Goto Maki to marry ex-boyfriend?

Japanese daily sports newspaper Sponichi reported a rumor that former Morning Musume member Goto Maki (28) will soon marry her ex-boyfriend.

It’s said that the couple has dated in the past and met 7 to 8 years ago. Not much information is known about him except he is three years younger and comes from the same hometown.

Maki made her return to show business last month after a two and a half year absence. She has gone through a lot in the past couple of years, but has recently shown that she is starting a new path in both her public and private life.

This has been front page news on various outlets and there has yet to be a confirmation or denial from Maki’s team, but she has been wearing an engagement ring…

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    • Mita J

      I’m happy for her if it’s true. Everyone she’s loved in the past has died so she deserves this happiness and a new family.

    • Guest

      Yes hunny! I’m so happy for her!

    • Samala

      maki learned to love herself before she could love someone else! get it girl

    • mac

      well that came out of nowhere. do we know his name?

      • amuripoo

        i don’t think he’s a celebrity

    • amuripoo

      shotgun wedding????

      • mac

        that would be unfortunate with her whole trying to have a comeback and all.

    • Bubi.

      comments are 2ch are like “i can’t wait for her AV debut” lol

      • mintyaiko

        They’re forever praying for that lol

    • Bubi.

      nonetheless I’m happy for her! I want to get married but I can’t stay in a relationship longer than 2 weeks

    • Guest
    • Marie

      Hope it’s not her brother’s friend who was involved in the theft in ’07 that she was rumored to be dating. Otherwise, I’m happy for her if it’s true!

    • gocchin

      Whether she’s already married, going to get married, or even not at all, I’m happy for her because she’s such a beautiful, warm woman.

    • Cosmic Unicorn

      I’m really happy for her if it’s true.

      (Shotgun wedding bells)

    • Kyle

      Please respect my privacy! We will be sharing all the wedding details soon

    • Babi Hong

      omg congrats :)

      when do we get 2 meet her uwasa no sexy guy : )

    • Purin

      Wow…almost all of MM golden age has been married at one point now? now we just need to wait for nacchi, rika and yossy

    • get that dick gomaki

    • Partay

      I’m so happy for her <3 ;__;

    • Jardel Ferreira

      Wish her all the best!