Fans still upset with former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi

It’s been over a year since Junnosuke Taguchi performed for the last time with his former group KAT-TUN. Fans were stunned, but accepted his decision. In Junnosuke’s official statement he revealed that he was terminating his contract with Johnnys & Associates for “personal reasons”, and with Junnosuke turning 30 soon he felt that it was important for him to think about which direction he wanted to take in life. Many fans assumed that he was getting married to longtime girlfriend Rena Komine, and possibly starting a family. What fans didn’t see coming was Junnosuke announcing a comeback just 6 months after withdrawing from KAT-TUN and Johnnys & Associates. After releasing an indie single, it was revealed that he signed a contract with Universal Music.

Junnoske recently did an interview with Nikkan Sports while promoting his major debut single “Connect”. As seen in the official statements, Junnosuke did not make his plans clear to the other members causing fans to give a very indignant response to his debut and interview. He also withdrew right before the band was about to start 10th anniversary celebrations, what should have been a happy promotional period was a bit somber. Junnosuke expressed his strong desire to do solo activities many times throughout the interview, and talked about how important the theme of connections are in relation to his single, calling his re-debut a “fresh start”. He did wish the other KAT-TUN members well, and hoped to see them all again in the future. Many fans called Junnosuke out for being extremely untrustworthy and selfish in his decision, if he wanted to have more solo activities and be freed from Johnny’s he should have told his group mates, and been more clear in his official statement when originally withdrawing from the group. Many were also confused at how he kept going on and on about the theme of connecting with people, when he failed to “connect” to his group mates and a lot of the fans during his transition period from KAT-TUN member to solo artist.

Since withdrawing KAT-TUN hasn’t had a lot of activities as a 3 member group. A BEST album was released in March 2016, and they went on a 10th anniversary tour to promote it. KAT-TUN was posed to become the next major Johnny’s group, their debut single “Real Face” was one of the highest selling debut-singles ever. “Real Face” went on to sell over 1 million copies. The status of the group soon became quite tumultuous. Jin Akanishi went on hiatus from the group just 7 months after their debut, he eventually withdrew from KAT-TUN in 2010 to focus on a solo career. In 2013 the group lost another member when Koki Tanaka’s contract was canceled by Johnny’s.

“Connect” was released on April 5th, 2017. A DVD and blu-ray of his fan club concert “To The Next Level” has also been announced, it will hit store shelves on May 10th, 2017. Will you support Junnosuke’s solo activities?

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    • Rah


    • Ryusei

      I have never really followed kat-tun. I’ll check out the music and if it’s good i’ll listen to it but that’s about it

    • yatta

      DEFINITELY NO! He’s so selfish and inconsiderate.

    • Eighter Eito

      absolutely no!

    • Meryem Ben Brahim

      Not in a million years!

    • K-UN

      Yeah, why not?

      • MaRGa

        why not? because all the things listed in this article maybe?

        • Minachi

          Still support him and bought his CD in Japan. Will buy connect in June. I am Hyphen since pre-debut and promised myself to support them in all ways they decide to make – no matter if I like them or not. ;)

          • MaRGa

            That’s the most stupid thing I’ve read in a long time. They’re not a saint you made a promise to if they cured you a disease? They are human beings that deserve a punishment if they do something wrong, just like anybody else.
            God, the delusional fans are unbelievable.

            “No matter if I like them or not” she says. Un-fucking-believable. I guess assholes feed on people like you and that’s how they thrive.

    • all4kame

      He didn’t care much for Hyphens when he lied through his teeth. Why should Hyphens support him?? He should go seek his “connection” from a new fanbase. He’s “popular” ain’t he? Let’s see him top the charts then.

    • MaRGa

      No fucking way

    • liu489

      with how Junno handle his solo decision and his ex group making Jin and Yamapi like better boys now.
      At least those two more honest and brave enough to admit their selfish desire.

    • nothingsover

      I used to really like KAT-TUN and Taguchi’s voice is pretty interesting but I don’t really care enough to keep following him. I can definitely see why KAT-TUN fans are bitter though.

    • aqua88

      When Taguchi decided to leave KAT-TUN, it was a really sad thing for all Hyphens.
      It’s like… the 4 of them promised they will maintain status quo, as 4 members. Then you get an announcement that Taguchi’s leaving the group, and supposedly leaving the entertainment industry completely.
      Next thing you hear, “Hi, I’m back!”
      Yeah, why wouldn’t Hyphens be angry?

      P.S. Honestly, giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he just ran out of cash and realise he can’t survive without JE.

    • rshina

      I’m not into KAT-TUN,even though I like some of their song. Maybe I’ll just check it out when released

    • Snake

      I heard his solo debut was pre planned before his kattun graduation announcement and his website creation date proves that. Nakamaru has said he tried to talk him out of it but he gave the reason he wanted to stay away from entertainment scene altogether. Pretty much a liar 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

      • miri

        Wasn’t the website supposedly created one month after he left KAT-TUN (in May)?
        And by the way, how credible is that source or how can we know that information it’s true for sure? I mean if there’s a way that anybody can check that.

        • caelumsinclair

          Which source?

          • miri

            The one that says when Taguchi’s website was created.
            Also, it’s the first time I hear that someone’s said his solo debut was planned before leaving KAT-TUN, so if I may know where that comes from I’d like to know that too.

            • caelumsinclair

              Go to and type You’ll find result that stating the domain name was officially registered and claimed on May 2, 2016. It’s legit and cannot be change what-so-ever.

              • miri

                Thanks, I just found out after doing a search on google, hadn’t bothered to do it before xD
                But yeah, it says May 2, a month after leaving KAT-TUN.

                • caelumsinclair

                  One of the reasons why many hyphens was angry with him. He claimed he only thought of debuting during summer, I think? But to register domain name under his name only month after contract ended…. Well. He’s a liar. That’s all.

                  • miri

                    But creating a website doesn’t necessarily imply that he had decided what he would do with it. What for then? I don’t know, I wish someone asked him directly about that.

                    Whatever the case, I don’t like how he’s been handling things but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt since I don’t have all the facts. I don’t believe he’s a bad person, just extremely obnoxious, which is nothing new.

                    And also, Kame’s “iriguchi deguchi Kamenashi desu” in last December made me think that he doesn’t hold any bad feelings towards him or he wouldn’t make those kind of jokes. So if they’re okay with it I’ll just keep watching from the distance wishing I knew the truth and could make some sense out of it but knowing probably I never will.

                  • Thomas

                    why is he a liar? He registered a domain name, so what? I have one under my IRL name too and I am certainly not active in showbiz.

                    You don’t know what the domain was originally intended for, maybe he just wanted an info at e-mail address at first. I think KAT-TUN fans are jumping to conclusions and exaggerating things.

                    • MaRGa

                      Listen, if his original intention was to leave showbiz, he clearly didn’t need the website for anything. And he didn’t need it for an email adress, let’s be real.

                      It’s one thing to not assume stuff that we don’t know, another to assume that the most improbable explanation is the correct one.

                      • Thomas

                        We don’t know what the website was made for, that is all I was trying to say. The e-mail thing was just an example. It’s not like he could just start working at 7-Eleven or something considering his career. If I were him I would have opened a website as well just to keep the door to the industry open.

                      • guest

                        pretty sure that website is away from industry.. doing a website for solo career,..
                        which happen less than six month after hiatus…

                        and decieving everyone..

                        lts not a big deal actually.

                        sarcasm intended.

                      • Thomas

                        Obviously it’s not the most transparent thing to do but others have done it before and it didn’t turn into a huge scandal. Like when YUI announced that she would take a break multiple times and came back way sooner than people expected. And the same thing happened all over again when she started her own band.

                      • kamben is here

                        YUI’s case is different.
                        She was not in an idol group like KAT-TUN (which was expected to exist for many years with the same members, in the beginning, just like what typical johnnys fans would expect when it comes to groups like Arashi, etc) to begin with.

                        I don’t want to type so much, but as someone who used to follow KAT-TUN and YUI, I say their situations are different and please also consider the fact that many idols like to say things like ‘we’ll be in this group FOREVER’ and such during concerts and elsewhere. You know this kind of thing makes some people go all emotional and stuff.

                        KAT-TUN’s not known as a group with the greatest bond among members, but they did have their moments here and there.

            • sandra β˜†

              anyone can check the website thing. you can do it with any website as far as i know. just google it.

            • Snake

              “I heard” = implied that the information couldn’t be confirmed or asking to be corrected if it’s not accurate.

              It was not too far off though as someone else cleared it up “Then he lied again, saying the decision to release solo single was afterthought. LIES. A quick who-is checked revealed he registered on May 2, just one month after his contract ended while claimed otherwise”

              • miri

                Yeah, but you must have “heard” that somewhere, that’s what I was asking.

                And I’ve said this already but creating a website does not equal deciding to release solo music. It could be that or it could be something else. And I don’t like making assumptions so I’d rather not call him a liar if I’m not sure that’s the truth.

                • Snake

                  “the information couldn’t be confirmed” meaning I don’t remember exactly where. Tumblr, twitter, LJ, forums, in arama discussions, who knows. The others have already answered where though.

                  The website creation date is not the only reason people calling him a liar liar pants on fire.

    • marynasuke

      “Why should Hyphen support him” –> I certainly don’t think he was pleading for those bitter hyphens to be the one to support him. Y’all is not that important.

      “Let’s see him top the charts” —> Will this prove anything? I don’t even think he is producing songs to top the chart. E.g Kalafina is an awesome group and they never top the chart. So does topping the chart still prove anything?

      “Maybe he just ran out of cash” –> If you are just assuming then I guess you better stop coz then you are just accusing? Did you check is bank account?

      “Making Jin and Yamapi like better boys now” “At least those two more honest and brave enough” —> I can’t even comment on how funny these words are.

      All these comments makes me wonder what has the idol world promised and all the glittery words that fans can be so corrupted feeling they are entitled to people’s life.

      • Snak

        Tag is no Kalafina. He has very little talent to back him up

        Jin while was a dickwat when he was with Kattun was actually honest about his decision to leave.
        Yamapi was a nice guy and was pretty straightforward with his decision as a solo artist. It was with great timing and made NEWS a better more cohesive group.

        Tag screwed kattun up and lied.

        • marynasuke

          The guch! Errrrr…. I don’t know if you misread or something but I wrote Kalafina AS AN EXAMPLE because they deserve to be on top of chart but they never did so the point is…what is the legit argument that someone need to top the chart to prove themselves when such a great act like Kalafina don’t even get to? Never said The Guch is comparable to Kalafina… which he is not. Did you get me? nvm I’ll just assume you misread.

          I am so glad Jin is so honest in leaving KAT-TUN in a very orderly manner as well! Twice!

          Yamapi was a nice guy? *cough* he did said he was too good for NEWS and a better dancer so he wanted to explore more right? I guess he is honest :D Yes thanks to Yamapi putting down his own group, NEWS decided to fight and become stronger.

          I guess he just revenging for all those years of abuse. Just kidding of course XD

          • Ran

            Hey hey you can support your junno all you want but don’t insult Yamapi and NEWS.
            He NEVER said he is better dancer than NEWS. He just said his solo have different genre which is true. Don’t comment if you’re not fans.
            and I think what people mean here that Yamapi was more honest is how he explained everything to members and fans, members upset and sad, fans upset, he got hate, he got blames but it got better by times. It shows with how members still respect him.

            • marynasuke


              • guest

                you are a perfect asshole, follow your stan, no one is asking you to stay away from him…

                just fucking leave your bashing to your own miserable fandom…

                leave yamapi or kame away from your hatred…

          • DearJXXX XXX

            When did Yamapi said that he’s better than NEWS and put the group down?? Only thing I see is remaining members crying and playing victim card(well….it shows that he has very huge existence for the group), so Yamapi got more hate from the people like you who doesn’t really know anything.

          • aquarella

            tf!? keep yamapi out of this

          • Snak

            Nah. You’re the one who misread.
            “what is the legit argument that someone need to top the chart to prove themselves when such a great act like Kalafina don’t even get to?” Because Tag cant ever prove himself with very little talent he has, let alone topping the charts.

            At least Jin wasn’t a hypocrite. That US break was enough of an indication he had a foot out the door.

            Nah. Yamapi never said he was too good for NEWS and a better dancer. That was all in your imagination.

      • MaRGa

        Honey, no matter how many empty responses you give, the fact is he lied, and that’s messed up. If this was just a normal group of friends, a betrayal would still be a betrayal, it doesn’t matter the industry or the job.
        That you’re his fan and won’t even accept that, is worst than “being bitter” as you put it.

        He doesn’t want bitter hyphens to follow him? Was he intending to gain new fans from scratch? He’s not talented enough for that so I’m sure he did count on hyphens to be successful.
        He doesn’t even have to top the charts to prove anything. I don’t even think he’ll do mildly good.

        Why are you worked up about him being out of cash? At least that would excuse somehow his behaviour.

        Why is funny that Jin and Yamapi look better now? I kinda hate them both and I still have to agree that at least they were both honest about wanting to be selfish and go solo.

        We’re no fans with “corrupted feelings”, the one with “corrupted feelings” as you put it, is him, for not caring about anybody but himself and also lying about it.

        Kat-tun is better without him, to be honest.

        • sandra β˜†

          considering they used “kat-tun”, “hyphen” (<- thats as straight forward as it gets rly) and "real face" as some of the tags for his website (created on may 1st, and not later in summer when he said he ~actually decided~ to become a solo artist) im pretty sure he counted on hyphens to follow him, idd. (and some did lolsob)

          • marynasuke

            I guess Hyphens should patented the word hyphen so that it cannot be use.
            I am still a KAT-TUN fan and KAT-TUN fan is called hyphen and he is my favourite member. So he is calling those who still wanted to support IF they chose to? Or is there a diversion now where if you still follow members and former members you cannot use the word Hyphen anymore because you know it only deserve to be use by the elitist of Hyphen loyal exclusive club? Because the others who followed him is sentenced by holier than thou club because they follow the liar. Fans complain when no word of anything related with the former group is not mention and fans still complain when related words are use for former group is use. You can’t win either way. (I am glad I did lol sob)

            • MaRGa

              You said yourself he doesn’t want bitter Hyphens to follow him. So why use hyphens at all? Just get your own new fans and forget about the group you ditched in a second.

              • marynasuke

                I’m sure he is please with new fans as well~ yeah BITTER Hyphens not the not-bitter Hyphens :D

            • sandra β˜†

              anyone is free to follow him (so long as he doesnt go calling his fans hyphens from now on, rly, idc what he does now) but after lying his face off to fans and possibly to kat-tun, getting caught doing so by having his staff putting several kat-tun related tags in his website (the website itself being the proof of him lying about when he decided to start a solo career) is pretty shameful and seems somewhat desperate. i know hes not in charge of his website, but having gone through the whole losing-a-member thing twice himself he should understand the delicacy of the situation.
              if youre a fan of kat-tun youre a hyphen
              jin, koki or junno however can not and should not call /their/ fans hyphens
              you can definitely be both but they are not the same thing. hyphen stems from the hyphen in the group name, so for anyone who is not in the group anymore to use that name would be wrong, yes

              • marynasuke

                There you go. Then I’ll just be a fan of Kame, Jin, Junno, Koki, Ueda and Nakamaru. It’s a mouthful but I take it. I’m not a fan of labeling anyway. If Hyphen represent this people who love to see the failure of the others then I don’t want to be any part of it.

                • sandra β˜†


        • marynasuke

          Oh my dear you are living in delusions that I am so sad for you~
          I am so sorry that he betrayed your naive heart to believe all idol should be sculptured the way you wanted it. “He should go out like this and this and explain this and this which would be more proper” I am sorry to break you the news but the real world doesn’t have script. If it happened, it happened. From your replies I don’t know who felt more worst… you who still can’t let go or me who you accuse of “won’t even accept it” because I don’t have to accept anything considering I don’t know him personally, and he of course don’t know me and I am his fan because of my personal taste not because he is something I want him to be. Why do you want to care if he should do mildly good or not? You wishing him ill is what dictionary called bitter.

          LOL I don’t care about his cash but merely pointing out the person who made such comment assuming as such. What if he did has cash and just did this out of his free will? Would this person who accuse him of not having enough cash be accuse as a liar as well?

          I don’t know why he should care about the feelings of these strangers. He is not happy in the group so he left. End of story.

          You don’t have to be honest. Both parties (KAT-TUN and Junno) agreed. So why all this drama again?

          • MaRGa

            Again all this text and you said NOTHING. You don’t have to know somebody to accept that he fucking lied! That’s what I’m talking about and you’re choosing to ignore.
            He should care about the feelings of his fans BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THIS FUCKING INDUSTRY IS ABOUT you dummy! xD Without his fans he can’t do anything at all! And it wasn’t like he wasn’t happy in his group and he said “I wanna go solo” and left, no! he said “I don’t want to work in this industry anymore” and released a single months later? How much of a liar can you be.
            I’m not bitter no matter how many times you want to repeat that in order to not actually say anything with consistency, I just hate injustice and lying assholes in general.
            Just keep ignoring the fact that he acted like an asshole sweetie, It’s okay, i get that you’re a stan. We’ve all been there. Hope it goes well for ya.

            • marynasuke

              Maybe you need glasses? I wrote bunch of words~ It can’t be empty screen XD
              “You don’t have to know somebody to accept that he fucking lied!” This is where your naivety lies. No you don’t have to accept anything but things can get misinformed on media because it can be control and selective. If you actually know that person, there are a lot of things that you actually thought but isn’t. I learned this personally.

              I think that’s the reason why he said he wanted to leave the idol industry? Because he don’t agree with this aspect? XD
              and lol you even quoted –>he said “I don’t want to work in this industry anymore”

              Err… I don’t know about you but as a grown up 30+ years old man, I’m sure he got the brain to think and enough limbs to do what he wanted.

              And I hope it goes well with your life as well considering you have so much anger. Peace.

              • MaRGa

                I’m starting to think there’s something missing in you.
                “I think that’s the reason why he said he wanted to leave the idol industry? Because he don’t agree with this aspect?”
                lol then why tf did he start a solo career? are you actually joking? I’m starting to think you’re a troll lol

                Yes the comment wasn’t empty, but you said a lot of words that didn’t actually mean anything. No consistency like I said. You might not know what the word means, that’s okay.

                Listen, my comment might seem angry, and that’s because it slightly is, and I was thinking, why is that? And I just got to the conclusion that you’re actually the perfect Taguchi stan, why? Your personality is as annoying as his was lol I guess that’s why you anger me xDD I won’t bother anymore, just as I would if I actually met him in person.

                • marynasuke

                  Oh dear here comes the personal attack.

                  A solo career that he can control and not doing something that people control what he wanted him to do? I cannot be anymore clear on this definition~ and we go to the troll part~ good~~

                  Actually I was being sarcastic…. I guess you don’t understand sarcasm… my bad

                  I am actually not angry as well… and typing my replies with full on humorous sarcasm… but I guess I got dark humor~

                  LOL okay then~ I am a little on the positive side so I guess it kind of get annoying. XD

                  • kamben is here

                    “Actually I was being sarcastic…. I guess you don’t understand sarcasm… my bad”

                    Lol your ‘sarcasm’ was not very clear because your English is not perfect to begin with. ;)

              • kamben is here

                “Maybe you need glasses? I wrote bunch of words~ It can’t be empty screen XD ”

                You wrote a bunch of words indeed, but your words don’t make much sense, was what MaRGa was saying.

                “”You don’t have to know somebody to accept that he fucking lied!” This is where your naivety lies. No you don’t have to accept anything but things can get misinformed on media because it can be control and selective. If you actually know that person, there are a lot of things that you actually thought but isn’t. I learned this persona””

                You are saying that someone is ‘naive’ just from that?
                We all get to learn about many things and meet various people as we go through our lives, so you must know that WHILE the media could be the one to blame, your stan could also be lying lol.

          • aqua88

            Since you feel so strongly about my comment, I feel compelled to reply. Lol.
            Speculation =/= accusation.
            Speculate = the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

            Accusation = a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong.
            I used ‘maybe’, so that falls under ‘speculation’.

            • marynasuke

              That’s why we don’t start speculate because speculate brought rumours and rumours brought accusation.

          • kamben is here

            “I don’t know why he should care about the feelings of these strangers. ”

            Celebrities SHOULD care about the feelings of their fans.
            Why? Because they are basically NOTHING without these ‘strangers’. In an industry where you are working to please strangers aka your CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS, you SHOULD care about the feelings of the customers/clients. You rely on your customers to BUY your products. You need money to make a living, and without these strangers in your life, you might have to go find a world where you can live all alone by yourself not caring about anybody.

            I’m not even a hyphen anymore but this is a basic knowledge, a common sense.

            “I am so sorry that he betrayed your naive heart to believe all idol should be sculptured the way you wanted it”

            There is a reason why idols are mostly known for this kind of ‘job’ where they give the fans some kind of ‘fantasy’ to live with. Can’t blame the fans 100%.

            Also, we don’t follow ‘scripts’ in our daily, real lives, but ‘not following scripts’ and ‘not being PROPER’ are two entirely different things.

            • marynasuke

              I don’t even know what world you live in but your common sense is so misguided and if your basic knowledge is THAT then this world is twisted with all these selfish individuals.

              I work with my client directly, and I know for sure if you try to cater to ALL your customers ridiculous DEMAND your business will only last so long. You cannot satisfy EVERYBODY, there will be people who will hate you because you don’t entertain their fussiness but there will be people who support you and will come back to you again and again because of your productst. This is the type of customers who I will take care of, not the customer who will make trouble for me ONCE, demanding things that I don’t offer and never come back. But of course one cannot become stagnant, you have to evolve and search for new ways of improving your products to widen the potential interest of your customers. Not being stuck and trying to satisfy everybody who will never satisfy until they get what THEY wanted.

              This is what Junno is doing, he is no longer an IDOL who need to cater every delusional fangirl need who crave for member-ai and pretentious agency marketing, being held back to make way for the more popular group etc. He wrapped up that part of his life nicely. He still enjoy dancing and performing so he is doing what he wanted producing music and performing for HIS FANS who wanted to support him. For those who don’t like his music can turn away and stop caring no harm will done to you except your bitterness. The thing is people will scoffed and snorted when he said he wanted to stop being an idol and be an artist instead, because he has no talent. So what if he has no talent, at least he make a move to try a new ways, if you don’t succeed you try again, if you failed in this path you tried another and so on. But if you stayed in the path that was blocked by a rock and you keep digging at it for YEARS in order to move without making any progress anymore then you are being STAGNANT. When you move forward by trying another path, you will improved because that new experience will teach you.

              So you are saying that it’s okay to believe in this fantasy because that’s what Idol job for, it’s okay for idol to pretend directly to your face so that at least it is the fantasy you’ve been dreaming of? What if these idol no longer wanted to pretend, when they reached 30s after doing it since they were 13 that they are tired of not being who they are? When they burst the bubble you scream that they were lying. and YOU claimed you can not blame the fans 100%? Why fans are so stupid to believe? Most of this idol entered when they were kids, when they were immature and naive. Before you know, you are trapped because it’s already so far along. BUT some of them are okay with that but some are not, nobody is the same. If they wanted to leave they have no obligation to explain every little details of their private thoughts and reason. Same when you quit your job, would you tell to your boss that you wanted to leave the post because you are bored with the job and wanted to try new things? No you will usually worded it nicely you feel like you have learned enough in this company and would like to try other opportunities.

              He did it proper didn’t he? He informed beforehand, 5 months prior that he wanted to quit, waited until his contract ends which unfortunately ended before the date of the anniversary of KAT-TUN. So what proper are you talking about?

      • kamben is here

        “All these comments makes me wonder what has the idol world promised and all the glittery words that fans can be so corrupted feeling they are entitled to people’s life.”

        LOL I’m a fan of some non-idol talents just as much as I’m a fan of some idols, so let me just say that that is really what the idol world does, in general. Can’t really blame the fans. :)

    • Minachi

      Of course. As Hyphen I follow all 5 boys and support those 5 boys – them ALL! No matter how bad stuff they are doing or whatever. They still helped me through difficult times and this is more value then any lie or bad decision or whatever for me.

      • sandra β˜†

        “all 5” tho?

        • Minachi

          Like I said to the others already – typo. Forgive me. m(_ _)m

      • MaRGa

        Wow, if you would follow anybody no matter the bad stuff the have done in the past and no matter if they don’t actually deserve it, you should be careful about cults, they’ll snatch you up in a minute.

        • Minachi

          Haha, I am a old woman. I don’t believe in anything – so cults have a hard time with me. A (ex)friend of mine was into Scientology and tried no convince me – no chance. It’s not like he murdered someone. He made decisions and lied about stuff. That’s not horrible enough for me to stop following his music. I don’t know why you have to get – also in your other reply for me – so personal. I understand why some people say ‘he is not worth it’. But just because I say ‘I still want to follow them’ I am not a bad or stupid person. Meet me while eating cake and drink tea and let’s have a long chat. After that you can judge me and so on. :) I am rarely on arama because people here tend to judge and be mean so fast. I have to deal a lot in my work with that kind of people so I am not angry but like I said – I invite everyone to meet me and have a nice chat. Guess I am an adult and nice person, just maybe with other opinions in some things. ;)

          • MaRGa

            Listen, I’m not trying to be nasty, but help me out here, being an “old woman” and “adult” is totally the opposite of saying “I will support them all no matter the bad stuff they do” like you said. That’s really really irresponsible and the opposite of the “adult” or “mature” thing to do. And all I was trying to do is give you advice (I’m not young either), you shouldn’t be following somebody no matter if they do bad stuff or not. I realise what he did is not the worst thing in the world, worthy of jail, but we shouldn’t go about life supporting everybody when they do nasty stuff that deserves a negative response.
            What kind of example are you setting? Is it okay to be nasty, people will support you anyway? Keep being an asshole, I will still be here? That’s like, the worst attitude and advice to impart in life, in general, not just in this. (I’m not saying you’re supposed to be a role model here, I’m just saying in general, hope I’m being understood).

            One thing is being a nice person, whole nother story condoning douchebags.

            • Minachi

              I think I indeed made a mistake saying ‘all the bad stuff’. Of course if someone would murder or rape – worst case here – I couldn’t support it anymore. But I don’t want to be an example for anyone, that’s not my job in life. (but I get what you want to say!! :) ) Indeed I don’t think he made the best decisions in life and was a jerk. But Koki and Jin were too, haha. Still I kinda live the lifestyle – think about it, forgive. Of course it depends on what. I wrote before while I was still at work / with smartphone, I shouldn’t do that – especially on arama, people here like to insult others so I have to concentrate more when I try to make comments here, haha. (I don’t mean you with it!!! ) He was an idiot but still he did not enough to make me hate him or something. I love his new music, his voice. I went to one of his FC events in Japan and he seemed happy about his new life. I forgave him. I understand why some people can’t do that. But it’s almost one year ago… I maybe don’t have enough hate in me to be angry for such a long time with someone because of something like he did. I can even understand why people want to leave the Jimusho kinda, haha. But like I said.. I get your points totally and know what you mean. Still he is not douchebag enough for me, haha. :) Still thank you for the nice discussion. It’s rare to have them here. ;)

              • MaRGa

                Of course if you mean you realise what he did was wrong but you still choose to support him, that’s totally respectable, as I said in another comment, I do not have a problem with people like you who realise that and still chose to support the artist, only with the people who are trying to convince everybody he did nothing wrong.
                With you it was just that I couldn’t believe that phrase “I will support them no matter what”. But I’m glad we cleared it up! Have a nice day :)

      • tomanii

        5? Really?

        • Minachi

          I already said to others it was a typo because I was at work. I went to Japan to 3 concerts and bought their whole stuff. I think some typos are fine compared to how I try to support them, haha. :’) Still sorry about that.

      • Misaki627

        6. They were 6. You must be a great “hyphen”…

        • Minachi

          Reason why I am rarely here. You make typos and get judged. I was already nervous and excited while typing so I made this mistake. Guess I am too sensitive for arama. :’)

      • neko

        5? They were 6 :/

        • Minachi

          Ahhh, typo over typo. I was at work and too excited while typing because I am rarely here. Forgive me ><'

          • neko

            :P yeah that’s happens don’t worry

    • Ika Nur’aisyah Hasyani

      When someone says they will still support him, some other people bully that person. Why? They have the right to do so.
      I personally will support him. If you dont want to, then just shut up. Stop telling other people to not supporting him.

    • caelumsinclair

      No thanks. First he lied to KAT-TUN members and hyphens. Then he lied again, saying the decision to release solo single was afterthought. LIES. A quick who-is checked revealed he registered on May 2, just one month after his contract ended while claimed otherwise. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR.

      • Cherry

        Well said. I wished him well when he first left, but now I can only see him as a traitor. I am avoiding all of his solo work.

    • tomanii

      I’d say I’m somewhere in between. I’m still bitter af for what he did to KT and I obviously won’t “forgive” him for that. Then again, I can’t stop liking him anyway… just not as much as I did before.

      • caelumsinclair

        I’m like you in the beginning, you know. But now I realized he lied again and again, I’ve decided no more. Plus, I used to have so much faith in him and believed that he WON’T ever leave. Probably the only one who will NEVER leave KAT-TUN. But, I was wrong. And ‘stabbed’ for my faith in him.

        • tomanii

          And what? You don’t think I realized it as well? I did, quite a while ago btw. As much as I love KT and my other favorite groups, I don’t have nor have I ever had that kind of faith in them. Junno made his choice and I made mine

          • caelumsinclair

            lol.. Noooo. I’m not saying that you can’t, I’m just saying what I think. I won’t for sure. Yes, people made their own choices, and I made mine too. As simple as that.

      • MaRGa

        You have my total respect, I won’t attack anybody for still following him, everybody’s free to do whatever they want, I don’t like tho the stans who act like he did nothing wrong, that’s another story.
        But hey, you do you, total respect from me (even tho you didnt ask for it lol)

    • eplizo

      He’s just so naturally boring. That + he’s a liar, so it doesn’t make for an appealing image lol. I personally won’t bother following him. If he puts out a good song tho, I’ll jam to it, but I’m not sure that’ll ever happen.

    • TruthSpeaker

      imao,Taguchi lacks that X factor. He is just plain and doesn’t have the star power though he is good looking. I heard his first solo song ‘Hero’ which was released after withdrawal wherein his voice got drowned in chorus and supporting vocals. I dont want to follow his career anymore.Sorry Taguchi,I am not able to connect with you even after being a hyphen :(

    • KurokoMitai

      Way to go Taguchi! He puts proper end and having a proper start. Good luck!

      • Misaki627

        Just curious but how is this a proper end/start?

        • KurokoMitai

          Proper end: he announced beforehand, KAT-TUN can properly have last single as 4-nin. Not like having long hiatus, fans uncertain what happen to the group then suddenly members leaving. Proper start: he put end to his KAT-TUN career and open new book as solo singer. So what if you think he lied, he gave his best during his KAT-TUN years to the point fans cannot accept his departure because they think he enjoyed his idol life not like Jin who kept throwing tantrum (in my opinion) when doing group activities. I’d say this guy is a genius for someone who belongs to class D in JE then can get TV appearances, singles release, record label in a year after he quits JE. I think no ex-JE so far able to do like him. Fans can remain bitter, but he’s having his best time. So move on. If you don’t like him, just ignore.

          • 🐍

            A “proper” end that’s deceptive, selfish and manipulative by using his relationship with his gf as a cover up. The fans had accepted his departure (prove: see the overwhelming support he received after his graduation announcement) but recanted their support because he lied, forced Kattun into a hiatus and shortly released (literally months) his debut solo single during said hiatus. He wouldn’t receive so much hate if he had 1) not lied, 2) announced his marriage, 3) waited a little longer to announce his solo single in respect of Kat-tun

            • KurokoMitai

              “by using his relationship with his gf as a cover up.” –> did he himself said that, or publicly assumed because people are wondering the reason he wants to quit?
              If no words from him about this, then it’s the fans who torturing themselves with wild-negative assumption.
              “forced Kattun into a hiatus” –> hiatus came months after his announcement to quit right, if the hiatus was announced during his quitting announcement, then makes sense he’s the reason. Otherwise it’s the decision of the other 3 to go on hiatus and take a break.
              “He wouldn’t receive so much hate if he had 1) not lied, 2) announced his
              marriage, 3) waited a little longer to announce his solo single in
              respect of Kat-tun” –> no.2, really? when it’s the date of the marriage? or again, publicly assumed? As for number 3 –> I see no reason to wait. If I’m KAT-TUN member, I support him and can’t wait to go out of hiatus and compete with him. :)

    • guest

      KAT-TUN was doomed ever since Jin was assimilated in the US back in 2006-2007. He came back no longer an idol, and sadly, he was one of the pillars of the group. The writing was on the wall for years.

      I’m not mad at Junnosuke. There was no peaceful way for him to go about leaving KT, and then become a solo artist. I just hope he’s happy and doing what he loves.

      • MaRGa

        I disagree. I realise that if he had said “I want to leave because I want to go solo” in that moment probably not many people would have liked it, but honestly, it would have been better than lying about it, cos his fans might accept that he wanted to go solo from the start, but now I’m sure many of his fans aren’t fans anymore just because he lied.

        I don’t think Jin leaving was, that even itself, the point of no return there. I think, as much as I like them all, that they were all a group of people with too much character and individuality put together, none of them knew how to be a group. I still think that. Let’s see what the future holds.

        But this is just my opinion. Everybody’s entitled to one.

      • I don’t think they were doomed (they did continue fine after alL), but they were going to be way bigger in the idol scene with Jin imo.

        • kazumi

          If akanishi still in KAT-TUN, my immediately thought “AkaKame”. With the other 4 members uniques and different charms and talents + the strongest, charismatic, charming, weird but mysteriously compatible pillar like akakame… Yeah, they were going to be a great group.

          PS: I’m sorry to talk about akakame. Just ignore my comment.

          • No, I get it. I also liked them together, especially in vocals, but when they got along it was a power duo. I’m a Kame fan rather than a KT fan, but I also like 6nin the best.

      • Sarah

        I wouldn’t say they were doomed but I do believe this hiatus wouldn’t have happened if he was still there.

    • Long time fan

      I’d lowkey support and listen to his stuff, man, cos I have way more important things to do, like real life and shit, rather than ‘feeling betrayed’ and arguing the people who don’t have the same opinions you do. Y’all too god damn salty.

      • Long time fan too

        You have better things to do? Then what are you doing here?

        • kamben is here

          LOL people like him/her make it sound like ‘feeling betrayed’ is unique to ~internet life~, when some people are betrayed right & left in ~real life~. His/her real life must be so good!

    • Nikki ok

      kattun existed so long, still the only known members are kame and jin, I totally understand if he didn’t want to be in kame’s shadow anymore but yeah he should’ve made a clearer statement

      • Buzz

        You just have said what I have intended to say “I totally understand if he didn’t want to be in kame’s shadow anymore BUT yeah he should’ve made a clearer statement”

        • gaga

          how come he was in kame’s shadow.. when the 2 members left, Kame equal his own shine to the three,..
          when kusabi and come here, and doa releass, they have their own equal minutes and solos.. he does even have his own solo than kame n the rest…

          he is not a pity in the least,..
          I would say its Kame coz He let himself to be just same with him who is less talent…

          its his own inconsiderate move, Kame may or may not know his action but he is the one who do the shit over hayphen…

          its not him being a shadow…

          it is him being an assholes, its his fault, its his own selfish agenda.

          leave Kame away from this.
          were talking what he did. as simple as that.

          • Buzz

            I think you misunderstood me ? I’m a Kame fan here I’m trying to say if Junno didn’t feel like being in Kat-Tun he could at least be clear and say he wanted to go for Solo rather than lying as he was retiring from showbiz

            • gaga

              sorry, my mistake.✌✌✌✌

      • kamben is here

        Some people sure love to make it sound like Kame and Jin are the ONLY popular members of KAT-TUN.


        They were equally popular when Junno decided to leave the group. Taguchi Junnosuke is not some unknown member of a local rock band. We’re talking about KAT-TUN here. They were damn popular when they debuted, and Junno appeared in popular dramas like Legal High for two seasons. Don’t forget that.

        • Nikki ok

          not to rain on your parade but they were never equally popular, how many lead roles did kame have up until now (soon another one with yamapi) and how many did junno have ? Yes, zero…I watched legal high and I liked his character but that was nowhere near a lead role
          Yes, kattun were popular…because of kame and jin, let’s be realistic here
          Still, even with kattun’s popularity, junno is unknown
          Equal popularity would be similar to arashi where every member is known and has their own projects, but with kattun, this was never the case

          • Himi Tsu

            I’m late in the game, but THIS.

    • K

      He’s a bitch

      Honestly he could’ve just said he wanted to go solo and be done with it. Acting like he was finally retiring was the dumbest thing he ever did. His image before was perfect.

    • AraAra

      Jin, Koki and Junno Fans = No Hyphens
      Maru,Ueda and Kame Fans= Hyphens
      Fans of each areas= Plus Ex Hyphens
      Very simple.

      • aquarella

        Jin’s fans are JIPs btw

        • AraAra

          I know but I not together with Koki and Junno.

      • katsura

        I thought Jin’s fans are the Eternals.

        • AraAra

          Summed up everything 100 % correctly.Thank you.

    • NoLookingBackOnlyForward

      To roughly quote Nakamaru: there is no point in holding grudge to other people in their life choices, even if it leads to negative results to you.
      The only thing you can do is move on with ur life & do ur best with whatever is in front of u.

    • kazumi

      I really don’t have any special feeling to taguchi anymore or to say bluntly, “I don’t really care”. Just good luck for whatever you do taguchi kun.

      For me now, the important thing is 3-nin to do their best for their solos and then KAT-TUN to come back with a BANG and no more troubles for KAT-TUN. Hyphens will always support and wait for KAT-TUN to come back. I miss KAT-TUN!!!

    • ran

      NOPE. I’ve no issues with those who do until they start acting like they’re somehow better beings for continuing to support this snake.

      P.S. Hyphens = 3nin KT fans tyvm.

    • relmy

      I’m just shocked KAT-TUN are still around. I miss the days when Jin Akanishi was providing us with endless entertainment and just being a mess.

      This is just boring, at least have dick pics scandal like the other guy!

    • guest

      why ask? when they know the real score of him being a SNAKE…

    • freb

      they should stop posting negatives as he was asking for symphaty…

      publicity is publicity…

      so I would rather stop anything away from this very very unworthy ex-idol.

    • BAD KID

      I thought people were just being over dramatic but ok ya he’s DUMB!

      why didn’t he just directly say it’s his dream to go solo or whatever, at least tell the other guys in private…and then leave the group after their 10th anniversary concert was complete?

      • Sarah

        That’s exactly what I keep asking myself. He had an excellent reputation so why would he go and ruin it like that? It was absolutely silly and unecessary.

      • 🐍

        He couldn’t say he was going solo because he planned it NOT with Johnny Jimusho. However for him to lie to his members and fans that he planned to exclude himself from entertainment scene was a mistake as well as announcing it before Kattun 10th anniversary.

    • neko

      No I don’t have too . I don’t hate him but i don’t have any interest in his solo career

    • Yumiii

      I’ll still support him

    • michelle

      I dont hate him but I wont support him.

    • Javiera Fernandez Vollmer

      I won’t be following him but I won’t bother to hate on him either… same thing I do with Jin :/

      • goingtojpn

        haha exactly! just ignore them and be chill XD

    • Monique Septia

      it saddens me to see the remaining members. thats all

    • guest

      “KAT-TUN was posed to become the next major Johnny’s group, their debut single β€œReal Face” broke Arashi’s record for best selling debut single.”

      Where are you getting this info? Arashi never had any record like that, and neither did KAT-TUN. The best selling Johnny’s debut single was and still is KinKi Kids’ Glass no Shounen.

      • Got the wrong information in one of our sources, has been changed. thanks!

    • Lovlessfairy

      The second he said he was leaving the band because he wanted to leave the showbiz was the moment he screw everything up.
      He is a grown man, therefore he can do whatever he wants but there’s a little concept that apparently he doesn’t know about and that is LOYALTY.
      You are entitled to do whatever you feel is better for you and your future, but if you have to lie about it to the people who have worked with you for more than 10 years and to your fans, then there’s something that is not right.
      And you know what? It’s not even about if he betrayed the trust of KT fans, which he totally did, but also about ethics and repect, to your work and your piers.
      Trust me, if he would have said the truth from the beginning we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
      Whatever hate he have coming at him, he brought it up himself.

    • 6snakes

      As someone who liked all six for a long time, here are my two cents about it. And I admit Junno is my bias.

      “KAT-TUN was posed to become the next major Johnny’s group”

      KAT-TUN was written off the moment Jin left! In the past years they barely managed to sell over 140-150k. Their Come Here 2014 Tour was only in small venues and the Quarter 2015 Tour was held only 2 days at Tokyo Dome. Besides Tabe Tami and their host Job on SCP once a month, they didn’t have much activities as a whole group. Johnny/Julie stopped giving a fuck about the group long before Junno announced his departure. Except for Kame, they didn’t cared much about the remaining members. Kame fans will say, he was promoted because he was the one with the biggest potential, I beg to differ though. T-TUN stepped up and improved a lot too.

      I can understand why Junno left the group. His role in the group wasn’t fortunate for him. In fact he was put in the worst position, After he improved and stepped up in the group activities, even after his goods started selling like hot cakes and he got more popular trough his role in Legal High. He was still overlooked and got only tiny roles. I can’t remember that a Johnny’s was so severly punished w. no solo activities at all for 3-4 years just because he was dating. I kept wondering why the agency was so harsh to him. I remember his goods were sold out faster than Kame’s, during Come Here and Quarter tour, which btw. brought a bit jealousy from Kame fans up too. The agency didn’t do anything to use that hype around him and promote him more. I can understand that that can be also very frustrating for a person who gives his best and who always put the group first.

      Speaking of Kame, he was the first to jump the sinking ship. He pretended it was for the sake to save it, Junno wasn’t even gone, a Solo Debut was already scheduled for him. It was convenient to send the group on Hiatus, knowingly that all the blame will go to Junno leaving the group and in this way he could follow only his tons of solo activities, Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Kame for using that opportunity though. In the end it’s also only a business. I wish all six of them to do well.

      The remaining members have more solo activities than ever now. I was a bit worried about Ueda at the beginning but I think he is doing well too now. Actually Junno’s departure boost up Ueda’s solo activities and Maru’s too. In the end the remaining members didn’t lose anything,. they actually gained. Sure that’s my opinion so agree to disagree. I never was a big Johnny’s or Idols fan, I care for the Music and if I like the Music I’ll buy it. Junno’s song, is different from what Johnny’s groups produce. I like to see where that leads. I bought his Single and will check out his next release too.

      I get why Hyphens are angry, it was definitely a unfortunate timing. They blame Junno for KAT-TUN losing their Show and their Host Job in SCP but that’s still not a reason to burn Junno’s house down. As no one of us knows what really happened. Everyone tells their story. There is always three sides of a story though. Yours, theirs and the truth. People are jumping too quick into conclusions and see only the negative side. How many of you did really read the Nikkei article? I bet none. I’ve read the Nikkei article too, Junno told, he spoke with the members, only after those discussions he decided to go. I think that they all knew about his true feelings and plans and in the end everyone lied to us. I haven’t seen an Idol or a entertainment person yet who was 100% genuine. I don’t feel betrayed as I never expect from an entertainer to reveal his true self either. His job is to entertain me with his music, movies etc.and nothing more. As a fan I don’t have an personal relationship to that person and that person doesn’t owe me anything, just because I buy his Music or watch his movies or go to his concerts. I’m aware of that.

      An Idol is a product an build up Image. An Idols job is to sell a dream and that Image that was chosen for him. But we forget that Idols are humans too and sometimes they need to break out from their chosen Image, If the chosen Image doesn’t really fit them. I think that’s what happened with Junno. Nearing his 30’s he didn’t wanted to be the lame jokes guy, the butt of their jokes, the always bullied one. I think in those discussions he spoke about wanting out of that Image but unfortunately no one was willing to let him out of that drawer. And to be honest I wasn’t really surprised, when he announced his departure of the agency. Sure I was shocked, it was long due to come though. Trough his jwebs he revealed a lot from himself, the last year before he left, he had some deep and sometimes worries some thoughts. If you are a person with ambitions and dreams and notice you are stuck in your job, besides working your ass off and improving a lot. When you get always overlooked you realize you don’t have a future at the place where you are at, then you chose to go a different path. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like your job and your co-workers, but in the end it’s just a job, so you search for another one. Sometimes you need to put yourself first, cause no one else will do that for you. People who never were in that situation will of course not understand that. Those are the people who scream snake, liar, betrayer here.

      You don’t like Junno, you don’t want to support him, That’s fine. But what I don’t get is why are you still following his news if you couldn’t care less for him? What are you hoping to achieve with your cruelty towards him? Do you feel better now after you slandered him? You should know that you can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else though. It’s really funny to see the people who were flailing how much he improved and how good his voice, his dance, his acting is and how handsome he is over a year ago, now saying that he can’t sing, dance or act and that he is not even good locking. lol. Are Hyphens really such terrible judgmental people, who feel the urge to slander a person. A person they actually don’t know anything about? Never mind, I don’t expect answers to those questions.

      • guest

        kame stan where never jealous if Taguchi good were sell.. LOL, please make your statent fact, Why would we be jealous for that small thing.

        Kame might leave KT but he didn’t. as simple as that, the ship is already shrinking.. you stan are worst taking all the blame to Kame, why did took the faulr when he was hated with notjing, NO…. That legal high you were sayimg, is not him being the lead role, he was just a fourth supporter role and you expect him to do his own solo drama, get real… just becoz of that Uchiwa and he acted all mighty..

        LOL… he should atleast think higher than that..
        and HYPHEN are not judgemental.

        HE FUCKING LIED ON A NATIONAL TV!!!… He decieve not only one or two persong but thousand of them…

        first of all, We dont follow his news..
        ARAMA ask an open close question opinion… and we did just say what to feel…

        Dont act as if this all cruelty was done to him, if he acted a Man just even a little, maybe he gets my symphaty but he didn’t…

        stop acting feeling pity for something,.. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY, ATLEAST HE WAS BEEN TALKED, actually I tought he was dead already…

        and I am not a Kame bias, but this whole thing drama is irritating me…

        Ueda cried for him…those tears are worthless for an assholes!!!

        and he was doing a mediocre singing.. he is not even improving, doing the same stuff,


        • 6snakes

          LOL okay …. thanks for just proving all my points, great English btw. ;)

          P.S: I’m not the one who is playing the pity card! JSYK!

          • guest

            yep… becoz vocabulary won’t measured my intelligence,..

            same as knowing the logic of lies and betrayal over a little honesty towards majority of people.

            • guest

              I don’t think he is a human coz I see a SNAKE…

              yeah.. more likely…

            • 6snakes

              Good for you mate ^_^b

      • 2snakes Koki & Junno

        Stop victimizing Taguchi and passive-aggressively pushing the blame to something else. Taguchi IS the cause of the state KAT-TUN is in currently. His fans need to accept this. KAT-TUN were great as 4 and were gaining momentum in preparation for their 10th anniversary. Tame Tabi and SCP were amazing programs that showed two different sides of the group. What other group activities could you ask for? Its very obvious you’re trying to downplay the role Taguchi played in this whole mess by downplaying KAT-TUN’s activities and also bringing Kame into this. You sure you like all 6 of them or are you just a Taguchi stan?

        • 6snakes

          “Stop victimizing Taguchi and passive-aggressively pushing the blame to something else.”

          Lol, sorry for you if it looked like I’m victimizing and blaming someone else. Why am I not allowed to do the same as you? Do you have some special rights here because you are a hyphen?

          Please learn how to read! I said ‘liked’ I’m not victimizing him, I’m not the one who keeps whining oh poor 3nin they were betayed, lied and forced to go on hiatus, they have no activities, it’s all only Junno’s fault. and so on and so on.

          Yes sure Tame Tabi was such a good program where they were humiliated and started questioning why they do this. Of course they were too eager to continue with it, And had so much fun, being shoved trough ice cold caves burned with ramen and beaten out of their sleep. Are you sure you care for them or just concerned about your entertainment?

          As for the rest I’m just going to copy paste what I said before, bye

          If people really think that 3nin are honest, they are more delusional than I can ever be. I’m not saying Junno didn’t make mistakes, he surely did and was maybe reckless at a certain point. I’m not peeing in my panties because of that though. Like OMG he betrayed me, I bought all his goods etc. pp. he fucking owes me. *sarcasm intended* He is a human for god sake. All I said is after taking everything into account and knowing from own experience what leads a human to make such a huge decision is that I can understand his decision to leave. Some ppl. really need to learn how to read though and not just pick out things out of context.

          • i wonder why hyphens don’t bother hating on kame and the others for making jin look like a liar by saying “he never told us he was going to america” πŸ€” wouldn’t that make them snakes too?

            • guest

              oh, don’t worry there is a lots of you blame Kame for the misfortune of others,..

              its been always like that,.

            • 2snakes Koki & Junno

              Nothing wrong with throwing shade at an inconsiderate ex-member. But also, have you considered that maybe Jin being the inconsiderate person he was really did not bother telling them he was going to America? At least he wasn’t a snake I’ll give him that.

            • 6snakes

              Because Kame can never fail and always tells the truthl!!! *sarcasm*

          • 2snakes Koki & Junno

            “Lol, sorry for you if it looked like I’m victimizing and blaming someone else. Why am I not allowed to do the same as you? Do you have some special rights here because you are a hyphen?”

            I’m not victimizing and blaming someone else. I’m blaming Taguchi, the cause of this whole mess.

            “Are you sure you care for them or just concerned about your entertainment?”

            What about both??? Were we watching the same program because they sure had a lot of fun filming that and were sad they couldn’t continue with it. You make it sound like they were tortured when they were just doing their jobs. Don’t forget it wasn’t just for the sake of our entertainment but also a way for them to gain fans as well. Trying to downplay the loss of their show by claiming it wasn’t all that good for them won’t change the fact that Taguchi is the cause of them losing it.

            That snake can leave all he wants without lying to us and the members. He didn’t even have the consideration to wait a while before making his move. Selfish af.

            • 6snakes

              Of cause Junno is alone at fault for everything that happened to KAT-TUN!!!!
              It’s nothing new though, hyphens always blamed him for some shit since the beginning and wanted him out of the group. Well congrats, you got what you always wanted.

              Lol, sure…
              Funny that Kame was the one who complained about VOH making jokes about him! Also lets forget about the fact that he himself said in his Maquia interview that he decided the hiatus. Nakamaru said the same, but of cause never is something Kame’s fault too. I’m not saying that Junno is innocent, none of them are though and that includes the management too!
              Everyone is selfish in the end. Why aren’t they coming back now after a year?

              I guess I have to repeat myself again, and you know for sure that he didn’t tell them the whole truth? You were there and witnessed yourself right! *geez*

      • dina

        I’m just going to add, for speculation, the matter of Come Here and 9uarter cons, along with con merchandise.

        There’s two mindsets for Come Here. One being economics. There were 2013 summer con dates announced but quickly pulled [because of Tanaka]. Canceled venues are very costly and can be into the millions of yen, as evident by what happened with Akanishi’s canceled tour, after his sudden marriage. This may have dampened the budget for Come Here. The other POV is that KT wanted smaller venues to better reconnect with fans, after the loss of a member.

        9uarter was believed to be a warm-up to a bigger tour, similar to 2010. Folk were told to expect a big announcement, after 9uarter, and that activities were being planned as a big lead in to the tenth anniversary… but what fans got were Junno’s tears. Ironically, even some Kame fans grew suspicious of Kame because of the marriage rumors swirling then. Previously, what caused canceled tours were shotgun marriages and loss of members. Since we didn’t want to think the latter, it was #blameKame.

        As to sell out merchandise, Tanaka was my former bias and I was always under the impression of ‘supply & demand’ economics (i.e. if considered not a main or less popular member, less goods produced). TTUN would sell out faster or not at all because there’d be less goods produced. Whereas KA had a larger following, which Akanishi managed to retain a sizable part of his fanbase, and more goods would be produced. J&A is still a business with shareholders and expenses, thus, needs to make a profit.

        • 6snakes

          All we do here are just speculations! We pull out things out of our arses and sell them as facts. People interpret things they see the best fit for their cause. Sorry to say that but that’s how it is.

          It’s maybe just my perception, that article made it look like Junno was the only reason why KT didn’t become Johnny’s next big thing.

          Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, My point is that Johnny left KT in Julies hands after Jin left the group in 2010. Since then he didn’t cared for KT, Julie was fixed mostly at Kame, TTUN just got thrown a bone from time to time.
          Why should KAT-TUN’s concert Budget for 2014 be cut for Jin’s 2012 cancelled Tour? As I assume they have a fix Budget for every Johnny’s group. Surely that Budget is bound with the economy and how the group sells.
          We can’t deny that the sales went downhill when Jin left or can we?
          Koki might be the reason why they got only small venues and the boys are maybe lying to themselves that smaller venues will make them connect more with the fans, to hide the fact that the management booked only small venues for them.
          As I honestly doubt that KT has the decision power over which venues they can book.
          Right, there were 2 Concerts scheduled for May 2013 afaik in a Idol mag, but there was never an official announcement on Jnet of was there?
          Koki was out of the blue fired in September 2013 and the announcement came October 2013
          All that leads again back to what I said, that the agency lost interest in the group long before Junno made his announcement.
          In fact, Junno’s goods started to sell out with Chain 2012 Tour, his popularity rose steadily. Their management had two years time to make their homework and follow the trend where he popularity lead to so they could act accordingly, yet they didn’t do it. During Come Here tour A staff member who was in charge for the goods was fired, he admitted J&A knew that, there was more need for Junno’s goods but they failed or weren’t willing to respond to that need. Quarter 2015 Tour same thing happened, only now they restricted to sell only up to 5 of his goods to one person. I think it’s just a legitimate question why the management failed or more like wasn’t willing to respond accordingly to the rising inquiry. We won’t ever get a answer to this though and yet no one calls them snakes and liars and everyone who stayed in that agency is so holy and pure and honest. If people really think that 3nin are honest, they are more delusional than I can ever be. I’m not saying Junno didn’t make mistakes, he surely did and was maybe reckless at a certain point. I’m not peeing in my panties because of that though. Like OMG he betrayed me, I bought all his goods etc. pp. he fucking owes me. *sarcasm intended* He is a human for god sake. All I said is after taking everything into account and knowing from own experience what leads a human to make such a huge decision is that I can understand his decision to leave. Some ppl. really need to learn how to read though and not just pick out things out of context. Like the 2snakes Koki & Junno comment.

          • guest

            Everyone knows that Idols are hiding with their real environment, that is why it was brave of him dating his until now, not yet married gf till now to be shown in public/ yeah coz everyone is aware he was dating that gal.

            Some fans pointing is, He was asked by many times what will he do, but until the last episodes of SCP, or Tame Tabi, he never give a hint of doing a solo,.

            It may true that members may knows his going solo, but the action and words should come for him!!! and if he really want to go on solo, could he just celebrated the 10ks and leave after that/prolly may stated on his renewing of contracts, but it was all planned on his mind.
            Nobody can do preparing bring solo without planning it,. it is true that they want an extravagant 10ks, its all planned, it is hard to pull back the success of 6nin KT, but I thought he was trying to be considerate to the tragedy of KT but he just add.

            people blessed him, his far from so called industry living,
            He hurt lots of hyphen, because He is the one that stuck the mindset of hyphen he will live away from industries, even just a hint for so many reporters, interviews, or even let the 3-nin do a favor to him to say I may go back on singing.
            We all read his interviews, if there is a typo error or whatsoever, but the summary is, He never bother to correct his personal agenda. and that is going back to saying HE LIED.

            If Kame maybe jealous? but I think He was the most happiest and even saying Taguchi goods are selling past, how can we know that?. It is really unfair to blame Kame for the decision he makes just because Kame gets more projects, more CMs, more Drama, but JE is just an idol company,. whatever dramas or other projects is the Television/producers decision..

            (in case, I know you already know, being an Idol leave a cheap impression to Japan, as they where labeling them just a pretty boys with no talents,.That is why pushing an Idol to expectation of fans were really high, and I remember the Kanji8 said, JE is not a hell company coz they can do whatever they want, if JE is harsh to him they already punish him severe being dating to an ex-actress openly (they have pictures, I remember watching it at YT after his decision was said, fans already waiting for marriage)
            He have all his chances to do prove it but he never bother, instead after Hiatus, He was over places, taking pictures, acting nothing happen and then tell fans He was going Solo.

            everyone is entitled of their opinion, but he gave fans a reason to hate him, especially KT was in Hiatus and that heartbreaking 10ks that should be a party with a blast.

            besides fans really did invest with this fandom, buy stuffs, watch concerts, their goods, It is an investment since money cant just get, people have to earned it, save it for a simple happiness, or the delusional life they promised! It will be hard to understand that He leave JE, go to UJ and do the same idol thing.
            He was more concern of money he will earned more than dividing the what he should earn with KT, coz that how it is. He was doing his own fan club, with similar to JE rules, what is the difference?

            Fans also invest emotional feelings, if then why idol are so afraid to get marry (considering the fact that someone may go suicide, if their idol married)

            he was in 15 years with KT and JE still he find something not good, I wonder how those feel,..//we dont expect honesty or realness, everyone have their own mask but too bad to your Stan, the three decided to continue being a KT and celebrate with hyphen no matter how hard it is.

            are we going back to he lied? yes, and read from top again.

      • guest

        KAT-TUN also never released a concert Bluray so their sales won’t be split in two and their record of no1 DVD’s could hold.
        HSJ is doing the same btw. They’re the only Johnny’s groups that didn’t release Blurays.

        • 6snakes

          That’s right! I didn’t mention that as I assumed that is a known fact. Though hyphens will probably deny that too.

          • guest

            how unfortunate, but hyphen acknowledge the KT strategy as well.
            its marketing, just becoz he will release in blu ray you think he is great.

            its should be thanks kame we blame you for everything.

            • and they say Junno is KY?

              Ah, hi again and bye again!

          • guest you replied to

            It makes me kind of sad for KAT-TUN and HSJ fans though – they can’t watch their fav groups in gorgeous quality.
            I can see HSJ releasing on BD in the future, but I don’t think KAT-TUN will ever do it.

    • dina

      Personally, I support KT activities. If they’re no longer KT, I currently won’t support, but I *try* to remember it’s not my place to tell another fan what they should or shouldn’t support.

      As to motivations, to be fair, we don’t know the motivation for the website.

      1) Maru said he was under the belief Junno wanted to leave showbiz and shared this on
      2) Junno never disputed this or clarified. He said Kame, Ueda, & Maru didn’t/wouldn’t understand the reason for leaving KT.

      Conjecture: Presuming fans don’t deserve any rights to why Junno really decided to leave–whether or not you consider fans as “shareholders/investors” based on spent money and/or time as a commodity–couldn’t Junno *at least* tell the guys who have been his colleagues for 15yrs and whose profession will be impacted? But let’s give benefit of doubt and he was planning on leaving showbiz, at the time.

      KT spent months trying to change Junno’s mind, but in the end, they cited that his mind was made and couldn’t be changed. Though, it seems his mind could be changed in months time, going from wanting to leave showbiz… to the opposite of staying in the spotlight and doing the exact same profession, minus idol contractual restrictions.

      3) He cited pressure of being an idol and expectations. Presumably, this includes expectations from fans.
      4) The day after Junno’s contract ended began a series of internet pics w/ him at the gym and modeling clothes.
      5) A month, after his J&A contract ended, his official website was registered and the site creator used meta-tags related to KT to make the site appear better ranked in search engine queries, which some can view as marketing (this includes informational-only purposes).
      6) Months later, solo music activities are announced and the official site is announced, barebones… but they made sure a fanclub with membership dues was one of the earliest things included.

      Fan “feels”: Let me backtrack to Point #3 and some fans feeling as if they should have guilt for being idol fans, with their expectations, because of what Junno said and now he’s soliciting a new fan club. This may have been a sore point for some. Whether or not idol, following celebs often taps into fan feels about an individual.

      Also, from an economic point, before, fans were paying 5,000yen to follow four guys. Now, they’d be paying 5,000×2=10,000yen to follow same four guys.

      Conjecture: Let’s also throw in some historical data points from previous ex-members. Both Akanishi and Tanaka, after leaving J&A, did a 1yr break. This may have been a final contractual clause. Tanaka, publicly, filled his time with his bar, until he could announce INKT, since INKT was officially formed a year prior to announce. I’m told it’s not usual for these 1yr cessation of activities to mark a transition in JP showbiz.

      Approximately 1yr after leaving J&A, Junno does a new release with Universal. If you take into account all prior KT exes, this can be viewed as a parallel. Junno may have had Universal as the reason for leaving J&A and filled his time w/ Hero, just as Tanaka filled his 1yr with the bar business venture. …Or no parallel at all.

      Folk will believe what they want but there are *some* uncontested data points, amid speculations.

      • miri

        Where did Taguchi said the members wouldn’t understand his reasons? Nakamaru said in an interview in Myojo that Taguchi had indeed told them, although he didn’t share those reasons with fans and he had asked Taguchi to tell them straightforwardly (which Taguchi never did).

        And about the one year gap between leaving and resuming activities, I read an article that explained that J&A had stopped that policy and now people who leave the agency can do whatever they please as soon as they want. Not sure if it’s 100% reliable, but I don’t see the reason why they would make that up.

        • dina

          When Junno went to confer with Tokio’s Taichi Kokubun, and on national TV, Kokubun said Junno told him there were things he was having difficulty imparting to KT, as to his decisions. Kokubun was consulted as impartial advisor, especially after his marriage and warnings from managers on the impact.

          • MaRGa

            Did you read this on a fanfic or something?

            • dina

              No, it was aired on JP TV, around the time of Best Artist. Feel free to go back thru Twitter archives for that time period of Nov 2015.

              • dina

                …or you can believe it’s fanfic, whatever you want to believe. :-) I only mildly care about remembering morning news show clips on this matter.

              • MaRGa

                Riiiight, I’m definitely going to check twitter until I get to Nov 2015 to find some tv show that you don’t even know the name of.

                Besides, I don’t even understand what you tried to say, he was having dificulty imparting to KT as to his decisions? You mean he had a hard time saying what he felt? Is there a more complicated way to say it? You found it.
                What does “specially after his marriage and warnings from managers on the impact” even mean? Impact of what? What does Taichi’s marriage has to do with anything?
                I’m not doubting you here, I’m just saying your message couldn’t be harder to comprehend.

                • dina

                  No offense but I feel the same way = I don’t care enough on this matter to research… but the longest interview was for Vivid 11/25 or 11/26/15 with Kokubun and various other talk shows took quotes from him. More things were reported after.

                  Frankly, at the time, there were many strong emotions going and I’m not infallible. Kokubun being brought in, on the marriage aspect, was my addendum because of fans (Japanese and international) saying this, including comments said here, on Arama in 2015. When the reported reason was “to leave showbiz”, back then, fans made the jump to family reasons being one and parallels to Kokubun were brought in.

                  Kokubun was trying to be careful in his wording and took this matter very seriously. I remember his very somber face. He said there were many emotions going on. My lack of clarity in wording is also because there was the matter of attempting to express something the media was trying to careful word from pieces of info and my gradually fogging memory on this.

                  Junno wasn’t a bias but he was gradually moving to my second favorite… then his announcement of leaving happened and everything else later. The question posed was “Will you support Junnosuke’s solo activities?” and I answered with my reasons. As international fans, ultimately, does our support matter? IMO, this is more a case of international fan discussion than any real impact on Junno.

        • snake

          “And about the one year gap between leaving and resuming activities, I read an article that explained that J&A had stopped that policy and now people who leave the agency can do whatever they please as soon as they want. ”
          by releasing his debut single only a few months after Kattun hiatus. very smart and non-douchey that move was. People shouldn’t act like it Tag quitting had no correlation to Kat-tun’s hiatus.

    • bigsnake

      I didn’t know that the uchiwa/goods is now the selling points of being popular!!!

      goodness… lolling too much…

      • guest

        Of course, it’s only a selling point for being popular when it comes to Kame!!! LMAO!

        • guest

          thank goodness Kame uchiwas didn’t sell fast, or his career will end fast too

          • poor Kame

            Kame’s career will end faster than his uchiwas will sell out. He already looks drained and 10 years older than his real age.

            • guest

              try more harder.

    • mama

      everyone just chill. We all know that the “statements” are not really from the artist but from Johnny’s. First of all his contract was up – he choose not to renew it ’cause for all we know he’s miserable inside JA and yes at a certain point maybe this is what he wants to do and conveyed this to the management but of course they will go with a bland dignified statement ofcourse. he was not able to join kat-tun’s 10th because he’s contract was up even before that.

      Second why all the hate when he’s going solo? if you are really a fan of him support him!

      For all we know the members knew this. We all know how JA needs to control media perspective on their talents.

      creating a website after he left. -this issue guys ofcourse he will have his own website – for fanclubs. we all know japanese fun clubs are not free… maybe he’s trying to sustain his monetary needs?

      so let me ask you this. we all know how it is being a JA artist. if you had a change to go like Taguchi did won’t you take it to purse your own goals? the freedom to be the artist you want to be and to get married anytime you want?

      take note that everything that JA artists says are controlled by JA / JE so for all we know the guys knew this all along.

      stop hating on him or just support him.

      • MaRGa

        “We all know that the “statements” are not really from the artist but from Johnny’s. ”
        That’s not true, he said himself in interviews what we all know now is a lie.

        “he’s miserable inside JA”
        How come he’s miserable but Kame, Nakamaru and Ueda aren’t?

        “Second why all the hate when he’s going solo? if you are really a fan of him support him!”
        Really? This question again? Because he lied and betrayed his members and his fans.

        “For all we know the members knew this. We all know how JA needs to control media perspective on their talents.”
        This is simply not true. They said themselves on interviews that Taguchi had talked to them and told them he wanted to not continue on the entertainment industry. Are you suggesting everybody is lying BUT him? Let’s not be delusional.

        “creating a website after he left. -this issue guys ofcourse he will have his own website – for fanclubs”
        Why would you need to administer your own fanclub, mostly when you want to leave the industry?

        “so let me ask you this. we all know how it is being a JA artist. if you had a change to go like Taguchi did won’t you take it to purse your own goals?” Of couse he can do that, but at least have the balls to say it (And that’s another thing, I wouldn’t betray my members to go solo, I would continue with the group unless I was really really miserable, but I would be honest at least)

        You’re entitled to your opinion and to still follow him, and we have the right to choose not to support his lying ass.

        • 0914

          “How come he’s miserable but Kame, Nakamaru and Ueda aren’t?”

          because he is not kame, yuichi and ueda… we dont even know if one of them wants to leave je so bad but after all these hate they just cant anymore..

      • 🐍

        “Second why all the hate when he’s going solo? if you are really a fan of him support him!”
        They WERE fans and supported his decision for leaving when he announced it. check out the post of his graduation announcement, overwhelming support. Tag lost their support because he lied about having no plans to be in the entertainment industry & his solo debut coincide with Kat-tun hiatus (idiotic move). There’s still no marriage with his gf. Most here are fans of Kat-tun(hyphens), not Taguchi and most hyphens only liked Taguchi because of Kat-tun.

    • honey girl

      Mods, yall really need to learn about utilizing bullet points instead of long wall of text.

      Anyway, I assume this guy is trying to be the Justin Timberlake of the group but Kat-tun stans are determined to make him JC instead. smh Not everyone wants to have the SMAP life especially when you have a group of people who truly do care for music. JE really needs to invest more into solo efforts with these groups as well. At least let their input on music be of value. Nobody wants to be in their 30s/40s singing to 15 year old all their life.

      • 🐍

        JT and JC never officially quit NSYNC though. Kame and Nakamaru (both kattun) has had solo singles too.

    • hikaru223

      well i think i am the only one who thinks that everything is so unfair for junno… i was a kattun fan, still trying to be one after everything but you cant change that I love all 6 of them..

      what if lying was johnnys and kattun’s decision as well?? if i remember correctly, it was announced during best artist.. Do you want to hear that painful truth 3 or 4 mos before his official departure? maybe you do just to send hateful msgs to him…. my point? even if he didnt lie, you will still get mad..

      it was unfair because since they were 6, junno really wanted to leave… he was giving hints…he wanted to leave once he turned 30, i think he mentioned that a lot.. it was unfair because he was the 3rd one to leave , it was more painful for the fans, 3x.the hate compared to Jin and koki’s departure… hiatus, kattun went on hiatus because he is the 3rd one to leave, it wasnt entirely his fault.. He should had left with koki, maybe it was less painful but maybe he intended to but was stopped? idk…. πŸ˜‚ i think the reason why everyone hates is because he left not because he lied, quite unfair because he is already the 3rd to leave…

      if you think i dont love kattun, that was why i could say all these..Kattun was my life and my world crashed when koki left, Yuichi was my fav… seriously cried non stop for 3 mos..but i never got mad at him… i was just a fan and i am happy to see where he is now… kattun looks happy with all their solo works, jin looks happy, koki is perfect with inkt…. I wonder if Junno’s happy as well…

      • MaRGa

        So we aren’t supposed to believe his statements at that moment because he was controlled by JA but we’re supposed to believe this theory you have that he wanted to leave before the rest and that he wanted to leave with koki but was stopped? How delusional can you be.. this is as clear as water.

        Believe me, you might think the reason we hate him is cos he left and not cos he lied, but that’s not the truth. Somebody said it already, when he left at first people were supporting him, for wanting to leave the industry or maybe marrying his gf, now everyone is pissed, why? because he fucking lied to all of us and to his members.

        The “I can’t do anything about it, I have to love the 6 of them” is such a bad attitude, if somebody does something wrong, you should react accordingly, if you’re gonna behave like that in real life, it’s gonna go wrong for you cos everybody will screw you over because they know that “I can’t help it, I love him/her”. Good luck with that in your everyday life.

        • guest

          But we are supposed to believe everything 3nin says because they are not controlled by J&A? Your double standards show clearly here, lol
          FYI. I’m not agreeing with hikaru223’s theory that Junno wanted to leave since long though.

          “people were supporting him, for wanting to leave the industry or maybe marrying his gf,”

          Were on earth did he say he wanted to leave the industry for good and marry? So basically ppl. hate him now because their assumptions and jumping into conclusions were not true. Who is the one lying exactly now, him or you to yourself?

          “he fucking lied to all of us and to his members.”

          There we go again, and you are sure because you were personally there and witnessed what he told to the members? Right. How about you follow your own advice for a change!

          • hikaru223

            i am not even a junno fan, i swear , i was more of kame and yuichi fan but some are way to biased that i might being biased in defending junno.. but you explained what i want to say more well..

            i am not here to victimize junno and hate 3nin… it was about junno haters and junno…

            • guest

              I am a Junno bias but No, I am on the sides of Hyphen.

              Kame and UN don’t deserve him anymore.
              by Junno, I always love you but now I hate you to the T.

              • byebicycle

                Dear Kame fan please know no matter how often you respond and pretend to be another person, it doesn’t work. Cause like you already said your words can’t measure your (nonexistent) intelligence

                • guest

                  so you can’t even handle a former Junno bias left him, truth really hurt and accusing me to be a Kame fan!. ha. ha. ha. ha.

                  you are a close minded people same as other pretending to be a Kame stan just to prove not to hate Junno.

                  If you can’t handle why former bias left him, think again, We don’t have same thinking, or your so called intelligence, coz you are blinded by your own reasoning,.
                  So I have to adjust myself just because he was not a likeable anymore.

                  I can hate or love him and no one will dictate who I am going to hate or like.
                  You just prove yourself as a troll acting you know me at all. WOW. speculation at its finest and you even denied Junno like that.

                  thanks to you, you can support everything he have, I am really done with him. Besides I like being a Hyphen, and I don’t to be a snake or be with snake, I can choose whom I’m going to like.

                  • guest

                    btw. how many of you defend him? same person, same read my words reasoning accusation,.

                    how gullible you are that people will not hate him, or how much prospect of trying to publicized him coz he was forgotten?
                    and telling people your never ending reasoning just not to hate him.

                    “The Snake will always bite back”

                    Don’t feel bad, he already plan everything, and just follow his club style.

                    • guest

                      and since You know me at all, it is so creepy and horrible, I pity you, getting all tired being a keyboard warrior, type past.

                      questioning people hate, Who are you? you are also a fan, just like us.

                      just go get your mama and cried over the internez troll coz your are so butthurt.

                      • guest

                        and defending with great writings and deep english is already your IQ deficiency, You got your problem accusing native languages with non-existent intelligence just because they can’t speak english very well, underestemating Japanese people who have hard time speaking so well, then why are you in Johnnies? if you think lowly of them just because most of them don’t speak good english.

                        The dumb and the dumber.

                    • byebicycle

                      I’m taking the same liberty as you to voice my opinion here. Because I’m not jumping on the hate train I’m not allowed to do that? There are at least 3-4 people who are NOT jumping on the hate train. And what a shocker NOT everyone who like you say is defending him is Junno biased. Believe it or not I don’t care. How many times did you respond to my comment above to make it look like there are more people having the same opinion? Don’t bother answering, it’s just a rhetorical question. Exactly! I don’t know you, you don’t me and you don’t know him either, so stop pretending that you do know everything and that only what you say are the true facts here. JSYK, I’m and ESL too, should I be sorry that I’m able to voice my opinion in a proper English. Lol, I don’t think so. Her native language isn’t the fact that I doubt that that person is very intelligent. S/he herself mentioned her intelligence and opened the Pandora box.

                      Don’t worry, I don’t question your hate. It’s pretty obvious that you blindly hate on him. Lol, look who is throwing with wild speculations around again, where did I underestimate Japanese people? O.o AFAIK this is still arama and not ‘Johnnies’. I have the same right to be here as you and blurt out my self-righteous opinion. Because I know for sure he lied to me, he betrayed me and the the members. I was personally there and witnessed it with my own eyes and ears, I have read his interviews and now what is going on behind the curtains, so I have absolutely the right to slander that ‘snake’. Everyone who chose to stay in this oh so holy agency is so honest, pure and definitely not a snake that bites you every day in the ass. But you know what you like it, because that snake is your favorite snake and he can’t ever fail you.

                      No hon, my IQ is definitely lower than yours, yours is way to high for me. I’m dumb and you are dumber. Just in case your high IQ isn’t able to detect the sarcasm here, yes, I’m being a sarcastic a-hole, just like you.

                      “just go get your mama and cried over the internez troll coz your are so butthurt.”

                      Aww. sure …. I might be butt-hurt or not. Your butt-hurt is absolutely amusing though. Looks like you need your mama more than I do. Bye Dumbo!

                      • guest

                        sooooooo entertaining .LOLπŸ˜‚

                  • byebicycle

                    It’s not difficult to spot you out!
                    Sure I can handle that and I would believed you that you are a former
                    Junno fan, if there wasn’t the tiny fact that you are so passionately defending your dear Kame-chan as soon as someone has another opinion on him than you.

                    ‘WOW. speculation at its finest’

                    LMAO, that’s what you and your dear Hyphens do all the time

                    Do I have to remind you that you mentioned your ‘intelligence’ in the first place and I repeat it’s not difficult to spot you out, so sorry for you that I doubt that you are very intelligent. But go on and amuse me more <3

                    • guest

                      😍 ROTF. thanks to you…

                      I hate liars, so I don’t give them any benefits of the doubt. I cannot be another fan just because feelings exchange to hatred.

                      I will never know when will he say the truth again?
                      or everything about him is a lie.

                      oh never mind, I don’t need to bother joining “the snake squad team” so its nothing to be proven, πŸ˜‰

                      • byebicycle

                        LMAO! Sure go on, blame me now for your preexisted hatred and misconception, That’s the one thing you guys can do the best. But well, if you obviously need that to make yourself feel better about your double-standards and bad personality, be my guest. ;)

                      • guest

                        yep… can I sit now?πŸ˜‚

            • 6snakes

              Don’t worry, understood you and agree, even if Junno said he leaves because he wants to go solo we would still have the ppl. who are slandering and hating on him.

        • hikaru223

          how did you know that je and kattun didnt know anything??? what if they know… that he is going solo… there is no way thar they’ll announce that though months before his official departure….

          im not defending just because i love but because no one knows everything…no one is a victim one is to blame….so why all these hate towards him only??

      • 🐍

        I was not surprised when he left tbh. He’s always on the verge of leaving. I was more surprised when Koki got himself fired like a moron – like seriously, where’s the dude who drove a truckload of supplies for tsunami relief incognito? The dude who LOVES kattun so much it was his world.
        But Tag releasing his solo debut so soon after “graduating” and during kattun hiatus, he’s as much of an idiot as Koki. Also where’s the marriage announcement?

    • Hyphen

      Nope, im done with him!

      Kat-tun members (3nin) deserve to be happy! We dont need someone fake like ex-3

    • Berlinzfaked

      Well. I agree that the fans got ‘cheated’ from their back. As a johnny’s fans, i really know that feel 😭😭

    • Kiki

      Lol at these comments. I’m a hyphen, but I’m still somewhat interested in what kind of music he’s going to do. I’m still mad at him for leaving on KAT-TUN’s 10 year debut anniversary though.

    • Hi

      He looks like a girl in that picture.(sorry)

    • 6snakes

      Since I can’t reply to that Kame fan anymore I leave this here.

      “Everyone knows that Idols are hiding with their real environment”

      “He never bother to correct his personal agenda. and that is going back to saying HE LIED.”

      You do realize that you are contradicting yourself? So it’s okay for Kame to hide his personal agenda but not for Junno?

      Where on earth is it a crime to be in love and date the same woman for years?

      He isn’t the first Johnny to ever have dated and was caught. Other Johnny’s were doing worse things and even illegal things, yet the most of them weren’t as much punished as him. Ah right because dating is a bigger crime than being caught with a joint or making drunk naked pics w. minors or beating the shit out a taxi driver. The list goes on and on. Don’t want to mention names here.

      No one put a gun on your head and forced you to buy their goods. You did this from a free will and you got what you payed for. If you really think just because you are buying their Concert DVD”s, their Singles and goods, your Idol owes you his life and Is accountable to you for everything he does and thinks. Then I’m sorry to tell you that you have a serious problem.

      “read from top again.”

      I did read what you wrote but it doesn’t seem like you did.

      First of all I never said Kame was jealous. My exact words were

      quote : “brought a bit jealousy from Kame FANS”

      Second never blamed Kame that he gets promoted.

      quote: “Johnny/Julie stopped giving a fuck about the group long before Junno announced his departure. Except for Kame, THEY didn’t cared much about the remaining members. Kame fans will say, he was promoted because he was the one with the biggest potential, I beg to differ though. T-TUN stepped up and improved a lot too.”

      I break it down for you as you seem not to have understood what I said, with *they* are Johnny/Julie meant and not Kame, Please read properly what I wrote! That’s again the best example though, that hyphens like you jump into conclusions w.o having read what is actually written but ofc. I’m the liar here, the one who deceived you with my vague words, right! smh

      • guest

        You are too delusional stan, I actually pity his girlfriend, why She can’t handle his boyfriend idols life, and succumb into insecurities~~~ That is why his bf is adjusting for her, but She got it… though where is the marriage? anyway they are perfectly match, snake x insecured. sure it is a great love story of all time.

        I thought it is the next circumtances but well, He just went into an idol life like again signing to UJ, so what is the differences?
        minus the strictness over clubbing/dj.

        You make it appoint that Johnny/Mary didn’t help him into stardom, Snake is a proper jrs.. He was one of the front liner in jrs days, tho what happened? he lined up with Akanishi and Pi..
        why? coz He lack of charisma, if it is not for the Iriguchi deguchi Taguchi desu he practice for decades he is nothing nowhere KT. Don’t forget too that he was also given projects, drama but just a far supporting role from already big name star.
        He don’t have his own success unlike others, Ueda get his own successful solo concert, butai, Nakamaru drama First class got a decent rating too but not same as the Legal High (which all of you are so proud, ave. 12%) tho… the big difference is Nakamaru is the lead, and far from supporting role. He does have his own morning show.
        J&A is business, Kame is a cash cow, yeah of course, the Uchiwa is a big selling point since that is your only market but if you look closely, Kame fans are also buying his Uchiwa.. unlike some of you Stan, Kame Stan support the whole group with just a big emphazised with Kame… so could it be consider his fans too?

        besides, even if you don’t make it appear not blame Kame but the owners of the Agency (which all of you stan hated, but not with that asshole J&A, No Snakes in the making) You are making it a point anyway.
        He is been in that company for more than 15yrs, still complaining for the idol life.

        You are making it a big deal T-TUN step up too since when 2014? Why does Kame just step alone?, He was not even the leader, he was just a front runner coz he was already known. Sorry to make it look for you that your Idol snake is being hated.
        He does it himself.

    • iora89

      i get where the fans are coming from. they were supportive of him when he decided to leave the band. he could’ve just said in the first place that what he wants now no longer coincides with where the band is going. that’s like admitting you’ll go solo after leaving without actually saying the words. saying it outright will invite hate but lying also invites hate. you just have to twist your words.

      i remember being surprised few months ago when i saw pics of him on a runway show because i thought his reason for leaving the band is also to quit the entertainment business. we all know J&A holds grudges. he’s not big like jin so it is easy for J&A to block his activities. forgive me if i say i don’t think he’ll succeed after this mess.

    • iGleaux

      I’m probably the only KAT-TUN fan that doesn’t care he lied. I prefer he’d tell the truth since he’s in a lose lose situation anyway but I can see why he would lie.

      • Lilly

        I’m actually with you. I honestly don’t care if he lied, I’m more shocked of his decision that he thought that he could make it as a solo artist.

        • iGleaux


    • cloud321
    • Skai

      Did anyone else notice that on his official website, there is no mention of KAT-TUN whatsoever?
      Not even in his biography (which is poorly written in my opinion).

    • Taru

      Nope…not going to support him anymore. He’s really not that great of a singer anyway. Not like I’m missing anything…

    • I could care less about this dude now-a-days, I just came up in here to read the 193 comments. Some hot ass tea in here, lmao.

    • mikochan

      i am not a Hyphen just a KAT-TUN 6 nin fan so i support all.

    • yamakita

      I’m a Junno fan. Given Japan’s putting the group before yourself mentality and culture, I would say his solo decision was poorly timed. In life timing is everything. I understand wanting to come out of someone’s shadow and shine on your own, but you can’t do it by burning bridges. Then again, given Johnny’s oppressive management style, maybe this was the only way in his mind. I wish him the best, but I’m sure there will be a KAT-TUN reunion in the future, even if we have to wait a little.

    • Roddy

      If you watch the live performances as a four member group, you can clearly see only Junno and Kame having fun, dancing and singing while smiling and stuff.. they looked very happy unlike Ueda’s pokerface to everything and Maru trying to look like he was there.. so I don’t blame Junno. He was the best dancer by far and with Kame, they kept Kat-Tun looking like a real boyband for some time… if Junno lied, ok. But I don’t blame him… he was one of the two reason that Kat-Tun stayed cool for some time.
      And it’s funny how Jin is a saint right now to the fandom that is already selling all the albums and singles online like Kat-Tun never existed before.

    • Mirza Rakhmadianti

      Usually Johnnys fans are ridiculous. But I can understand that they could feel infuriated and hurt by this.
      I never liked his airhead persona.

    • Ali Hollyhock Bermann

      I just love how everyone here assumes they know exactly what Junno actually said to the rest of the members behind closed doors or what real reasons he had for doing what he did :D Once you start living a real adult life you realize that sometimes you make decisions based on something or other in your life and two weeks later things in your life change so you make do with what you have at that time, rework your plans and go from there. He might have actually been planning a marriage and family, but maybe something happened after he left that made it impossible for the time being so he decided to make a few songs in the meantime to avoid giving the fans hope by returning only to possibly leave again a year later. He might have registered that website because he was planning on starting a business using his name as a brand since it had some amount of fame attached to it. Do you people ever think beyond your fan-feels or do you really think that what you see/hear from these people is all there is to every situation? :D