Arashi, Shiina Ringo, Gesu no Kiwami Otome., Daichi Miura, and More to Perform on Music Station Super Live 2017

On December 22, this year’s edition of Music Station’s year end special, Music Station Super Live, will air. The show starts at 7 PM JST and ends at 11:10 PM JST. Earlier today, forty-seven acts were announced to be performing on the show. This roster includes the likes of Arashi, Shiina Ringo, Gesu no Kiwami Otome., Daichi Miura, Ken Hirai, Keyakizaka46, Hoshino Gen, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Nishino Kana, DAOKO, and more. Check it out below!

AI x Naomi Watanabe







Okazaki Taiiku

Oginome Yoko x Tomioka Koko Dance Bu

Ozawa Kenji

Kame no Yamapi



KinKi Kids

Mai Kuraki

Gesu no Kiwami Otome.


Golden Bomber

Kon Natsumi & Yamazaki Ikusaburo

Sandaime J Soul Brothers

Shiina Ringo



Johnny’s WEST

Sexy Zone


Takahashi Yu


Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP



Nishino Kana



back number


Bodan Shonen Dan


Ken Hirai

Masaharu Fukuyama

Hey! Say! JUMP

Hoshino Gen

Daichi Miura


Little Glee Monster




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    • DT

      Really, they invited Gesu? I wonder how that came about

    • Afiqah Hasbullah

      Why V6 is not here?

      • King Hide

        they release new song?

        • Lol

          They released a single in last March..

          • King Hide

            ok just checked it apparently they released new album but only sold about less than 200k which is sad :(

            • H

              how is that sad? in the current state of jpop and for a group who’s average age is 40 it’s just fine lol.

              • King Hide

                ok i just read your other comment it makes more sense, i thought to perform at Mste atleast they must have good sales above 200k,

                • Wait wtf

                  A lot of these acts definitely don’t sell more than 200k per album. ….. do your research LMAO

                  • King Hide

                    yes i realized this but i thought Avex or Johnnys don’t let them to perform because of the reason but yes i was wrong lol

          • King Hide

            i guess Avex don’t want to push them since there are alot LDH acts more successfull than V6

            • Bobson Dugnutt

              To think their management companies would be behind that (J&A and LDH) instead of Avex

              • King Hide

                i know they are from J&A what i thought atleast avex have something to do to push them

      • H

        morita go has an evening performance of his play that day.

        • Lol

          Ahh makes sense now

    • King Hide

      wtf with Hikakin and Seikin lol

    • srqs srqs

      I’m happy LUNA SEA and Taiiku Okazaki are there, but I don’t get why. Maybe because LUNA SEA is already established like Golden Bomber. Or Taiiku Okazaki is popular in YouTube.

      • circe154

        Luna Sea is a nostalgia act, they were big in the 90s.

    • dramayeoja

      BTS and Twice should be here. they were on the TV ad.

      also Hikakin wtf

      • Ashley (not really Ashley)

        but they both are in the list? read it again lol

      • Not Here

        Bodan Shonen Dan and TWICE. they are listed.

    • MomoHirai

      Twice is going?! This is awesome. The irrelevant Queens doing it again!

    • あっちゃん

      Twice is such a ugly and lame group and I don’t know why its being hyped up for no reason, I just hate how Korean groups are promoting in Japan. Can’t they just promote in their own country? I hope, they’ll get banned soon!

      • memo

        i feel bad for you..

        • あっちゃん

          Lmao, why? You should feel bad about yourself, it’s stupid how these lame Korean groups are promoting in Japan. Why it is a necessary to go to Japan and release same single all over again, but in a Japanese version? That’s a waste of time. 😂

          • memo

            i’m a jpop fan actually. but you saying to someone ugly and lame is really sad don’t you think so? btw twice have three Japaneses members so they are playing in their own country. being a hater its not healthy :)

            • あっちゃん

              I never liked those Korean acts being performed in Japan and taking over the oricon charts and it’s weird on how they pronounce some words, which is they’re not good at talking in Japanese to begin with and it can be really major issue for them since it’s not they’re language. And I don’t see this group being a major hit later on, which I think they’ll probably be disbanded.

              • memo

                reading you comment made me realize “that’s why the world will not have peace” anyways bye!

              • Gi Gi Hakusho

                You don’t have to listen or watch them, you don’t even have to go to their concerts, just enjoy your own thing, if Johnny’s don’t have a problem with them performing and if people actually have fun watching them, how is your opinion going to change that?

      • trufax

        They can promote wherever they want and you can choose to ignore them

    • trufax

      I thought i was going blind trying to find bts’ name on the list otl okay Bodan Shonen Dan

    • Nat 🌸 MIC DROP #28 IN BB100

      I thought BTS wasn’t in the list till I found bodan shonen dan