Arama! Japan’s Top 10 Most Commented On Posts for 2017

2017 is over, and it was another great year for Arama! Japan! We had many popular posts in 2017, but which ones received the most comments?

The post with the most comments from 2017 was July 7 edition of Open Post with 363 comments. Second place went to “ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK.” with 333 comments. And rounding out the top 3 is “Avex pictures enforces export ban on Blu-rays, DVD, and CDs” with 261 comments. It should be noted that the July 7 edition of Open Post is now our most commented on post, beat the 355 comments of 2016’s “Disbandment of SMAP Confirmed!”

1. Open Post (July 7): 363 comments

2. ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK.: 333 comments

3. Avex pictures enforces export ban on Blu-rays, DVD, and CDs: 261 comments

4. CROSSFAITH Says BABYMETAL Is Not a Metal Band: 220 comments

5. Fans still upset with former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi: 217 comments

6. Open Post (August 11): 217 comments

7. Open Post (August 18): 179 comments

8. Open Post (July 14): 173 comments

9. Arashi aiming for fastest MV to reach 100 million views on YouTube? :171 comments

10. Open Post (April 8): 169 comments

Note: Some of the articles may have a different number of comments on the article itself, but this ranking was done by looking at the total comments on the admin panel.

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    • hasawa

      The amount of comments of some Open Post threads is pretty impressive

      • I’m a little surprised at an Open Post being number 1 though. What were we so hyped up about on July the 7th?

    • surfboardt

      … Good lord, a majority of the comments in the most commented post was literally just ProllyWild and LDHFan debating whether LDH groups/soloists are idols or not. I mean, I’ve gotten into multiple conversations about it, but you’d think either of them would reach a point where they’d say “… Okay, this just needs to end now”.

      • AoZora

        Any discussion with ProllyWild will get longer.. ProllyWild starts personal attacks after some comments and its usually the other party who decides to bring end to discussion…

        • ProllyWild

          Really? ;)

        • Takahiro

          Not defending prollywild personal attacks but that LDHFan sounds like a troll while PW was laying out facts

    • One Piece

      maybe a “most viewed” top 10 would be more interesting than a “most commented” top 10 posts

      • hasawa

        I think the ranking would fairly remain the same : clicks comments

        • yamakita

          It might be somewhat different because I think a fair amount of people don’t actively participate in the Comments section. A good example is the Tokyohive blog, which I abandoned because of the lack of comments there, but every posts always has a certain amount of views.

      • Views don’t necessarily show engagement though.

    • Welp

      Man, how did I miss that OOR post

      • maguro part deux

        It was a magnificent piece of trolling.

        • Takahiro

          magnificent from chauvinistic / sexist pov. it was not amusing.

    • yamakita

      I would like to think that I have contributed to some of the most commented Open Post entries, but I also don’t believe Open Post should be included in this ranking.

      • Takahiro

        Ikr. It should be separated.

    • Oh man, that One OK Rock article was a bloodbath.

    • mmmwhat

      I miss Arama in LJ