Has SMAP Disbanded?

In the past few minutes, Nikkan Sports has reported that 4 of the 5 members of SMAP have left Johnny & Associates, resulting in a de facto disbandment of the group. Nakai Masahiro, Inagaki Goro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and Katori Shingo are reported to have left the company, with Kimura Takuya being the only remaining SMAP member in Johnny & Associates.

SMAP debuted in 1991, and gained popularity via variety shows. SMAP solidified its position in pop culture when Kimura Takuya landed the lead role in the 1996 Fuji TV drama “Long Vacation.” Nakai Masahiro has demonstrated his talents as a host on many television shows over the years. All of the members of SMAP have had individual success, leading them to be called a supergroup. SMAP’s popularity is a social phenomenon.

SMAP has had many hits, including “Yozora no Mukou” and “Lion Heart.” SMAP’s biggest hit is “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana”, which has sold over 2.5 million copies.

All of the members of SMAP currently host Fuji TV’s “SMAP x SMAP”, but each member also hosts his own shows. The group also has some CM contracts together, but it currently unknown how those will be handled.

Image attached to the story, listing SMAP along with other former Johnny’s:


Morning news report on the rumor:

Sponichi Annex has reported that the four members of SMAP who are leaving Johnny & Associates are leaving due to the resignation of their female manager (Iijima Michi). She will leave the company next month.

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    • Guest

      Wow. Thanks to all this faction fiasco.

    • carorinrin


    • This is the #1 trending topic on Twitter in the world right now and it’s like 4 AM in Japan right now. This is BIG.

      • alliz

        MTE, one would think they are waking up each other to do this

        • I HAD A BAD DREAM ABOUT SMAP! *calls everyone*

        • Reileen

          They are trooping to conbinis to buy the newspapers after waking up

    • Nick

      End of an era of true. They have two peaks. Some people/groups can barely get one.
      Wish it wasn’t for messy stuff though considering it is their 25th year.

      Also I find it odd for Kimura to stay, I’d thought he would be the first to want to leave. But with the group though.

    • ラウラ

      Sponichi also meanwhile wrote it in a newspaper article. This is saddening >_<.

    • nothingsover

      OOMFG but idk it’s possible for them to continue group work maybe if they left the company. That’s happened with kpop groups before. But idk. If not, RIP SMAP. Y’all are legends.

      • Guest

        I am 100% sure it is possible for them to continue group work. They’re institutions in Japan, plus TV broadcasters need them (especially Nakai. No way all his hit shows are being canceled)

    • eri

      never thought nakai would leave

    • merkypie

      I’ve been tweeting about this,

      I’m really not shocked over this SMAP breaking up thing. They haven’t do anything together, like meaningfully as a group, in years

      Nakai is so huge that he really don’t need Johnny’s to define him. If there’s one person that does make it out of here unscathed.

      I’m slightly worried for the other three. In terms of how fucked though, from least fucked to most fucked

      Shingo > Tsuyoshi > Goro

      SMAP is in their mid 40s. I don’t think this gravy train was going to keep on trucking like the Temptations. Though it would have been funny

      I don’t really see the ‘issue’

      SMAP hasn’t appeared at any Johnny’s function since 2000. So SMAP as a Johnny’s group was dead years ago.

      The thing we should look out for now is the television shows. Obviously SMAPxSMAP is done for.

      But then I read that Chronicle was being

      Pushed into that ‘category’ or spot… So probably Kanjani8 will get that golden time variety spot. IDEK how i feel about that

      • Nick

        I agree it is inevitable. Before them you had disbands within 3-5 years of debuting. It would have been nice to see Nakai with some position at J&A considering his rapport with the younger groups and Jrs on his variety shows but I thought there would have at least been some sort of final farewell.

      • iijima

        errr they still released singles as a group every years, and albums and tours every two years. They hosted 27hrs together just two years ago and continue to have group projects together as recent as Monday when they appeared live for NHK nodojiman.

        • merkypie

          “Contractually obligated activities”

          • guest

            wtf lol, all Johnnys activities are contractually obligated.

      • Reileen

        K8’s Chronicle? That show is nuts, looking forward to it

        • caspar

          I’d love to see Chronicle get more recognition, it’s the funniest Johnny’s variety show on air but I’m also not sure how I feel about them getting a golden time slot. I’d despair to see such a funny show end up as overly scripted, sanitised and boring as Arashi’s programs have become.

          • mikamika

            I prefer Arashi’s late night show days as well. They could pull off almost anything back then, whereas today they have to make sure everything is mainstream-friendly :(

            • kunyit

              still mourning the loss of shukudai :(

              • mikamika

                Me too :'(
                Especially that cozy Ohmiya cuddle couch *lol*

          • Reileen

            Chronicle is effortlessly hilarious omg
            I think the contents are safe enough for a golden timeslot

    • naa


    • carorinrin

      Does anyone have any theories why this happened? Like, I understand that they haven’t done anything really as a musical act recently but them leaving the jimusho is something else, isn’t it?

      • Anon

        Someone said on Twitter that Iijima is leaving too.

        • carorinrin

          Oh yes! On the cover of Nikkan Shinbun it says that the “female chef manager” is resigning!!

    • nothingsover

      Wait but wouldn’t this destroy all of Iijima’s power?? Maybe it’s Julie/Mary’s plot lol

      • merkypie

        Iijima left. There is no power to destroy. Its already been destroyed.

        • nothingsover

          She left? LOL just goes to show how little I pay attention to Johnny’s news these days.

          • light

            It was said together with the smap news,people are speculating that it’s because she left that they decided to disband.

          • Charlie

            Mary Kitagawa:
            ‘Bunshun-san is here listening to every single word I say, so if you
            want to go against us then you can take SMAP with you and get out right
            now. I want you to resign’.
            (from http://say-it-again.livejournal.com/122410.html)

            Do you think it has anything to do with this?

    • shinryu

      Kis-My-Ft2’s side changes now seem to make sense?

      • Reileen

        Side changes?

        • shinryu

          I meant the rumor about fraction changes from Ijima to Julie (sorry if I used wrong words)

    • waitforfurtherconfirmation

      any possibility this is a stunt pulled for their 25th anniversary this year?

      • merkypie

        With Kimutaku staying, this isn’t a stunt. This is a business move. It just happens to be during their 25th, which conveniently plays into easing the pain of their fans’ hearts.

      • waitforfurtherconfirmation

        like movie plot for SMAP’s special movie?

        anyway if true, maybe Taguchi’s decision to leave Johnny’s instead of renewing his contract might be the thing that opens up all kind of possibility for the other Johnny’s members?

    • light

      If it’s true…it’s weird to think that SMAP could no longer be in Johnnys,i thought that even if disbanded they would have stayed and done separated things,keeping the Johnny’s legacy.
      They say that Iijima left too..
      Waiting for confirmations though

      • merkypie

        It already broke the 4am news. It’s confirmed.

        • light

          Thanks for sharing, i’ve never been a Smap fan but it’s weird to see them gone. Seeing twitter,this is huge in Japan

    • drink smap

      i’m willing to bet this is a rumor. the EXACT same rumor came out on V6’s 15th anniversary. then a couple of days later, johnny’s goes “LOL NO” and V6 announces an album and tour.

      unless this is true, then welp

      • drink smap

        nvm, i’m crying. let me go listen to all of my favorite smap songs, bye.

      • I hope this is like v6’s case back then… but this case is already on television news it’s hard to convince myself this is just baseless rumor

        • Guest123

          You would think they wouldn’t report this on the news if they didn’t have the info to back it up, but pretty much every news outlet (around the world even) is full of shitheads now…so who knows. Time will only tell.

          • guest

            the news reported Tamori hosting Kouhaku before even asking him, so yeah

    • Ruka

      Is it all because of the faction stuff? Then will it in any way effect Kisumai and Sexy Zone?

      • light

        I guess they’ll just switch to Julie or someone else..

        • Ruka

          Considering Julie’s bias toward HSJ over Sexy Zone and HSJ doing better sales wise, I wouldn’t be surprised if HSJ landed Kouhaku this year then…

          • They should instead of Sexy Zone.

            • Ruka

              I agree. Now maybe we can stop with the SZ push. Unless, if they debut a new volleyball support group this year and they get overpromoted.

              • tomanii

                I honestly thought SexyZone would disband before SMAP

                • merkypie

                  SZ is too young or mature enough to even consider disbandment. It’s like a bunch of juniors got a golden ticket way too soon. They’re just floppy juniors with a fancy status. Watch when they’re in their 20s, they’ll come into themselves.

                  Or Johnny’s will fold.

                  Either or.

                  • oop

                    yeah i don’t see SZ lasting 10 years or more. HSJ will probably go for as long as they can since they’re still doing kiddie concepts (and the members are all grown, wtf).

                    • tomanii

                      I don’t see SZ lasting 3 more years tbh
                      In fact, I’m surprised they’re still “going”

                      • GT

                        They’re, like half-assed group going.
                        One day would perform with 3members, single cover was 3person centerred, next month would be 5members. WTH

                      • hotaru hime

                        i’ve never understood the “3 members” concept. likewise for kis-my. but maybe a little understandable since they’re quite a huge group.. but SZ has only 5 members…. (seeing 2 younger ones always dancing at the back, some times with a bunch of johnny jrs, kinda defeats the purpose of debuting as 5 members lol)

                        But I think I’m starting to see some future in them now that they seemed to return as 5 members.. The younger members seemed to have gained some popularity too. (all the hypes n twitter discussions about how Sou has grown to becoming an ikemen etc)

                      • Sou? Marius looks better.

                      • hotaru hime

                        Marius does have better facial features XD
                        I’ve never really notice about Sou’s growth until the recent twitter posts comparing the present him to the time where they debuted.

                        After watching his solo performance in shounen club (byakuya), i kinda see him differently now hahas

    • Arron Hayre

      I kind of feel like its a good time for them to disband, but i wonder if this is actually true or not. As long as they carry on doing smap x smap, then im cool with this.

      • teaaa

        surely they won’t do smapxsmap anymore

    • merkypie

      For those doubting if its true or not, the morning news just reported

    • Ruka

      That being said, J-FRIENDS will be at the top of the food chain now senior-wise and Arashi popularity wise. I wonder which of the four will disband next, whether it’s next year or 10 years from now…

      • merkypie

        I’m waiting for KAT-TUN to collapse under the weight of Kame’s big head.

        • Guest

          I’m waiting for eito’s collapse as well.

          • merkypie

            Me too tbh then I don’t have to deal with shit music

            • guest

              you hate yourself

        • Riena

          lol I’m KT’s fan but most of the time I really get annoyed at Kame’s arrogance.

      • oop

        kat-tun, then V6. if V6’s morita really wants to marry that AV star (and by the looks of the tabloids they’re very serious), pretty sure he’ll have to leave johnny’s before doing so and i can see the rest of the group disbanding before they lose a member.

        • Guest

          I dont know. He didn’t leave for Ueto Aya when he had a chance in 2010. Why now when the curve of their sales has ragained momentum?

    • gt

      Wait, can arama people say something, is this even a fact or still uofficial or just rumor being talked on news???

      • naa

        still a rumor right now

        • tomanii

          the morning news reported it already though

      • I got it from the Yahoo entertainment news section (which sources tabloids mostly), but I’m not seeing it on actual music news sites like Natalie and Oricon yet.

    • Kiki

      Holy shit, is this for real?

    • damn i woke up to see bad news again? Shitstorm on twitter.

      Let this be a dream.

    • roen


    • Kiki

      Holy shit if this is true

    • Afnan Acchan

      im not fan but this is shocking.

    • naa

      After 28 years in the jimusho and 25 years professionally as SMAP, this is just too hard for me to swallow and take in

    • kli

      becky and that band guy must be heaving a sigh of relief for this new drama

      • Guest

        They should be thanking daigo and keiko as well

      • So many scandals and we’re not even 2 weeks into 2016!

      • I heard that Bunshun has another scoop on Becky planned for their next issue, so she may not be off the hook yet.

        • Nono

          What other scoop that can sink her again than the first one?

          • They supposedly have pictures of her and Enon kissing. So basically the same scoop, but they’re clearly out to finish her if that’s true, and she already backed herself into a corner by playing that ill-advised “just friends” bit.

            • Nono

              Good. Let her drown in her ‘just friends’

            • risotto

              if that’s the case, lawd have mercy

          • DSHI

            I think the next scoop will counter becky’s “just friends” lie. Supposedly, gesukiwa will perform on the music station special the day after the article comes out though.

        • Reileen

          Out on the 14th?

          • Oops, this is late, sorry. But yeah, that’s the one. Looks like it ended up being their interview with the wife, hmm. /useless reply but I didn’t want to leave you hanging lol :(

      • mikamika

        Been thinking the same!

      • TM

        Actually, for those who hasn’t heard, Daigo & Keiko Kitagawa has held a press conference regarding their engagement (or marriage maybe, I don’t really understand), it’s so refreshing after hearing Becky and Enon’s rumor!

        • Bless their happiness.

        • Kuku

          Its their marriage..arama posted it yesterday

    • Lilly

      NOOO this can’t be happening …


    • 12345dontcare

      I still don’t see anything on oricon

      • That’s why I marked it as “gossip” as opposed to news. It’s not on Natalie either.

    • hazlifa

      isn’t kusanagi and shingo has new drama for upcoming winter? can they just leave the company just like that?

    • oop

      we’re only 12 (13 in japan) days into 2016 and all of these huge news stories, damn

    • Ryusei

      Whaaaaaat mindfuck

    • bree

      eh but if it’s not true than all this uproar would be for nothing might make things akward for them

    • losers game

      This is pretty nuts. I shall be watching this closely with a giant tub of popcorn. :)

    • guest

      But SMAP is supporter for 2020 Paralympics.

    • byebicycle

      i’m not really a big smap fan, but i do like them as a group, so this just fucking sucks. still waiting for an official statement before i go into full “waaah why” mode tbh.

    • tk

      kimutaku stayed probably to support family since johnny’s don’t give much leeway for ex employees

      • naa

        and also because he has/had the most power in SMAP so it doesn’t really matter if he stays or goes, he’s too much of a legend already that its not hard for him to find work

    • Dalooshe

      Well at least all of this is happening before Johnny’s eyes so it’s been calculated and directed at sorting our the future of Johnny as an organization/agency beyond the legacy leavers- SMAP

    • Lauren

      On the news right now they said 本当だったら大変 (if this is true it would be troublesome) so I am holding on like hell to that IF

    • Liokt

      What the heck is happening with Japan this year? Damn.

      • Wutwutwutwut

        If 2014 was KPOP’s worst year, 2016 is shaping up to be JPOP’s worst lol

    • I’m surprised but then not surprised at the same time. These dudes are in their forties except Shingo. It is not surprising that they would want to move on after 20+ years doing the Johnny’s thing. I would say that the SMAP era ended long ago since when have they really done anything huge since their heyday? Hasn’t Arashi pretty much overshadowed SMAP by this point? Kimutaku has to stay since he has a family to support. I hope Nakai can continue hosting his shows IF this rumor is true. Well my popcorn is out for the mess that is to follow.

      • Guest

        “Kimutaku has to stay since he has a family to support.”
        LMAO, I am pretty sure he has enough money by now to support his family without working another day in his life. SMAP members topped the tax-payer list yearly. Besides, I honestly doubt they’re retiring from the entertainment world because that’d be devastating for Japanese TV broadcasters. They’ll be under different agencies but they’ll still be getting $$ and on TV. They’re too huge at this point for Johnny’s to blackball them.

    • DSHI

      News after news after news in Japan this year.

      Did anyone else notice how in Kohaku kimutaku stood slightly away/in a different line than the rest of the smap members?

      i was expecting kattun to disband first tbh.

      • Junsdingdong

        it’s like when tohoshinki was on kouhaku and there was a gap between JYJ and Yunho ang Changmin.

    • lolok

      I was not ready for this

    • Caprikjpopcorn

      Not a fan, but お疲れ様

    • I’m not ready for this.
      J-Pop is not ready for this.

    • Ran_Master

      So, Johnny’s internal war is going public at last ? Could be a lot of fun this year… ;)

    • Aeighter

      Can someone please explain to me the johnny’s system, which groups is under which chief manager, or link me a site where it is explained?

      • mirai

        Everyone is under rightful heir and future CEO Julie K now.

        • guest

          *Everyone is under rightful heir and future CEO Julie K controlled by Mary now.

      • masha

        Iijima had SMAP, Kisumai, Sexy Zone, ABC-Z and Yamapi
        Julie had Arashi, K8, Tokio, HSJ, NEWS, KAT-TUN, V6,Johnny’s West
        Kinki and T&T were neutral

        • guest

          Mary has Matchy

          • masha

            Matchy has Mary

            • guet

              he keeps her on life support just so he can be a top idol again

        • NoName

          I know he’s irrelevant, but who has (or had) Yuma?

          • guest

            it looked like he was with Johnny

          • mivp

            Iijima, I guess.

            • guest

              Johnny most likely. Yuma is under JE record label which belongs to Julie/Mary, but he was appearing with Michi’s faction on some SP music shows.

              (idk if he was guesting on any Johnny’s show aside from SC and Maido Jani)

      • Something like this

        • abidaharaf

          Thank you very much for this.

        • qgrrsecm

          I still bitter arashi could not ever being guest at smapxsmap.

          I think before Iljima also own Kattun and News, before sent to mary fraction.

          Its the newest one I guess.

    • Sara

      Tbh, it’s about time. They can’t be in SMAP till their OAP – for that reason it’s not shocking.

    • Meraki

      They are saying only Kimura is staying with Johnny’s???

    • Satowwwshi

      This is really unexpected (for me at least) because even though they don’t release music and produce a concert tour every year, they are still relevant and quite active in some way as a group. I mean it just sucks that they don’t get to announce it properly like Taguchi did. They deserve a proper farewell to think that they are considered as legends in Japan’s idol industry.

    • Reileen

      I hate that I’m in almost the same timezone as Japan so when their news breaks out, I’m still in the midst of waking up lol

      The rumor has gained steady steam the past year, but the rumor was Iijima leaving and taking SMAP (and Yamapi, w/c I can’t really take seriously lmao) with her. I Bet the SMAP fans did not see that Kimutaku is staying and thus disbanding the group?

      I thought the rumors of Kisumai and SZ moving to Julie was a hoax bec they are still all over Nakai’s show, but I guess it’s true. Their fans wanted the Julie mgt over Iijima so they may be rejoicing. But what happens to Busaiku? 5nin SZ just came back.

      Nakai will be fine on his own. But it will be weird not to see the SMAP shows anymore after decades.

    • kiyomi

      I saw it coming months ago, Iijima was only looking for decent timing. They were all supposed to leave J&A and join Buring, that is said to be more powerful to prevent Marie and Julie blocking them. All Iijima talents (except SMAP) left her fraction and joined the Julie one, starting from ABC-Z earlier last year and lastly Yamapi (think his surprise Coundown perf with Kame and random best of all songs he did since leaving News). Poor Busaiku, their manager left them ;_;
      I am super surprised Kimutaku stayed seeing how much he rebelled in the past plus the rumours he always wanted to leave… Super weird. I knew they would left, but I am surprised that not as 5…
      SMAP in past 10 years (or even more) never felt like a Johnny group anyway… they even had different contracts than rest of talents, more ¥ stayed in their pocket.

      • Reileen

        I hope Yamapi returns to NEWS record label then. And get better dramas. His dramas during NEWS era were way better

        • kiyomi

          Unpopular opinion but in past year he did pretty well? Album hit 1 on oricon, two decent dramas and a hit movie? He got his part in upcoming Terra Formats bc of Iijima tho.
          I thought he might leave with SMAP but prolly he stayed for fans and his status is way too low to pull this off.

          • Reileen

            He realized way too late that staying in the group is better for him. He can’t take that risk of leaving again. I enjoyed his latest drama but cant really compare to NEWS era.. and surely he can do better than that shojo managa movie adaptation. Glad he is in Terraformars tho. Warner connection too. He might be staying with Warner after all.

            • kiyomi

              I don’t think he will go back to News. They are in a different place rn and tbh they don’t need him. I don’t think he needs them either?

              If he’s back with Julie then he’s prolly out of Warner as well. Why? All her acts have separate labels. It was Iijima and Johnny-san who had their talents releasing music under outside labels.

              • Reileen

                Going back to NEWS record label, not NEWS, which is Johnnys Entertainment
                V6 is under AVEX so I can still see that the other Johnnys acts will still continue their realtionship with ther current record label, esp since I think having everyone will be overwhelming for J-storm and JE to handle. Unless of course theyd want to consolidate everyone and transfer them once their current contracts expire

            • yamakita

              They ruined one of my favorite manga. Live-action is almost always a dud.

        • Maria

          And his music acts were also much better back then. I hope he returns to JE, too.

      • camonegics

        How do you guys find out about all this? Is there a website that translates info about JE’s factions or is this all rumors that trickle in to the fanbase?

        • Reileen

          As always, from tabloid rumors

        • kiyomi

          There are some livejournals that translate stuff but honestly you only need to be observant? Tabloids aren’t really a legit source. If they were then Matsujun was married thrice already.
          Kusanagi did that random (not even announced) cameo in Attack on Titan. Shingo new drama is a first one in years that doesn’t star Kisumai/Sexy Zone/Jr member in a package deal. It was pretty obvious that all non-SMAP talents moved fractions suddenly, even Pi who trusted Iijima or Kis-My-Ft2 that are hated by Julie.

    • Jo

      Wow something is happening inside JE.

    • mikamika

      Wow. Not a fan but this news still hit me.

      I have the impression that lately Julie’s fraction was doing way better than Iijima’s so for those under Iijima’s label this might not be the worst. Some of Iijima’s selling tactics seemed a bit shady to me (like adding underpants to Yamapi’s album) and although Julie’s talents offer more than one version of every release as well, they didn’t seem so AKB-ish.

      I’m really surprised that 4/5 of SMAP are actually leaving the agency. I wonder if we every find out their motivation to do that (and so suddenly) or whether we get the normal kind of explanation (that leaves too much room to speculation).
      After all it’s their 25th anniversary year. If they were going to leave Johnny’s I would’ve thought they’d do an anniversary tour and then say good bye or at the least announce their good bye, do a tour that would sell like crazy and THEN leave the agency. And I’m wondering again what exactly happened that would make them do this…

      I don’t know that much about them, but they’ll probably all have a big enough name to make it without the powerful management of Johnny’s. But my hopes that one day Nakai would chase Ohno around a studio again will probably not come true in the near future now :/

      Some commenters have pointed out that Kimutaku might’ve stayed because he’s got a family to support. But if he hasn’t made a sizable fortune with his doramas, CM contracts etc yet, he must’ve made some serious mistakes handling the money. I know he’s maybe the biggest male idol Japan ever has had, but to me it always looked like he was trying to hold onto an already long gone fame (i.e. he once was the dream of young girls, but he is no longer; others have long since come and taken that position, only he hasn’t adjusted his attitude to that fact yet). I admit that I hardly know him (and have never watched his doramas – maybe I should?), so I haven’t got a clue about his charms. But his look on photos along with that horrible long hair just creeps me out *lol*

      • u-uu-underpants??

        • guest


          it’s not like he’s the only one. Domoto Tsuyoshi and… Yasuda(?) had panties as goods too

          • did it also come with different sizes..

            • guest


              idk, but idts

              (why I can’t find a better pic of them? it’s like someone made sure for people to forget about them, lol

              • omg lol did you just seriously browse the internet for underwear picts XD
                Pi’s album… I really hope one of his PVs show him wearing that ‘ero’ underwear

                • guest

                  omg lol did you just seriously browse the internet for underwear picts XD

                  not just any underwear pics. Ero-Pi underwear pics! o/
                  Idk about PV, but I know there were some concert papa pics of him showing that he’s wearing them.

            • guest

              Here’s Yasuda’s:

              and Tsuyoshi’s:

              • mikamika

                OMG these look even worse!

      • guest

        I always wonder if it’s J&A deciding on the bonuses or the recording label?
        iirc V6 had some music cards too at some point?

        • ah yes, one time I think, for Sky’s the limit single. Also, isn’t it decided by the record label?

          • mikamika

            No idea tbh.
            But the sec I saw those underpants I first had a laughing fit and then decided to “look down” on Iijima for allowing that to happen ;)

      • swinter101

        watch his dramas especially Pride

        • mikamika

          I really should get round to that, ne?
          Thanks for the recommendation!

      • He looks like an old scarecrow, just like his wife. http://kenshin.hk/blog/jdnews/201502/20150211-11.jpg

        Her haircut did take some years off her though.

        • bailey darbii

          his face and tan reminds me of ohno. it’s like this forceful tan that really needs to be stopped.

          • His face probably feels leathery as hell…

          • kunyit

            he loves surfing and fishing :D

        • guest

          He should get plastic surgery to look like this flawless human being tbh:


        • mikamika

          Well, at least they fit together visually /sarcasm

        • naa

          Shizuka is known to have had plastic surgery though. Her face used to look muuuch worse. Kimura, in my opinion, has aged a lot better than your average 43 year old.

    • Riena

      I feel like… everything is possible in JE now that SMAP will disband.

      • Kokoro Ai

        I think is the begining of the end of the Johnny’s era

        • Satowwwshi

          As long as there’s Arashi i don’t think the end is near. (I may sound biased here lol) but seriously, we have to admit that Japan’s idol industry is dull without the guys of J&A.

          • merkypie

            It’s dull because of the johnnys monopoly. They bring absolutely nothing new to the table and I write this as I travel to a kanjan8 concert

            • Satowwwshi

              Well, I can agree with that but whether we like it or not that’s how the idol world in Japan actually works. They tend to recycle things because they know that fans would buy it no matter what happens. Oh take care then and have fun :>

              • merkypie

                I don’t think its an issue of that it works but rather Japanese aren’t know for taking huge risks.

            • bitchy

              You’re so worked up on this thread. Lol. Chill.

        • Riena

          Sad to say but that’s true.

        • Neen no,

          Johnny’s era already ended a few years ago. It’s just arashi era we’re waiting to end here.

    • Ztf


    • surfboardt

      I’m not a fan of JE so I don’t follow them that closely, but isn’t this really troubling for the agency since they haven’t really found their next SMAP or Arashi?

    • i hope they disbanded. They should have disbanded 10 years ago. Watching them attempting to dance during their live performances is very painful

    • Serny

      I’m sad for the SMAP fans. If it’s true it’s a shame that it didn’t get handled better. I’ve never really followed them, but I’ve always known their name.

      • qgrrsecm

        the deserve a goodbye concert, aired live in one/two station tv.

        with all hits they make, sung by other idols/musicians.
        their achievement is overwhelming.

    • taiyou

      Kimutaku and Yamapi stay with johnnys in the end. Suprising. I wonder if iijima retired or will do next move?

    • faifantc

      I never thought that Nakai would leave. I thought he wanted a management position in the company! Unless he and Julie weren’t getting along.

    • me

      and it’s Jan 13th….this news is kinda nightmare on x13th!

    • Cathy

      This is more shocking than Becky’s scandal.

    • eplizo

      Oh my GOD. WHAT!?!?!?!?!? I kinda hope it’s a rumor though I guess it might be time for them to be over.

    • i still can’t believe this is real O_O

    • マイケル・タンザー


    • anne

      They probs could’ve stayed together if Kimura didn’t stay, right?
      Weird that he stayed of all people lol

    • iGleaux

      2K16 is the year Japanese entertainment scandals and news takes the cake.

    • fuq


      disband sexy zone too then

    • yamakita

      It’s about freakin’ time! I think it’s criminal to make guys like them still trying to sing and dance in sync at their age. Their performances are so painful to watch and everyone just pretends that they’re not as awful as they really are. Come on!

      • eaaaaauuuxxx

        not this coming from someone who’s name is from a ship nobody’s cared about in 10 years tho

        • yamakita

          You’re right, but I’m too lazy to change my handle, just as SMAP look like they’re too lazy to do a performance properly.

          • OMG…

          • iGleaux


      • guest

        it’s criminal to make guys like them still trying to sing and dance in sync at their age

        Shounentai though…

        • mikamika

          But Higashima still has all the moves! What he did at JCD… just wow!

          • guest

            That’s what I meant!
            Idk about now, since they don’t perform together, but just few years ago, when they were about SMAP’s current age, Shounentai could outdance/outperform any J&A debuted group.
            True idols<3

            • mikamika

              He even did a salto whereas Ohno “only” did a backflip.
              From what I’ve read Shounentai’s performances are said to be one of the hardest in Johnny’s and they did it so flawlessly

    • .

      Remember when Mary said she’d only let Iijima have the groups that can’t dance? Damn.


      • guest

        Arashi and KAT-TUN tho…

        • .

          She’s delusional if she thinks Arashi can dance and Matchy is the top, yikes!

          • guest

            She’s like 90, she’s probably senile.

        • hotaru hime

          Lol at KAT-TUN’s dance moves~ XD (but looks kinda cute.. i guess)

          Maybe Julie is the one requesting for them. Or Mary acknowledges them/ their popularity (eg. Arashi), and being able to dance was just an excuse. From the article shared above, it seems like Mary does not want Iijima to hold too much power compared to Julie. (Couldn’t imagine her letting Iijima in charge of Arashi)

      • guest
        • ran

          Thanks for the second KAT-TUN gif. Never seen this before

        • uhh the last gif is too painful to watch

        • ren

          lmao!! ((tho to be fair, i think the second kat tun gif is from when they were on best artist, and they were copying a child (namely fuku) as he danced so they didn’t actually know the choreo)) ((also @ arashi, only ohno can do it lmao))

        • omfg nino stop

          • light

            Lol to be fair Nino and Sho look like they tried, Jun looks like he’s just walking backwards on his tiptoes XD Aiba’s fine and Ohno’s great (no surprise there)!
            Still not an easy move,should have done something else lolz

    • hotaru hime

      not a fan of SMAP, but if this is true, i’m quite surprised. Heard of members leaving one after another, but never 4 at one go >__<

    • ran

      Why always before their big anniversaries??
      I hate Julie and Japan needs to chill

    • mivp

      Kimutaku is staying because he had a lifetime contract with Johnny’s after his marriage scandal. Maybe. lol.

    • C

      OMG NO!!!! I can’t deal with this T_T

    • kunyit

      wow…it is still first month of 2016..
      i always thought kimutaku who wanna quit while nakai wanna stay JE..so it is surprising

    • yacchaitai

      All this drama! 2016 is going to be amazing!

    • mykawaiiz5

      I woke up to this news already 14 hours ago…I’ve never lived on Twitter so long before in my life!!

      So far the only fact to come forth is IIJIMA MICHI has resigned from the agency, not SMAP.
      It is understood that Iijima has been with SMAP since day one and basically raised them to the stars they are so it wouldn’t surprise me as much if they, SMAP decided to follow her lead. But also it wouldn’t surprise me if they were to stay…they are grown men, grown WEALTHY, ESTABLISHED ENTERTAINERS in Japan, so I personally think at this point in their career, they have enough power to be on their own without Iijima or J&A ambushing if they chose to leave. But for Kimura Takuya…TO STAY??? That’s a big SMH. As big as a rebel my Captain is (he likes doing the opposite of what people would expect)…I can’t believe that one bit. Makes absolutely no sense!!! wtf. The only thing that should be tying him down to the Jimusho is SMAP!

      …News articles chose to speculate and throw shit rumors around AND ofc twitter just explodes!!
      Which all made me scratch my head in confusion because this is what happened in SMAPs FAKE “documentary” of them “disbanding” in 27hr FNS of 2014! Like who the hell does a drama like that in the first place (and actually decide to disband)…the shit wasn’t funny one bit and this surely isn’t as well.

      Disbanding rumors happen every year…and so does rumor of Captain divorcing Shizuka *shrugs*.
      I can’t believe this “news” until SMAP tell us so.

      As a HUGE SMAP fanatic, I know that they are honest and straight with us, they never BS or hide from the fans. I trust their bond they claim to have and to not have xD If SMAP truly wished to disband, it would not go down like this if it was their choice. It would be professional and a clean cut would be made between them and J&A. But J&A are ruthless and ofc would choose to take their name away with them (forcing them to disband), make a mess, hurt the fans to make SMAP look bad, and throw other BS that seems typical in Mary’s behavior. I’m well overdue for a presscon! Ready to see my Crazy 5 looking handsome and telling the world they are still together and will remain together.
      BUT at the same time, I wouldn’t be pissed if they were to leave the agency as well! FUCK YESS!! GOOD FOR MY BABIES IN ALL HONESTY!! They’ve done their time, too long of a time for an agency that gives to cents about them.

      25th Anniversary though!! I mean, everyone wants to go to the con this year but THIS will make literally EVERYONE try and get some tickets…will I have luck? I want a damn World Tour!!! They’ve been trending second Worldwide on twitter xD Does that prove the love?
      UGH it was just a year ago I saw SMAP for the first time!!! For the final in Nagoya! BEST OF TIMES! and now…stuck in a crisis over some unknown source leaking BS news .__.

      With all that said, I trust them and support them on whatever decision they make!!!!

    • Hajime Crea

      Watching the Japanese entertainment industry in 2016 like

    • risotto


    • jimmy

      Is this a sign of the downfall of J-POP. Is this THE END of J-POP!!??

    • Whoa….?

    • MoocowPoorchick

      This might be an unpopular opinion, but…good for them? We’ve seen in the past how hard it is (and how much money it costs) to get out of this hellhole. They should’ve earned enough money to survive for a while even without new jobs/a new agency and after everyone calmed down, I don’t doubt that they will find new jobs with maybe a bit more freedom (if JE doesn’t interfere). It’s not like JE was interested in SMAP anyway. They were happy to take their share of the money SMAP made, but that was basically it. I’m sad for the fans though. It had to end one day, but this was probably the worst way to end it.

    • マイケル・タンザー

      OK, this is why Johnny’s music should be on iTunes worldwide, because…it’s like this: Physical releases are like, soooo yesterday!

    • Kyoko