Arama! Japan picks the Juiciest Japanese Entertainment Scandals

Over the years, the Japanese entertainment industry has been rocked by numerous scandals. Some including something as simple as a slip of the tongue, and others are as shocking as lecherous pictures of certain body parts and rape allegations.

Japanese netizens recently looked back at their favorites, but all were seemingly tame. At the request of our readers, the contributors to Arama! Japan have compiled a list of the most juicy and shocking scandals of years past, all featuring your favorites idols, singers, actors and celebrities!

Koki Tanaka Firing and “Inappropriate” Pics Scandal
Starting out our juicy scandal picks is the infamous Koki Tanaka. Tanaka had a rather tumultuous time in Johnny’s nearing his firing. He was already in hot water for running a bar and restaurant without the consent of the agency, and his numerous tattoos and piercings weren’t helping him much either. The straw that broke the camel’s back seems to have been pictures of his private parts that were released to a tabloid called Jitsuwa Knuckles. The pictures were sent in by porn star Lisa Coda. The pictures appeared in a full color spread in the magazine. Tanaka was fired the same day that the pictures appeared in the tabloid.
The following pictures were released to the tabloid (NSFW only links will be provided):

Johnny’s Entertainment released the following statement after Tanaka was forced to withdraw from the group:

To whom it may concern,

Due to repeated infractions of agency rules, our agency has terminated the exclusive contract with KAT-TUN’s Koki Tanaka on September 30th. Despite Tanaka’s withdrawal from the group, KAT-TUN will continue activities with the other four remaining members; we would like to humbly request that fans continue to lend them support as always.

Johnny & Associates

During his time in Johnny’s Tanaka was known to be a rebel of sorts and broke a number of rules on different occasions. Tanaka’s contract termination was made on the grounds of the “breaking of rules repeatedly.” After his contract termination, KAT-TUN managed to continue on successfully as four after losing not one, but two members (more on the other member later!). Where is he now? Needless to say, being kicked out of the company he was a part of for ten years must have came as a shock, regardless of his behaviors up until that point. Not one to be kept down, Tanaka continued working and kept in contact with fans. He opened an official Twitter account and went on to star in an independent movie.

Based on his Twitter account picture, his bad boy ways certainly haven’t changed.

Koda Kumi “Amniotic Fluids”
Back in 2008, a careless remark uttered by Pop Diva Koda Kumi as she hosted the radio show “All Night Nippon” after the topic of her manager’s marriage came up. Her controversial comment regarding when it’s best to have a child had everyone talking and led to a brief halt her entertainment activities.

“When women turn 35, their amniotic fluid goes rotten, so I’d like them to have a child by 35,” she said nonchalantly.

She was quickly replaced by Ami Suzuki on the radio show, promptly removed from her cosmetics deal with KOSE, promo events for her then new album ‘Kingdom’ were cancelled, and she took some time off to reflect on her words. That wasn’t the end of her career and she hasn’t suffered career-wise more than any other of her contemporaries.

Luckily she gave birth to her baby boy back in 2012 at the age of 31 before any “rotting” happened.

Minami Minegishi’s Head Shaving

Back in early 2013, AKB48′s Minami Minegishi was caught by the weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun breaking the “no dating” rule imposed by the Idol industry.

After being demoted from her full-time member status down to a trainee, a video was then released with Minami sobbing and apologizing, stating that she did not want to leave the group.Why was this video viewed by millions and reported around the world? Had this just been about her staying the night over with her boyfriend, sure it would have been a “scandal” by Asia’s standards, but it’s what she did amidst the controversy is what made this so intriguing. On camera, she made the decision to shave off her long hair to show contrition for her “thoughtless and immature” actions, a traditional way to do so in Japan.

Her shaving wasn’t in vain though, and she was reinstated back into Team 4 and is still a member of the group to this day.

Erika Sawajiri “Bestu ni”

In September 2007, Erika showed up for a press conference for her new film Closed Note. She replied to all the media’s questions simply with a bored expression and a cheap blonde wig, saying “nothing in particular” and “betsu ni (nothing)”. When asked what her favorite scene was, she replied, “I don’t have any”. They asked how she felt while she was baking cookies for the director, and she said, “I didn’t feel anything”.

Everyone was outraged, her contract with Stardust was terminated, and she fled to London to study English or something.

Finally this year, she addressed it and doesn’t want people to worry about her. She has recently enjoyed success starring in Fuji TV’s ‘First Class’ (which was renewed for a second season, the fastest J-drama to do so).

Erika Sawajiri is the true comeback queen.

Jin Akanishi Shotgun Wedding to Meisa Kuroki
After leaving KAT-TUN to embark on his own solo career and even trying to make a breakthrough in the States, Jin Akanishi shocked the public by suddenly getting married to popular actress Meisa Kuroki, who was then two months pregnant with his child.

The two were officially married on February 2, 2012. Akanishi reportedly submitted the paperwork for marriage without informing the higher ups in Johnny’s, which is a big no-no. Fans and haters alike were shocked by the marriage and pregnancy, but none more so than his agency. Jin’s activities were subsequently frozen for a long period of time, leaving him essentially jobless with a pregnant wife.

His daughter Thea was born on September 23, 2012. After he was allowed to resume his activities, Akanishi managed to continue his career with success. In 2013 he released the single “What’s Up?’ and his album, #JUSTJIN. He then made his Hollywood movie debut in “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves.

In March of 2014, it was announced that Akanishi would not be renewing his contract with Johnny’s and Associates. He has since then continued to release music.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi “Hadaka dattara nani ga warui ?!”
At about 3am on April 23, 2009, a drunken and naked Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was seen behaving recklessly in Hinokicho Park in Tokyo.

When police confronted him, he uttered the infamous line “Hadaka dattara nani ga warui?” or “What’s wrong with being naked?”. Kusanagi appeared at a press conference to publicly apologize, then disappeared from the spotlight for a bit. He soon thereafter re-appeared on SMAP’s variety show SMAPxSMAP and gradually resumed activities, albeit sober. This year, he also had his first drink of alcohol since the scandal on the same variety show at the request of Waratte Ii Tomo’s Tamori.

Kusanagi has since put the scandal behind him and has continued activities normally as a member of SMAP.

Mari Yaguchi Extramarital Affair
In 2013, former Morning Musume leader Mari Yaguchi was outed for having cheated her husband, Masaya Nakamura.

Details of how his husband found out are rather embarrassing. One day in February 2013, his husband came home and noticed that the sheets in the bedroom was messed up and it looked like it has just been used for sex. His wife was there pretty much naked and then he found model Kenzo Umeda hiding in their closet naked. Since then, she was living separately with her husband. Everyone was appalled and she got bashed by several celebrities. She got divorced, stopped all her entertainment activities by late 2013 and announced an ‘indefinite hiatus’ citing ‘poor health’.

Aside from some sightings, including one with Umeda, she has not appeared in public since or resumed entertainment activities.

Atsuko Maeda Drunk Night Out
Back in 2012, as soon as Atsuko Maeda graduated from AKB48 and was freed form the shackles of the idol industry’s ‘Love Ban’, she took advantage of it right away.

Within the first week she was photographed drunk off her behind after a long night of group-dating and karaoke with Rurouni Kenshin actor Takeru Sato. She was so gone that she had to be carried home like a princess, in tears. These started to become a little common for the post-AKB48 Maeda, and she was photographed more than once being a drunk mess. While I’m sure it’s normal to see people act like this after a night out, it’s always interesting to see a girl who was viewed as boring or vanilla by some be allowed break free from all the constraints that come with being an Idol and be a woman of her age.

Thinking about that, maybe it says a lot about Idol culture and how something this mundane can be “scandalous”. That’s the true injustice here tbh.

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    • surfboardt

      Several things:
      1) The Mari Yaguchi visuals provided by the news(?) report/show were hilarious. dat skipping.
      2) I think the amniotic fluid backlash was kind of stupid tbh. Not the best word choice (Unless it’s an issue of translation), but pregnancy does get tricky as a woman gets older.
      3) Acchan getting drunk is probably one of the best things to happen. All those photoshop parodies. Also, still waiting for the SWAGGALICIOUS PV featuring Acchan and Tomochin getting drunk and partying so hard that they can’t attend some AKB48 member’s graduation tbh.
      4) I find it hilarious how Ayu had it easy with the couple tattoo. She just needed to fill in the rest of the heart while Tomoya is pretty much screwed unless he does a tattoo removal.
      5) lbr, Sasshi’s scandal made her more appealing (Or at least to me) if anything. I love how she just owned it and used it to her benefit rather than letting it crumble her. That, and I find the whole love ban rule stupid (And all the arguments I’ve seen supporting it are either creepy/possessive or “it’s against the rules though” which doesn’t really offer any reason why the rule should exist).
      6) Finally, the Gackt scandals. Oh god, that was like the gift that keeps on giving. ngl though, I learned more about pearling than I wanted to know.

      • Gongdong

        You find the ban rule stupid because you’re not the target market for idols. I really feel that this industry is marketed for eccentric people rather than normies.

        • yamakita

          By eccentric you mean delusional crazies.

          • Gongdong


      • surfboardt

        I had to gif it. Iconique.

      • Ranxerox

        I think you might have gotten something mixed up re Acchan and Tomochin. They turned up at Saitama arena to watch Request Hour this year, got drunk and went backstage and did an unplanned MC on stage while they were fairly tipsy mcstaggered.

        • Guest

          No, it’s just a joke that has been going around when a radio rip of SWAGGALICIOUS was going around on tumblr.

      • udunno

        some famous do crap
        and sometimes moron japanese press lies

    • Gongdong

      Boring….kpop has better scandals.
      I can’t believe there aren’t any scandals of top Johnny idols getting their cherries popped for a film role.

      In other news, Taehun is an MMA fighter.

      • OhSnap!

        yes, like oppa beating women

        • bakaneko

          yeah dat one really shocked me… jpop needs variations in their scandals, i think…

        • surfboardt

          But was it with an umbrella? 8D

          • Guest

            Did anyone throw cellphones?

        • Jo

          don’t we have Iseya for that role too?

      • Guest

        LOL please, kpop scandals revolves the same things

    • Sabrina

      It was an entertaining read.

      Also, check this: “Finally this year, she she addressed it”

    • Emolga

      Actually, Gackt was never investigated or convicted of tax evasion it was the management of Gackt’s former fan club and agency who was investigated and eventually arrested. And Gackt left them before that happened because they were scamming him. For more information look here. and here

      • udunno

        i vomit in moon struck and ogyd
        when they copypasted garbage last year
        is happy the people putting garbage in their sites? me not

    • Maria

      I don’t know why I’m bothering here, but about the GACKT ‘scandals’….
      The illegitimate child was ‘confirmed’ by the same tabloid that reported it and they offered no evidence other than saying “we sent a reporter to Canada and confirmed it”.
      The CEO and other senior staff of GACKT’s (now ex) fanclub and management company were arrested for tax fraud. GACKT wasn’t implicated in that by the police. He cut ties with them and established his own companies pretty quickly. Last I heard was that the case had gone to court, but I never heard the result. There was never any talk from the police of anything involving the charity funds or any evidence of that.
      He allegedly broke up with ICONIQ a couple of months ago.

      Most of these other ‘scandals’ in this article were all proven to be true. GACKT’s are just rumors (I’d totally believe the illegitimate child one though).

      • It’s still a scandal whether or not it is true…I mean there was a scandal that Johnny Kitagawa molested some boys but it was never necessarily proven or disproven. If it caused a stir in the media, it was a scandal IMO lol

        • S.

          I don’t know that I’d put the Kitagawa case in the same category – it did involve 1) a hearing in front of the Diet (with such treasures as Welfare officials commenting that ”Mr. Kitagawa can’t be categorized as a parent or a guardian, and therefore this issue can’t be classified as child abuse,” since child abuse is defined that way), 2) a libel case he won against Shuukan Bunshun in a district court, which was then appealed in the city high court, to indicate that only the claims related to alcohol and tobacco could be considered defamatory.

      • whatsowhat

        you, about icopig is everything a lie she’s crap

      • udunno

        there is no prove for nothing, just for he didn’t tax evasion

      • kj

        ICOPIG is crap and a lie. Not necessary to write about a shit.

    • OhSnap!

      This is the best that has happened in Arama.
      This is really hard to choose, but I go with Yaguchi Mari. Anyone can have unfortunate comments or get drunk but bringing a dude to fuck in your own bed few months after getting married and your husband being able to see it with his own eyes is heavy stuff.

      • OhSnap!

        btw are we having any friday post anytime soon? They kinda just stopped

        • I didn’t think anyone cared about them :(

          • OhSnap!

            Maybe it’s the day. Who the hell goes out on Friday? I’m worn out from work

            • We got like 100 votes for Friday but it seemed like every post was just me and the people I forced to comment

              I think I’m going to try another day

              • Reileen

                voting for Saturday then!

          • I thought they were popular?

          • yacchaitai

            They’re up at really strange times for anyone outside the Americas, I’ve made it on time before the conversations die out because I wake up at 4am.

            • We tried organizing it based off of our analytic data which ends up making it during the the night in the Americas and then the morning in East Asia, so Europe gets shafted. I think no matter what time we choose, it’ll exclude some key area since we have a worldwide readership.

              What time do you think is best?

              • yacchaitai

                Can’t really say, I wake up early so the current time doesn’t bother me, but if it’s Friday morning people are probably at work. Try Saturday.

      • Reileen

        When other celebs started badmouthing her on TV, even saying those are not the ONLY bad thing she’s been doing but no one has tried to spill, then her stuff really is some heavy stuff.

      • anonanon

        I used to love her, there was a time when momusu was full of so many unique characters. before and after that time they all seemed too similar. I never would have though of her doing this….

    • surfboardt

      Holy crap, these Gackt stans. Scandals are rumors or events that catch the attention of people. They may be true or not. Nonetheless, it caught the attention of people for something interestingly negative and juicy, thus why it’s a scandal. This is a list of notable scandals in Japanese entertainment. The compilation is there for people to laugh and reminisce those incidents. Whether the rumors are true or not, you have to learn to laugh at scandals rather than ruining the fun for people looking back at those scandals. I mean, we don’t see Maki Goto fans upset about the monthly “AV debut” rumors, Yamapi fans (Or at least the international ones) throwing a fit about him banging French ladies teaching him questionable English lessons based on the lyrics released at the time, or Ayu fans raising pitchforks over the rumor that she broke up with Tomoya Nagase because she got pregnant and was forced to get an abortion. Most of them just laughed at it.

      • I dgaf about Gackt but…

        I don’t agree about your definitions. I think there’s a difference between “scandals” and “rumors”. Scandals are REAL events that catch the attention of people. Rumours MAY BE TRUE OR NOT but they catch the attention of people too. I can laugh at my favourite artists rumours and even at their scandals, but I think in articles like this it should be made clear whether the event we’re talking about is a proven, confirmed facts or just tabloid stories with no evidence at all because otherwise it would lead to confusion.

        • Reileen

          Yeah actually, in my own thinking Scandals are those that the public talk about or laugh at or etc, just w/e news that goes through mainstream media, causing well, ‘scandal’- and has substantial after effects
          as opposed to tabloid rumors (& in Japan there’s a lot of doses of these in the form of Weeklies) that uhhh remain tabloid fodder or just hearsay- like how Gackt goes on unaffected pretty much

          • Guest

            To be fair after his rape rumors Gackt did get drop from that FNS’ summer music special.

            • udunno

              how moronic fns is just a simple thing
              not simple thing, is nothing
              then…he sung any more…he wasn’t in any dorama…in theather, etc

    • eureeka

      Good list, but I’m seeing some deficiencies. No Aibon smoking scandal? Up Front pretty much ruined her life for a while over that and everything that followed. And if you want to talk about Johnny’s relationship scandals, you can’t leave out the biggest one (well maybe tied with Kimura): Matchy/Nakamori Akina! She tried to commit suicide at his house! I don’t know if even KimuTaku could have made it out of something like that. And speaking of suicide, the death of Okada Yukiko is another shocking one. Maybe I just love the 80’s too much, but the scandals back then were juicier I think…

      Ya’ll need some honorable mentions!

      • as a W stan how could i have forgotten about AIBON

        • eureeka

          Revoking your card

        • l3012

          The smoking scandal, and the whole demise that got her fired, the suicide attempt…

          Bad, bad stan.

          • it upsets me to think about it bc i love her but she RUINED W so close to an album release, so I only focus on the good!

            • l3012

              Miss Love Tantei was so PERFECT, had huge expectations for that cancelled album.

              I know she had issues and that led to her demise (and the group’s) but I’m still upset about it ):

              • Joe Gibken

                Waah, I miss W already ;A;

                • l3012

                  Me too ;-;

      • Reileen

        This list consists of the pretty much recent. IMO the scandals of the 80s were soooo much scandalous and HEAVY. If we’re going back to the 80s that would cover the scandals of Matsuda Seiko, Nakamori Akina, and the stuff you listed.

        • l3012

          But Aibon’s wasn’t in the 80’s.

          • Reileen

            Yes XD was referring the other stars she listed

            • l3012

              I’d love to see an 70’s-80’s post soon :)

        • I think the scandals of the 80s needs its own list, we were definitely focused on the recent ones since this was more of a reaction to the Girls Channel post

          • Reileen

            Ohhh!! XDD
            that’ll be interesting since not a lot knows about the scandals of the 80s, & I only have a vague idea about it XDD

      • whata

        what u said deserves more be in the list that one from the list (a change)

      • Lauren

        I have legitimately never forgiven matchy and seiko for that even though I wasn’t around in the 80s. It was even in my dissertation because I had the world’s best topic of all time

        • Lauren

          also oops I’ve just realised this article was posted a year ago so apologies if you got a notification to this and were like “wtf”. My bad.

          • eureeka

            Lol, no problems! Still waiting on the follow up post!

    • Kuu’s rotten fluids comment really did kill her career.

    • yukari

      Seeing Atsuko drunk made me love her even more.

    • yamakita

      I must say, that was a pretty good list.

    • yamakita

      And I thought Gackt was gay all this time.

      • udunno

        he never said that and all is lie

    • guest

      I think Inagaki Goro’s arrest would qualify for this list too…It caused a huge chaos at the time.

      Personally I never care about dating scandals, but it’s big deal for the japanese media/fans.

      little rectifications:
      – Kouki didn’t take part in the movie Sanbun no Ichi after he got fired from J&A. He filmed it when he was still in the group but the release date was later (some people wondered if the incident would have effects on the release)
      – a little typo in the name of kimura’s wife (it’s Kudou and not Kuda)

    • Inna

      in here for the RuPaul gif.


    • Guest

      I think arama needs to do another round, these are good, but some of my other picks would be: Old man kitagawa’s pedo crime, akina’s suicide attempt, ohno’s weed pics right at the height of arashi’s rising popularity, namie’s shotgun marriage and divorce, not to mention her family’s tragedy, aibon and her many scandals, and many more i cant seem to recall rn

      • Reileen

        oh wait I thought this list had the Ohno scandal!

    • Jo

      Good one Arama! Love it!
      Just one thing, Kimura’s wife is Kudo Shizuka.

    • Rotten Apple

      Where’s Ohno Satoshi marijuana scandal?

    • phililen3

      All I can say about all of these is that they are entertaining as hell. Some are a bit eh? But it is amazing that some were actually proven true and not just urban legends. Keep entertaining us people.

    • whata

      arama, you do crap when you post crap

    • Lilly

      Koki’s firing and Minami’s shaving were the most shocking for me

    • losers game

      SMAP’s Goro hitting a policewoman in his car has got to be the ultimate.

    • whata

      scandal isn’t for be is true but for “make noise”

    • udunno

      shukan bunshun lies = does crap

    • udunno

      arama, about gackt u put make up in the wrong way, stupid!!!!

    • Otagei dansu

      Yaguchi affair and arama king’s shot gun wedding was an unforgettable scandal for me, i think. Arama, how bout choosing the juiciest rumors ever in jp entertainment?

      • udunno

        better said: Arama, choice garbage news about the really crap famous people
        because some of the list they are

    • Guest

      Could you please stop talking about and spreading the bullsh*t about Gackt?!
      (Maybe even remove it from this entry?)
      You don’t have the slightest idea how difficult and painful it is to get confronted with this sh*t again and again.
      Those things were only written to hurt him and his career and that definitely isn’t okay.

      • udunno

        if he were my brother, probably i fight for absolutely all published

      • surfboardt

        And fuck everyone else in the list because it isn’t Gackt.

        • udunno

          You don’t understand

          He/She replies coz arama pointed him at the beginning

          The rest, excepting those saying not important words, are crap

    • eplizo

      LMAO YES! Now, THESE are the actual scandals.

    • Joe Gibken

      I remember some photoshopped pictures of that Acchan / Takeru incident

      • Kyle

        those were amazing

      • blackbyrde

        I don’t understand how he is physically carrying her like that. I mean, is he holding on to her hair? her neck? how is she not falling?

        • ThatGuynameSam!2852-8384-9153

          the real question really

    • Jo

      I just remember, what about Kubozuka Yosuke jumped off from 9th floor and still survived?

      • WHAT? Lol there needs to be a post of scandals chosen by the readers

    • thank you for this article xD

    • Revision 31A

      Japs are scum.

    • qgrrsecm

      ohno scandal should be on the list.

    • Ohmaigawd

      remembered years ago when ohno satoshi 3some scandal was the juiciest news for years

    • Karen Khoo

      I still think Jin Akanishi is the man for risking his career for Kuroki Meisa and the baby <3 As we have heard, their marriage isn't doing well these few years but YAY she is currently pregnant with a second child. That means they're still sleeping on the same bed :D

    • yamakita

      Why is this post trending now, although this is a very fine list? And whatever happened to OhSnap!? S/he is like the best commentator of all time, including the user name!!

    • Matcha

      Gackt is a self centered King!