but yes,his career will suffer a setback..

    • You guys….this is horrible……..this isn’t just some drama……this is not good at all.

    • eplizo

      WTF!?!?!? I’ve been following him forever, so this hit me like a truck…. I hope people realize that no matter what he’s a rape VICTIM. Nothing else is important.

    • Alyosha

      HOLY MOLY.

    • Esha

      I have noticed few things-
      Why is the magazine “Friday” not revealing the name of the woman. Instead of A San,B San etc,why cant they name her. When they caught hold of the case details,I am sure they know her name. Only celebrities names are revealed and non-celebrities names are not disclosed whoever be the offender. This is total injustice to celebrities.
      Since the woman was in mid thirties at that time and he was just 14,why did the law dropped the lawsuit just because it was declared consensual? I think having sex with minors with/without their consent is a crime and must be considered rape. The 14 year olds have no maturity to deal with issues such as sex. I think she should have thought about the boundaries. He was just a kid. I feel this is a rape case.
      The prosecution took place in 2013 when she had already borne him a child. I don’t think anyone will like to see his child’s mother behind the bar.
      No mention of Mackenyu’s parents at all in this whole episode.
      I am sure Mackenyu has shelled a big deal of money for raising the child in US and hiding its and its mother’s identity. All this money came from his hard work wherein he started working at a very young age.

      Only thing I pray is that his career should not be affected to the extent that he vanishes from the scene. He is just 19 and can reach milestones in his career.He is just a talented guy.

      • Because celebrities are the target, not non-celebrities.

        • Esha

          thats unfair especially in cases like this. She should be exposed.

        • Fuyuko

          sexual predators should be exposed, imho.

    • Bloodforge

      I don’t know who he is but it just got worse as I kept reading. He was a victim in this, it should not hurt his career, if it does then people are disgusting.

    • nothingsover

      That’s statutory rape. At least in the US. I don’t know what the age of consent is in Japan but still. If you’re underage, it doesn’t matter if you “consent.” When I was in high school, I had friends who were freshmen dating seniors (18 y/o) who were already concerned about this. This is a woman in her 30s for Christ’s sake. He is a victim and should be treated as one, but if he continues to defend her saying he consented, I don’t have anything to say because as an adult now that would be suggesting that if he as an adult (or any other adult) did the same to a 14 y/o, as long as they “consent” it’s okay. When it isn’t.

      • sarah

        It doesn’t matter if he consented if this occurred in the U.S she would still go to jail for sexual assault of a minor and put on the sex offenders list. No 14 year old could possibly understand the repercussions of such an act. They have just hit puberty have one track minds this women took advantage of that. He can defend her all he wants that doesn’t make what she did right and she should have been prosecuted.

        Maybe he is saying consent cause of the daughter. If she were arrested the child would either go to the father or next of kin or the foster system. CPS doesn’t fuck around. He needs to realize or someone who has bbeen through the same thing needs to tell him you can’t defend the abuser .. no matter what. You are not only hurting yourself, but other children who have gone through or going through the same by defending her. I know his career is a big deal and shit, but there are just some shit you gotta say ” you know fuck it”. Does he need to tell the media HELL NO . It’s not their business this is a personal hardship he and his family need to deal with and everyone else needs to back off. The media is only making it worse.

        • nothingsover

          Exactly. But that’s why I’m curious what the age of consent in Japan is. I’ve heard anything from 13/14 to 17. If it’s 17, she should definitely have been prosecuted. If it’s 13/14, then that’s just fucked up.

          Defending the abuser, especially when you’re someone in the spotlight, just completely diminishes the strength of other victims. It delegitimizes their suffering. He either needs to stay silent or come out against it.

          • hasawa

            “Defending the abuser, especially when you’re someone in the spotlight,
            just completely diminishes the strength of other victims. It
            delegitimizes their suffering. He either needs to stay silent or come
            out against it”
            That’s definitively one of the thing that boggles me the most about this whole affair…

          • sarah

            Did this happen in Japan or the U.S ? I was confused by that or maybe my mind is so angry I couldn’t comprehend what I was reading.

            The age of consent varies throughout Japan. Even then morally people do not like underrage children having sex with adults. It’s a law that should be updated. This is a new century and we should protect the young not give old pedophiles an excuse to rape a prepubescent or barely hit puberty child. That’s all that is , is an excuse for pedo’s to be pedos.

          • naoyama

            Depending on the prefecture in Japan, the age of consent varies. It’s typically 18. However, considering the age difference, she SHOULD have been legally prosecuted regardless of consent or not. Only someone who was ALSO a minor, or just barely 18 would have had the chance to get away with it. Legally, if this occurred in Japan, it doesn’t make sense. I’ll try to give a quick rundown of this.

            Victim 13 – Abuser is anywhere from 15 and above, there will be legal action taken place, if they are under 18 they’ll be tried as juveniles.

            It’s a similar case with a 14 year old, so it just doesn’t add up to me.

    • Whoa! Y-san still should’ve been prosecuted despite what Mackenyu said. I mean, she ( a woman going on 40 yrs.) took advantage of a 13/14 yr. old boy.

    • byebicycle

      wtf i just… i can’t wrap my head around this. the fact that there was apparently a trial, makes me feel like this story is true…? as in, it seems like something you can prove actually happened. but then… dropping charges because the *underage victim* said it was consensual, is fucking ridiculous?? like what the hell even happened here, who the hell was like “oh ok then, let’s drop the charges”? he was absolutely taken advantage of, even if he himself doesn’t see that way. sad thing is that most of the public probably won’t see it that way either.

      • sarah

        If this happened in the U.S it shouldn’t matter if he consented she broke the law and should b e on the Sex offenders list. That’s it no ifs ands or buts about it. He has no say in what happens he is the victim and the fact that this was basically swept under the rug is disturbing.. She should be in jail , her husband should be embarrassed and disgusted and take away the child. This women got off with raping a child. There is a double standard going on here, cause if this was a girl and a man did this there would be a completely different thing going on and that’s sick. Someone whose gone through similar needs to sit him down and say ” Your not making it better saying it’s consent. There are others like you and your in a position to make it known that even if it’s consent she was in the wrong you were taken advantage of and it is no way right for an adult to have sex with a child.” His ass was still a child . Barely going through puberty with hormones going all over the place doesn’t make him magically able to understand adult situations. . It was a boy being taken advantage of an older women who probably made him feel like what she was doing was okay cause he was a boy and all young boys fantasize this.. i can’t even get through that sentence without vomiting.

    • mikamika

      And I thought the Arashi dating rumours were ridiculously far-fetched *lol*

      Everyone knows someone who is a teenage parent; it’s not ideal, but with help they can manage. If the mother is an adult, it’s okay-ish for the baby at least.

      • Summersplash

        A 14 y o had sex with a 37 yo is plain statutory rape. That’s not consensual no matter what the victim feel. Step back a bit and think if this was a girl-man situation, would you feel the same?

        • mikamika

          I never said it was okay or that it wasn’t rape. It’s not alright and the adult should know better, but it happens that adults and teens have sex. And only those two can know whether it happened consensual or not (which doesn’t make it less disturbing).

          Also, I would feel the same if the teen was a girl and just for the record, she wasn’t 37 when they supposedly had sex (though still old enough to know better).

    • sarah

      That women raped him. I don’t give a shit if he consented when you 14 your hormones are everywhere and you are not aware of everything. This women is a sick bitch and honestly she lives in the U.S someone should report her ass statue of limitation is still in play .

      I feel so so bad for the child, but a mother like that is no good. She was willing to rape a child and have a child. I don’t know if some of you know or remember Mary K. Laterno however you spell that pedo’s name she slept with a student that age got pregnant ” she fell in love” they got married. The only saving grace here is he left. As a mother and a 28 year old i’d never ever even think of a child that way. I don’t understand how there are women and men out there who do. Even if the kid comes on to you, you bitch slap some sense into that child like ” Your a child go be one “.

      Omfg this story got me all heated. Fuck that old bitch , he shouldn’t get any sorta flack or bad PR cause of this. The child and him are both victims of a sick bitch. Honestly, just knowing that the child is with her makes my skin crawl.

      I couldn’t even keep reading this I just kept wanting to vomit. Did this happen in the U.S ? She could still go to jail. The media needs t fuck off . There only making this worse and probably making him feel cornered these are horrible matters that shouldn’t be harped on or pushed into a spotlight that’s making the victim feel insecure and most likely will get them to saying ” oh it was consent .”

      I just sorry i’m cussing so much , but being a person who was a victim of abuse as a child until I was 18 I can’t in good conscious look another way or believe in the ” it was consent”. Being in that situation your attacker makes you feel like it’s consent that what your doing isn’t wrong and now that he has gained fame i’m hoping that bitch won’t seek child support. Your ass is a grown pedophile don’t you even dare you damn piece of shit . That baby shouldn’t even be with you and I may sound cruel , but having gone through similar I will never ever be nice to a man or women who does this shit. Rot in hell bitch .. I pray for the child and I hope she never has to go through similar. Explain that shit to her when she herself is 14 that her father was that age. Try and be a good decent mom telling her to wait when your ass didn’t do the same for her father . She doesn’t understand the pandora box she opened and I hope to god she never will not for her, but for that baby. I need to go outside this just triggered so much rage in me.

      Sorry if this came off as incoherent and all over the place just stories like this get me so mad especially when the victim claims ” Consent”. I remember what I was like at that age and even though i’m a women both girls and boys have the same naive minds. Both can be manipulated and both can be told that it’s consent when it’s not and it’s a double standard cause when this happens to a boy they get the ” Oh shit you got laid hell yes . ” and if she’s attractive the praise from other men rises and this should not happen. Young boys are victims too and the fact that this double standard still exists and is still looked at as not a big deal is disgusting beyond belief. .

      Again sorry long post I just.. I can’t with this shit. . I don’t understand it and i’ll never understand how grown ass men and women could take advantage of young children or teens. it will never be right people who do this your scum, disgusting pieces of shit that deserve to rot in jail. You are the epitome of what is a disgusting human being.

      • M

        Mary K is still married to the student. He didn’t leave.

    • ponpiri


    • Summersplash

      Damn, I wonder if I seriously put some jinx everytime I started to fan a celebrity, or merely coincidence, this is fucked up, poor Mackenyuu.
      Hoping everything will forever be going well for Sakaguchi Kentarou *fingers crossed*

    • Guest

      Honestly side-eyeing the fuck out of ARAMA right now for using this kid’s rape as clickbait.

    • alkeyxs

      wow…….even if the act “wasn’t against his will” he was still 14 y.o thats still rape

    • REMISU

      Pretty sure this rumor was already resolved as false

    • Sara

      She was a family friend…omg, she must have been looking at him like that the whole time. Gross, this woman needs to be locked up asap.

    • Clarissa Amelinda

      I’m still waiting for mackenyu’s side confirmation abt this rumor…

      If it was true, it would be pitiful for him.. He is a victim and the girl is also a friend of his dad.. I know he is a good guy and i read from another source that he has been reported this case.. I just can’t imagine what he felt because he has to be a father by forcing of that aunty -_-

      He is such a rising star and i start liking him from kamen rider drive the movie..

    • yamakita

      How come no one is making a big deal of the fact Mackenyu’s dad is 77 years old? That means he had Mackenyu when he was 58! I highly doubt the mother was the same age. This woman committed statutory rape in the eyes of US Law, no doubt, but I can’t help but think there is some double standard if the sexes were reversed. No one in Japan would probably even care since old man with young woman is a fairly accepted norm.

    • Haru Jordan

      Oh gosh, i called him future Haruma Miura or Kento Yamazaki. I mean, 1-2 years later he can be… But now… I hope everybody in Japan can understand that, if this is true that wasnt a his mistake. That is someones RAPED to him.

    • superkintaro

      This should be taken seriously. In the case of Polanski, the director, he is barred from the U.S. for statutory rape. This was years ago. This is very disturbing.

    • Sunny Nanase

      omg she raped him 14 year old is a child plz