Arashi Tops Nikkei Entertainment’s Musical Act Ranking for the Sixth Year in a Row

Nikkei Entertainment has released its “Talent Power Ranking” list for 2017. We now have the top 30 list for musical acts. Arashi tops the list for the sixth year in a row. TOKIO is #2, rising from last year’s #3. Southern All Stars rounds out the top 3, rising from last year’s #6. Find out the rest of the top 30 after the jump!

1. Arashi: 45.9 (Last year: #1 with 46.3)

2. TOKIO: 41.6 (Last year: #3 with 41.0)

3. Southern All Stars: 39.3 (Last year: #6 with 36.2)

4. Utada Hikaru: 39.2 (Last year: n/a)

5. Kuwata Keisuke: 37.6 (Last year: #5 with 38.0)

6. Ikimonogakari: 36.9 (Last year: #8 with 33.5)

7. Masaharu Fukuyama: 34.9 (Last year: #4 with 39.8)

8. Mr.Children: 34.1 (Last year: #9 with 33.5)

9. Piko-Taro: 34.0 (Last year: n/a)

10. Yuzu: 33.8 (Last year: #7 with 34.3)

10. Namie Amuro: 33.8 (Last year: #15 with 29.7)

12. DAIGO: 33.6 (Last year: n/a)

13. V6: 33.1 (Last year: #17 with 29.5)

14. KinKi Kids: 32.7 (Last year: #13 with 30.4)

15. Perfume: 31.8 (Last year: #18 with 29.2)

16. DREAMS COME TRUE: 31.8 (Last year: #20 with 28.2)

17. Sakurai Kazutoshi: 31.8 (Last year: #12 with 31.0)

18.  Yoshida Miwa: 30.8 (Last year: #19 with 28.7)

19. Ken Hirai: 30.6 (Last year: #27 with 25.8)

20. Yumi Matsutoya: 30.1 (Last year: #10 with 31.6)

20. Kanjani8: 30.1 (Last year: #14 with 30.0)

22. B’z: 29.2 (Last year: #20 with 28.2)

23. Nishino Kana: 28.7 (Last year: #25 with 26.7)

24. Golden Bomber: 27.9 (Last year: #11 with 31.4)

25. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: 27.8 (Last year: #16 with 29.6)

26. NEWS: 27.5 (Last year: #52 with 21.2)

27. Sashihara Rino: 27.5 (Last year: #50 with 20.2)

28. Takeuchi Mariya: 27.4 (Last year: #26 with 26.6)

29. Makihara Noriyuki: 27.4 (Last year: #33 with 25.1)

30. Inaba Koshi: 27.2 (Last year: #24 with 27.0)



Note: It’s quite odd that Hoshino Gen is not on this list, seeing as how his music career came before his acting career. If he was counted as a musician, he would be #3 on this list. Going back to a discussion that was had before in regards to previous versions of this list and idols, it’s odd that TOKIO is even on this list seeing as how most of their fame comes from television as opposed to music. If they’re counted as musicians because everything else came later, then why isn’t the same being done for Gen?

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    • eplizo

      Gen should’ve been included…. especially considering his recent musical success lol. That makes no sense.

      Anyway, it’s nice to see Hikki back on lists like these.

      • K

        But isn’t that the point? He was popular with young people but became a household name very late last year. I wouldn’t have expected him to topple any of the top 5 in a ranking where it’s based on name and face recognition instead of “they’re popular.”

    • Kiki

      “Arashi Tops […] Ranking for the Sixth Year in a Row”

      • chlowerrr

        Sincere question. Why? Is it in a negative way?

    • Reileen

      yassss @ NEWS! Rise! This is the first time I’m seeing them on this list? they had a good year
      look at Piko Taro squeezing in the top 10

      • But why is Pik-Taro counted as a musician? He’s a comedian who made a song…

        • K

          He did drop an album that sold surprisingly well. No difference between him and the other comedian singing acts that have done well in the past, it’s just that Piko Taro’s content is a lot more…empty, to use a kind word.

          • But he’s still a comedian, not a music act.

    • I guess that squashes that whole “Who is the top female soloist?” debate.

    • Dahliah Ghaniah

      japan+ranking+idol… boring… well that is how it is in Japan…

      • WD79

        Just because no.1 are idols doesn’t mean it’s boring. More than 3/4 in this list are non-idols.

      • Elodie Genia

        Same, really more than 3/4. And if it’s boring for you,my top chart in France is boring too for me
        and I don’t complain on internet because more french like them that’s all. If you can’t see diversity in this list, you just don’t want. It’s a fact that they sell more, they fill Dome, they’re not going to make disappear johnnys and idol of the list for your pleasure if japanese like them and buy them sorry. Keep your negativity for you.

      • Sade

        Why must people always say the Idols ruin things, speaking for someone who recently discovered Arashi last year…and I’m not Japanese I find their songs really good and uplifting. I wish musicians from my country could be as entertaining, catchy, uplifting and interesting ( just to coin a few terms :)

        • Dahliah Ghaniah

          I have been an arashi fan for more than ten years,and still am a fans..but judging by their work this couple of years,arashi has lost it touch,like they didnt take their Job seriously anymore that included their singles,album,concert and tv program,(well that is my opinion for being their fan for too long)..and Idol doesnt mean it had to be only Arashi..well why only Arashi’s always had to be the one who always butt hurt.. Oh maybe they #1.. I am refering to Idol in general..

          • Goo

            Japonism concert was an art. Fukkatsu Love was one of their best single produced in years. Are You Happy was an amazing album. Shiyagare (minus a couple of recent boring episodes) have been golden this past year. If this was a criticism solely on Japonism album I would understand but the whole couple of years?

            I’m a long time fan as well but i’m also highly critical and won’t simply like everything they do. I could only play Japonism album a couple of times. But to say they didn’t take their jobs seriously this past couple of years is an insult when they’ve produced a concert like Japonism? I seriously question your level of taste.

            • majidekita

              I agree with Goo, I don’t see how Sade can say that they don’t take their job seriously. They honestly have been working hard throughout their careers. They could easily take long breaks from their variety shows, dramas, butais, concerts, album releases, interviews, CFs, but they don’t. They have always been professional.

              Japonism was a great album, in my opinion. And the concert was even more amazing. I am always amazed by the production level of their concerts. I have yet to see another artist’s concert in the scale, production level, and creativity of Arashi’s concerts. I like Are You Happy, but not as much as Japonism.

              • Goo

                I appreciated their focus on Kayoukyoku in Japonism though. Objectively it still ranked high in terms of production. Its not a disappointment (imo) like Dream Alive or Popcorn. AYH is not my ultimate favorite but it’s more my cup of tea.

              • Goo

                Btw Sade wasn’t the one who claimed Arashi wasn’t doing their jobs seriously. It was the decade old arashi fan, Dahliah Ghaniah who now changed her name to 🆗🆒

          • yamakita

            I agree–Arashi’s songs from the last few years have ventured into the older Johnny’s groups territory–mediocre and not very catchy. The younger acts are getting the better songs. But I always think it’s funny that people believe idol groups have any control over their artistic directions. They’re idols for a reason–they’re puppets for the most part. They’re chosen for their looks, not for their talents.

            • Goo

              Arashi do have some control over their artistic direction. It’s not blind believe. Matsujun is pretty hands-own in their concert production, he has lead their concert production team for years. It’s not just for show. All of them have contributed in the planning stages.

              As for music production, all of the members except have had writing credits. Sho & Nino have had music composition credits. Each member also took the task of being a producer (in charged of chosing the song, distributing singing lines and gave input on the arrangements) for a handful of group songs in AYH album. Ohno creative input in Miles Away made it one of the most vocally rich song they’ve ever made to date.

            • What looks?

      • Asha

        Lol. Did you even loom beyond the no.1? Because 3/4 of the list are non-idols. Pretty much a diverse list as opposed to other rankings. But do go on

    • Guest

      Can you at least standardize if you want to use first name followed by last name, or the other way round? It’s all over the place.

    • K

      Out of boredom I hopped on Wikipedia and calculated the average age of the top 15 acts which equaled 41.45 years old. I took out Southern All Stars (who are all in their 60s) and got an average age of 38.7 years old.

      • This is actually quite an interesting fact.

      • where is kuuchan

        and most of them are from the 90s. 90s j-pop’s impact tbh!!!

    • woot

      People who knows Japanese, what is this ranking?
      So not to off topic, there’s only 2 Arashi members in it. Aiba & Ohno.

      • shaodowofmidnight .

        List of Johnny’s with the biggest rise in the past year (in terms of the points)

    • Hani

      Nice to see V6 go up even a bit. Ever since they actually started PROMOTING again it seems they’ve had a presence again. Hope they keep it up.

      • YuzuFlip

        My baby!!! <3

    • Eri

      Who was #2 for last year’s ranking?

    • Not sassy

      Why you make it about TOKIO Ronald? They are one of idols who actually wrote some of their songs, played their own instruments and sang live 100% of the time. Of course they belong in the chart.

      Hoshino Gen should be included because he is a legit musician and produced well received, critically acclaimed albums. Not to mention that little hit he had with Koi. Not forgetting Sun. If people like Fukuyama Masaharu, Sashihara Rino (when did this girl went solo?) and Piko-Taro are included, Gen deserves to be on it more.

      Getting tired of your never ending arguments on idols, especially TOKIO, not deserving musical act credentials. Disappointed you highlighted TOKIO in the note out of all people. Geez.

      • maguro part deux

        At this point in their careers, the guys are TV personalities who occasionally do some music stuff on the side. If you added up all the time they spend doing TV work vs music projects, the ratio would probably be like 10:1 in favor of TV.

        • Not sassy

          TV personalities who are also musicians. The musicians credentials still holds. Any arguments about it is moot.

        • Gomen NASAi

          Uh, they actually released singles every year. It’s just that they didn’t get reported on Arama. Every time they performed live on special music shows, their performances among the highest rated on the shows.

          In 2014, when they performed on Summer Sonic and Join Alive music festivals, they attracted about 14000+ people each.

          Of course the TV works seemed like their main focus but they also take control of their own music projects. They write, they compose, play their own musical instruments and they even arrange their own songs. They had to juggle between these two tasks. And to say the ratio 10:1 in favor of TV is incorrect.

          • Releasing one single a year doesn’t change much given that they’re on TV daily.

            Are you really attributing a music festival’s total attendance to TOKIO? STOP!

            If you’re on TV constantly, but release one single a year, things are definitely skewed more towards TV.

            • Gomen NASAi

              They released two singles last year. Fragile and Ai Wanna be with You. In 2013, they released 3 and most of them were made by TOKIO.

              The total of people who came to watch the music festivals were more than 14000+ that I mentioned above. But 14000+ people came to watch TOKIO which I think is decent for a group who don’t sell as much as other Johnny’s group.

    • light

      Congrats Arashi =)

    • Matsumiyalover

      Congratulation Arashi!!!

    • Mjeena

      Jun, stop being so damn cute!

    • Zakiiii000

      I realized that there’s no LDH group in the list.
      did they lost their popularity? just pure curiosity.

      • The only group that ever made the list was EXILE, and they’re over now.

        • Zakiiii000

          they do became less and less relevant every year… it’s quite sad

          • It’s cannibalism in a way. They sacrificed EXILE for Sandaime J Soul Brothers.

            • Reileen

              Why do they have to sacrifice one for the other if they can promote both?
              I don’t understand going in that route, seeing as they chose to promote several newer LDH groups simultaneously

              • Because there really is no difference between Sandaime J Soul Brothers and EXILE. They can sell GENERATIONS as a younger group, but 3JSB just looks like an EXILE replacement. ATSUSHI can go solo and have a successful career. He’s really the only worthwhile thing in EXILE, as the spinoff flop projects show.

              • this unnie is weird

                If EXILE still heavily promoted and routinely released singles they would have to snag all the endorsements that LDH can get, but since Atsushi is focusing on his solo (he is EXILE’S golden egg after all) they might as well focus on 3JSB aka the younger more appealing version of EXILE, the cycle will continue on to GENE and The Rampage etc.

                Also it’s apparent that most of the EXILE members are more committed to doing their own thing.

    • Reileen

      If Arashi’s gonna go down, then they’re gonna go down very slowly or just rise up again.
      Their advantage is that they cross age barriers so that they rank up high even in the teens market. They’re just gaining fans over and over again from the young gen that’s gonna secure them for the long run.

      The difference now is that Yamada and HSJ finally breaking through that market too

    • Step Rivera

      🎉YAY!! 🎉Amuro Namie is in the Top 10!🎊 👸🏻Queen!👸🏻

    • PigeonPop

      Nice to see Hikki back in the upper echelons. And I kind of love how Sashihara made it to the top 30–there is simply no other female idol out there that can juggle and deliver the level of MC / assistant MC work like she can. Well deserved.

    • Gomen NASAi

      Seriously, you deleted my comment.

    • kamben is here

      Happy to see that my beloved Golden Bomber is still relevant. They are relevant both individually and as a group. They deserve the popularity. Rock on, Kirisho!

    • Paola Mejia

      So happy about these results, Arashi is the best !! they should be #1 in whatever rankings there are :)