Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, and More to Perform on MUSIC STATION ULTRA FES 2017

On September 18, Music Station will air the third edition of its now annual special, MUSIC STATION ULTRA FES. The show was first aired in 2015 to celebrate Music Station’s 30th anniversary.

Today, the first set of performers was announced. This set of 20 acts is heavily Johnny’s, featuring the likes of Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, Kame to Yamapi, and more. Check out the full first set below!



Kame to Yamapi




Johnny’s WEST


Sexy Zone

Takahashi Yoko

Tackey & Tsubasa





Hey! Say! JUMP

Miura Yutaro

Morning Musume. ’17

Momoiro Clover Z


and more


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    • james

      Takahashi Yoko, YES! Evangelion medley, YES!

      • l3012

        Oh yes!

        • james

          I’m just guessing, I’m not sure whether she will perform Evangelion medley or not.

    • No KinKi? Its their 20th anniversary… T_T

      I guess Tsuyo still doesnt feel well..

      • Dots

        It’s not just “doesn’t feel well” situation. He lost 90-95% hearing on one ear and the other ear is at jeapordy too with decreased hearing by 10-25%. He needs to retrain his singing with his partial deafness while not wreck the one good ear he has.

        Yeah sure it’s their 20th but fans should expect that he needed time to heal. This is not the first time I see this kind of comments from kinki fans.

        • james

          wow! this is a new news to me 😟

        • I didnt know that he lost 90-95% of his left hearing so thus my disappointment comment above. If I knew, of course I wont write the comment as I’m one of his biggest fan.

          He looks totally fine in Yakai so I thought he’s in a way to a complete recovery. But I guess when he said he’s only hear from one ear, its totally mean that he nearly lost all his hearings not because they being careful and to avoid noise to that ear.

          I guess his situation now will be like Ayu, which what I’m most afraid of. ;(

          • Dots

            I guess his situation now will be like Ayu, which what I’m most afraid of. ;(
            As his biggest fan you shouldn’t have guessed the worst of his situation after being disappointed at him for not pushing himself more. The guy is not as stupid as Ayu to go on with his concerts as planned nor is there no possibility he’ll regain back some of his hearing with time. Sorry but idg this kind of mentality.

            • Do you have problem?

              If he has lost 95% of his left hearing, if he lost another 5%, then his situation will be like Ayu which a complete deafness. Of course I dont that to happen — that’s what I’m most afraid of (like what I wrote in my comment).

              I’m not active at twitter or other place and just check here occasionally. They didnt report about the severity of his deafness and just say he is hospitalized and recovering. The international news that I read didnt say anywhere about the percentage of his hearing or etc.

              Being nice while replying is not a hard thing to do, just saying.

              • Dots

                I believe in power in words. There’s no treatment to regain back hearing lost besides lots of positivity and God’s grace. Why not simply hope for the best and wish for his recovery? Like i said, idg this mentality.

                • TBH, I dont understand what do you mean when you bring ‘mentality’ in your comment. Nor I understand what CHOI!!! supposed to mean or imply.

                  I simply didnt know the severity of his hearing loss thus my innocent comment above. I thought its only temporary and not permanent when I read the news since they never said how bad it was. It turned out it was nearly as bad as Ayumi as he lost nearly 95% of it (which what I’m most afraid of when I first read the news).

                  • Dots

                    And yet you still end your comment with a bad omen and no wish/ hope/ prayer for his full recovery *sigh*

                    • “Bad omen is an event or happening that you take as sign of something bad is about to come.” When he is already lost 90-95% of his hearing, its no longer a bad omen as it already happened. I was just stating a fact of the thing I’ve just learned — never knew that it is considered a bad omen.

                      And I dont need to show to you how I wish/hope for his recovery esp to a stranger. I have my own way of doing that and I dont need to flaunt it for you to see. For you to pick on me on something like this is just bizarre. O_o

                      • Dots

                        It’s bad omen when one who so called loved another simply bowed down to a predicament befallen their loved ones regardless that it has a possibility to turn for the better.

                        I’m not picking on you but words has power and especially for being “the biggest kinki fan” I’ve expected better from you. I feel sorry to DoTs that he has a fan who chose to be so adamant on the severity of his situation (that’s not even clear in the first place. ie nobody has his medical report) instead of wishing him well. Btw I wouldn’t share the extra info I got from the grapevine if I wasn’t annoyed looking at your initial selfish disappointment.

                      • I seriously couldnt understand. You told me the severity of his hearing, from my comments above, you couldnt capture how worried I was that you need me to say how I wish for him to be well, to you?

                        And what do you mean by ‘so adamant on the severity of his situation’? Are you saying that he probably didnt lost 90-95% of his hearing? The news now is not even confirmed? Then how can people come out with piece of news in the first place? When you told me the piece of news, I thought it is confirmed as in, he told it himself or it was a statement from the company. I wasnt adamant, I just thought that the information that you gave me is a fact.

                        I already told you that my initial disappointment is because I didnt know. I feel offended when you say you are sorry for Tsuyo for having a fan like me. As someone who believe in the power of words, you should know how that makes me feel as a long time fan who basically collect everything from their/his cd to dvd to calendar and concert goods.

                        As you know how big of a fan I was, I was more affected for this news than some casual fans and for me to keep receiving this kind of comments from fellow fan is just …. I’m sorry if it didnt come across to you how this news sadden me or how I really wish the best for his recovery so that he can keep doing things that he love the most which is making music.

              • Dots

                + I hope you understood my “choi!!!” at your negativity lol

            • eternal_sky

              I thought Kinki fans are chill but I guess not.

              I didnt know about this news either and I read a few English news sites.

              • Dots

                I’m not a big kinki fan. Just a casual fan who happen to have a Twitter account.

                Even if there’s no news about how severe his ear was, hear lost logically needs more time to heal. Especially after all the cancellation I thought other bigger fans would’ve taken the cue.

                • eternal_sky

                  If his hearing lost is only temporary, it is logical for him to perform in an event one month from now especially when he already started working a few weeks ago(?) When he made all that cancelation if im not mistaken, its around one week after his hospitalization. Some people are previlaged to be more informed while others dont.

                  Its totally not cool for you to policing how others should react to this news. Its totally not a good look imho.

                  • Dots

                    Idc how people look at me lol. I care for people not to jinx his recovery. And no, logically hearing lost took more than a month to fully recover even if its a temporary condition *personal experience*

                    “especially when he already started working a few weeks ago(?)”
                    not singing work and he wore hearing aid.

                    • eternal_sky

                      I dont see anyone jinx his recovery here.

                      This ms will be on 18 of sept, it will more than 2 months since his hospitalization by then. Again, this mentality of expecting everyone to be as informed as you. I just dont get it

              • Dots

                Oh btw, when I think of kinki fans being chill is when they don’t get upset at Kinki not appearing on soon to air lives and hope for Dots full recovery. That’s chill.

        • WD79

          I’m guessing that many international fans didn’t know. I haven’t checked all of Arama but I’m also guessing that they didn’t pick up the last couple of news (especially) about his condition even though they were all over Japanese entertainment news sites.

          • Dots

            But they already knew he has lost hearing in one ear. It’s not some flu or something that can heal or he can adapt to quickly.

            I’m not even a big kinki fan but knew about the news from other intl fans in my tl.

            • WD79

              It’s also possible they’re not aware of the severity of the condition. I’ve spoken to some and many are not even paying attention to Ayu’s situation (for example), let alone someone like Elephant Kashimashi’s Miyamoto. There’s no idols that have even been diagnosed with this (as far as I can remember), so stuff like this tend to fly under the radar.

              • Dots

                I didn’t watch their shows but some of my friends (who btw aren’t big kinki fans either) talked about Dots wearing hearing aid during one of their variety show/ guesting or something. The initial report of him having hearing lost + all the cancellations were enough indication that it was serious imo. It just so happen a mutual rt about the percentage of his hearing. I’m not even sure where Dots revealed it.

    • Diego

      I wonder if they are going to invite Ayu after her disastrous performance earlier this year…

    • l3012

      Congrats to Momusu! I’ve been listening them after a while and this lineup works great.

    • eternal_sky

      I hope Kame & Yamapi will sing more than 1 song!

    • Kameneko223

      Sugoi! Kame to Yamapi will be back! I thought i’d never see them again perform after BokuUn. I respect their bromance so much and seeing them performing together after 12 years still seems like a dream. Hope they could have another show together like travelling as this is what they want to do most together.

      • eternal_sky

        IKR? I guess we can expect to see them again at year end MS and also the JE countdown this year.

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