The 10th CD Shop Awards 2018 Announces Its Nominees for the First Half of 2017

The 10th CD Shop Awards 2018 has released its nominee list for the first half of 2017! Eleven albums were picked that were released between January 1 and June 30. The albums were chosen by 869 CD shop staff from across Japan to highlight releases that caught their discerning ears. Another group of albums released from July 1 to December 31 will be chosen early next year. The albums that were nominated for 2017 will then be narrowed down to a list of final nominees before the winner is chosen next March. Check out the albums nominated for the first half of 2017 below!

Okazaki Taiiku – XXL (6/14/17)

Coalamode. – COALAMODE. (2/8/17)

Watch here

Cornelius – Mellow Waves (6/28/17)

Suchmos – THE KIDS (1/25/17)

Sayuri – Mikazuki no Koukai (5/17/17)

Takehara Pistol – PEACE OUT (4/5/17)

DYGL – Say Goodbye to Memory Den (4/19/17)

Nogizaka46 – Umarete Kara Hajimete Mita Yume (5/24/17)

MONDO GROSSO – Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru (6/7/17)

Yogee New Waves – WAVES (5/17/17)

ONE OK ROCK – Ambitions (1/11/17)


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    • RKK

      Haven’t listened to most of these, but I really liked Sayuri’s album.

    • Maybe I’ll give a listen to these. :)

    • gus


      • Welp

        I love them but why is Ambitions even up there?

        • Because they’re ONE OK ROCK.

          • gus

            So this award is just a popularity contest?

            • There are some people who get in just because of who they are, like BUMP OF CHICKEN last year.

      • kirin

        Do you mind telling me why it’s the worst? Is it bcs most of the songs sounded pop-ish?
        A bit curious as I’m just a casual listener

    • Ben_thecoolhobo

      Im surprised Nogi’s album is nominated. Isn’t this kind of award usually reserved for edgy/underground/hippy J music aka Ronald’s music?

    • What


    • HyperMoot .

      I never checked the charts for him but was Cornelius that popular?

      • He’s an icon. When it comes to 90s Japanese music, he’s basically ranked as the best critically.

        • HyperMoot .

          I know, my formulation was awkward, I meant this particular album “Mellow waves”

    • DT

      Sayuri seems like the 3rd coming of Yui, right after miwa lol Although Sayuri has a more similar background to Yui than miwa, at least according to Wikipedia

    • Partay

      Suchmos and MONDO GROSSO <3

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