Join the all-new Arama! Japan Discord server

You (specifically yacchaitai) asked for it and here it is: the official Arama! Japan Discord server!

Discord is a popular messaging and VoIP service that is available on all mainstream PC and mobile operating systems. It’s 100% free and anyone is invited to join. You can download the PC app from this website and the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you’re too lazy to download an app (or don’t have enough storage on your phone, ugh, we’ve all been there), don’t worry: The app is completely optional. You can use all features through your browser by following this link.

We have prepared five text channels (general, j-pop, j-drama, anime and video games) and one voice channel but if the need arises or you have any suggestions, we can make some more, just let us know directly on Discord or in the comment section of this post.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Discord, feel free to ask!

To access our server, either click on this invite link or connect via the widget below:

  • Comments

    • yamakita

      Hayai!! Arama responds to its reader wishes!

    • PigeonPop

      I’ll be residing in the anime and gaming section.

    • yacchaitai

      damn that was quick i shoulda asked for one earlier.
      consider adding more categories and stuff like this

      • I think we should only add more text channels when we have more members, hopefully peeps will join and make the server rowdy and fun

        • yacchaitai

          I’m gonna do my best to keep it alive. These disqus messages get buried so fast and convos end like halway everytime.

          • I’ll try my best too!! nowadays it’s so hard to find J-Ent community that’s not dead, gonna make sure this server stay alive and thrive, lmao

    • yaaaasssssss