Arashi to Graduate from The Arama! Japan Awards

On January 21, Arashi won Act Of The Year at The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards. This marked the third year in a row that the group won the top prize at the show. After their win, the group released a statement via fax saying that they’ve graduated from the show. In the grand tradition of Japanese award shows, Arashi has decided to no longer submit their their work for consideration for The Arama! Japan Awards, due to the fact that they’ve won Act Of The Year three times.

Arashi’s dominance across music, TV, movies, and more at The Arama! Japan Awards has officially come to an end. The group has won more Arama! Japan Awards than any other act. It’s the bittersweet end of an era.

Some fans might not be able to let go, and try to submit Arashi’s work for The 2018 Arama! Japan Awards. However, the staff of Arama! Japan has decided to respect Arashi’s wishes and will not consider these votes. We ask that readers please refrain from submitting Arashi’s work, in whatever category, whether group or solo, for further Arama! Japan Awards. Doing so will help us respect Arashi’s wishes.

We end this statement with clips of Arashi performing their two songs that won the Arama! Japan Award for Song Of The Year.

2015: Sakura

2016: Fukkatsu LOVE

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    • Charlie

      good songs

    • Mimi

      Isn’t this only an international online reward…? And why would they send a fax themselves and not the management? “…they’ve graduated from the show” what πŸ˜‚

      That post sounds so damn weird, sorry πŸ˜‚

      • imiM

        because its just a joke. They wont accept arashi votes anymore because they won three times in row and they want to let other people the chance to win the award.

        • Mimi

          Then they could just announce it normally? lol Could have been written much better at least if intended as joke. Now it just sounds like someone thinks too highly of themselves.

          • AoZora

            Some of the Arama writers think too highly of the awards they present… Ronald and Ash are well known Idol haters.. So,I wasn’t surprised when this post came from them… They are good at mocking Idol groups,hence this post..

            • Ash

              I actually think these awards are awful and should be scrapped. That’s how highly I think of them.

              As for hating idols… dunno. Not as much as Ronald. I try a lot of them.

              • AoZora

                Your hatred for Idols shows in your posts…Nobody needs to go to your home to see how many Idol songs you try listening……. Anyways,next year it be Johnny’s group again….. Be ready with another similar post you wrote last year…

                • Ash

                  If I’m doing any idol posts I’ll give akb a nod. Flop of the year afterall.

                  • AoZora

                    In your eyes all idol groups are flops.. Doesnt matter whom you write about.

                    • Ash

                      Hey I liked the original BiS and early MCZ. Old Perfume too. Since then nothing really held my interest give or take a few tracks. Not my fault.

                    • bbb

                      Why are you being so defensive?, these awards are pointless!!!!

                      • AoZora

                        I know these awards are pointless.. It was taking a jab at Arama contributors,specially Ash and Ronald… I have stopped taking Arama awards seriously long back..

                      • Why did you stop taking them seriously though?

                      • AoZora

                        For me Arama Awards are just fun and not be serious about… I mean I never get upset over my favs not winning… I actually enjoyed voting………

                      • See, that’s the thing that’s confusing me. Everyone’s saying “it’s for fun anyways” but then go make sure Arashi/Johnnies seriously win. Every. year. I’m an Arashi fan and I’ve seen the link for nominations/voting posted in facebook groups and the like. “For fun” my ass. This is obviously serious business and trying to prove a point.

                      • AoZora

                        I have voted only once and only for those categories which interest me.. It’s a tedious task asking others to vote for our favs.. I am too lazy for that.. :p Not sure about others though…:)

                      • Got ya. Trust me, there are others.

                      • Uli

                        What’s wrong with posting links on fb? It’s not like those who read those links knows nothing about arama or has absolutely no interest other j-ent artists. I’m freaking sick of this notion that you (& Ronald) keep on harping that a majority of Johnny’s fans horde are bunch of idiots who has limited ability to digest other mediums in j-ent world.

                        Polls are fun. The one who’s taking it seriously by being overly concerned of the results and implying the worst are you. It’s a popularity poll for goodness sake.

                      • “I’m freaking sick of this notion that you (& Ronald) keep on harping that a majority of Johnny’s fans horde are bunch of idiots who has limited ability to digest other mediums in j-ent world.”
                        But, I mean….ARE we wrong? What else do ya’ll listen to? What other albums/singles from last year did you listen to? You can’t name other Johnny’s either.

                        “Polls are fun. The one who’s taking it seriously by being overly concerned of the results and implying the worst are you. It’s a popularity poll for goodness sake.”
                        Yes, polls are fun and about popularity (if we let it be). But when you know the outcome already because a certain percentage are not gonna play fair, it’s not fun. I nominate/vote once, a number of fellow readers probably do the same. But ya’ll come around to nominate & vote 20 times and it’s demotivating, annoying and not fun for other readers of Arama.

                      • churi

                        i m joining this discussion because i find this post ridiculous! no person in the whole world only listens to one group! i have never voted for those awards cause idc, nor have i ever told my friends to vote for arashi, most of arashi fans (especially oldies are like 25+ years old now. we listen to everything we like , i listen to nishino kana, uverworld , aqua timez , issa x soulja ,and anything that sounds good to me, but i also listen to rock, metal n stuff and artists from taiwan, old rock~ . i dun care about the other johny’s , they didn’ t leave any impression. the reason y ppl love arashi isn’t just because of the music but the varieties, dramas and the aura they have. their music isn t great but it stays with us. it’s good. a lot of arashi fans enjoy their happy songs too and motivation ones too. so dun say we dun listen to other stuff, it makes you seem illogical. lol
                        they can ban arashi from these awards, personally i dun care xD but u cannot deny that it’s thanks to arashi related posts they make that this site gets clicks n such . most comments r also by arashi fans. you can be salty if you want. here have some vinegar

                      • lol You makin it sound like I’m not an Arashi fan (which I am, a big one at that). Listen, I asked a question and if you can legitimately answer it, good. There are quite a few people here that are Arashi fans that I know listen to other stuff. They comment in other articles and they are fun to talk to. But if you can’t, then any vote you make here for these awards are biased and should be thrown in the trash. Sorry, not sorry. I love Arashi and I’ve enjoyed their albums (I buy the goddang expensive things, hell!) but their album was not better than alot of albums last year. Their tv shows, dramas, etc are also not better than everyone else’s. That’s improbable. When people vote like that, you have to ask….did you listen/watch ANYTHING ELSE? If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t comment. And if it’s just clickbait, why take the bait? Ya’ll saying you don’t have to come here to get news about Johnny’s because it comes out early else but ya’ll still come here for some reason and give that ad revenue. I mean…come on. And yes, I’ll be salty for others if need be. You caught me on the wrong day too, work is a bitch.

                      • Uli

                        Whoa i missed this reply lol. The post is still on the feature ribbon so might as well..

                        “But, I mean….ARE we wrong? What else do ya’ll listen to? What other albums/singles from last year did you listen to? You can’t name other Johnny’s either.”
                        You ARE WRONG. First, this site is not only music. Most of us are regular drama and anime who are well versed in it more so than your beloved Ronald. Second you’re wrong to assume that most of us arashi/Johnny’s fans are bunch of narrowminded idiots who never listen to acts like Suchmos, Mondo Grasso, Shiina Ringo (incl Donuts Hole), Sakanaaction, RADWIMPS, Hikki, Hoshino Gen, Ai, Hirai Ken, Bump etc just because we are fans of idols.

                        Most arashi fans don’t even care about this polls. We all know how trolly this site can be but you cannot deny Arashi fandom is probably the biggest intl japan fandom thus it’s simply fair and not surprising they won by numbers. Tbh I’ve been in arama community since lj and has noticed you since then but really, to be a staunch defender of Ronald’s elitism against boyband fans, like…?? You’re maybe too attached to arama stuck-up cliques that you’re out of touch with reality. Don’t believe in his stereotype when you yourself don’t engage with other fans.

                      • *sigh* It’s been a day (and actually a month but okay)
                        I know it’s not only music.
                        I was asking a question. And if you prove me wrong, good.
                        Don’t call Ronald my beloved. I’m not that invested. I wasn’t even trying to defend his elitism or whatever, my concern was with other readers and even if you think their like the mean high school cliques of popular kids who think they know better, they’re still part of this community. I’m being critical of my fellow Arashians/Johnny fans cause I felt the need to and because I can. What I said needed to be said. Arashi fans (and to a maybe smaller degree, Johnny fans) suffer from just as much elitism and ego as anyone else around here simply because their idols do so well…even though their not the only ones who do good in the industry. And who better to say it than an Arashi fan? And trust, I do interact with other Arashi fans on tumblr, facebook, etc. They’re just not as pretentious, they’re legitimate sweethearts. I love em and we have a good time. And don’t tell me I’m out of touch with reality. Don’t ever come at me with that mess. At least I pay my bills instead of trying to buy every single and album the dudes put out. Capiche? (And thanks for noticing me since lj. :3 )

                    • Kanjo Maru

                      He actually argued *against* AKB being flops of the year, in the other thread.

      • KP


    • me


    • SsunShine

      Lolss, okay FAIR ENOUGH.

    • surfboardt

      Ash, get off of Ronald’s account.

    • AoZora

      This looks like written by Ash…

      • Ash

        Not me. I’ve already done an Arashi article before.

        • AoZora

          its written in the same style you wrote last year.. Anyway,you can try writing next year for another Johnny’s group… You and Ronald can take turns..

          • Ash

            nah no more Johnny groups for me. Been there done that

            • AoZora

              You have a talent at mocking Idols.. Why waste it… Since you have sworn off ARASHI and ARASHI wont be next year,try another group..

              • Ash

                We will see. Might all be dead by then

    • Lol

      I thought they sent it by Line massage lol

    • Taima-kun

      For real? 😨

    • micin

      lol its joke rite? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • thats what i think

      • Kanjo Maru

        No, they really faxed in. I saw it.

        • surfboardt

          JE had to fax the letter twice because Johnny threw a spoon upon finding out Namie took best best album from SMAP, and it got caught in the scanning end of the fax machine.

        • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

          i was there clapping

    • light

      Lmao that Sakura perf was great, swallowed by petals and they probably swallowed them too

    • monica_monami

      lmao this sound so like Ash last year. this made my day. i laughed so much

    • Rika

      I don’t get it. The awards are worth nothing anyways. So what…next year HSJ will dominate them and arama will be salty again? It’s not like miraculously a real ‘quality act’ will win then. If you don’t like how people vote, why are you holding the awards?

      I personally couldn’t care less about this, I haven’t even voted, but reading these rants every year is so embarrassing. Why featuring any idols on this page, if you guys hate them so much?

      • julia

        Because they need more hits on their page. Thats why they keep having idols posts. Been looking for other jpop news sites. Anyone know any?

        • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

          at least next years nominees will be good if all johnnys fans leave πŸ˜‚

          • I mean, they don’t read other articles anyways unless it’s outrageous.

            • Rika

              I do though. I’m not an only-idol fan.
              But posts here about idols get the hits. It’s highly hypocritical from arama to on one side use that to their advantage and on the other side get prissy every year when the ‘award’ comes up.

              If arama hates idols so much, why not kick them off the page? Or why not openly say: We want to feature new and indie artists, so the award is solely for them? (guess it’s because they need those hits…) It’s not about leaving a group out of a fictional award,but that this original entry only exists to hate on a group and their fans.

              • angel223_

                Blog earns thru readers traffic, they will hate idols but gaining more to them… By engaging it in a post, but thats ok for me, at least, maintaing a blog needs money too.

                But its too arrogant to say that indies act is the only COOL act, hating mainstream will never justify other songs too.

                It is so fair to let out Arashi for next voting since they wins consecutive, I knew lots of Awards in Japan media do that. but it was intentionally mock them to create dramas.. When they can write a better script.
                anyway, its a good laugh while at last.

              • For me, it’s not about the staff. They can do what they want with their articles. I expect them to post articles about idols, indie acts and everything in between. The problem (to me), is that idol fans only show up for the idol articles and these awards to make a point about their fave group being the best, even though they say it’s “not serious” and it’s “just for fun”. I’m concerned about the other readers of Arama who want to have their voice heard, who want to have their favorite artist and acts appear on the ballots of the awards but can’t because idol fans come out in droves and vote/nominate multiple times. What kind of fair is that to the other readers of Arama? Other readers here are probably not as numerous as idol/Arashi/Johnnies fans and all of the fun of the awards get sucked out. Nobody had any anticipation/excitement because we all knew what the outcome would be. And honestly, I can’t blame the staff for being tired of it.

                • Missa

                  That’s what happens when you host a contest based on number of votes, though — it turns into a popularity contest. The Arama Awards are never going to be a good place for those fans to “have their voice heard” because they aren’t designed to do that; they’re designed to get the site more attention and maybe goad some people into a flame war because that’s good for revenue.

                  Though for what it’s worth, I’m firmly in the “why are people taking this so seriously” camp, because honestly, it’s not like getting recognition from a site like Arama means anything anyway.

                • Uli

                  Mte. The Johnny’s fans won by numbers. Tbh i think untitled was crap but AYH was brilliant. AYH totally deserves the award over others artists imo. Too bad if Arashi did come up with the goods in the future yet be ostracized by non-fans in arama because they have too many fans here.

                  • Uli

                    Ooopss.. This was meant for Missa. I DON’T MTE BOTANBUTTON

                    • lol kay
                      i do agree AYH was great tho, I own the album.

                  • Kuku

                    Ahh AYH is a very solid album

          • Rika

            So I guess there will be a huge improvement from JE to AKB48, NMB48 and WTF48 then? Do you guys seriously think people will miraculously vote for an underground indie act? It’s just going to be the next popular one. And if that one gets kicked out of the votes too, then it’s going the next-next popular act. Let’s get realistic.

            • Like…the girl idol groups never even make it onto the ballot, hun.

              • Rika

                Thank you for clarifying, sweetie. Haven’t voted in the awards.

          • julia

            LOL. whatevers

          • Matsumiyalover

            For you, for them? It’s an apocalypse πŸ˜‚

          • Lol

            Johnny hateer alwats act holier than thou πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

            Lots of non johnny have suck singing voices or act tho πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

            • Midna

              Not everyone has to like idols lol.

      • Ben_thecoolhobo

        Yeah, i’m not a fan of Arashi either but this is stupid. The “awards” are for fun.. so what’s the issue if they win every year? they are very popualr with japanese/overseas fans.

        • Missa

          Last year people got pissy and the comments section reached 70+ because of it. This year, everyone’s just resigned/amused by it, which isn’t as good for site traffic. Arama has to get those clicks, and baiting Arashi fans is one of their favorite ways of doing it.

          • Lol

            The mod need the ads money

          • Matsumiyalover

            Next year, I would not do this anymore πŸ˜‚

    • angel223_

      Haters of the year, must be Arama
      Its a good laugh tho.

    • Still striving for relevancy..


      Sakura and fukkatsu love are so good <3

    • neko

      So basically you don’t care If hey do a good job next year because people only vote for them and you don’t want araashi to win again?

    • Asha

      Lol. This actually amused me to no end. Thank you. Also nice song choices.

    • SlyMoonFox

      Woah. Arashi is so nice and considerate towards other acts and they even let Arama Japan know via fax. Lol.

      • maguro part deux

        I love that there’s an operational fax machine at Arama HQ.

        • Uli

          Lol πŸ˜‚

        • Thomas

          We take journalism very seriously here at Arama, so we only invest in the most high-tech equipment. Our fax machine has five different apps (Apology Fax, Wedding Fax, Divorce Fax, Adultery Fax & Graduation Fax) to make sure our readers get the best possible quality.

    • anon
    • I’m dying, please help me Jesus. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not what I expected from y’all.

      • Arama readers/staff : Can y’all stop making Arashi win everything? It sucks.
        Arashi fans: stop being haters, its an open vote, we can do how we like, we can share where we like, stop complaining, you just hate idols
        Arama: ok so Arashi can’t win act of the year anymore
        Also Arashi fans: these awards are useless anyways, they don’t mean anything, y’all are all haters

        • Midna

          Basically lol

          • I’m enjoying the discourse

            • surfboardt

              I’m glad we are having this conversation. It’s time.

              • Uli

                Its a stupid popularity poll in a trolly website lol. Such an intellectual discourse.

        • eplizo

          The accuracy.

      • Uli

        You didn’t expect this? This is totally in line with arama usual amo.

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai


    • Mary

      Let’s vote for Matchy next year!

    • Missa

      “We’re tired of one of Japan’s most consistently popular acts constantly winning our popularity contest, so we’re banning them from it.”

    • Midna

      LOL at all the salt. I was not expecting this LOL

      Great song choices Ronald! I’m not mad at this.

    • Keny

      arama awarding arashi for their win in the ‘winners of the 2017 arama! japan awards’ post
      vs arama making an aftermath post about arashi being voted first in the ‘2017 arama! japan awards’

    • HevRev

      Ah that’s so funny :D I expect they’ll be replaced with another Johnny’s group, popular acts tend to win popularity contests after all.

      • Uli

        That oor article was not only dumb but also sexist.

    • AkaneHaga

      this should written in their wikipedia

    • K


    • Matsumiyalover

      Less traffic for Arama then, yay!!! You heard it guys, there’d be no Arashi anymore here. Don’t bother looking for their news here, k? πŸ˜‰

    • nothingsover

      OMFG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      People are conplaining about how this is gonna hurt Arama but with all your clicks and complaints on this article and eventually on the next Awards page, you’re giving them PLENTY of ad revenue.

      For me, this is just amusing.
      The thing about idol fans though is alot of them aren’t even that active on this site but when the awards come around, it’s a sudden torrent of comments. So leaving out web traffic etc, it kind of washes out the opinions of people who I think really care about their fellow users’ opinions. Like I love reading Ronald and the ther staff members reviews, as well as the Open Post because it gives me some idea of new music to explore. I wish I could use the Awards the same way (not hating on Johnny’s because I like them too, just like finding other stuff)

      • g

        The thing about idol fans though is alot of them aren’t even that active on this site but when the awards come around, it’s a sudden torrent of comments.

        I think it’s because usually by the time the idol news are posted here, they aren’t exactly “news” anymore and idol fans talked about it elsewhere already.
        There’s more idol related news being released (in general) because they have a lot of various activities, that’s why idol fans get over them faster. If some “news” are being posted 2 days later here, chances are that already some other interesting (for idol fans) news happened and took the focus out of the previous thing.
        Fan “Awards” aren’t news though, and arama is one of the very few (or maybe only? idk any other place tbh) places doing something like that. And people generally like to vote in fun polls, that’s why it is how it is.

        • Himi Tsu

          Exactly this !

        • nothingsover

          Yeah I feel that. Totally valid and ultimately people can do what they want (except vote for Arashi now lol), but I just personally wish I could see less Johnnys in the awards since I already generally know what’s up with their music and popularity. But that’s just me. And it’s all for fun in the end, and tbh I’m getting a HUGE kick out of watching people lose it over this article/decision.

      • hrn

        I agree with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if idol fans circulated the link to other communities asking for more votes or voted multiple times. Nothing against that, since that’s just kind of what idol fans tend to do in popularity-driven contests, but it does make the results a little predictable.

        There seems to be this impression that idol fans are the only people giving Arama views, but I wonder if that’s true. I can see that happening for the popular articles, but there could very well be a significant number of people who read articles but don’t post comments very often, like myself.

        • nothingsover

          Mmhmm. Like the person above me said, Arama isn’t necessarily the speediest when it comes to updating idol news so most idol fans get their news elsewhere. So then would they actually be contributing alot to Arama’s readership?? I would assume no, but who knows

    • Maknae

      It’s what we deserve! (Also, Momoclo’s impakt)

    • monica_monami

      btw i am looking fwd to the winner next year! now that arashi is out of the pic, who will be the next king/queen of arama? gamba! It is interesting to see which fandom has more fans or quite fond of visiting arama when their bias is mentioned.

    • niyuzuku

      nice guys… they really considerate their popularity. <3

    • eplizo


    • AoiMe

      Decade old arashi fan here, even I LOL ‘d reading this, I have no idea why some fans feel offended, it’s for FUN, let’s not turn into kpop where polls are a life threatening event needs to be taken seriously

      • monica_monami

        you tell them!

      • chocoapples

        I don’t think they’re *actually* offended. This post just way too funny and ridiculous not to comment about..

    • Greg Nicolson

      This is just another reason to be a HUGE fan of Arashi. I’m only new to Arashi, via VS Arashi(one of the most fun TV shows anywhere ever) and I think they are just wonderful.

      • Kunyit

        VS is great and fun xD

        • Greg Nicolson

          I don’t speak Japanese, I don’t understand Japanese but, even having to read subtitles, for me Vs Arashi is the funnest hour of my week. Just typing this about Vs Arashi brings a smile to my face and I can’t say that about any other TV show.

          • Kunyit

            I cant read japanese either!! But seeing them having fun in the game is a threat xD

      • dandahlian

        Same lol what made me an Arashi fan is VS Arashi. I felt like streaming it one day, and so I did, and even though I didn’t understand much, I enjoyed it anyway! <3 They're funny and brilliant.

    • I thought only 10 people reading Arama. :P So its nice to see its not by reading the comments here lol

    • Lol

      Grab a popcorn

    • hasawa

      *me, barely acknowlegding the Johnnys and unbothered by their existence, but enjoying all the salt, drama and every single drop of tear of the whole thread*

      • chocoapples

        It’s ok. They are simply unavoidable no matter we acknowledge their existence or not.

        • hasawa

          Actually they do are avoidable. Arama is the only place where I hear about these guys. Never heard of them before. I enjoy the drama they generate tho.

          • chocoapples

            Oh sorry, my mistake. If you’re referring only to articles or posts in English and you live outside of Japan, then yes they are avoidable.

    • byebicycle

      lol i saw the results for the awards the other day and vaguely wondered to myself if y’all were gonna ban arashi someday, bloop.

      anyway, idk if it deserves best album, but untitled is very good, esp “sugar”, “houyou” and “yoru no kage” pls go listen to these songs, ty πŸ’–

    • Yeah right!

      Biggest bullshit I’ve seen invented in a site

      *insert pretends to be shoked gif*

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Awwww, finally, Arama having teeth. Lols

      So, you’ll not post anything about Arashi or flavor of the month idols? Lols

      Well, probably best that you won’t also post about them in other platforms like tumblr. Won’t see anything like this again on tumblr or twitter, right? There are tons of Arashi fans on tumblr and twitter as well. Lols

    • yamakita

      This post is trying to win the click bait award.